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Shelf Life - Personal Demons

This week, monsters, blood-suckers, and cute girls all around.
- Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
- Tokyo Ghoul ep. 1-10
- Yuyushiki
― Shelf Worthy Yuyushiki Complete Series BD Stream Worthy Tokyo Ghoul ep. 1-10 Rental Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Complete Season BD Perishable Nothing this week It finally rained in SoCal today, which is the answer to the internal prayer I chant multiple times a day....

Shelf Life - Clone Wars

This week, a classic magical girl show, as well as some other girls with supernatural powers, including one that defies gravity.
- A Certain Scientific Railgun S pt 1
- Card Captor Sakura
- Senran Kagura
― Shelf Worthy Card Captor Sakura Complete Series BD A Certain Scientific Railgun S Part 1 DVD Mildly Entertaining Booby Show Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash Complete Series BD+DVD Perishable Nothing thi...

Shelf Life - Popular Culture

This week, the challenges of high school, fighting alien menaces, and evil masterminds.
- Gatchaman Crowds
- Terror in Resonance ep. 1-6
- Watamote
― Shelf Worthy Watamote Complete Series BD Gatchaman Crowds Complete Series BD Stream Worthy Terror in Resonance ep. 1-6 Rental Shelf Nothing this week Perishable Nothing this week Even though Otakon was a full week ago, I still feel the side-effects of ...

Shelf Life - Flowers For Baudelaire

This week, armored gangsters, sexy cyborgs, giant robots, and stolen gym uniforms.
- Appleseed Alpha
- Flowers of Evil
- Majestic Prince collection 1
― Shelf Worthy Flowers of Evil Complete Series BD (Sub) Rental Shelf Appleseed Alpha BD Majestic Prince Collection 1 BD Perishable Nothing this week I love convention season, but it is a little exhausting. I feel like I've just barely recovered from Co...

Shelf Life - Multiple Choice

This week, lots and lots of lovely ladies, a healthy mix of pretty boys, and even a few animal-folk as well.
- Date A Live
- Karneval
- Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Shelf Date A Live Complete Series BD/DVD Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? BD Perishable Karneval Complete Series BD+DVD In less than a we...

Shelf Life - All Thinking Men

This week, monsters and demons and bears, oh my! As well as magical powers and a post-apocalyptic tale involving automatic tanks.
- Mekakucity Actors ep. 1-12
- Red Data Girl
- Short Peace
― Shelf Worthy Short Peace BD Stream Worthy Mekakucity Actors ep. 1-12 Rental Shelf Red Data Girl Complete Series DVD Perishable Nothing this week Shortly after Anime Expo, I boarded a plane for southern China to ...

Shelf Life - Never Forget

This week, excitement abounds as the titans come to town. Also, demons that spring forth from smartphone apps, and a tale of amnesia you want to forget.
- Amnesia
- Attack on Titan pt 1
- Devil Survivor 2
― Shelf Worthy Attack on Titan Part 1 BD/DVD Rental Shelf Devil Survivor 2: The Animation BD Perishable Amnesia - Complete Series BD I was shocked last week to realize that Anime Expo is right arou...

Shelf Life - S P O R T S

This week, a handful of sports anime worth watching for those who don't like sports. ― In honor of the World Cup, which is currently taking place in Brazil, I wanted to dedicate an entire column to soccer anime. However, I also wanted people to be able to watch the shows without having to track down old, out-of-print DVDs, or otherwise resort to sordid, illegal means. So instead, I decided to focus o...

Shelf Life - Say Yes to A Dress

It's been... one week since she looked at me, lost her memories and in sunlight she turns green.
- Eureka Seven Movie
- Samurai Bride
- One Week Friends ep. 1-9
― Shelf Worthy None this week (Mostly) Stream Worthy One Week Friends ep. 1-9 Rental Shelf Eureka Seven movie BD+DVD Samurai Bride BD Perishable Nothing this week People who know me know that I'm a big sports fan (with the exception of baske...

