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Answerman - Terrible People

This week, what's with all the cynical jerks? Are anime fans discriminated against? Also, the layout of an anime company, and where those text-free sequences come from. ― You guys absolutely buried me in great new questions this week. Since ANN participation seems to peak while school is in session, I'm going to make an educated guess and suggest that you're here because your actual homework is in a...

ANNCast - In the Doghouse (ENG)

Kickstarted anime Under the Dog producer Hiroaki Yura, director Masahiro Ando and writer Jiro Ishii stop by to chat up the project! (This version contains only the English translated answers.) ― ANNCast 198 - In the Doghouse (ENGLISH ONLY VERSION) Get the Flash Player to see this player. Kickstarted anime Under the Dog producer Hiroaki Yura (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Steins;Gate) , direc...

ANNCast - In the Doghouse (ENG + JPN)

Kickstarted anime Under the Dog producer Hiroaki Yura, director Masahiro Ando and writer Jiro Ishii stop by to chat up the project! (This version contains both Japanese language answers and English translation). ― ANNCast 198 - In the Doghouse (ENGLISH + JAPANESE VERSION) Get the Flash Player to see this player. Kickstarted anime Under the Dog producer Hiroaki Yura (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzum...

The X Button - Tales to Admonish

Todd puts the latest Tales RPG to a turbulent test of typical traits! Plus Pokemon, Terra Battle, Mitchell, and a Street Fighter giveaway! ― The official Street Fighter website recently uploaded a timeline depicting the various forms of Street Fighter IV. It's quite helpful for anyone confused about who's in which game. It's also a merciless tease to me. See how everyone's lined up in the Ultra Stre...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Cooking Nightmare

Rebecca confuses visitors by leaving volumes of Toriko, Eroica, and UQ Holder out when they come to dinner. Hopefully you will be less perplexed by this week's new and upcoming manga! ― I had one of those weeks – you know the ones. The weeks where you can't win for losing, you can't get out of your own way, and your cat freaks out while you're holding him, scratches the hell out of your arm, and you...

M3 the dark metal Episode 19 - Overlapping Sound of Love 2

Another great episode of M3 the dark metal ― Part 1: Part 2:

Shelf Life - Clone Wars

This week, a classic magical girl show, as well as some other girls with supernatural powers, including one that defies gravity.
- A Certain Scientific Railgun S pt 1
- Card Captor Sakura
- Senran Kagura
― Shelf Worthy Card Captor Sakura Complete Series BD A Certain Scientific Railgun S Part 1 DVD Mildly Entertaining Booby Show Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash Complete Series BD+DVD Perishable Nothing thi...

The Mike Toole Show - Test Pilots

Mike ventures in to the wild world of anime pilots (not the flying kind, the TV kind). ― A couple of weeks back at Otakon, we learned about Under the Dog, an interesting new crowdfunded anime project. The producer's weird editorializing aside, I'm intrigued by Under the Dog, not least of which due to the involvement of Masahiro Ando, the best action animation director working at the moment. They're i...

The List - 7 "Gateway" Anime Sure to Get Newbies Hooked

Seven series to get your friends watching anime, no matter what their tastes! ― There are several hurdles when you want to introduce the average American viewer, be they a family member or friend, to the world of anime. Like jumping into any foreign art medium, there's a learning curve. Assuming your cousin Ted has had zero exposure to Japanese culture or animated films outside of dubbed Ghibli film...

ANNCast - SuperN.E.R.D.S.

Zac and Justin reteam with supernerds Mike Toole and Daryl Surat to chat about Chaika, Space Dandy, Captain Harlock, Otakon and more, and of course there's always Twitter Time! ― ANNCast 197 - SuperN.E.R.D.S. Get the Flash Player to see this player. Zac and Justin reteam with supernerds Mike Toole and Daryl Surat to chat about Chaika, Space Dandy, Captain Harlock, Otakon and more, and of course ther...

Answerman - Nobody Loves The Weeaboo

Why do Japanese companies have such terrible English? Why did Viz finish dubbing MONSTER? Plus, dealing with themes in writing reviews, and why everyone hates weeaboo. ― I've been eating really healthy for the last week or so. I had a salad for lunch, and a salad with some tacos for dinner. Lots of fish. This is driving me crazy, and I'm absolutely FIENDING for junk food. Needless to say, i'm a litt...

