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The X Button - Toad to Victory

This week, we examine the enigma of Toad and his big comeback game! Plus Etrian Odyssey crossovers, Guilty Gear accents, and some old remixes. ― I probably should address Thanksgiving this week, but it doesn't look like anyone, from department stores to pop-cultural commentators, wants to bother with it. That's OK with me. We'll move on to Christmas and its surrounding video game releases. One of th...

The List - 6 Awesome People of Color in Anime

Anime doesn't always get diversity right, but when it does, the results can be pretty awesome. ― It took three waves of live-action films, but Marvel finally announced its much anticipated Black Panther film adaptation starring Chadwick Boseman. Boseman will be the live-action film franchise's first proper super hero of color, after secondary characters Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes/War Machine and...

Answerman - On Activism (and other stuff)

This week, Justin takes on an effort to halt the career of a controversial voice actor. Plus, romaji subtitles, early pre-orders, and the mysterious Animax. ― Wow, I can't believe the country is already getting clobbered by snow. I mean, it's barely halfway through November. This really doesn't bode well for the rest of the winter, does it? I mean, I'm here in the arid desserts of Southern Californi...

ANNCast - New Super Game Show Bros.

It's Game Show time! So that means we're talkin' videogames with Todd Ciolek, Dave Riley and newcomer to the show Heidi Kemps. We cover: Smash Bros, Dragon Age Inquisition, and most importantly, Virtua Cop 3. ― ANNCast 206 - New Super Game Bros. Get the Flash Player to see this player. It's Game Show time! So that means we're talkin' videogames with Todd Ciolek, Dave Riley and newcomer to the show H...

House of 1000 Manga - Gen Manga

Shaenon does the impossible and tries to marathon all of One Piece in a... wait, nope, this is about quirky underground manga from publisher Gen! ― Gen Manga My colleague Jason just spent the past two weeks of this column covering Naruto, the most popular manga of all time, at least in the U.S. It got such a positive response that we've decided to go all-mainstream, all the time. Which is why this w...

The X Button - Sega Visions

This week, we ask ourselves just why we like Sega! Plus Rodea, high-school comedy, Persona, and a small goodbye to a small developer. ― We're talking about Sega this week. To get down to it, we're talking about Sega's legacy: the triumphs, the failures, and the fan devotion that endures in ways precious and disconcerting. If you want a good example of that mixture of appreciation and nostalgia, look...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Sunny Side Up

Winter may be coming, but it's still a sunny Eden in here, with new volumes of, well, Sunny and Cage of Eden, along with Food Wars and a digital-only series that's like a history book with nudity in this edition of RTO!! ― It's kind of amazing how a random old object, like the car in Sunny, can have such an impact on us as kids. My sisters and I built a log cabin out of all of the blow-down after a ...

Shelf Life - Kings of Reon

This week, the trials and tribulations of magical retail work, and invading parasitic aliens.
- Fatal Fury: Legends of the Hungry Wolf
- Parasyte ep 1-6
- Yu-Sibu
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Stream Worthy Parasyte ep 1-6 Rental Fatal Fury: Legends of the Hungry Wolf DVD Perishable Yu-Sibu Complete Collection BD I say this every year, but I hate it when Daylight Savings Time ends. I think instea...

The Mike Toole Show - Anime in Orbit

Bust out the astronaut ice cream, it's time to blast off with Mike on a tour of anime about space travel! ― Space is the place. Just look at some of our real-life milestones over the past few years. NASA has had an SUV roaming the surface of Mars for over two years, doing god knows what. A shipment to the ISS blew up shortly after takeoff, and a Virgin Spaceways test flight flamed out, killing one of...

Answerman - Show Me Your Evil Stick

How evil is the Evil Stick? Why are those old Patlabor movie boxes so cheap? Why do adapted TV anime get new music? And what's with this Manga 2.5 business, anyway? ― As one would expect, I got a lot of questions about Viz's Sailor Moon discs this week. There are two things preventing me from answering questions about that: the first is a conflict of interest. I work on some stuff for Viz, so ANN ru...

ANNCast - Over the Moon

Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager of Animation Marketing at Viz Media, and Julie McDonald, Director of Animation Production, stop by to discuss the issues with the newly-released Sailor Moon bluray, among other things. ― ANNCast 205 - Over the Moon Get the Flash Player to see this player. Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager of Animation Marketing at Viz Media, and Julie McDonald, Director of Animation Pro...

