Izumo (s)

Episode 2 | Strange World

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Takeru Yagi is a student at a private high school called Izumo Academy. He has no relatives and is alone in the world. Fortunately he enjoys a happy life thanks to Takeshi Yamato, his best friend and a rival swordsman of the Kendo Club (Japanese swordplay) at the school an the support of Kotono and Asuka, his childhood friends. One day, all of a sudden, a tremendous earthquake strikes Izumo Academy and in a flashing moment, the whole school turns into an old, eerie ruin full of hideous monsters. Narrowly surviving, Takeru and Asuka find that all the teachers and students are gone. Even his best friends Takeshi and Kotono have disappeared too. And the entire town has vanished! Then, strange people wearing ancient clothes emerge out of nowhere. What on earth has happened to the peaceful campus and town? Takeru hasn’t the slightest idea this is the beginning of a fantastic adventure he couldn’t begin to imagine. (more)