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Episode 1 | The Girl with the Sketchbook

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From the creators of "Rozen Maiden", "Basilisk","HAMTARO" and "Kyo Kara Maoh!" A popular comic strip is now a TV animation series! A high school girl, Sora Kajiwara, joins the art club. Sora carries around a sketchbook to wherever she goes, in order to capture cherished moments. She asks herself, "If I really wanted to remember the moments in everyday life, and to seize every moment of all the events that happen, why not use a camera or video camera?" However, it just isn't the same. What's not shot, what's not spoken, what's not heard, but what is left in her drawings; which flourishes and blooms inside her heart. Those who are a bit tired of the busy everyday life will enjoy rediscovering the beauty of ordinary things such as animals, plants, and the changing colors and scenery of the sky. (more)
Episode 1

Episode 1 "The Girl with the Sketchbook"

Time 24:22
Episode 1

Episode 1 "The Girl with the Sketchbook"

Time 24:22 | encyclopedia
Added on 2009-09-17
Courtesy of: Crunchyroll