House of 1000 Manga - The 48 56-Hour Naruto Marathon, Part II

The conclusion of the tale of a man who set out to read the entire Naruto saga in 2 days, only to do it in about 2.5 and nearly scramble his chakra in the process. ― The 48 56 Hour Naruto Marathon: Part 2 "The sensation is just like that of vomiting." —Killer Bee SPOILER: I couldn't do it. I couldn't read all 71 (I mean 72) volumes of Naruto in 48 hours. I dropped volumes, I blew past the deadline, ...

The X Button - Real Drives

This week: a Kickstarter rodeo of realistic robots, roving reptiles, and something Irish! Plus Xenoblade, Rodea, and the possible return of dudes with attitude! ― The Battletoads occupy a strange land between grudging respect and unending shame. Their games aren't all that bad: the NES original has a lot of variety despite its piercing difficulty, and most of its spin-offs are above average. The Bat...

Pile of Shame - Colorful

Justin takes a look at an understated art house drama anime from a few years ago, and finds a lot to admire. ― COLORFUL To paraphrase Hideaki Anno, people don't commit suicide because they're depressed, people commit suicide because they can no longer imagine happiness. That thought occurred to me again and again while I was watching Colorful, the remarkable feature film produced by Sunrise in 2010,...

Shelf Life - The Haunting

This week, ghosts from our past, present, and future. Also, more girl power than you can shake a Moon Stick at!
- A Certain Scientific Railgun S pt 2
- Ghost in the Shell Arise pt 1
- Sailor Moon pt 1
― Shelf Worthy A Certain Scientific Railgun S Part 2 DVD Rental Sailor Moon Part 1 DVD/BD Ghost in the Shell: Arise Part 1 DVD/BD Perishable Nothing this week For the most part, I don't really eat cand...

Astro Toy - Figma Inogashira Goro Extra Helping Version

A deluxe, accessory-heavy figma of a very normal, very hungry salaryman. He can smoke, too! ― Figma Inogashira Goro Extra Helping Version Series: Kodoku no Gourmet (The Solitary Gourmet) Maker: Good Smile Price: $80 Again this week, I have explaining to do. This whole article may be an excuse to just talk about the Solitary Gourmet. I am not ashamed. Kodoku no Gourmet is a manga about a traveling bu...

The List - 7 Couples Who Make Love and War

Duos who start out as simply war buddies sometimes grow into inseparable fighting pairs. Hurt one and you're sure to feel the wrath of the other! ― Relying on one another in life or death situations can bring a whole new element of closeness. Duos who start out as simply war buddies grow into inseparable fighting pairs. Hurt one and you're sure to feel the wrath of the other. Lovers who fight togeth...

ANNCast - The Revisitation of Haruhi Suzumiya

Every now and then it's time to reach back into the past, dust off an old classic and give it another spin - this week we're exhuming the resting soul of Haruhi Suzumiya with animator Sara Pocock. PLUS: new ANNCast schedule! ― ANNCast 204 - The Revisitation of Haruhi Suzumiya Get the Flash Player to see this player. Every now and then it's time to reach back into the past, dust off an old classic an...

Answerman - A Time for Drunken Publishers

This week: why some shows are missing on your favorite digital platform, why some old shows get new 5.1 mixes and some don't, what happens if manga artists die mid-series, and lessons from the anime market crash. ― I've just gotten back from NYC (which was lovely but FREEZING) and I'm still catching up with the giant amount of work that piled up in my absence, so let's get to some questions! Melissa...

House of 1000 Manga - The 48-Hour Naruto Marathon Part I

Naruto is coming to a conclusion, so what better time for Jason to try and read the entire thing in a mere 48 hours? ― The 48-Hour Naruto Marathon (Part I) The other day I was talking to one of my most deep-otaku friends (we watched all of the original Evangelion together, as well as tons of kaiju flicks and ‘70s and ‘80s Italian horror) and asked him what movies he'd seen lately. “Guardians of the ...

The X Button - Uncovered Paths

This week, we talk about controversy and Bayonetta, perhaps not in that order! Plus Sega 3D remakes, the Amiibo horde, and rare discoveries! ― Nintendo's Amiibo toys could be the biggest game release of the holiday season, at least as far as buying frenzies go. That's because they're not actual games. They're little figures with built-in memory, and they interface with Wii U and newer 3DS games. The...


Now that you're done rotting your teeth with Halloween candy, come check out a very sweet untranslated gem, the latest Say I Love You, and a new volume of A Bride's Story, along with other new and upcoming manga titles! ― I love Halloween. The candy is great, but mostly I love seeing what people dress up as. This year I actually only saw one Elsa (although I also saw a Daenerys Targaryen who people ...

