Steel Angel Kurumi 2 Shiki (s)

Episode 12 |

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Once upon a time, in the "Taisho" era (1912-1928), there were some totally invincible, beautiful girl-shaped androids, called the Steel Angels, who obeyed their master's orders absolutely.Time has passed since then and in present day Japan... A bespectacled junior high school girl Nako, the beautiful shrine maiden, comes across "Canwan", the steel android dog, in the basement of her home. By accident she also unseals the android, "Steel Angel KURUMI 2 Shiki". Nako's pal from childhood, Uruka is a daughter of Tenkai Sumeragi, leader of the great Sumeragi group which even controls the Prime Minister of Japan.Uruka is secretly in love with Nako and she has been waiting for her chance to steal Nako's first kiss, but Kurumi the android, beats her to it, much to the dismay of Uruka. Uraka's father promises to take revenge on KURUMI and he employs all means possible to do so.During these battles, Uruka accidentally uncovers another Steel Angel called"SAKI 2 Shiki" , then yet another Steel Angel called "KARINKA 2 Shiki"which somehow follows after KURUMI and SAKI. A series of severe battles over Nako take place, marking the end of any semblance of a peaceful life for her. Nako wonders "How come I am their master?" "What are the Steel Angels, anyway?" "Who made them, for what purpose?" "Is KURUMI really an angel to me? What else could she be?" (more)
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