House of 1000 Manga - Unico

Shaenon takes a magical journey with Tezuka's famously adorable little unicorn, Unico. ― Unico Kickstarter can be a powerful force for good or evil, and not everyone agrees on which is which. When professional companies and Hollywood stars started to use the crowdfunding site to raise money for projects, many observers worried that it would destroy Kickstarter's indie sensibility and undermine its c...

The X Button - Hive Finds

This week brings pitches for dungeon treks, alien bug raids, and a nightmare long thought over. Plus Silent Hills, BlazBlue, and the results of an anime-editing contest! ― It's time to announce the winners of the One Piece: Unlimited World Red Contest, which tasked you all with censoring anime for kid-safe sensibilities. It's also time for some good news: I rounded up extra copies of the latest One ...

Pile of Shame - The Enemy's The Pirates!

Justin tries to return to an old 90s favorite that has become more famous for its obscure, awful dub. ― The Enemy's The Pirates! ~The Cat's Banquet~ There's a Japanese tradition of stand-up comedy duos known as "manzai (漫才)." Manzai routines are high-speed, rapid-fire conversations between one person, who's an idiot or a weirdo of some kind (boke), and a straight man (tsukkomi), who's constantly mut...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 18

M3 the dark metal EPISODE 18 THE TRUTH OF YOMIJIMA ― Part 1: Part 2:

Shelf Life - Popular Culture

This week, the challenges of high school, fighting alien menaces, and evil masterminds.
- Gatchaman Crowds
- Terror in Resonance ep. 1-6
- Watamote
― Shelf Worthy Watamote Complete Series BD Gatchaman Crowds Complete Series BD Stream Worthy Terror in Resonance ep. 1-6 Rental Shelf Nothing this week Perishable Nothing this week Even though Otakon was a full week ago, I still feel the side-effects of ...

Astro Toy - Figma Crystal Bowie

He's translucent, he's evil, he's out to get our man Cobra, and now he's a figma. ― Figma Crystal Bowie Series: Space Adventure Cobra Maker: Good Smile Price: $65 Figma, figma. I've been doing this column for years now, my first review was of a figma. I've seen a hell of a lot of them in the meantime and said everything that there is to be said about the line. Every popular character gets a figma, a...

The List - 7 TV Anime Affected by Japanese Censorship

Sometimes your episode is pulled because the series' creator really doesn't like you. ― Over in the states, we're used to television censorship of our favorite anime. It was par for the course, whether cigarettes were replaced with lollipops, swimsuits painted on bathing scenes, or Japanese characters were suddenly in America. Japanese broadcasts get their share of censorship to, with a main focus o...

Answerman - Brighter Days

This week, what's the deal with all of the different audio formats on Blu-ray? Can US companies access the original film masters of old shows? Where are all the OVAs these days? And why companies decide to not release controversial adult material, even if it's demonstrably legal. ― This has to be one of the worst, most depressing news weeks of the year. So rather than continuing to fixate on all the...

ANNCast - Parliament Funkadelic

Roland Parliament, ADR Director of the original DIC version of Sailor Moon and original voice of Melvin stops by to tell tales of the old days and talk about his new book, Sailor Moon Reflections! ― ANNCast 196 - Parliament Funkadelic Get the Flash Player to see this player. Roland Parliament, ADR Director of the original DIC version of Sailor Moon and original voice of Melvin stops by to tell tales...

House of 1000 Manga - Zatch Bell

Jason remembers one of the strangest shonen fighting manga ever to hit it big, Zatch Bell. ― Zatch Bell Want to read about a Pokémon rip-off? First published in Shonen Sunday magazine in 2001, Zatch Bell was one of hundreds of manga competing to be Number Two in the newly established genre of "heroes who fight using cute-but-violent monster/animal/pet companions." But Zatch is an extreme case becaus...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Love the One You're With

If you had all of the magic power in the world, what would you do? If the one you like doesn't like you back, do you switch who you like? These questions and others might be answered in RTO as Rebecca looks at the latest volume of Wandering Son, the final volume of Demon Love Spell, a digital-only release of a Lily Hoshino manga, and other new and upcoming titles! ― I've mentioned before (although I...