Shelf Life - Angels and Demons

This week, vampires, witches, and gods. Everything you need for a post-Halloween bash.
- Bayonetta: Bloody Fate
- DBZ: Battle of Gods
- Hellsing Ultimate v.3
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Hellsing Ultimate Volume 3 DVD/BD Bayonetta: Bloody Fate DVD/BD Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods DVD Perishable Nothing this week Halloween feels like the last barrier to the winter holidays, in that everyth...

The Mike Toole Show - Cult Classics

Mike takes a look at these incredibly strange films that died at the box office and became unheralded classics. ― I prick up my ears every time I hear Belladonna of Sadness mentioned. It's a grand classic of Japanese animation, part of Mushi Productions’ celebrated “Animerama” trilogy that also includes the sumptuous 1001 Nights and gloriously bonkers Cleopatra. But it's not really on par with those ...

The List - 7 Slasher Characters Perfect for Halloween

From the supernaturally powered to perfectly engineered killers, anime has featured some scary villains over the years that would put Jason Voorhees' body count to shame. ― Just in time for your post-candy Halloween hangover, today's list takes a look at some of anime's most gruesome villains. From the supernaturally powered to perfectly engineered killers, anime has featured some scary villains ove...

Answerman - Regret-tinged Nostalgia

This week, why were 90s dubs so bad? What software gets used by US anime publishers? Why did anime take so long to invade America? And is "Cool Japan" a failure? ― No time for chit-chat this week! I have a plane to NYC to catch! Skyler asks: Why were there so many terrible dubs made in the 80s and 90s? I don't have a problem with dubs or anything but some of the scripting and voice acting in dubs li...

House of 1000 Manga - Midnight Secretary

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with sexy vampire comics? ― Midnight Secretary It occurred to me that, in honor of Halloween, I should cover a scary manga this week. But in my previous column I took on The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, the most traditionally horrific manga in my To Overanalyze inbox. So for this week I offer Midnight Secretary, a shojo manga about…oh yes…sexy vampire...

The X Button - Ring of Terror

This week, we have tales of chaos and heroes and imports! Plus marauding bikers, mysterious gibberish, and a whole bunch of scary stories just in time for Halloween! ― This year's Halloween contest brought in a bunch of great entries. No one wrote about my scariest game-related experience, the sixth-stage boss in Super C, so I had a hard time picking a winner. After much deliberation and some confer...

Pile of Shame - SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next

A forgotten Bandai Visual USA release featuring cel shaded kids exploring Tokyo's underground. ― SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next Anime fans who were around back in 2007 might remember a company briefly appearing on the scene known as Bandai Visual USA. If they do remember, it's usually not a fond memory: BVUSA was the first attempt by a major Japanese anime producer to insert themselves into th...

Astro Toy - Myth Cloth EX Pegasus Seiya

It's another visit to the world of big, heavy, construct-it-yourself Myth Cloth armor and the world of Saint Seiya. ― Myth Cloth EX Pegasus Seiya Series: Saint Seiya Maker: Bandai Price: $60 Hey, everyone! Who wants to hear about the behind-the-scenes of the column again? You do, of course. I had four things set to ship out this month, and last week all of them were pushed back to either November or...

The List - 6 Times Mother Nature Unleashed Her Fury

Where do you run to when your very environment is trying to kill you? ― Nature has an unlimited arsenal of weapons at its disposal. There are the Biblical classics like swarms of insects and disease, followed by tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, snow storms, the list goes on. Mother Nature can wipe you out with extreme heat or cold, invasions that are microscopic and storms that ...

Answerman - Rabbit Ears

Lots of TV questions this week, from a TV network that came and went, to another TV network few fans know exists. Plus, flip phones in anime, and why Western fans don't care for vintage characters. ― I went to a friend's band's concert last night. It was a Wednesday, and they didn't go on until nearly midnight. It was fun to see them play, but halfway through their set I sat off to the side, head-in...

House of 1000 Manga - Detroit Metal City

Jason attempts a little Krauser control. WARNING: NSFW language. ― Detroit Metal City "They start feeling like prisoners, helpless/Till someone comes along on a mission and yells, bitch!" —Eminem Warning: this is a manga where the main character's power is to say the word "rape" 10 times in one second. Detroit Metal City is the one of the filthiest, most offensive comedy manga ever translated. At le...

The X Button - Scare Supply

This week: Todd gets into the spirit of the season with a Halloween roundup! Plus Guilty Gear Xrd, Freedom Wars, and a letdown you might’ve seen coming. ― I seldom use this column to celebrate holidays, but this Halloween is different. This week I'll address the vital issue of appropriate games for this time of year, and next week should have the results of our Halloween contest. There's still time ...


Sometimes current debates spill over into manga releases in the strangest ways. Join Rebecca as she checks out new and upcoming volumes of Spell of Desire and Vinland Saga, along with the manga adaptation of this season's most hotly debated anime and several more! ― You never can tell what you'll find when you're unpacking. Sometimes it's horribly melodramatic stories written in middle school (I can...