Shelf Life - Dance Revolution

This week, love stories, both pure and impure, and plenty of heart.
- Eureka Seven part 2
- Love Live! s2 ep. 1-8
- Maria Holic Alive
― Shelf Worthy Eureka Seven Part 2 BD Stream Worthy Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season ep. 1-8 Rental Shelf Maria Holic Alive Complete Collection BD Perishable Nothing this week Inevitably, as one ages, their taste in entertainment changes as well. When I was y...

Shelf Life - The Little Princes

This week, a menagerie of characters, as well as a collection of beautiful boys, and butt-kicking girls.
- Cuticle Detective Inaba
- Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor
- Uta no Prince-sama s1
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Shelf Uta no Prince-sama S1 Complete Collection BD Cuticle Detective Inaba Complete Collection BD Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor Complete Collection DVD Perishable Nothing this wee...

Shelf Life - Dog Days

This week, surfing robots, delusions of grandeur, and dog people.
- Eureka Seven part 1
- Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress
- Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
― Shelf Worthy Eureka Seven Part 1 BD Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions DVD Rental Shelf Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress BD Perishable Nothing this week It's supposed to be in the high-90s again by the middle of the week. For those of you with air condit...

Shelf Life - Idol Warship

This week, lots of dancing and singing, some screaming, and probably not enough chaos.
- AKB0048 next stage
- Nyaruko: Crawling with Love
- Pet Girl of Sakurasou Pt 2
― Shelf Worthy AKB0048 next stage BD Rental Shelf Pet Girl of Sakurasou Collection 2 BD Perishable Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! S1 BD I've been haunting the store shelves of Target recently, picking up as much discounted Easter candy a...

Shelf Life - Me, Myself, and Yourself

This week, evil alien life forms, psychokinetic kids, mutant rats, and something strange in the water.
- From the New World pt 1
- Myself;Yourself
- Space Battleship Yamato (live-ation)
― Shelf Worthy None This Week Rental Shelf Myself;Yourself DVD (subtitled-only) Space Battleship Yamato BD+DVD (live-action) From the New World Collection 1 BD Perishable Nothing this week Every time I go to an anime...

Shelf Life - Hal I Met Your Mother

This week, the hardships of living on a farm, robo friends, and supercomputers that dictate your every move.
- Hal
- Psycho-Pass pt 2
- Silver Spoon s2
― Shelf Worthy Psycho-Pass Part 2 BD+DVD Stream Worthy Silver Spoon ep. 1-11 Rental Shelf Hal DVD (early screener, subtitled-only) Perishable Nothing this week I'm headed to Sakuracon next weekend, which is very exciting for me. This is only my secon...

Shelf Life - The Other 1/2

This week, a beautiful old classic, and enough violence to saturate your nightmares for a week.
- Psycho-Pass pt. 1
- Pupa ep. 1-12
- Ranma 1/2 set 1
― Shelf Worthy Ranma 1/2 Set 1 BD Psycho-Pass Part 1 BD+DVD Rental Shelf Nothing this week Perishable Nothing this week Flushable Pupa ep. 1-12 Can you believe it's almost April? Where did all that time go? It feels like just yesterday that I had made ...

Shelf Life - Rise and Shine

This week, guns, ambitions, and more dreams than you can shake a stick at.
- Jormungand Perfect Order
- Robotics;Notes Pt 2
- Wake Up Girls! ep. 1-10
― Shelf Worthy Jormungand Perfect Order BD+DVD Stream Worthy Wake Up Girls! Ep. 1-10 Rental Shelf Robotics;Notes Part 2 BD+DVD Perishable Nothing this week With a large group of my hometown friends in Japan on a PacSet Tour and what feels like 80% of m...

Shelf Life - Gunslinger Girls

This week, girls with guns! Who are also guns! As well as a heaping helping of beautiful boys, deities, and henchmen.
- Dragonball Z s2
- Kamisama Kiss
- Upotte!
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Shelf Kamisama Kiss Complete Series BD+DVD Upotte! Complete Collection BD DBZ Shelf Dragonball Z Season 2 BD Perishable Nothing this week I stuffed my face full of kaiten sushi yesterday, which is one...

