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The List - 7 Frightening Student Councils

Only the best, brightest, most glamorous, potentially lethal and unbelievably intimidating can get elected to these student councils. ― Student councils are a subject of fascination in Japanese drama. The members are regarded as the best, brightest, most popular, or all of the above. They're idealized as student role models while their U.S. equivalents hold nowhere near the prestige and glamour of t...

Answerman - Midwinter Blahs

It's a blah midwinter week, and Justin takes questions on whether we need a Criterion Collection for anime, whether companies are abusing Kickstarter, why there's so much Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise, and why Japan doesn't pre-record their voices. ― I don't know about you, but I've had real trouble staying awake and coherent this week. I blame the combination of short days and overcast weather, w...

House of 1000 Manga - Cat Paradise

Jason adopts a manga all about magical cat familiars in an academy where pets are certainly allowed. If you've never read it, the time is meow. ― Cat Paradise "I've always loved animals, so I put them in my manga a lot.” —Yuji Iwahara There are so many manga about people partnered up with monsters, dragons and so on, you'd think there would be more manga about people partnered up with real-life anim...

The X Button - Falcoming Home

Todd studies Falcom games and wonders why they aren’t more popular! Plus NightyCry, Dead or Alive, and…well, King of Fighters, in a sense. ― I glance through Falcom's catalog this week, which means I should open with some weird, insubstantial trivia about a Falcom game. If you'll pardon an awful segue, there's nothing in Falcom games less substantial than Dela's outfit in the Brandish series. Koei t...

Shelf Life - True Luv

A look at this week's new releases and a new contributor to Shelf Life joins the team. Plus, alien invasions and other uninvited guests!
- Engaged to the Unidentified
- Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse
― Jump to this week's reviews: Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Complete Series BD and Engaged to the Unidentified Complete Series BD. On Shelves This Week A-Channel Complete Collection BD Sentai ...

The Mike Toole Show - What's Up, Tiger Mask?

Mike gets piledrived AND powerbombed on the mat by an enormous load of wrestling anime. ― Last May, I hopped a bus to New York City, on a mission to explore more Japanese pop culture. I'd previously made similar trips to take in the likes of Tokyo Godfathers and Steamboy and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, so you'd think that this was some sort of anime thing. A brisk few hours later, I was in Manha...

The List - Long Lost Anime Twins

Were these anime characters separated at birth? Not quite. ― Were these anime characters separated at birth? Not quite. We're used to seeing certain style characteristics to easily signify which character is the tsundere, the quiet bookworm, the gung-ho fighter, or the sneaky villain. With the huge number of anime, light novels, and manga produced each year, there are bound to be some design overlap...

Answerman - I've Got A Blank Space Baby

Justin just HAS to address Princess Kaguya's Oscar chances. Plus, the weirdness of Japanese names, the lack of Vancouver anime dubs, and what happens to recalled discs. ― Oscar nominations were announced last week, and so I got the usual questions this week about The Tale of Princess Kaguya's chances at taking home Oscar gold. I get these questions every year, so I'm not going to do the whole song a...

Fullmetal ANNCast: Brotherhood

Mike Toole joins Zac and Hope to finally decide, once and for all (and this is legally binding) which series is better: Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? ― ANNCast 212 - Fullmetal ANNCast: Brotherhood Embedded audio player requires an HTML5-compliant browser. Mike Toole joins Zac and Hope to finally decide, once and for all (and this is legally binding) which series is be...

House of 1000 Manga - Cat-Eyed Boy

Shaenon dares enter the vault of Kazuo Umezu's surrealist, ultraviolent horror serial, Cat-Eyed Boy. ― Cat Eyed Boy One of my all-time favorite pieces of comic art is a two-page spread from Jack Kirby's gonzo Planet of the Apes riff Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth. It's a four-color map of Kamandi's postapocalyptic world, packed with detail and such intriguing labels as “Wild Human Preserve,” “Island...

The X Button - Blazing Trials

It’s a Kickstarter roundup this week, with firebirds and moons and blood-drenched throwbacks! Plus Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, and a second look at a Sega celebration. ― I mentioned Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls a few weeks ago, as it does its best to broadside game nerds, and Sega nerds in particular, with their favorite things. It follows the school days of three giant-headed girls, and each is based on a Seg...

Shelf Life - Fool's Gold

A rundown of this week's releases. Plus, a heartwarming story about a family of tanuki, and a classic that's been shined and polished for a new generation. ― Jump to this week's reviews: Eccentric Family Complete Series BD and Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition BD Set. On Shelves This Week Little Busters! Refrain Complete Collection BD, DVD Sentai - 325 min - Hyb - MSRP $69.98 | $59.98 Currently chea...

