SMAP Idol Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Tries to Recreate Cup no Fuchico's Poses

posted on 2016-01-26 14:15 EST by Lynzee Loveridge
And ends up getting dunked

Cup no Fuchico is a popular line of drink companions featuring an unassuming office lady created by Kitan Club who hangs on, climbs over, and otherwise keeps a watchful eye on your drink. Her popularity has lead to further collaborations, like turning Fuchico into earbuds, dressing up for Christmas, and turning to the tables to explore underneath the cup.

SMAP idol Tsuyoshi Kusanagi put on his best ladies' office wear and climbed atop a giant coffee mug full of coffee to see if he had what it takes to be Fuchico. He attempted the figure's poses on the idol group's weekly SMAP x SMAP program on Monday. He pulled off most of them but finally took a dive as he tried to prop himself by his hands with his split legs suspended.

The long-running idol group has been the subject of plenty of news regarding their immediate future. SMAP acknowledged the news reports that have concerned fans about their possible breakup last week, and apologized for the unease they caused. However, they did not directly address whether the group will break up.

SMAP (Sports Music Assemble People) formed in 1988 with six members, although Katsuyuki Mori left the group in 1996. Newspapers reported earlier this month that Masahiro Nakai (43), Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (41), Goro Inagaki (42), and Shingo Katori (38) were in talks to leave the Johnny & Associates talent agency, with only Takuya Kimura (43) staying with the agency.

The reports added that the four would leave following the imminent resignation of SMAP's long-time manager Michi Ijima. Reports indicated that the four members had been considering leaving the agency since last September, and Sankei Sports reported that they made the decision at the end of November to leave the agency. According to Sankei Sports, Johnny & Associates cancelled a proposed five-city dome arena tour after Kimura decided in December that he would stay at the agency. Sankei Sports also reported that SMAP's manager will resign from Johnny & Associates at the end of February.

Johnny & Associates Inc. released a statement earlier this month that confirmed that it was in talks with some members of SMAP regarding a possible departure from the agency, but the agency has not officially confirmed any of the other reports from various newspapers and news outlets.

[Via Matome Blog Itashin]

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