The Mike Toole Show - YAS Hands

Mike takes a stroll through the work of illustrious character designer Mr. Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. ― A couple of times a year, I'll go to a convention and run a few panel presentations—usually jaunts through the career of a certain artist or studio, explorations of a particular genre, or one of my mainstays, Dubs that Time Forgot. A few of these have even been featured here on ANN, and the gist is pretty...

The List - 7 Things You Didn't Know About Studio Ghibli

The studio that's captured hearts over its long career has its own fun secrets ― If you were paying any attention to the news this week, you might have noticed an anime community-wide panic about Studio Ghibli. One of the company's co-founder's, director Toshio Suzuki, stated in a television interview that the studio is "restructuring." What that means for animation production post-Goro Miyazaki's R...

Answerman - High On Life

How is it decided where an anime will play in a theater? When does an already-released anime get dubbed? What would happen if Netflix launched in Japan? And what's with shows released on DVD in the US, but not in Japan? ― It's been a pretty bland week. Once I got out of jury duty, it was pretty much business as usual. So, with nothing interesting to report, let's get right down to some questions. Pe...

The X Button - Creature Features

This week, it's an import pile-up of monster hunts, pure horror, and cute creatures! Plus Resident Evil, Hyrule Warriors, the hidden side of Strider, and another contest call! ― The X Button will take a vacation next week, but I'll find time to judge all of the entries for the current contest. You have until the end of next Thursday to get in your submissions and win a copy of One Piece: Unlimited W...

Pile of Shame - MARCO: 3,000 Leagues in Search of Mother

Justin takes a look at a remake of Takahata's World Masterpiece Theater classic. Does it hold up? Ehh... ― MARCO: 3,000 Leagues in Search of Mother We need to declare a new genre of anime, right here and now. There needs to be a separate category for the metric ton of overwrought family fare Japan makes, that aims to be Studio Ghibli in quality, but ends up succumbing to its maudlin sentimentality a...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 16

The latest episode of M3 the dark metal from ― Part 1: Part 2:

Shelf Life - Flowers For Baudelaire

This week, armored gangsters, sexy cyborgs, giant robots, and stolen gym uniforms.
- Appleseed Alpha
- Flowers of Evil
- Majestic Prince collection 1
― Shelf Worthy Flowers of Evil Complete Series BD (Sub) Rental Shelf Appleseed Alpha BD Majestic Prince Collection 1 BD Perishable Nothing this week I love convention season, but it is a little exhausting. I feel like I've just barely recovered from Co...

Astro Toy - SH Figuarts Mario

It's-a me, Mario! In SH Figuarts form, with a ton of fun accessories. ― SH Figuarts Mario And Accessories Series: Super Mario Maker: Bandai Price: $65 with accessories, $25 without This is an interesting release for Bandai. They've been doing videogame figures for the past few years under the “D-Arts” (D as in Digital) label... but the figures were noticeably inferior to Bandai's usual work in both ...

The List - Anime's 7 Most Dangerous Jobs

The rewards are small and the risks are plentiful, but somebody's got to do it. ― The most dangerous jobs within the United States vary greatly, with many being subject to History Channel drama programming. We have loggers, fisherman, truckers, and pilots putting themselves in physical danger. Other jobs like doctors, dentists, and vets are very emotionally taxing. Anime has its own share of messy, ...

Answerman - Pain in the Neck

This week, is it unethical to get around a stream being blocked in your country? Is RWBY being judged unfairly? Why don't consumers use (HD) video tapes? Any why do older manga get new anime? ― I've been trapped in stasis this week, socially at least. You see, I've been tagged for jury duty. The way jury duty works in Los Angeles County is, you get a summons in the mail, and after you register and s...

House of 1000 Manga - Danza and Tesoro

Shaenon takes a tour of two works by legendary mangaka Natsume Ono. ― Danza and Tesoro In 2009, I found myself browsing the then-newish branch of the Mandarake manga bookstore in Akihabara, Tokyo's otaku mecca. Never mind how I found myself there; it's one of the job hazards of the professional nerd. Bored by all the Shonen Jump and Shonen Sunday tankobon collections, my husband pulled an unusual-lo...