The List - 7 Strange Alien Species

Anime is chock-a-block with aliens of all shapes, sizes, colors, personalities and sex appeal. Here are seven of the weirdest ones out there. ― Ever since Georges Méliès put extra-terrestrials on the silver screen with his 1902 silent film A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la Lune) protagonists have battled, been abducted, and questioned if something else was out there on television and in film. Th...

ANNCast - Big Funi Hustlas

It's that time again! FUNimation's Adam Sheehan and Justin Rojas join us to run down the last half of 2014 and what's new for 2015: Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion 3.33, the winter 2015 season and more! ― ANNCast 211 - Big Funi Hustlas Embedded audio player requires an HTML5-compliant browser. It's that time again! FUNimation's Senior Marketing Manager Adam Sheehan and Senior Manager of Social Strategy and...

Answerman - The Virtue of Curiosity

Justin muses on the Hollywood blockbuster's affects on anime fandom. Then, just how much can you squeeze onto a DVD or Blu-ray? Will discs ever come with download codes? Do the Japanese do blooper reels? ― This week I was listening to the podcast of KCRW's The Business, which is a weekly showbiz insider talk show produced out of Santa Monica. They had an interview with the director of the Oscar-cont...

House of 1000 Manga - Four from Crunchyroll

Murderers, reckless investors, deadly games from an unknown authority, and teenage assassins abound in four titles available on Crunchyroll's manga service. ― Four from Crunchyroll Crunchyroll has become my favorite digital manga service. I hate to admit it, but I always forget to keep track of Shonen Jump; the read-it-every-week-as-it-comes-out magazine system is easy to fall behind in, and hey, ev...

The X Button - The Underexplored

Imports deliver Final Fantasy offshoots, Gundam toyboxes, and Sega trinkets! Plus Brandish, Lufia, and at least two controversies that shouldn’t be. ― The previous X Button featured predictions for 2015. I thought about prophesying consumer frenzies over Nintendo's Amiibo toys, but I decided not to mention that. Because it's already happening. The third wave of interactive figures seems primed for s...

Shelf Life - Over the Horizon

A rundown of this week's new releases. Plus, reviews of Log Horizon collection 2 and A-Channel. ― Jump to this week's reviews: Log Horizon collection 2 and A-Channel. On Shelves This Week Amagami SS+ Complete Collection BD Sentai - 325 min - Sub - MSRP $59.98 Currently cheapest at: $34.49 Amazon Synopsis: This sequel of Amagami SS follows the events of the first series, and continues to expand on Ju...

The Mike Toole Show - Hakuna Takahata

A theatrical screening of The Tale of the Princess Kaguya inspires Mike to dust off the legendary Isao Takahata's earlier works. ― A couple of weeks back, I once again found myself sitting in the dark in an uncomfortable chair, watching anime. But this time it wasn't 2:45am, and I wasn't all alone, hunched over my home office PC, watching episode after episode of Teekyu. I was at the Brattle, a small...

The List - 7 Battling Brothers

It's throws before bros with these sibling pairs who can't set their differences aside and wind up locked in familial combat. ― This week's List focuses on a theme that's downright Biblical; the classic story of two brothers raised together but find themselves on opposite ends of an issue. Cain and Abel was the result of jealousy of one brother towards the other; the siblings in this list have griev...

ANNCast - Late Night Chaos Rebellion

It's time for another Late Night Chaos show, taped with a live audience via chatroom! Hope Chapman and Brady Hartel stop by to gab about Winter 2015 anime, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the best movies of 2014 and more! ― ANNCast 210 - Late Night Chaos Rebellion Embedded audio player requires an HTML5-compliant browser. It's time for another Late Night Chaos show, taped with a live audience via chatroom...

Answerman - Uncertain Futures

This week, the fate of Studio Ghibli, the arrival of PONYCAN, the mystery of the limited edition DVD, and why Japanese-owned publishers still have to pay license fees. ― We're all back at work, and I'm back to being busy as heck, so let's get to it. Craig asks: With the recent release of Cowboy Bebop from Funimation, being offered in a standard release (Blu-Ray/DVD only) Funimation Exclusive and an ...

House of 1000 Manga - Massive

Shaenon tackles Fantagraphics' compendium of and about gay erotic manga featuring enormous men and the enormous things they do (NSFW text). ― Massive A while back, my “House of 1,000 Manga” collegue Jason Thompson devoted a column to “64 Pounds of Porn,” his box of strictly-research porn manga. Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It is almost 64 pounds of porn all by itself. The title is ...

The X Button - Stretching Ahead

Predictions for the coming year lead to Final Fantasy, the Wii U’s fate, and controversial carping! Plus Yumi’s Odd Odyssey, Tekken, and a few words about a vanishing scene. ― This week finds me figuratively lugging out a crystal ball and making predictions for the year ahead. As usual, I don't expect people to take me all that seriously in this regard, but I do feel certain of one thing: I'll be di...