Shelf Life - Four Your Eyes Only

This week, a special club for a special aesthetic, grave diggers, and good ol' hijinks.
- Dr. Slump Movies 1-5
- Meganebu
- Sunday without God
― Shelf Worthy Sunday without God Complete + OVA BD Rental Dr. Slump Movies 1-5 DVD Perishable Meganebu Complete Series BD This may sound like an insignificant thing, but a few years ago, I turned off the notification sound on my iPhone for new emails. Leavin...

ANNCast - Klein Times

Vice President of New Generation Pictures Jonathan Klein returns to the podcast to discuss his two latest projects, the conclusion of Hellsing Ultimate and Bayonetta: Bloody Fate! Plus: stories from the old days, the dub scene in LA and Twitter time! ― ANNCast 203 - Klein Times Get the Flash Player to see this player. Vice President of New Generation Pictures Jonathan Klein returns to the podcast to...

The Mike Toole Show - Let's Talk It OVA

Mike takes a tour of obscure OVA releases from the early 90s. Hammerpants not included. ― Twenty years ago, everything had started coming up Tenchi Muyo!. The series actually kicked off in Japan in 1992, but went global in ’94, and just kept on truckin’. There was an OVA series, then another OVA series, then a TV series and more OVA stuff and a movie and another TV series and another movie and anothe...

The List - 7 Anime Characters With Killer Hair

Terrifying tresses! Maniacal manes! Fiendish follicles! Rampaging ringlets! Just try not to wig out. ― Hair has a long (pun intended) history in cultures around the world, and Japan is no exception. Only women in the upper echelons for society were allowed to wear their hair long while poor classes were required to tie up their hair. Boys were given a specific hairstyle to acknowledge their entry in...

Answerman - Jerkwatch

This week Justin takes on the alarming prevalence of rape in anime, as well as the first season of FREE!, anime on free-to-air TV, and fans being jerks to convention guests. ― Writing this column a little early this week. I'm flying to New York City on Wednesday to attend a friend of mine's live show. And then I am flying back the next morning. I will literally be spending more time in flight than w...

House of 1000 Manga - The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service

Just in time for Halloween, Shaenon digs up Eiji Otsuka's gruesome tale of those who can speak to the dead. There's no turning back now! ― The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Psychic. Dowsing. Hacking. Embalming. Channeling. Puppet. Each cover of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service advertises the unique skills possessed by each of the five-and-a-half members of its titular startup. Individually th...

The X Button - All Day Long

This week: shocking rebels, humble thieves, and the adventures of Ranko Tsukigime! Plus PlayStation TV, Harvest Moon, and a Halloween contest! ― October means Halloween, and I think Halloween means contests. So here's your chance to win a pile of appropriately scary, bizarre, and otherwise unsettling games! This Halloween prize pack includes the classic PSP compilation of Castlevania: The Dracula X ...

Pile of Shame - Dead Heat & 3D Anime

Justin takes a look at the first (and one of the only) 3D anime ever made, for an obscure videodisc system only sold in Japan. ― Dead Heat Sometimes the reasons behind an anime getting made are more interesting than the show itself. That's definitely the case with Dead Heat, an obscure 1987 OAV from Sunrise that runs only a half hour. Back in the wild days of the nascent 80s home video market, there...

Shelf Life - The Sound of μic

This week, happy pop tunes, a buffet of exotic foods, and larger-than-life robots.
- Gurren Lagann Movies 1 & 2
- Love Live! School Idol Project s1
- Toriko Collection 1
― Shelf Worthy Gurren Lagann Movie Double Feature BD Love Live! School Idol Project Season 1 BD Toriko Collection 1 DVD Rental Nothing this week Perishable Nothing this week After sifting through some of the new fall anime simulcast...

Astro Toy - Figma Ryuko Matoi

David's back to the Figma line again, this time with Kill la Kill's hot-blooded heroine Ryuko. ― Figma Ryuko Matoi Maker: Good Smile Series: Kill La Kill Price: $50-60 After a little sidetrack into the unknown, we're back on Kill La Kill. See Nendoroid Mako previously. This time we have the figma of the main character Ryuko wearing her battle armor, the living, speaking, blood-sucking sailor uniform...

The List - 7 Times Hatsune Miku Jumped the Shark

Miku straps in to a pair of waterskis and heads for the ramp. ― The sensational freeware popstar Hatsune Miku is enjoying a stellar career. She's got fashion make overs from big name fashion designers, she sells out convention concerts in front of huge audiences not to mention opening for flesh-and-blood popstar Lady Gaga. She has her own racing team and a bevy of fellow idols to pal around with in ...