The X Button - Equal Crime

This week, we find something to think about with Akiba's Trip and unwholesome rewards! Plus Judas Code, Street Fighter dress-up, and the chance to win some One Piece! ― Is it time for another contest already? I think it is. The last one was about Drakengard 3, which is a fairly gruesome and depressing game even when it's funny. So this contest needs something happy. And what's happier than the froli...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Shining Wings

Swords! Idols! VRMMORPGs! Food! There's a little bit of everything in this edition of RTO with new and upcoming manga, including SAO: Fairy Dance, Kaze Hikaru, as well as an untranslated title by Aya Nakahara and a digital release Rebecca read so you don't have to! ― You know what time it almost is? Berry picking time! For reasons unknown to me, I love picking fruit. The raspberries and blackberries...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 15

M3 the dark metal - Vacant Heart of Morning Gray ― Part 1: Part 2:

The Mike Toole Show - What's The Criterion?

Mike wonders aloud which anime would be a good fit for the prestigious Criterion Collection. ― Earlier this year, Criterion did something they hadn't ever done in the DVD age: they released an animated movie as part of their Criterion Collection, an imprint known for exacting special editions with exhaustive supplemental materials and bonus features. Was that animated masterpiece a modern classic of ...

The List - 7 Shuttered American Anime Companies

Here's a salute to bygone American anime companies, we knew ye well. ― The face of the anime industry looks a lot different than when I started buying DVDs in 2001. Funimation's reach was growing, but was still known mostly as the "Dragon Ball Z" company, while Viz Media was pretty well established. Bandai could be relied on to bring over everything Sunrise-related, Media Blasters picked up the ligh...

Answerman - I Am Not At SDCC

Since Justin isn't at SDCC, he can answer all your questions about anime studios' work on American cartoons, why short TV series don't get licensed, why voice actor commentaries are so rare, and the history of anime theme songs. ― It seems like everyone I know is at San Diego Comic Con this week. I am not at Comic Con, nor do I wish to be at Comic Con. In fact, I am overjoyed at I am not at Comic Co...

The X Button - Popular Mecha Nicks

Todd digs into the history of games inspired by Gundam, and he likes what he finds! Plus Ace Attorney, Fatal Frame, Gurumin, and a music game that's all about fighting! ― So what happened to The King of Fighters? Rumors and hiring ads suggest that the fourteenth proper installment of the series now percolates somewhere deep within SNK Playmore, but fans are left to dream and argue at present. I just...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 14

M3 the dark metal - Sounds of Regret ― Part 1: Part 2:

Pile of Shame - Eiji

Hisashi Eguchi's boxing manga got a short movie treatment back in 1990, but does it hold up? ― Eiji Hisashi Eguchi is probably a guy that's better known among Japanese creatives than among American otaku. As an illustrator and manga artist, he's designed characters for such anime as Roujin Z and Spriggan, heavily influenced the look of Satoshi Kon's characters (Perfect Blue's final look was based on...

Shelf Life - Multiple Choice

This week, lots and lots of lovely ladies, a healthy mix of pretty boys, and even a few animal-folk as well.
- Date A Live
- Karneval
- Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Shelf Date A Live Complete Series BD/DVD Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? BD Perishable Karneval Complete Series BD+DVD In less than a we...

ANNCast - Justin Time

For the first time in ANNCast history, the co-host becomes the guest! Justin Sevakis talks at length about his business authoring blurays for the R1 anime industry, preparing streaming shows for Hulu and more! ― ANNCast 195 - Justin Time Get the Flash Player to see this player. For the first time in ANNCast history, the co-host becomes the guest! Justin Sevakis talks at length about his business aut...

Astro Toy - Chogokin Hello Kitty

David finds himself impressed with a full-on giant robot Hello Kitty from the Chogokin line. ― Chogokin Hello Kitty Series: Hello Kitty Maker: Bandai/Sanrio Price: $55 So alright, we have a really weird one again this week. Shall I explain the joke? Both Bandai's Chogokin line and Sanrio's Hello Kitty have their 40th birthday this year. These two massive Japanese toy/merchandise lines from the same ...