New Year, New Shelf Life

It's 2015 and some big changes have come to Shelf Life! Check out the new format and peruse this week's releases along with reviews of:
A Certain Magical Index II
Cat's Eye Season 2
― It's a new year, which seems almost hard to believe. Each day goes by so fast, that I can never seem to catch my breath and appreciate the passing of the seasons. Before I know it, I'll blink and it'll be summer, and I...

The List - 7 Anime Cameos

Directors, personalities, voice actors and even characters from the world of anime often make cheeky appearances in other series. Here are a few of 'em! ― Cameos by well-known celebrities or creators are common across all visual mediums, whether it's Stan Lee appearing in most every Marvel film, or Quentin Tarantino and Alfred Hitchcock in many of their works. In anime, characters from other series ...

Answerman - Not That Kind of Resolution

Happy new year! It's time to answer questions... such as, why a company license rescues a show that you can still easily find, why info on new anime doesn't leak, when an anime comes with video game rights, and the how scary it is to revisit your old favorites that might not still hold up. ― Happy 2015! It's a new year, and a lot of people are thinking about resolutions. I have a few of them, myself...

The X Button - Curses and Courses

Todd salutes some 2014 releases that deserved better! And one that perhaps didn’t! Plus Disaster Report’s resurrection, Harvest Moon’s lost elephant herds, and the inner workings of Guilty Gear! ― I hope that all of you had a good holiday season. You surely did if you judge the entire Christmas span in terms of how many new Guilty Gear games arrive. Guilty Gear Xrd came out in December, and the spec...

Shelf Life - The Year in Review

A look back at some of the most memorable (or worth revisiting) home video releases from 2014 ― Another year has come and gone, with mountains of anime to go along with it. And while readers and numerous ANN staff alike have given their thoughts on the top five new shows of the year, I wanted to impart my thoughts on what I think are some of the top physical video releases of the year. I chose these ...

The Mike Toole Show - Son of a Gunbuster

Now that Gainax's name is no longer on the Evangelion copyright, what do they have left? Well, Gunbuster, of course, and Mike's gonna take you on a tour of it. ― If you're enough of a nerd for Evangelion minutae, you may have noticed something interesting at the beginning of October: the mention of Gainax in the manga's copyright data vanished. This wasn't the first time something like that had happe...

The List - 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sailor Moon

Although fans have picked the Sailor Moon franchise apart bit by bit to feast on the meaty fun facts inside, there may still be a few less widely-known morsels left. ― Naoko Takeuchi's magical girl series had a profound effect on anime fandom, whether you caught its first run in North America, or later on Cartoon Network's Toonami. The online fandom was undeniably huge when I was a kid. So much so t...

Answerman - Ho-ho-hangover

It's the day after Christmas and we're already bored with our new toys. Let's talk about old Rumiko Takahashi shows, why Nickelodeon never liked anime, and how anime becomes a Hollywood remake. ― I am writing this earlier in the week. I am writing it on a plane to Seattle, wherein I will see my family. However, I must write this pretending it is later in the week, Christmas is over, and I'm on my wa...

Astro Toy - Mega Drive Megatron

In his final Astro Toy column, David explores a Sega Megadrive with a secret. You might, in fact, say that it's a robot... in disguise. ― Mega Drive Megatron Maker: Takara/Tomy (with Sentinel) Series: Transformers / Hi☆sCoool! Seha Girls Price: $100 Well, let's get the big thing out of the way: this is my final Astro Toy column. The column is undergoing some major changes in format for 2015 and I've...

The List - 7 Times Anime Danced Its Butt Off

There are dozens of times in anime where our heroes break out into a dance number; here are seven of the booty-shaking best. ― There is an undeniable crossover between voice actors, J-Pop, and otaku culture. If a voice actress can be marketed as an anisong singer, she can supplement her income outside of the sound booth with concerts, CD sales, and more merchandise. Sometimes all of this gets mashed...

Answerman - Shouting Into The (Icy) Wind

It's only one week 'till Xmas, but Justin is distracted by getting hammered by questions about new seasons of every show under the sun. Also, interlaced Blu-rays, what convinced Japan to stream, and why there are still holdouts. ― I can't keep track of anything this week. It's insane. Between the Sony Pictures hack (which is just such a spectacular plane crash of an incident that I can barely wrap m...

The ANNCast Holiday Special 2014

It's snowing outside and your relatives won't stop arguing, so why not curl up by the fire with Zac and Justin for a 2 and a half hour argument about movies and anime? ― The ANNCast Holiday Special 2014 Embedded audio player requires an HTML5-compliant browser. It's snowing outside and your relatives won't stop arguing, so why not curl up by the fire with Zac and Justin for a 2 and a half hour argum...

House of 1000 Manga - Learn English with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!