ANNCast - The Fall Guys

The fall season has begun and what better time for Zac and Justin to sit around and gab about it? Plus: Time of Eve, Terror in Resonance, and over an hour of Twitter time! ― ANNCast 202 - The Fall Guys Get the Flash Player to see this player. The fall season has begun and what better time for Zac and Justin to sit around and gab about it? Plus: over an hour of Twitter time! You can listen to the sho...

Answerman - Service, Merchandise

Who is this "Great Eastern" company that makes all our Naruto T-shirts? Why does my anime have English songs in it? Also: streaming on multiple sites, and censored TV shows. ― There'll be some minor cosmetic changes to the column this week. You see, since the column's inception way, way back in 2001, we've always laid things out the same way. Questions in italics; answers in bold. Back in the day, b...

House of 1000 Manga - Attack on Titan

Jason blows the dust off of an obscure old manga about humanity's desperate struggle against giant humanoid monsters. You've probably never heard of it. ― Attack on Titan "I killed dangerous beasts! They only happened to resemble humans!" Zombie stories work because, deep down, we know human beings are the scariest things on Earth. Sure, on a cosmic scale, the planet might be destroyed by solar flar...

The X Button - Go Westone

This week brings a farewell to a talented game studio! Plus news about Terra Battle, Vib Ribbon, Captain Toad, and an NES nightmare. ― This week's column has a lot to do with those talented studios, designers, and characters who labor behind the scenes. For example, the upcoming Terra Battle may bring in Manabu Kusunoki, whose artwork you may have enjoyed in Panzer Dragoon and Sonic the Hedgehog. We...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Fragmented Incarnations

Come join Rebecca as she explores some recent releases that range from the weird and wacky, like D-Frag, to the sweet and charming, like My Love Story, along with a digital release that is neither in this edition of RTO!! ― My sister and I have inadvertently made our guest room as creepy as possible. You see, Jenn collects dolls and I have quite a few china ones from when I was little that I can't b...

The Mike Toole Show - Strike Up The Dandy

Mike's got an entire column about Space Dandy, Baby! ― Some years back, I was talking to my friend Carl Horn about interesting anime directors. Mamoru Oshii was mentioned, of course, as was Hiroyuki Okiura, Mamoru Hosoda, and Mister Cowboy Bebop himself, Shinichiro Watanabe. At this point, Carl made an interesting observation: the anime business seemed to be awfully good at training up these impressi...

The List - 6 Inseparable Sisters

Neither crowbar nor blowtorch nor misbegotten romantic feelings for the same guy can sap these siblings of their steadfast solidarity. ― Sisters are best friends that never leave. You either have a little sister that wears your clothes without permission and follows you around everywhere, or an older one who can do no wrong (or both, if there's three of you). Childhood with a sister can be rough in ...

ANNCast - Kleckbait

Right Stuf CEO Shawne Kleckner returns to the show to give us the update on how the company's doing, what's selling well, what retail looks like right now and much more! ― ANNCast 201 - Kleckbait Get the Flash Player to see this player. Right Stuf CEO Shawne Kleckner returns to the show to give us the update on how the company's doing, what's selling well, what retail looks like right now and much m...

Answerman - Business Reasons

This week, the possibility of more magical girl show releases, American dubs being used worldwide, the reasons for a reboot, and a fan is REALLY obsessed with making sure her discs are problem-free. ― My parents are visiting me in Los Angeles this week, so I'm spending some quality time with them (which involves eating and watching stuff, possibly anime, which is pretty much how I spend my quality t...

House of 1000 Manga - Rumic World & Rumic Theater

Shaenon leafs through the two anthologies of Rumiko Takahashi's short-form manga. ― Rumic World/Rumic Theater When I think of the comics that floored me as an impressionable young nerd, the ones that got me obsessed with what this mongrel art form can do, I think of a lot of the acknowledged heavy hitters. Maus. Understanding Comics. Phoenix. The works of Lynda Barry and Moto Hagio. But there are al...

The X Button - Absolute Values

Import fashion brings us the latest in Danganronpa, Fatal Frame, and flashy trails! Plus Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day, The Last Guardian’s latest spawn, and a Samurai Shodown comeback! ― Still waiting for Fumito Ueda's The Last Guardian to come out? Worried that it wasn't shown at The Tokyo Game Show? Soon you may not care so much. Each major convention seems to bring a new game with a restrained p...

