Saiyuki (s)

Episode 16 |

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This series is remotely based on one of the most famous Chinese classic tales, “The Journey to the Western World”. This legend has been the source of many television programs and feature films. However, in “Saiyuki”, the legend is fictionalized and the result is almost an original creation. This series is adapted from very popular comic books of the same title and a monthly publication in a magazine. The background of the original Chinese story is a world of magic and sorcery. In this series, it is drastically upgraded into a thrilling mixture of European sorcery in the Middle Ages, “Black Magic” “Alchemy” and modern technology such as automobiles, cyborg, androids, and heavy weaponry etc.! “Saiyuki” is an action-packed powerful series generating fantasy and imagination through myths and legends of monsters, beasts, evil sorcerers and immortal heroes! (more)