Of all the many wonderful gifts bestowed upon us by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, now we can count the gift of English among them. ― House of 1000 Manga Special: Learn English with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! Beyond the level of "Where is the hotel?", you can tell a lot about cultural perceptions by how people study a language. In the early 1990s, when Japan was synonymous with big business, Mangajin maga...

The X Button - Due Recognition

Todd looks at the good, bad, and downright strange highlights of the year! Plus SaGa’s return, Afterburner’s goodbye, and a bunch of holiday stories! ― The X Button will take next week off. It's time for a Christmas break, or as close as I can get to one now that I'm no longer a kid. I'll return the week after for more end-of-year retrospection, Guilty Gear ravings, and facts about old MSX games. Th...

Shelf Life - Designated x Diver

This week, characters dive into ancient caves, voluptuous breasts, and also some good old fashioned nostalgia.
- Cowboy Bebop
- Fatal Fury the Movie
- High School DxD New
― Shelf Worthy Cowboy Bebop Complete Series BD Fatal Fury: the Movie DVD Boob Show High School DxD New BD+DVD Rental Nothing this week Perishable Nothing this week Revisiting old classics is sometimes a little scary. There's always...

The Mike Toole Show - What Price Freedom?

Bandai Visual's ambitious spacefaring OVA series with designs by the famous Katsuhiro Otomo was heavily sponsored by Cup Noodle, but didn't come with a chicken flavor packet. ― A couple of columns back, I mused on a set of anime productions with heavy and generally realistic themes of space flight. (Yes, I'm referencing something I published just a few weeks ago. This is the real life version of when...

The List - 7 Manga To Improve Your Cooking

Food manga isn't all just mouth-watering illustrations of food and heroic journeys through the world of chefdom - turns out you can actually learn to cook from some of them! ― If I'm being honest, cooking wasn't a major part of my upbringing, and now I'm an adult with zero experience outside of boiling pasta and putting Prego on it. If you've already got some cooking chops, or have zero experience w...

ANNCast - The Time of Ann

Ann Tomoko Yamamoto, the woman behind the massively successful Kickstarter campaign for Time of Eve, joins us to talk about the experience, her history with the film and what's next... including the possibility of more Time of Eve. ― ANNCast 208 - The Time of Ann Get the Flash Player to see this player. Ann Tomoko Yamamoto, the woman behind the massively successful Kickstarter campaign for Time of E...

Answerman - Holiday Hustle

Finally, a comprehensive guide to what Ghibli discs are safe to buy, and which have screwy subtitles! Plus, if legal anime downloads will ever be a thing, manga artists meddling in manga adaptations, and why they printed so many discs nobody wanted, back in the day. ― I really thought I was going to die this week. I had so many irons in the fire, so many projects going at once, that I was working 18...

House of 1000 Manga - Gogo Monster

Not an adaptation of the classic film Monster A-Go-Go, instead a captivating and beautiful tale of childhood by legendary mangaka Taiyo Matsumoto. ― Gogo Monster I know childhood isn't magical, because when I was four years old I told myself so. I made a point of burning a message into my brain: Adult self, don't go thinking children have any insights or magical perceptions, because we don't. That m...

The X Button - Terra Forms

This week, Todd takes on mobile games with Terra Battle, Chain Chronicle and Monster Strike. Plus Street Fighter V, a Suikoden surprise, and a big catgirl debate! ― There's still time to enter the X Button's latest contest! All you need to do is write up a treasured and humorous memory involving the holidays and video games. Then you send it in, and one lucky winner walks away with the prize pack! W...

Shelf Life - Love and Other Thugs

This week, budding romance, fresh starts, homemade food, and the eternal search for happiness.
- Log Horizon set 1
- Nisekoi BD 1
- Silver Spoon s2
― Shelf Worthy Log Horizon Collection 1 BD Nisekoi: False Love Volume 1 BD Silver Spoon Complete 2nd Season DVD Rental Nothing this week Perishable Nothing this week This week yielded three anime titles that I thought were Shelf Worthy, which is rare. Us...

Astro Toy - Figma Ninja Slayer

There's already an action figure for Trigger's upcoming ninja show, and of course, David already has it. ― figma Ninja Slayer Maker: Phat!! Company Series: Ninja Slayer Price: $50 I want to talk to you about how great Ninja Slayer is, because nobody but me seems to be saying so in English. Ninja Slayer is a Japanese light novel series, originally posted in pieces on Twitter at @NJ_SLYR. Its gimmick,...

The List - 7 Most In Demand English Voice Actors of 2014

The men get their turn as we count down the male voice actors you heard most in 2014. ― This week we're counting down the most in demand voice actors in English dubs for the year. I sat down with ANN's Encyclopedia, went through every new North American release that included English dubs, and tallied the roles to get a comprehensive list of who starred in what, and overall which actors got the most ...