Pile of Shame - Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman

Justin revisits what was once considered the finest sentai parody in the land. Does it still hold up? ― Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman It's always a terrifying thing, going back to old shows you loved when you were younger and revisiting them. Many of them, comedies in particular, tend to age very poorly. They connect with us at the time, but humor is just so particular and fickle -- what made y...

Astro Toy - Dynamite Action Big Dai-X

It's that special time of year when the leaves turn, the air turns crisp and brisk, and David reviews another extremely obscure and expensive giant robot. ― Dynamite Action Big Dai-X Series: X-Bomber/Star Fleet Maker: Evolution Toy Price: $130 I know that you're all looking at me like I've lost it again. I haven't topped Galvion for obscurity: I'm not sure I'll ever be able to beat reviewing somethi...

The List - 6 Relaxing Anime About Life on the Farm

Whether your chickens are coming home to roost or you didn't buy the cow because the milk was free, these 6 farm anime will have you more relaxed than a conbine during an unseasonable drought. ― There was a short string of shows focusing on rural farm life and agriculture recently. The shows worked as a natural step from "healing" anime, where the primary function is to provide a tranquil environmen...

Answerman - Jiggly Puffs

This week, the merits of anime boobs, the annoyance of people who only talk about the big mainstream classics, and the software used to make almost every anime around. ― Hey everybody. Due to time constraints this week, I'm returning back to 3 questions. Hopefully I can expand some more next week. Shaun asks: I am among probably the most vocally reviled groups of American Anime Fans, the one who una...

House of 1000 Manga - Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs

Jason em-barks on the tail of a girl who loves dogs, a guy who loves dogs, and the store they run together. Warning: it gets a little ruff. ― Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs "I've been thinking of hiring somebody who can think about nothing but dogs 24/7. Someone simpleminded…" If you've been following my Twitter or, really, talking to me at all in the last two years, you've probably noticed: we got a dog a...

The X Button - Now Showing

Let’s recap the surprises, the letdowns, and the horrible embarrassments of the Tokyo Game Show! Plus Natural Doctrine, Smash Bros., and Nintendo’s birthday! ― As a Nintendo-crazed kid, one of my favorite pieces of useless trivia involved the company's age. I liked telling people that Nintendo was over 100 years old and that it had started off as a playing card company in 1889. Most of my fellow Nin...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Novel Ideas

Rebecca tries out having a theme with new and recent releases based on light novels with Seraph of the End, Kokoro Connect, and Sword Art Online and more! ― Our neighbor had to move and he couldn't find his cat. We offered to look for her and hold on to her until he could come get her, only to get the cat and have him offer her to us since, as it turns out, he was unable to keep her. We had every in...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 23

― Part 1: Part 2:

Shelf Life - QB of the Year

This week, good fights evil in the battle against titans, witches, and high school dating.
- Attack on Titan pt 2
- Madoka Magica movies 1 & 2
- Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
― Shelf Worthy Attack on Titan Part 2 BD+DVD Stream Worthy Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun ep. 1-12 Rental Madoka Magica Movies 1 & 2 BD+DVD Perishable Nothing this week It has been almost one year since I started managing the interest f...

The Mike Toole Show - A-Mazinger Stories

You've got a serious Mazinger deficiency and Dr. Mike is here with a giant robot injection. ― What was the first cartoon giant robot that was not a robot, but a robot-shaped vehicle? It's kind of an awkward question, but I'm aiming to highlight an important distinction here. After all, the classic concept of the robot involves it being at least semi-autonomous. The first few waves of anime's robot he...

ANNCast - BevMo

It's Beveridge and more on the 200th episode of ANNCast! Fandom Post's Chris Beveridge stops by to update us on the site and talk about what he's been watching but not before a quick trip down memory lane. ― ANNCast 200 - BevMo Get the Flash Player to see this player. It's Beveridge and more on the 200th episode of ANNCast! Fandom Post's Chris Beveridge stops by to update us on the site and talk abo...

Answerman - Time Well Spent

Would a Japanese company ever buy a big American anime publisher? Plus, why long running shows don't stream to the West, why some shows have year-long gaps, and why Japanese fast food workers seem so freaking perky all the time! ― The crushing heat wave is finally over here in Los Angeles. I didn't get to go to the beach, but instead I sat in my apartment building's hot tub-sized pool, and then went...

House of 1000 Manga - 7 Billion Needles

Shaenon takes in Nobuaki Tadano's science fiction opus, and discovers its chief influences along the way. ― 7 Billion Needles Sometimes I feel guilty for not knowing more about Japanese science fiction literature, because manga writers seem to be pretty well-versed in the American stuff. Osamu Tezuka borrowed liberally from Isaac Asimov's robot stories for Astro Boy. When Moto Hagio attended the San...