Hey, Answerman! - In Search of Stability

Justin pulls away from the news to answer some questions: why are most older DVDs interlaced? What's with all the info-dumps in anime? Why can't you buy anime theme songs on iTunes? And why are people still buying DVDs? ― I am trying not to read the news obsessively, because it's all just terrifying and awful and we are all but uninformed, impotent civilians with neither the power nor information to...

House of 1000 Manga - One Thousand and One Nights

It's a loose adaptation of 1001 Nights, it's full of bishonen, and it's the first Manhwa ever covered in this column. ― One Thousand and One Nights "You don't need to write what really happened. Why don't you write the ending as you wish it to happen instead?" Poor manhwa. While Japanese comics have enjoyed fame and success in North America and elsewhere, Korean comics have generally been overshadow...

The X Button - Temporal Tempers

This week: fundraisers for shooters, spaceships, and trips through time! Plus Tekken, Smash Bros., and a whole bunch of little pixel things! ― You'll see a lot of old-fashioned sprites this week, be they in Kickstarter projects or Pac-Man's palm. Some contend that neo-retro pixel art is an overused fad, one that leeches off our inbuilt fondness for the games we once played on the NES and Super NES a...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Judgement

Who will judge your actions? A creepy recorded voice? School police? Your husband's ex-girlfriend? Choose your justice with new and upcoming volumes of Happy Marriage, Gakuen Polizi, and (of course) Judge, along with an unfinished series that only Rebecca cared about! ― I have, despite how much and how quickly I read, a pretty hefty manga pile of shame – not series I'm embarrassed to own (although I...

Shelf Life - All Thinking Men

This week, monsters and demons and bears, oh my! As well as magical powers and a post-apocalyptic tale involving automatic tanks.
- Mekakucity Actors ep. 1-12
- Red Data Girl
- Short Peace
― Shelf Worthy Short Peace BD Stream Worthy Mekakucity Actors ep. 1-12 Rental Shelf Red Data Girl Complete Series DVD Perishable Nothing this week Shortly after Anime Expo, I boarded a plane for southern China to ...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 13

― Part 1: Part 2:

The Mike Toole Show - Mainstream Anime

Mike takes a stroll through anime for ordinary folks. ― I'm writing this column at the kitchen table of a lovely little house in Sao Paulo, which, after two days of wandering around, comes off like a mixture of every megalopolis I've ever visited-- New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, there's a little of all of them happening at once in Sao Paolo. The place is a riot of high-end departmen...

Answerman - Recovery

Convention burnout! Up-and-coming anime directors! Spanish dubs! Typos on DVD boxes! All this and (very little) more, in this week's Answerman! ― The theme of this week is "recovery." Recovery from a crazy 4th-of-July weekend, recovery from Anime Expo. Recovery of the files that were on a very important hard drive that I accidentally just deleted. (Luckily it looks like they're all fine.) You know h...

House of 1000 Manga - Thermae Romae

"Thermae Romae is the perfect manga for fans of a) classical history and b) taking baths." Well, who doesn't love both of those? ― Thermae Romae Rome, 129 AD. Lucius Quintus Modestus, an engineer specializing in thermae, or public bathhouses, has creative block. Soaking in a hot bath to ponder ideas, he gets sucked down a drain and emerges in a public bath in 20th century Japan! At first Lucius is s...

The X Button - Fragmentary

This week, we take a look at Bandai Namco's upcoming Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment! Plus Firefly Diary, Under Night In-Birth, and the secrets of an old NES nightmare-maker! ― Monster Party is a weird, weird NES game. One of the more gruesome things to inexplicably slide by Nintendo's censors back in the day, it begins with an innocent scene of a baseball-playing kid deciding to save an alien bir...

Pile of Shame - Mermaid's Scar

Rumiko Takahashi's macabre OAV still holds up, and is still creepy, but the dub is really weird sounding. ― Mermaid's Scar Mermaid's Scar is one of those early stocked-at-every-Blockbuster-Video-in-the-country hits of the VHS era that almost every fan that came of age in the mid-90s saw at one time or another. Colorful, violent, and hypnotic in its own way, it made a big impression on 13-year-old Ju...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 12

M3 the dark metal EPISODE 12 WHAT LINKS TWO PEOPLE ― Part1: Part 2:

ANNCast Live at Anime Expo 2014

Live from Anime Expo, it's ANNCast! Justin and Hope are here and a crowd of tens, asking questions and getting answers (and prizes of dubious merit)! Summer season, Expo happenings and more are on the table. ― ANNCast Live from Anime Expo 2014 Get the Flash Player to see this player. Live from Anime Expo, it's ANNCast! Justin and Hope are here and a crowd of tens, asking questions and getting answer...

