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There's a Pervert Impersonating ANN Staff

Sadly this isn't a joke. Someone out there is impersonating an ANN staff photographer to put female cosplayers in compromising positions. ― tl;dr version: Anime News Network staff will always contact you from an @animenewsnetwork.com e-mail address. Freelance journalists / photographers do not have @animenewsnetwork.com e-mail addresses and will never identify themselves as “staff.” If a freelancer c...

Editorial: Shirobako and the Struggle

Nick Creamer ruminates on Shirobako's portrayal of the hardships that come with working a creative job. ― Life is full of trials and mistakes no matter how you slice it, but pursuing a career in the arts is just asking for trouble. I've made more than my own share of such mistakes, and my past is littered with the detritus of a failed novelist, failed musician, failed game writer. There's no security...

Your Daily Streaming Reviews Schedule for Winter 2015

The poll's closed and your Daily Streaming Reviews schedule has been determined! Click here to check out our new weekly schedule and see which shows made the cut. ― Our Daily Streaming Poll has wrapped, and now we have a list of what we're covering week-to-week. There are plenty of sequels and continuing shows this time around, with a new long-running series joining the mix. Here is your full Daily S...

Otakon Vegas Freelance Opportunity

We're looking for someone who is already attending or lives in the Las Vegas area to do some freelance coverage at Otakon Vegas for us. Prior convention coverage experience is a plus, compensation and expenses included. Contact [email protected] to inquire.

Questions Needed: Kio Shimoku Interview

We're interviewing Genshiken mangaka Kio Shimoku, and we need your help! ― In advance of NISA's release of Genshiken: Second Generation next February, we've been given the opportunity to interview the series' creator and mangaka Kio Shimoku! What we need now are questions for the man, and that's where you come in. The interview will include questions from both our staff and you, the fans, selected ba...

Your Daily Streaming Reviews List for Fall 2014

Check out the full list of Fall 2014 anime being covered by our daily streaming reviews team! ― Recently we ran a poll to see which shows you guys wanted us to cover in our daily streaming reviews section for fall 2014. The results were swift and decisive (and thanks to everyone who voted!), and we have compiled the list of shows that will be covered weekly here on the site, within 24 hours of airing...

Announcement: Welcome to Daily Streaming Reviews!

Today ANN editorial is launching its newest project: daily reviews of new episodes as they air throughout the week. ― So a little less than a year ago I'd been in long talks with Bamboo Dong about leaving The Stream behind. For those who don't remember, The Stream was an attempt at doing Shelf Life for streaming anime series, ranking them in order from best to worst, dropping shows as they slowly bec...

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