The X Button - Legends Untold

This week, Todd looks at a big book that’s all about Japan’s game creators! Plus Super Smash Bros, Harvest Moon, and the games of summer! ― The end of summer approaches next week, and it already feels like the season is over in many parts of this hemisphere. That puts me in the mood for a summertime game, one full of sunny atmosphere and bright colors. It's good to have a favorite summertime game, p...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 22

― Part 1: Part 2:

Pile of Shame - Bite Me! Chameleon

This little-seen delinquent comedy, an early ADV release, made Justin want to hurt himself. ― Bite Me! Chameleon There are at least four genres of anime that, no matter what anybody does, always seem to completely fall on their face when released in the West: sports, realistic military, yakuza and yankee (juvenile delinquent) shows. These were discovered through a lot of trial and error in the early...

Shelf Life - Meat Market

This week, a visit to the farm, the local market, and a girls academy that has a special Airsoft zone worthy of movies.
- Silver Spoon s1
- Stella Women's Academy C3-bu
- Tamako Market
― Shelf Worthy Silver Spoon Complete 1st Season DVD Rental Stella C3-bu Complete Series DVD Tamako Market Complete Series DVD Perishable Nothing this week This week's anime selection was remarkably pleasant. Often, I ...

Astro Toy - Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku

It's a Nendoroid of Mako from Kill la Kill! How can you resist? ― Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku Series: Kill La Kill Maker: Good Smile Price: $60 This is Nendoroid number 408. Last May, Nendoroid #300 (Miku 2.0) came out. So in about a little under 18 months, the line has produced over 100 figures! With that many figures coming out in so little time, I have found the quality is all over the place on th...

The List - 7 Powered-Up Forms That Are More Weird Than Awesome

Sometimes maybe it's better to stay in your second-to-last form. ― It's right about when all hope is lost that a character finally powers up just in time, usually with some blinding magical lights, gasps from bystanders, and plenty of fanfare. On the other side of the coin, a villain might let out a mighty roar, grow 10 times in height, and release that ultimate, last-ditch attack. One invokes cheer...

Answerman - What Time Is It, Anyway?

What's up with those wacky age ratings? What does a Director of Photography do, now that there's no more cels and film? Why do things get licensed, and then not released? Plus, anime popping up in unexpected places. ― This has been a week of bizarre struggles. Struggles with my computers, struggles with trying to buy things, struggles with eating too much, and struggles with a grotesque-but-terrible...

House of 1000 Manga - Kimagure Orange Road

1987's hottest shonen romance is finally available in English and Jason just couldn't resist. ― Kimagure Orange Road Summertime in Tokyo, 1984. Green trees and blue sky. A teenage boy is walking up a long steep street along a hillside when a breeze comes and a straw hat, carried by the wind, sails through the air. ("A UFO?" he thinks for a second, seeing the saucer shape.) The boy jumps and grabs th...

The X Button - Bug Hunts

"This week we check out moth heroes, horrific outbreaks, and mutant dating! Plus Guilty Gear’s newest face, Dragon Quest’s latest thing, and some Street Fighter suggestions! " ― It was hard to avoid the Gamergate mess last week, and I didn't really want to try. It's the sort of thing I needed to see. The alleged scandal started when game developer Zoe Quinn's ex-boyfriend posted a lengthy diatribe c...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Hop, Skip, and a Beat

There's lots of acting in this edition of Right Turn Only with new volumes of Skip Beat and Voice Over, but hopefully there won't be any acting up over Rebecca's ridiculous love for an OFL series that is definitely a little suspicious. All that plus Terra Formars! ― My sister and I recently moved, which means that I've been simultaneously unpacking boxes and starting the new semester, which, as you ...

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Shelf Life - Personal Demons

This week, monsters, blood-suckers, and cute girls all around.
- Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
- Tokyo Ghoul ep. 1-10
- Yuyushiki
― Shelf Worthy Yuyushiki Complete Series BD Stream Worthy Tokyo Ghoul ep. 1-10 Rental Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Complete Season BD Perishable Nothing this week It finally rained in SoCal today, which is the answer to the internal prayer I chant multiple times a day....

The Mike Toole Show - Live-Action Traction

The world of tokusatsu and anime have clashed many times over the years, and Mike's here to give you the rundown. ― Like so many other columns, this one was originally gonna be about something completely different. I'd like to do another artist spotlight, maybe on Buichi Terasawa, but I really need to see more of his work. I just worry that I can't be totally informed if I haven't watched that garbag...

The List - 6 Directors' Humble Beginnings

These 6 legendary directors started from the bottom, now they're here. ― Goro Miyazaki recently stated that he has no intention, nor the creative ability, to be the successor to his father, and it's easy to sympathize with him on it. The entertainment industry was thrust upon him because of his pedigree. Some might consider it lucky to have that kind easy-in though, especially given what some of Hay...

