Pale Cocoon (s)

Episode 1 | Ova 1

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Before we knew it, humans were living here in this world. A future where the continuity of history has broken off, a world of enormous ruins that continue endlessly. Ura works in the Archive Excavation Dept., which excavates records of the past world. One day, he restores a mysterious visual record... Don't miss other works by Yasuhiro YOSHIURA on Crunchyroll! The Time of Eve group features video and text interviews with Yoshiura! Official website (Japanese only): Production information: 2005 approx. 23 minutes Story/script/production: Yasuhiro YOSHIURA Music: Toru OKADA Sound effects: Kazumi ŌKUBO Producer: Tom NAGAE Director YOSHIURA on the production style: " I created the characters using hand-drawn animation (pencil on drawing paper), and the backgrounds are a blend of hand-drawn animation and 3DCG. Rather than placing 2D drawings over 3D backgrounds, I aimed to use both styles to create a unified visual image." (more)
Episode 1

Episode 1 "Ova 1"

Time 23:16
Episode 1

Episode 1 "Ova 1"

Time 23:16 | encyclopedia
Added on 2007-01-08
Courtesy of: Crunchyroll