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RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Sunny Side Up

Winter may be coming, but it's still a sunny Eden in here, with new volumes of, well, Sunny and Cage of Eden, along with Food Wars and a digital-only series that's like a history book with nudity in this edition of RTO!! ― It's kind of amazing how a random old object, like the car in Sunny, can have such an impact on us as kids. My sisters and I built a log cabin out of all of the blow-down after a ...


Sometimes current debates spill over into manga releases in the strangest ways. Join Rebecca as she checks out new and upcoming volumes of Spell of Desire and Vinland Saga, along with the manga adaptation of this season's most hotly debated anime and several more! ― You never can tell what you'll find when you're unpacking. Sometimes it's horribly melodramatic stories written in middle school (I can...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Novel Ideas

Rebecca tries out having a theme with new and recent releases based on light novels with Seraph of the End, Kokoro Connect, and Sword Art Online and more! ― Our neighbor had to move and he couldn't find his cat. We offered to look for her and hold on to her until he could come get her, only to get the cat and have him offer her to us since, as it turns out, he was unable to keep her. We had every in...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Hop, Skip, and a Beat

There's lots of acting in this edition of Right Turn Only with new volumes of Skip Beat and Voice Over, but hopefully there won't be any acting up over Rebecca's ridiculous love for an OFL series that is definitely a little suspicious. All that plus Terra Formars! ― My sister and I recently moved, which means that I've been simultaneously unpacking boxes and starting the new semester, which, as you ...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Cooking Nightmare

Rebecca confuses visitors by leaving volumes of Toriko, Eroica, and UQ Holder out when they come to dinner. Hopefully you will be less perplexed by this week's new and upcoming manga! ― I had one of those weeks – you know the ones. The weeks where you can't win for losing, you can't get out of your own way, and your cat freaks out while you're holding him, scratches the hell out of your arm, and you...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Love the One You're With

If you had all of the magic power in the world, what would you do? If the one you like doesn't like you back, do you switch who you like? These questions and others might be answered in RTO as Rebecca looks at the latest volume of Wandering Son, the final volume of Demon Love Spell, a digital-only release of a Lily Hoshino manga, and other new and upcoming titles! ― I've mentioned before (although I...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Shining Wings

Swords! Idols! VRMMORPGs! Food! There's a little bit of everything in this edition of RTO with new and upcoming manga, including SAO: Fairy Dance, Kaze Hikaru, as well as an untranslated title by Aya Nakahara and a digital release Rebecca read so you don't have to! ― You know what time it almost is? Berry picking time! For reasons unknown to me, I love picking fruit. The raspberries and blackberries...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Judgement

Who will judge your actions? A creepy recorded voice? School police? Your husband's ex-girlfriend? Choose your justice with new and upcoming volumes of Happy Marriage, Gakuen Polizi, and (of course) Judge, along with an unfinished series that only Rebecca cared about! ― I have, despite how much and how quickly I read, a pretty hefty manga pile of shame – not series I'm embarrassed to own (although I...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Career Choices

What do you want to be when you grow up? A corporate sponsored superhero? A pirate? A god? Come and check out the new volumes of manga like One Piece, Bloody Cross, and Tiger & Bunny, and see how those options could pan out! ― When I was little, my top career choice was lighthouse keeper. In large part, I blame the book Abbie Burgess: Lighthouse Heroine by Dorothy Holder Jones and Ruth Sexton Sargen...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Teasing Eden

It's summertime, and that means mosquitoes and black flies! If you're particularly delicious to them, why not stay inside with some manga? Rebecca's got new volumes of Itazura na Kiss, From the New World, and a brand-new yuri short, so come fill out your summer reading list! ― Have any of you read Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight? I just read it and none of my friends or acquaintances hav...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Manga Musume Magica

Sadly Rebecca's dog refused to type the column, but we've still got the latest and upcoming volumes of series like Monster Musume, Kazumi Magica, and What Did You Eat Yesterday?, plus something a little different to spice things up! ― Reading almost any set in the present by Fumi Yoshinaga makes me feel like a very dull cook. And I suppose I am – if it isn't dessert, I have a hard time getting enthu...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Death and Rebirth

It's the end of an era as Carlo shares his opinions on the latest manga (No. 6, Knights of Sidonia, Sunshine Sketch, and more) one last time. ― Eight years ago, I began writing this review column, sharing my thoughts on the growing selection of Japanese comics translated into English. As dozens of volumes of manga passed through my hands, I read and wrote about the ones I loved, the ones I hated, an...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Rhapsody in Pink

As the weather turns sour, wouldn't it be an ideal time to curl up indoors with some new manga? Check out these reviews of Yotsuba&!, Pink, A Centaur's Life, and others, and see what's right for you! ― As I browsed through Amazon to check on some information, I stumbled into the "Manga Bestsellers" page, and two things caught my eye: Attack on Titan is EVERYWHERE right now ... and Christopher Hart h...