Answerman - Carb City

Could Megan Fox be in Sailor Moon??? Why aren't there many josei anime? And much ado about video issues on American Blu-rays. ― This week, a small group of friends I'm a part of had one of its regular dinner parties. I was tasked with making the main entree, spaghetti marinara, complete with seafood. It turned out very well -- I was a little worried, as I'd never cooked for 22 people before, but eve...

House of 1000 Manga - Japan Sinks

A classic disaster story about what would happen if the oceans swallowed Japan whole catches Jason's eye this week. ― Japan Sinks "It's not as if our people simply moved to this island from somewhere else…even if we did, afterwards we've become one with it. We're Japanese…we're not human first and then Japanese…we are Japanese through and through!" I love apocalyptic stories. In some form they've al...

ANNCast - ClannADCast

Zac and Hope have finally taken the long, sakura blossom-lined, tear-stained 50-episode journey into romance and tragedy known the world over as Clannad. Get your tissues ready! ― ANNCast 207 - ClannADCast Get the Flash Player to see this player. Zac and Hope have finally taken the long, sakura blossom-lined, tear-stained 50-episode journey into romance and tragedy known the world over as Clannad, o...

The X Button - Nouveau Nova

Phantasy Star returns for an import spotlight alongside novel fighters and dungeon knights! Plus the PlayStation’s popularity party, Amiibo matters, a Fist of the North Star relic, and a new contest! ― We're now in December and the thick of the holiday season. It's time for another contest, and this time it's about toys. That's what drives the holidays on some primal materialist level, so I put toge...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - We Come to The End

RTO turns its last page as the column comes to a conclusion, but not before covering Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance vol. 2, Afterschool Charisma, From the New World and more. ― They say all things must come to an end, and sadly that is the case for this column – this will be the last Right Turn Only. I've enjoyed both reading RTO under Carlo's stewardship and writing it myself, so I'm very sad to see...

The Mike Toole Show - Only Toonami?

Toonami's long and storied history is jam-packed with short-lived gems, some streaming-only, some massively ambitious, and Mike's here to run 'em down for you. ― I still remember April Fool's Day 2012, when the switch flipped and the anime dork conversation shifted from “Will they ever bring Toonami back?” to “When will they bring Toonami back? How soon?” It was because of a PR stunt, with the cable ...

The List - 8 Most In Demand English Voice Actresses of 2014

The most in-demand English voice actresses in anime get their own countdown! ― This week we're counting down the most in demand voice actresses in English dubs for the year. I sat down with ANN's Encyclopedia, went through every new North American release that included English dubs, and tallied the roles to get a comprehensive list of who starred in what, and overall which actresses got the most maj...

Answerman - Hangovers from Turkey, Hangovers from Life

Why do some shows have black borders around the picture? Will we ever see Ronja the Robber's Daughter? What's with celebrities in Japanese ads, and are there really that many problem discs being released? ― Obviously I'm writing this column a couple of days early, but you're seeing it on Black Friday. Otherwise known as the day Americans stop all that "being thankful" nonsense and start going to the...

House of 1000 Manga - Summit of the Gods

Shaenon gives thanks today for Jiro Taniguchi's manly man manga about manly men scaling manly mountains. ― The Summit of the Gods Jiro Taniguchi is an artist who hasn't made nearly as many appearances in the House of 1,000 Manga as he could. Jason Thompson discussed his blissfully plotless Walking Man a million years ago, he has a story in Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators, and is that really the only ...

The X Button - Toad to Victory

This week, we examine the enigma of Toad and his big comeback game! Plus Etrian Odyssey crossovers, Guilty Gear accents, and some old remixes. ― I probably should address Thanksgiving this week, but it doesn't look like anyone, from department stores to pop-cultural commentators, wants to bother with it. That's OK with me. We'll move on to Christmas and its surrounding video game releases. One of th...

Pile of Shame FINAL: Chie the Brat

The Pile of Shame recedes into the mists of history with one final installment, on Isao Takahata's criminally underseen Chie the Brat. ― Well folks, we've come to the end of the road. This will be the final Pile of Shame article. I need to stop writing about specific anime for a while, because it's a really good way to get burned out. Also, there's only so much appetite for articles on old and obscur...

Astro Toy - Figma Haruka Nanase

Are you ready for the swim boys? David sure is, and figma Haruka is here to help. ― figma Haruka Nanase Maker: Hobby Stock Series: FREE! Price: $50 Finally, it's that “Swimming Anime” I've been hearing so much about! Full disclosure, I really don't know anything about FREE! other than the following: FREE! is Kyoto Animation's popular series about boys swimming for the benefit of fujoshi. It is notab...

The List - 6 Awesome People of Color in Anime

Anime doesn't always get diversity right, but when it does, the results can be pretty awesome. ― It took three waves of live-action films, but Marvel finally announced its much anticipated Black Panther film adaptation starring Chadwick Boseman. Boseman will be the live-action film franchise's first proper super hero of color, after secondary characters Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes/War Machine and...

