Chihayafuru's Suetsugu & Other Creators Hold Quake Charity Auctions

posted on 2012-03-07 22:00 EST by Ko Ransom
Manga artists auction signed goods for charity

The "Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan" nonprofit aid group began their first round of charity auctions of items signed by manga artists on Monday. The items are being sold on the Japanese Yahoo! Auctions website, and proceeds will go to the aid group's "Handmade Support Project for Tsunami Survivors" as well as their "Juuki Menkyo Kakutoku Project" that helps disaster-struck individuals acquire licenses for heavy machinery. The following items are currently being auctioned:

  • Yuki Suetsugu: Solo illustration of Chihaya from Chihayafuru and a separate sheet signed by Suetsugu and Asami Seto, Chihaya's anime voice actress (Link)
  • Yōko Sanri (B Gata H Kei): Signed board with illustration from B Gata H Kei (Link)
  • Sara: Signed original T-shirt (Link)
  • Hiro Fujiwara (Maid Sama!): Signed board with Maid Sama! illustration (Link)
  • Daisy Yamada (Sensei ni, Ageru.): Signed board with an illustration commissioned by the auction winner (Link)
  • Kaya Tsukiyama (The Knight in the Area): Signed volume 1 of The Knight in the Area (Link)
  • Tomoko Tsukui: Set of two signed books (Link)
  • Nozomu Tamaki (Dance in the Vampire Bund): 2 pieces of original line art used for color illustrations, a caricature of the winner that he/she can use a Twitter icon (Link, 2, 3)
  • Aki Kondo (Rilakkuma): Signed goods and signed Rilakkuma board with illustration (Link)
  • Takashima Tetsuo: Set of 6 signed Butafine books (Link)
  • Board with signatures and illustrations from Chika Umino, Mari Okazaki, Keiko Okamoto, Yuki Suetsugu, Rinko Ueda, Mayu Shinjo, Satoru Hiura, Tachibana Higuchi, and Naoko Matsuda (Link)

A second set of auctions will run from March 12 to 18, and a third set will be available from March 26 to April 1. Artists planned to be featured in these later auctions include Kotobuki Shiriagari, Ume, Toriko Chiya, Jouji Morikawa, and Miho Obana.

[Via Comic Natalie]

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