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.hack//Another Birth (light novel) A retelling of the first series of .hack// games from BlackRose's POV.

Anime I'm watching at the moment, and a few that I haven't finished in the past.

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Wandering Son (manga) With about half a year between translated volumes, I have to reread the last part every time. Not really a bad thing, I just wish they'd release them more often. At this pace it takes several years to get the whole series.

(Apologies for not commenting on the Miyazaki movies. I watched those before I became addicted to anime, so didn't write anything about them. I'll fix that when I watch them again (most are worth it).)

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.hack//AI buster (light novel) Very good Hmm, I wonder if the translators actually played the games. Several terms are slightly off from their game translations.
Ah, so this story was written at the same time as the games and anime. That's why some details are different. They're only minor ones though.
Volume two's stories are spread out from before .hack//SIGN, during that anime, four years later, and finally shortly before the start of .hack//Legend Of The Twilight Bracelet.
The first four stories give some interesting background on The World and CC Corp.. The last two are short vignettes about some characters from Legend. If you're just casually interested in the .hack// anime or games, this isn't very important. For those who want to know all about The World this is a must-read.
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (manga) Excellent
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