Answerman - On Activism (and other stuff)

This week, Justin takes on an effort to halt the career of a controversial voice actor. Plus, romaji subtitles, early pre-orders, and the mysterious Animax. ― Wow, I can't believe the country is already getting clobbered by snow. I mean, it's barely halfway through November. This really doesn't bode well for the rest of the winter, does it? I mean, I'm here in the arid desserts of Southern Californi...

ANNCast - New Super Game Show Bros.

It's Game Show time! So that means we're talkin' videogames with Todd Ciolek, Dave Riley and newcomer to the show Heidi Kemps. We cover: Smash Bros, Dragon Age Inquisition, and most importantly, Virtua Cop 3. ― ANNCast 206 - New Super Game Bros. Get the Flash Player to see this player. It's Game Show time! So that means we're talkin' videogames with Todd Ciolek, Dave Riley and newcomer to the show H...

House of 1000 Manga - Gen Manga

Shaenon does the impossible and tries to marathon all of One Piece in a... wait, nope, this is about quirky underground manga from publisher Gen! ― Gen Manga My colleague Jason just spent the past two weeks of this column covering Naruto, the most popular manga of all time, at least in the U.S. It got such a positive response that we've decided to go all-mainstream, all the time. Which is why this w...

The X Button - Sega Visions

This week, we ask ourselves just why we like Sega! Plus Rodea, high-school comedy, Persona, and a small goodbye to a small developer. ― We're talking about Sega this week. To get down to it, we're talking about Sega's legacy: the triumphs, the failures, and the fan devotion that endures in ways precious and disconcerting. If you want a good example of that mixture of appreciation and nostalgia, look...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Sunny Side Up

Winter may be coming, but it's still a sunny Eden in here, with new volumes of, well, Sunny and Cage of Eden, along with Food Wars and a digital-only series that's like a history book with nudity in this edition of RTO!! ― It's kind of amazing how a random old object, like the car in Sunny, can have such an impact on us as kids. My sisters and I built a log cabin out of all of the blow-down after a ...

Shelf Life - Kings of Reon

This week, the trials and tribulations of magical retail work, and invading parasitic aliens.
- Fatal Fury: Legends of the Hungry Wolf
- Parasyte ep 1-6
- Yu-Sibu
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Stream Worthy Parasyte ep 1-6 Rental Fatal Fury: Legends of the Hungry Wolf DVD Perishable Yu-Sibu Complete Collection BD I say this every year, but I hate it when Daylight Savings Time ends. I think instea...

The Mike Toole Show - Anime in Orbit

Bust out the astronaut ice cream, it's time to blast off with Mike on a tour of anime about space travel! ― Space is the place. Just look at some of our real-life milestones over the past few years. NASA has had an SUV roaming the surface of Mars for over two years, doing god knows what. A shipment to the ISS blew up shortly after takeoff, and a Virgin Spaceways test flight flamed out, killing one of...

Answerman - Show Me Your Evil Stick

How evil is the Evil Stick? Why are those old Patlabor movie boxes so cheap? Why do adapted TV anime get new music? And what's with this Manga 2.5 business, anyway? ― As one would expect, I got a lot of questions about Viz's Sailor Moon discs this week. There are two things preventing me from answering questions about that: the first is a conflict of interest. I work on some stuff for Viz, so ANN ru...

ANNCast - Over the Moon

Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager of Animation Marketing at Viz Media, and Julie McDonald, Director of Animation Production, stop by to discuss the issues with the newly-released Sailor Moon bluray, among other things. ― ANNCast 205 - Over the Moon Get the Flash Player to see this player. Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager of Animation Marketing at Viz Media, and Julie McDonald, Director of Animation Pro...

House of 1000 Manga - The 48 56-Hour Naruto Marathon, Part II

The conclusion of the tale of a man who set out to read the entire Naruto saga in 2 days, only to do it in about 2.5 and nearly scramble his chakra in the process. ― The 48 56 Hour Naruto Marathon: Part 2 "The sensation is just like that of vomiting." —Killer Bee SPOILER: I couldn't do it. I couldn't read all 71 (I mean 72) volumes of Naruto in 48 hours. I dropped volumes, I blew past the deadline, ...

The X Button - Real Drives

This week: a Kickstarter rodeo of realistic robots, roving reptiles, and something Irish! Plus Xenoblade, Rodea, and the possible return of dudes with attitude! ― The Battletoads occupy a strange land between grudging respect and unending shame. Their games aren't all that bad: the NES original has a lot of variety despite its piercing difficulty, and most of its spin-offs are above average. The Bat...

