His and Her Circumstances (s)

Episode 1 | Yuki’s Trouble

Sorry, no longer available :-(


The new school term has just started. Freshmen enter the campus a bit tense but very excited. Yuki, a fifteen year old girl, is watched and envied by everybody because of her beauty. Although she does not show it, deep down, she enjoys being the center of attention. However, all is not perfect with Yuki as she failed to get the top score on the entrance examination. She feels animosity toward Arima, whose score was the best of all the students. Yuki takes the honor of being the highest scoring student at mid-term exams. Arima congratulates her with a big smile. Yuki is confused by his polite attitude as she expects otherwise. One day, Yuki is surprised at Arima’s confession that he likes and wants to go steady with her. Yuki immediately turns down his proposal. Shortly after, she accidentally reveals her true desires to Arima. Yuki is terrified by her mistake, but Arima’s attitude does not change. Arima confesses to Yuki that he too finds himself playing a “nice guy” as he wants to be watched and admired. Aware of Arima’s true feelings, Yuki knows she is in love with him. She wants to be true to her heart, but she is afraid and hesitant to go into the unknown world of romance. On the high school campus, a sudden breeze stirs up the line of young hearts… Enjoy this whimsical and romantic story of first love! (more)