It's an action manga throwdown! The latest volumes of BTOOOM!, Dogs, Wolfsmund, and other new releases show up in this week's column. Which title will emerge triumphant? ― I'm not as much into video games as I used to be, but the new Persona announcements are definitely a Big Deal. A dancing game? Of all the things? This could either be totally brilliant or totally stupid ... and knowing Atlus, it's...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - This Vinland Is Your Vinland

Another shipment of new manga is upon us! Vinland Saga, Watamote, and Tegami Bachi all make it into this week's column—but which one will come out with the top grade? ― What? The PS4 is out already?! I'm still busy enjoying everything that my PS3 does. Like the cheapskate I am, I'll probably wait for a returned unit or a refurb before I jump aboard the PS4 bandwagon. And even then, I would have to c...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - When Titans Attack

Is it still spooky season? Uzumaki and Attack On Titan will leave you terrified of the unknown! Meanwhile, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya investigates the unknown, all in this latest roundup of new manga! ― So now Crunchyroll is getting into the digital manga game. And they're going about it the smart way, offering big-name titles that people are interested in and going day-and-date with releases...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Happily Ever Afterschool

Brush up on your world history—a new volume of Afterschool Charisma is out! Or maybe it's time to study (fictional) geography with Magi and comic art with Genshiken. They're all here, along with other new manga in the latest RTO!! ― October is a strange time for sports fans in America. The baseball playoffs are on, football is in full swing, basketball is just starting up again, and here I am trying...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Get Down With the Sickness

Don't get stuck reading the same manga series over and over. Find out if brand-new titles like Sickness Unto Death, Voice Over! Seiyu Academy, and The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary are worth your time! ― The hype for Halloween is building already. People are planning their costumes, and setting up haunted houses, but I know where my priorities lie: I'm just waiting for November 1st, when all the cand...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Tori-ple Play

What does it take to be a top-ranked, all-star manga? Find out in this week's RTO!! as Toriko, Sankarea, Tropic of the Sea, and others are up for review! ― Aside from increased activity at convention panels, there's another thing I noticed that indicates the health of the manga industry. It's the shelf space at bookstores. It's not expanding rapidly like in the years of irrational exuberance, but ne...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - 'Round Midnight

Which manga series are included among this semester's required reading? Find out as Attack on Titan, Midnight Secretary, Helter Skelter and others get the RTO!! treatment. ― How lovely of San Diego to wait until September to dump its muggy, greasy August weather upon us. As I wait for this heatwave to break, I'm going to gaze wistfully into the distance and mutter, "Autumn is coming..." ATTACK ON TI...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Gift of the Magi

Trying to get caught up with Naruto? Or starting something new with Magi? Maybe it's time to sign up for some Missions of Love? See how these titles and others ranked in the latest RTO!! ― It's already the end of August? Kids are going back to school? Where did summer even go?! Conventions have a way of eating up your weekends, and then there are the "normal people" activities that you get roped int...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Hungry Like the Wolfsmund

Adventure comes in all forms in the latest RTO!! Find out how Wolfsmund, The Sacred Blacksmith, Is This A Zombie?, and other new manga ranked this week. ― Comiket? Otakon? I dunno guys, I'm not good with heat or humidity—and this is coming from someone who grew up in a tropical climate. Maybe some cons are best enjoyed by watching other people report on them online... CASE CLOSED Vol. 47 (by Gosho A...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - College of Rock

It's the high season for summer reading, and you want to know what your manga options are, don't you? See how K-ON! College, The Twin Knights, Blue Exorcist, and other new titles rated in this week's column! ― Ever since I started watching Swimming Anime—I mean Free!—I've been thinking about taking up some basic swimming to stay in shape. I mean, who wants to do sweaty, uncomfortable land exercises ...

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

In the world of manga, there's something to suit every taste! Find out in this column if Tiger and Bunny, Utsubora, The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, and other new releases are right for you. ― The last couple of years at Anime Expo, I had noticed the declining number of manga-related panels—an indicator of how many publishers had gone out of business, or couldn't afford to send people to Los A...

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