Pile of Shame - Colorful

Justin takes a look at an understated art house drama anime from a few years ago, and finds a lot to admire. ― COLORFUL To paraphrase Hideaki Anno, people don't commit suicide because they're depressed, people commit suicide because they can no longer imagine happiness. That thought occurred to me again and again while I was watching Colorful, the remarkable feature film produced by Sunrise in 2010,...

Shelf Life - The Haunting

This week, ghosts from our past, present, and future. Also, more girl power than you can shake a Moon Stick at!
- A Certain Scientific Railgun S pt 2
- Ghost in the Shell Arise pt 1
- Sailor Moon pt 1
― Shelf Worthy A Certain Scientific Railgun S Part 2 DVD Rental Sailor Moon Part 1 DVD/BD Ghost in the Shell: Arise Part 1 DVD/BD Perishable Nothing this week For the most part, I don't really eat cand...

Astro Toy - Figma Inogashira Goro Extra Helping Version

A deluxe, accessory-heavy figma of a very normal, very hungry salaryman. He can smoke, too! ― Figma Inogashira Goro Extra Helping Version Series: Kodoku no Gourmet (The Solitary Gourmet) Maker: Good Smile Price: $80 Again this week, I have explaining to do. This whole article may be an excuse to just talk about the Solitary Gourmet. I am not ashamed. Kodoku no Gourmet is a manga about a traveling bu...

The List - 7 Couples Who Make Love and War

Duos who start out as simply war buddies sometimes grow into inseparable fighting pairs. Hurt one and you're sure to feel the wrath of the other! ― Relying on one another in life or death situations can bring a whole new element of closeness. Duos who start out as simply war buddies grow into inseparable fighting pairs. Hurt one and you're sure to feel the wrath of the other. Lovers who fight togeth...

ANNCast - The Revisitation of Haruhi Suzumiya

Every now and then it's time to reach back into the past, dust off an old classic and give it another spin - this week we're exhuming the resting soul of Haruhi Suzumiya with animator Sara Pocock. PLUS: new ANNCast schedule! ― ANNCast 204 - The Revisitation of Haruhi Suzumiya Get the Flash Player to see this player. Every now and then it's time to reach back into the past, dust off an old classic an...

Answerman - A Time for Drunken Publishers

This week: why some shows are missing on your favorite digital platform, why some old shows get new 5.1 mixes and some don't, what happens if manga artists die mid-series, and lessons from the anime market crash. ― I've just gotten back from NYC (which was lovely but FREEZING) and I'm still catching up with the giant amount of work that piled up in my absence, so let's get to some questions! Melissa...

House of 1000 Manga - The 48-Hour Naruto Marathon Part I

Naruto is coming to a conclusion, so what better time for Jason to try and read the entire thing in a mere 48 hours? ― The 48-Hour Naruto Marathon (Part I) The other day I was talking to one of my most deep-otaku friends (we watched all of the original Evangelion together, as well as tons of kaiju flicks and ‘70s and ‘80s Italian horror) and asked him what movies he'd seen lately. “Guardians of the ...

The X Button - Uncovered Paths

This week, we talk about controversy and Bayonetta, perhaps not in that order! Plus Sega 3D remakes, the Amiibo horde, and rare discoveries! ― Nintendo's Amiibo toys could be the biggest game release of the holiday season, at least as far as buying frenzies go. That's because they're not actual games. They're little figures with built-in memory, and they interface with Wii U and newer 3DS games. The...


Now that you're done rotting your teeth with Halloween candy, come check out a very sweet untranslated gem, the latest Say I Love You, and a new volume of A Bride's Story, along with other new and upcoming manga titles! ― I love Halloween. The candy is great, but mostly I love seeing what people dress up as. This year I actually only saw one Elsa (although I also saw a Daenerys Targaryen who people ...

Shelf Life - Angels and Demons

This week, vampires, witches, and gods. Everything you need for a post-Halloween bash.
- Bayonetta: Bloody Fate
- DBZ: Battle of Gods
- Hellsing Ultimate v.3
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Hellsing Ultimate Volume 3 DVD/BD Bayonetta: Bloody Fate DVD/BD Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods DVD Perishable Nothing this week Halloween feels like the last barrier to the winter holidays, in that everyth...

The Mike Toole Show - Cult Classics

Mike takes a look at these incredibly strange films that died at the box office and became unheralded classics. ― I prick up my ears every time I hear Belladonna of Sadness mentioned. It's a grand classic of Japanese animation, part of Mushi Productions’ celebrated “Animerama” trilogy that also includes the sumptuous 1001 Nights and gloriously bonkers Cleopatra. But it's not really on par with those ...

The List - 7 Slasher Characters Perfect for Halloween

From the supernaturally powered to perfectly engineered killers, anime has featured some scary villains over the years that would put Jason Voorhees' body count to shame. ― Just in time for your post-candy Halloween hangover, today's list takes a look at some of anime's most gruesome villains. From the supernaturally powered to perfectly engineered killers, anime has featured some scary villains ove...