The List - 7 Series Set in France

If a European vacation isn't in the cards, these anime might work as a nice alternative. ― If a European vacation isn't in the cards this year, these anime might work as a nice alternative to visiting The City of Lights in person. A few will give you a glimpse of modern day hustle-and-bustle while others look back over a hundred years ago. 7. Sakura Taisen: Ecole de Paris The three-part OVA (and its...

Answerman - Teenage Party Weekend

With Anime Expo about to start, Justin talks about simulcast subtitles, Miyazaki joining the Oscars Academy, distributors in the UK and Australia, and censored TV series. ― It's Anime Expo weekend! But you probably got that, from the giant banner on the front page with all of ANN's coverage. I've been to at least 13 AX'es over the years, and as the show gets bigger and bigger, and more and more crow...

The X Button - Sweetness and Light

This week loads up on imports with Firefly's Diary, Casting Voice, and some drumming! Plus The Legend of Korra, Hyrule Warriors, and a pile of toys! ― I expect that anyone who reads this site is intimately aware of the ways that One Piece was altered for North America. The 4Kids version of the show censored firearms and violence, removed many references to alcohol, edited out entire plot arcs, and g...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Career Choices

What do you want to be when you grow up? A corporate sponsored superhero? A pirate? A god? Come and check out the new volumes of manga like One Piece, Bloody Cross, and Tiger & Bunny, and see how those options could pan out! ― When I was little, my top career choice was lighthouse keeper. In large part, I blame the book Abbie Burgess: Lighthouse Heroine by Dorothy Holder Jones and Ruth Sexton Sargen...

Shelf Life - Never Forget

This week, excitement abounds as the titans come to town. Also, demons that spring forth from smartphone apps, and a tale of amnesia you want to forget.
- Amnesia
- Attack on Titan pt 1
- Devil Survivor 2
― Shelf Worthy Attack on Titan Part 1 BD/DVD Rental Shelf Devil Survivor 2: The Animation BD Perishable Amnesia - Complete Series BD I was shocked last week to realize that Anime Expo is right arou...

The List - 7 Muscle-Bound Heroes

These characters would be right at home on California's Muscle Beach. ― Plenty of shows feature skilled and nimble characters besting their opponents in hand to hand combat. This week's list is looking at the extreme version, where characters are not only adept fighters but are also pumping a lot of iron to keep their intimidating physique in peak condition. The top seven entries would be right at h...

Answerman - The Shape of Things

This week, how to overcome anime burnout, the mysteries of the anime musical and the DVD/BD combo pack, and an odd question about TV shapes. ― I am crabby. I've been getting up every morning at 5:45 AM so I can go to the gym, get a good workout in, and start my day with energy and vigor. It's supposed to be healthy. "Early to bed and early to rise," as they say. The problem is that "early to bed" pa...

ANNCast - Sols Eater

Returning champion from Sam Pinansky drops by the ANNCast clubhouse to give us all the dirt on how the site's been doing and even makes an announcement or two. ― ANNCast Episode 193 - Sols Eater Get the Flash Player to see this player. Returning champion from Sam Pinansky drops by the ANNCast clubhouse to give us all the dirt on how the site's been doing and even makes an...

House of 1000 Manga - Ajin

Jason enters the world of amorality and immortality in Gamon Sakurai's Ajin. ― Ajin Immortality would be great, wouldn't it? It's got to be just sour grapes that there are so many stories about how bad immortality would be, all the way back to ancient myths like the Greek hero Tithonus, the first person to suffer the mistake of wishing for immortality without eternal youth. Of course, even if you do...

The X Button - Long Shots

This week, Todd tackles the fall, marginal rise, and possible future of shooters! Plus Lost Dimension, Persona Q, and some words about a face. ― A ping sounded on the Darkstalkers radar last week, and I naturally ran to see what it was. It wasn't a new Darkstalkers comic or soundtrack or breakfast cereal, and I knew it certainly couldn't be a new Darkstalkers game. As things turned out, it was just ...