ANNCast - Late Night Chaos Too!

Friend of the show Brady Hartel stops by along with Hope Chapman for a bunch of silly questions. We discuss Hal, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the nerdiest things we've ever done and more. ― ANNCast 199 - Late Night Chaos Too! Get the Flash Player to see this player. It's another "live" episode, recorded during a live broadcast with questions from the chat! Friend of the show Brady Hartel stops by along...

Answerman - No Crying Over Spilled Ink

This week, animation do-overs, companies buying fansub scripts (or not), moving camera shots, and animation frame rates! ― Summer is over. Back to work. Back to school. Back to your questions. Let's see what you've all got for me this week... Ava asks: Since it's premier I have noticed a very vocal group on my social media that hates the animation of Sailor Moon Crystal. Personally I don't think it'...

House of 1000 Manga - One Pound Gospel

Shaenon gets in the ring with Rumiko Takahashi's wacky rom-combination of boxing and Catholicism. ― One-Pound Gospel The new Viz edition of Rumiko Takahashi's classic kung-fu comedy Ranma 1/2 is the first English edition printed in the “unflopped” right-to-left format, even though the manga has been out in English since the 1990s. Viz originally licensed Ranma back in the ancient days when flopping ...

The X Button - Mystery Hours

This week, Todd bumps a pile of imports and gets robots, betrayal, and murder mysteries all over the place. Plus Persona 5, Yakuza Zero, and rarely seen sides of Final Fantasy and Street Fighter! ― Rumors about Final Fantasy are abundant, ridiculous, and sometimes true. Consider the story of a Disney-backed comic based on Final Fantasy IV. It sounds like a playground fib, but it certainly existed. G...

Pile of Shame - The Tibetan Dog

An underappreciated Madhouse feature from 2011 featuring a boy and his dog in the harsh terrain of Tibet. ― The Tibetan Dog Japanese/Chinese co-productions don't happen very often. The last one I can think of would be 1997's anime adaptation of Tsui Hark's Chinese Ghost Story, which was charming in appearance but kind of a plodding, pointless affair. In 2007 another one started production, after ani...

Astro Toy - SH Figuarts Naruto

At long last, David covers a Naruto action figure. ― SH Figuarts Naruto Maker: Bandai Series: Naruto Price: $50 Boy, here's an overdue one. When I started this column I wondered to myself “I wonder when I'll order Naruto.” Well, it's been four years since then and here we are. Speaking of which, Naruto is now a 15-year-old series (the manga began in 1999!), one of the only truly big international hi...

The List - 6 Series Starring Aspiring Mangaka

Every once and awhile, an anime series will set its focus on the manga industry and offer a few hints of what it's really like. ― The dream of being a manga artist is a common one in the anime fandom. Semi-active publisher Tokyopop once launched its "Rising Star of Manga" program purely to entice that set of fans wanting to make that dream become a reality. Results varied, with the extra lucky, like...

Answerman - Terrible People

This week, what's with all the cynical jerks? Are anime fans discriminated against? Also, the layout of an anime company, and where those text-free sequences come from. ― You guys absolutely buried me in great new questions this week. Since ANN participation seems to peak while school is in session, I'm going to make an educated guess and suggest that you're here because your actual homework is in a...

ANNCast - In the Doghouse (ENG)

Kickstarted anime Under the Dog producer Hiroaki Yura, director Masahiro Ando and writer Jiro Ishii stop by to chat up the project! (This version contains only the English translated answers.) ― ANNCast 198 - In the Doghouse (ENGLISH ONLY VERSION) Get the Flash Player to see this player. Kickstarted anime Under the Dog producer Hiroaki Yura (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Steins;Gate) , direc...

ANNCast - In the Doghouse (ENG + JPN)

Kickstarted anime Under the Dog producer Hiroaki Yura, director Masahiro Ando and writer Jiro Ishii stop by to chat up the project! (This version contains both Japanese language answers and English translation). ― ANNCast 198 - In the Doghouse (ENGLISH + JAPANESE VERSION) Get the Flash Player to see this player. Kickstarted anime Under the Dog producer Hiroaki Yura (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzum...

The X Button - Tales to Admonish

Todd puts the latest Tales RPG to a turbulent test of typical traits! Plus Pokemon, Terra Battle, Mitchell, and a Street Fighter giveaway! ― The official Street Fighter website recently uploaded a timeline depicting the various forms of Street Fighter IV. It's quite helpful for anyone confused about who's in which game. It's also a merciless tease to me. See how everyone's lined up in the Ultra Stre...