Answerman - Regret-tinged Nostalgia

This week, why were 90s dubs so bad? What software gets used by US anime publishers? Why did anime take so long to invade America? And is "Cool Japan" a failure? ― No time for chit-chat this week! I have a plane to NYC to catch! Skyler asks: Why were there so many terrible dubs made in the 80s and 90s? I don't have a problem with dubs or anything but some of the scripting and voice acting in dubs li...

House of 1000 Manga - Midnight Secretary

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with sexy vampire comics? ― Midnight Secretary It occurred to me that, in honor of Halloween, I should cover a scary manga this week. But in my previous column I took on The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, the most traditionally horrific manga in my To Overanalyze inbox. So for this week I offer Midnight Secretary, a shojo manga about…oh yes…sexy vampire...

The X Button - Ring of Terror

This week, we have tales of chaos and heroes and imports! Plus marauding bikers, mysterious gibberish, and a whole bunch of scary stories just in time for Halloween! ― This year's Halloween contest brought in a bunch of great entries. No one wrote about my scariest game-related experience, the sixth-stage boss in Super C, so I had a hard time picking a winner. After much deliberation and some confer...

Pile of Shame - SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next

A forgotten Bandai Visual USA release featuring cel shaded kids exploring Tokyo's underground. ― SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next Anime fans who were around back in 2007 might remember a company briefly appearing on the scene known as Bandai Visual USA. If they do remember, it's usually not a fond memory: BVUSA was the first attempt by a major Japanese anime producer to insert themselves into th...

Astro Toy - Myth Cloth EX Pegasus Seiya

It's another visit to the world of big, heavy, construct-it-yourself Myth Cloth armor and the world of Saint Seiya. ― Myth Cloth EX Pegasus Seiya Series: Saint Seiya Maker: Bandai Price: $60 Hey, everyone! Who wants to hear about the behind-the-scenes of the column again? You do, of course. I had four things set to ship out this month, and last week all of them were pushed back to either November or...

The List - 6 Times Mother Nature Unleashed Her Fury

Where do you run to when your very environment is trying to kill you? ― Nature has an unlimited arsenal of weapons at its disposal. There are the Biblical classics like swarms of insects and disease, followed by tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, snow storms, the list goes on. Mother Nature can wipe you out with extreme heat or cold, invasions that are microscopic and storms that ...

Answerman - Rabbit Ears

Lots of TV questions this week, from a TV network that came and went, to another TV network few fans know exists. Plus, flip phones in anime, and why Western fans don't care for vintage characters. ― I went to a friend's band's concert last night. It was a Wednesday, and they didn't go on until nearly midnight. It was fun to see them play, but halfway through their set I sat off to the side, head-in...

House of 1000 Manga - Detroit Metal City

Jason attempts a little Krauser control. WARNING: NSFW language. ― Detroit Metal City "They start feeling like prisoners, helpless/Till someone comes along on a mission and yells, bitch!" —Eminem Warning: this is a manga where the main character's power is to say the word "rape" 10 times in one second. Detroit Metal City is the one of the filthiest, most offensive comedy manga ever translated. At le...

The X Button - Scare Supply

This week: Todd gets into the spirit of the season with a Halloween roundup! Plus Guilty Gear Xrd, Freedom Wars, and a letdown you might’ve seen coming. ― I seldom use this column to celebrate holidays, but this Halloween is different. This week I'll address the vital issue of appropriate games for this time of year, and next week should have the results of our Halloween contest. There's still time ...


Sometimes current debates spill over into manga releases in the strangest ways. Join Rebecca as she checks out new and upcoming volumes of Spell of Desire and Vinland Saga, along with the manga adaptation of this season's most hotly debated anime and several more! ― You never can tell what you'll find when you're unpacking. Sometimes it's horribly melodramatic stories written in middle school (I can...

Shelf Life - Four Your Eyes Only

This week, a special club for a special aesthetic, grave diggers, and good ol' hijinks.
- Dr. Slump Movies 1-5
- Meganebu
- Sunday without God
― Shelf Worthy Sunday without God Complete + OVA BD Rental Dr. Slump Movies 1-5 DVD Perishable Meganebu Complete Series BD This may sound like an insignificant thing, but a few years ago, I turned off the notification sound on my iPhone for new emails. Leavin...

ANNCast - Klein Times

Vice President of New Generation Pictures Jonathan Klein returns to the podcast to discuss his two latest projects, the conclusion of Hellsing Ultimate and Bayonetta: Bloody Fate! Plus: stories from the old days, the dub scene in LA and Twitter time! ― ANNCast 203 - Klein Times Get the Flash Player to see this player. Vice President of New Generation Pictures Jonathan Klein returns to the podcast to...

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