Pile of Shame - ESPer Mami: Hoshizora no Dancing Doll

Justin discovers a once-loved series by the creator of Doraemon, and finds it to be pretty dull. ― ESPer Mami: Hoshizora no Dancing Doll Even though it's never been particularly popular among anime fans in the West, most people at least have heard of Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio's famous magical large blue cat character who's the star of over 2500 episodes of TV anime and 35 movies (not including short...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 10

Episode 10 of M3 the dark metal straight from Japan. ― Part 1: Part 2:

Astro Toy - Variable Action Hi-Spec Galvion

David tricks ANN management into paying $140 for an obscure transforming robot, and the results are glorious. ― Variable Action Hi-Spec Galvion Maker: Megahouse/T-Rex Series: Super High Speed Galvion Price: $140 “What the hell is this?” is what you're probably asking right now. Some of you might be asking “How the hell did you get away with this?” on top of that. Well, like I say, I simply buy what'...

The List - 7 Incredible Geniuses

This week's list is all about brains over brawn. ― In a world full of characters with super powers and brawny muscles, it's easy to forget about the quiet, smart ones. Despite what they may lack in physical prowess, these brainy heroes are still indispensable. Who else can figure out a cunning escape plan and help you study for the next big test at the same time? 7. Naoki Irie (Itazura na Kiss) Is t...

Answerman - The Old West

How scary is it for Japanese fans to visit American conventions? Why do American publishers keep getting stuck with TV versions of shows? How important is a producer relative to an animation production studio? And how useless is it to buy Western anime discs? ― I'm crankin' on a lot of discs over here, so let's just cut right to the chase this week. ConfigSpace asks: Given the recent news about Ben-...

Exclusive Premiere: Dragonball Z Battle of Gods Trailer

― Funimation will be releasing the official English language (dub) trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods later today, but we've got it first. For more information about DBZ battle of Gods, visit the official website:

The X Button - Street Spirit

This week: fightin' with Ultra Street Fighter IV, shootin' with Astebreed, and…uh, unmitigated horror with Drakengard 3 subquests! Plus Codename: S.T.E.A.M., Harvest Moon, and a decades-old mystery! ― I can't help but remember the CES in the wake of this recent E3. Not that it's disappeared or anything. The Consumer Electronics Show still takes place every January in Las Vegas. It's just not about v...

House of 1000 Manga - Drops of God

Shaenon swirls around a glass of the mega-popular bacchanalian festival known as Drops of God. ― Ten Cent Manga I've never met a food manga I didn't like. And there are so many! The king of the genre is Oishinbo, by Tetsu Kariya and Akira Hanasaka, which has been running since the 1980s and is now over 100 volumes long. There are countless other variations on the concept of “manga + food,” like the ...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Teasing Eden

It's summertime, and that means mosquitoes and black flies! If you're particularly delicious to them, why not stay inside with some manga? Rebecca's got new volumes of Itazura na Kiss, From the New World, and a brand-new yuri short, so come fill out your summer reading list! ― Have any of you read Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight? I just read it and none of my friends or acquaintances hav...

Now Streaming: M3 the dark metal Episode 9

Watch the latest episode of M3 from Daisuki ― Part 1: Part 2:

Shelf Life - S P O R T S

This week, a handful of sports anime worth watching for those who don't like sports. ― In honor of the World Cup, which is currently taking place in Brazil, I wanted to dedicate an entire column to soccer anime. However, I also wanted people to be able to watch the shows without having to track down old, out-of-print DVDs, or otherwise resort to sordid, illegal means. So instead, I decided to focus o...

The Mike Toole Show - In Between Cups

Mike takes a break from World Cup fever to ponder the changes in his life as an anime fan since the last World Cup. ― When I first took this gig, I spent a merry stretch of days furiously pumping out a bunch of text, because I was just about to jump on a plane to the World Cup. Four years and over one hundred columns later, here I am, furiously pumping out a bunch of text because I'm just about to ju...

The List - 7 Not-So-Ditzy Blondes

Let's put the stereotype to rest! ― Somewhere down the line, storytellers, comedians, and scriptwriters decided to make blondes the catch-all for giggly, dumb, airheaded characters. Everyone's favorite magical girl Usagi Tsukino, and her close friend Minako Aino embody the trope with poor grades, lack of basic knowledge (Usagi doesn't know how gravity works), and over-the-top silly personalities. Bu...

