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7 Memorable Marriage Proposals

by Lynzee Loveridge,

Hey guys! I missed you over the last two weeks. I was laid up recovering from a minor medical procedure, but it let me both catch up on this season, last season, and marathon 50-something episodes of Chihayafuru, so it wasn't a total wash. It also got me thinking about some pretty existential topics like, "If you don't take a picture of your breakfast, will anyone believe you ate it?"

Let's move on to less serious, life-altering dilemmas: like marriage proposals! Is there anything more classic than a romantic drama that culminates not just in a confession, but an everlasting promise to have and to hold, in sickness and in health? While they're certainly not more monumental than my breakfast selfie, here are seven (more) anime romances that ended with a star-crossed commitment. (You can check out my first list of seven here!)

Hinata & Yui (Angel Beats!) In the afterlife of Angel Beats!, the characters are given a new opportunity to experience the world they missed out on before their deaths. Yui is a primary example of this, regaining full control of her body after a near-fatal accident left her paralyzed and in her mother's care. She's able to try the things she only watched on TV before, like playing guitar in a band or playing baseball. However, she can never truly move on until her dying wish is fulfilled, something Hinata sets out to do on the baseball field. He makes a heartfelt promise to love her, not as who she is in the afterlife, but also as who she was before she died. The proposal is heart-wrenching in its sincerity and because Yui finds peace through it before slowly fading away.

Frederica and Yang (The Legend of the Galactic Heroes) When Yang and Frederica met, it was purely professional. He helped her mother and herself escape from invading forces and while he was rude to her, they would meet again eight years later when she signed on as his aide. Yang set out to be kinder to her this time around, and the two gradually built a rapport. Yang calls Frederica into his office for what seems like more business as usual before awkwardly dropping her military title in favor of "Miss Greenhill" and finally "Frederica" for the first time since they met many years ago. Yang finally finds his nerve to pop the question, Frederica accepts, and the two agree to retire post-battle together.

Simon & Nia (Gurren Lagann) The world is (seemingly) at peace, and Simon is ready to settle down with his flower-eyed girlfriend to watch over the burgeoning city as one. He gets up the gall to ask, but Nia doesn't fully understand the idea of becoming "one" and initially rejects his proposal. Her friends chastise her about focusing on semantics over intent. After searching her feelings, Nia walks back her rejection and accepts Simon's proposal so that these two very different souls can keep learning about one another. Their marriage ceremony may end on a bittersweet note, but they still share an eternal bond.

Hazama & Gotō (Samurai Flamenco) You have to give Hazama credit for one thing, his marriage proposal is far from typical. The stakes are pretty high as Gotō is set on killing Haiji Sawada for mentally torturing him and thus fulfilling Sawada's own plan to corrupt Hazama into becoming an anti-hero. Hazama is also entirely nude. Gotō is ready to pull the trigger on Sawada when Hazama realizes his own love for Gotō and goes so far as to propose. Initially it seems like a desperate joke to distract Gotō, but Hazama keeps pushing the confession to the point that it becomes apparent he's really serious. Gotō doesn't give him a real answer, but he does refrain from bloodshed.

Hiramaru & Yuri (Bakuman.) The chronically work-avoidant Hiramaru decides to see something through for once when he takes fellow manga creator Yuriko Aoki to a theme park for a date. The pair's relationship has been a work in progress; Yuri initially distrusted men and acted aloof toward her peers, but she gradually opens up to show a kinder demeanor. Meanwhile, Hiramaru tried everything he could to avoid working, from avoiding his editor to manufacturing outlandish illnesses. The two bring out the best in one another and Hiramaru decides to make things official by proposing on the Ferris Wheel. Unfortunately, he's a giant awkward dork and manages to lose the ring before the big moment, requesting a second go-around when Yuri, having figured out his intentions, draws the proposal out of him. She says yes!

Ikki & Stella (Chivalry of a Failed Knight) Go big or go home! Ikki is bleeding before an audience of thousands during his final battle with Toka Todo at the Seven Stars Battle Festival. The fight is also being televised live, and everyone in the room knows that Ikki has an uphill (and rigged) match on his hands. Still, he's able to push through to victory just in time for Stella to show up and get a few shots in alongside him. Running on a winner's high, Ikki turns to his battle companion and asks for her hand in front of the entire world. He's come a long way from his accidental peeping debacle in episode one.

Zen & Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair) As much as a soft spot as I have for Obi, I have to hand it to Zen for being a mold-breaking love interest. Zen's sensitive, doting, and respectful type is usually resigned to the childhood friend/romantic rival character. The primary love interest in these stories usually ends up being a more edgy and emotionally volatile guy with loads of cash, so seeing a level-headed guy (who's still a prince) win Shirayuki's affections is unusual but totally welcome. The two build a repertoire when Zen helps Shirayuki escape from a creepy noble, and she comes to live at the palace as an apothecary. Both continue to hone their skills, Shirayuki in herbalism and Zen as a diplomatic leader, but they can never stay apart for too long. Their relationship lingers in "will they or won't they" territory for quite a while despite Zen being upfront with everyone else about his intentions. In the end, it's Shirayuki who asks Zen first if she can be his wife one day, and the couple seals their promise with a view from the castle roof.

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  9. Afterlife Academy (Angel Beats!)
  10. Mahora Academy (Negima!)

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