Shelf Life - Love;Stories

This week, a scintillating tale of modern politics and voter fraud, along with giant robots, AI girls, and child soldiers. All in a week's work.
- Jormungand s1
- Love, Election & Chocolate
- Robotics;Notes part 1
― Shelf Worthy Robotics;Notes Part 1 BD+DVD Rental Shelf Love, Election & Chocolate Complete Series BD Jormungand the Complete First Season BD+DVD Perishable Nothing this week The past few...

Shelf Life - Baked Apple Tartaros

This week, we explore the life and times of a family restaurant and the folks who staff it, learn the Angler Fish dance, and shoot at robots.
- Appleseed XIII: Tartaros & Ouranos
- Girls und Panzer OVA collection
- Working!! Second Season
― Shelf Worthy None this week Rental Shelf Girls und Panzer OVA Collection BD Wagnaria!! Second Season Premium Edition BD Perishable Appleseed XIII: Tartaros & Our...

Shelf Life - Friendship is Magi

This week, the magic of friendship... even if your friend is a giant genie with a flute for a head. Also, a sports show about bicycles. ― Shelf Worthy Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic Part 1 DVD Rental Shelf Haganai Complete Series BD+DVD Perishable Nothing this week Stream-Worthy Yowamushi Pedal 1-16 Last night I had a lovely stand-off with an upstairs neighbor. The plumbing in our apartment complex w...

Shelf Life - Age of Aquarion

This week, strong ladies, floating men, and a whole lot of schoolgirls.
- Aquarion Evol pt 1
- Michiko & Hatchin
- Yuruyuri s2
― Shelf Worthy Michiko & Hatchin Complete Series BD+DVD Rental Shelf Aquarion Evol Part 1 BD+DVD Yuruyuri Season 2 Premium Edition BD Perishable Nothing this week At some point, I did a rough calculation of how much time I've spent watching anime in my lifetime. The number i...

Shelf Life - Come At Me, Bro

This week, lots and lots of fanservice. Exploding clothes, bath scenes, swimsuit competitions, it's there. Also, superheroes.
- Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians
- OniAi
- Zetman
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Shelf Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians Complete DVD Zetman complete series BD Perishable OniAi Complete Series BD+DVD As anyone who knows me or follows my Twitter knows, I am a big Broncos fan...

Shelf Life - Girls und Anime

We start off the year with girls in tanks, and kids in robots.
- Dragon Ball Z S1
- Eureka 7: AO
- Girls und Panzer
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Shelf Girls und Panzer Complete Series BD Eureka 7: AO Parts 1 and 2 BD+DVD DBZ for People Who Like DBZ Dragon Ball Z Season 1 BD Perishable Nothing this week After several years of making resolutions and breaking most of them, this year I switch...

Shelf Life - Last Second Gift Guide

Bamboo picks out some last-possible-second gift ideas from 2013's gems and favorites. ― If you're anything like me, then you don't start Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. Or maaaaybe the day before that. It's not that I don't love the spirit of giving, or whatever, I'm just a serial procrastinator when it comes out to check off my gift list. So, if you've still got any anime fans left on your ...

Shelf Life - La Vie en Rogue

This week, little girls who save the world from dragons, hitmen who save the world from bad guys, and heroes who save... breasts, or something.
- Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
- Golgo 13 TV
- Little Witch Academia
― Shelf Worthy Little Witch Academia BD Rental Shelf Golgo 13 Complete Collection BD Perishable Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero complete series DVD+BD Over the weekend I went to a miniature donkey...

Shelf Life - You Da Bomb

This week, a show about murder, gore, and the "other"; a show about ... more murder and gore, and one about luck. ― Shelf Worthy Another Complete Collection BD Rental Shelf Good Luck Girl! Complete Series BD+DVD BTOOOM! Complete Collection BD Perishable Nothing this week December always sneaks up on me. I spend all year trudging along, only to suddenly realize, "Oh crap, this year is almost over." A...