ANNCast - Super Smash Gameshow Bros.

It's a post-E3 game show with Todd Ciolek and Dave Riley! We wrap up the press conferences and chat up all manner of video games, but mostly just talk about how excited we are for Captain Toad. ― ANNCast Episode 192 - Super Smash Gameshow Bros. Get the Flash Player to see this player. It's a post-E3 game show with Todd Ciolek and Dave Riley! We wrap up the press conferences and chat up all manner of...

Answerman - Drug Induced Stupid

This week, how anime gets turned into manga, why some studios keep getting their stuff released by the same people, Japanese closed captions and shrink wrapped adult manga. ― I start this column with a public service announcement: herbal supplements are basically unregulated medicine. Drug interactions are really really not good. It all started last Saturday. My stomach didn't feel so good, so I too...

House of 1000 Manga - Ten Cent Manga

Shaenon digs through some weird old pre-Tezuka manga. ― Ten Cent Manga Indie art/music/comics publisher Picturebox closed its doors in December of last year. It was a blow to fans of out-there American comics like the Art Out of Time anthologies of bizarre vintage comic books or the work of multimedia art collective Paper Rad. But it was also a sad day for manga, because Picturebox put out some cool...

The X Button - Extravagant Excitement

This week, we're gawking at the first chunk of E3 news! Post-apocalyptic card games! Time-traveling detectives! Space robots! Deep-sea neon diving! ― E3 had me soaking up so many game trailers and overinflated announcements, I figured that I would have a dream about it the night after. And I did. I dreamed that Natsume, in an attempt to stake a claim on every type of farming simulator, announced a b...

Pile of Shame - Guyver: Out of Control

A mildly entertaining, but super-dated OAV incarnation of everyone's favorite superhero/grotesque monster/schoolboy. ― Guyver: Out of Control Guyver: Out of Control was one of the earliest anime VHS releases in the US, and being an alternate retelling of the same story that the same company, US Renditions, would later release in dubbed form, was one of the first titles to confuse the hell out of peo...

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Shelf Life - Say Yes to A Dress

It's been... one week since she looked at me, lost her memories and in sunlight she turns green.
- Eureka Seven Movie
- Samurai Bride
- One Week Friends ep. 1-9
― Shelf Worthy None this week (Mostly) Stream Worthy One Week Friends ep. 1-9 Rental Shelf Eureka Seven movie BD+DVD Samurai Bride BD Perishable Nothing this week People who know me know that I'm a big sports fan (with the exception of baske...

ANNCast - Sunny FUNi

Our biannual Funimation show is here! Adam Sheehan, Justin Rojas and Lance Heiskell take our questions and yours! ― ANNCast Episode 191 - Sunny FUNi Get the Flash Player to see this player. Our biannual Funimation show is here! Adam Sheehan, Justin Rojas and Lance Heiskell take our questions and yours! You can listen to the show on our player here, direct-download the MP3 version here, or you can ju...

Astro Toy - Figma Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman

Two hotly anticipated figmas from the world of Attack on Titan are up for review! PLUS: A contest! Learn how you can win these guys! ― Figma Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman Series: Attack on Titan Maker: Max Factory/Good Smile Price: ~$50 each We haven't had a double review in a really long time. Usually I do it with teams: like if you're watching Jojo Stardust Crusaders right now, we did those figu...

The List - 6 Obscure Anime Series Lost in Time

These series are really cool, but time has passed them by... ― The current anime streaming market-to-home-video format means North American audiences have quick and easy access to almost every show, every season. In days of yore, this was far from standard and many series went under the radar, never to resurface. This week's list looks at one series from each staple genre with a few qualifying point...

Answerman - Back in the USA

Justin is back in town, and ready to answer some questions! This week, why do people get so worked up over anime boobs, but not gore? What's with Aniplex's pricey Kill La Kill discs? Is the DVD easter egg dead? And when it it OK to rewrite an anime for dubbing? ― After a week in London (and a night in the indescribably cold and rainy Edinburgh), I'm back in the good ol' US of A. I had a great time, ...