Pokémon X/Y's Legendary Pokémon Showcased in Video

posted on 2013-07-12 13:40 EDT by Lynzee Lamb
Latest gameplay trailer shows newest Pokémon before October release

Pokémon Company International released a gameplay trailer, information on the games' Legendary Pokémon, and new character art. The trailer introduces five new Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon, and Professor Sycamore.

Xerneas, the cover Pokémon for Pokémon X, is of the new Fairy-type. Xerneas can use a unique move called Geomancy, which features rainbow-colored light that erupts from the earth around it. Xerneas also has the special Ability Fairy Aura, which naturally takes effect in battle, strengthening Fairy-type moves for all Pokémon in battle.

Yveltal, the cover Pokémon for Pokémon Y, is a Dark- and Flying-type. Yveltal is the only Pokémon that can learn the move Oblivion Wing, which sends Yveltal flying high into the sky to release a powerful beam of red light that scorches the ground below. The Destruction Pokémon's special Ability, Dark Aura, is a counterpoint to Fairy Aura, raising the strength of Dark-type moves for all Pokémon in battle.

Other newly announced Pokémon include Fighting- and Dark-type Pangoro, the evolved form of Pancham.

The Dark- and Psychic-type Pokémon Inkay which can learn the new Dark-type move Topsy-Turvy, a tricky move that will reverse all of the stat changes that are affecting a target.

Malamar, the evolved form of Inkay, is also a Dark- and Psychic-type Pokémon.

Swirlix is a Fairy-type Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon X. The Pokémon comes with the ability Sweet Veil that keeps Pokémon on the same team from being left asleep in battle and the new Fairy-type move Draining Kiss, which does damage to a target while also restoring some HP to the user.

Spritzee is a Fairy-type Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Y.

Honedge is a Steel- and Ghost-type Pokémon.

Litleo is a Fire- and Normal-type Pokémon modeled after a lion cub.

Flabébé is a Fairy-type Pokémon pictured atop a flower blossom.

Noivern is a Flying- and Dragon-type Pokémon that looks similar to a bat.

Also introduced is the Pokémon scientist and mentor Professor Sycamore who will occasionally challenge the player to a Pokémon battle, the mysterious Team Flare, and Gym Leaders Clemont, Grant, Bonnie, and Viola.

Pokémon X & Pokémon Y will ship worldwide on October 12 on Nintendo 3DS. In Japan, you can buy either game pre-loaded on a SDHC card bundled with a limited-edition Nintendo 3DS XL in "Xerneas and Yveltal Blue" or (when bought at Pokémon Centers) "Premium Gold."

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