Shelf Life - Breast in Show

This week, a lovely film about a mother and her children, and a pirate adventure. And then a show about boobs.
- Maken-Ki! Battling Venus
- One Piece: Strong World
- Wolf Children
― Shelf Worthy Wolf Children BD+DVD Rental Shelf One Piece: Strong World BD+DVD Perishable Maken-Ki! Battling Venus season 1 BD+DVD Yesterday, I listened to holiday music for the first time. I felt a little dirty about it,...

Shelf Life - Boys to Men

This week, a beloved classic, a glimpse into the minds of high school boys, and dangerous viruses.
- Akira
- Daily Lives of High School Boys
- Guilty Crown
― Shelf Worthy Daily Lives of High School Boys Complete Series Premium Edition BD Akira 25th Anniversary Edition BD+DVD Rental Shelf Guilty Crown Part 1 & 2 BD+DVD Perishable None this week Recently, on one of my runs, I discovered a small stretc...

Shelf Life - Ace of Bakes

This week, bread, bread, and more bread. Also, a slice of life show, so it's pretty much a whole bakery.
- Blood C: The Last Dark
- Shining Hearts
- Yuruyuri s1
― Shelf Worthy Blood-C: The Last Dark BD+DVD Rental Shelf Yuruyuri Season 1 Premium Edition BD Perishable Shining Hearts Complete Collection BD Now that October is over, I feel like we can move on to the good holidays. I don't knock anyone f...

Shelf Life - Dead Girl Walking

This week's anime involves a zombie girlfriend, and lots of singing, dancing, and robots.
- AKB0048 s1
- Sakura Wars the Movie
- Sankarea
― Shelf Worthy Sankarea: Undying Love Complete Collection BD Rental Shelf AKB0048 Season 1 Complete Collection BD Sakura Wars - The Movie BD+DVD Perishable Nothing this week Every year, I get lazier and lazier about doing anything for Halloween. When I was a kid, ...

Shelf Life - Wing Man

This week, lost identities, swapped bodies, and a whole lot of explosions.
- Kokoro Connect
- Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing
- We Without Wings
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Shelf We Without Wings complete series DVD Kokoro Connect complete series BD Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing complete BD+DVD Perishable Nothing this week This is another one of those "meh" weeks where all of the re...

Shelf Life - The Flash

Violence, bloodshed, zombies, magical girls, and... a really, really sweet story about a tomboy princess and her angel fairy sidekick.
- Future Diary
- Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead
- Princess Knight
― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Shelf Future Diary complete series DVD Princess Knight Part 1 Dubbed DVD Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead Second Season complete DVD Perishable Nothing this week The...

Shelf Life - School of Rock

Shelf Life is back! This week, demons with gravity-defying body parts! Fish aliens! And all your memories from childhood come flooding back at once. ― Shelf Worthy Nothing this week Rental Shelf Tsuritama BD High School DxD BD & DVD Perishable? Maybe? I don't even know. Dragonball Z: Rock the Dragon Edition DVD Over the weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of returning to Nan Desu Kan, my "home con,...

Shelf Life - Let the Wet One In

This week, some unique relationships, including some awkward teenage love, and one of the most dynamic duos to ever be animated.
- Dirty Pair part 1
- Garden of Words
- Mysterious Girlfriend X
― Shelf Worthy Garden of Words BD Rental Shelf Mysterious Girlfriend X complete series BD Dirty Pair TV set 1 DVD Perishable Nothing this week This past weekend is the first weekend that I've spent home in a w...

Shelf Life - Natsume's Book of Faces

This week, lots and lots and lots of demons. And some good-old fashioned hospitality.
- Hanasaku Iroha set 2
- Inu Yasha movies collection
- Natsume's Book of Friends s4
― Shelf Worthy Natsume's Book of Friends season 4 LE DVD+BD Hanasaku Iroha set 2 LE DVD+BD Rental Shelf Inu Yasha the Movie: Complete Collection BD Perishable Nothing this week I don't know how many years I've been going to Comic Co...