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posted on 2001-08-08 16:54 EDT
Funimation has announced release dates for Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Blue Gender titles for the next three months.

Source: Planet Namek

Funimation has announced, via their FAQ, release dates for Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Blue Gender titles for the next three months.

August 7: DBZ Lord Slug (uncut) DVD, VHS
August 14: DBZ Frieza – Clash DVD
August 21: DB Tournament – Fighters Begin! VHS
Aug. 28: DBZ Babidi–Descent VHS, DBZ Babidi–Battle Royal VHS
September 4: DBZ Frieza – Desperation DVD; DBZ Lord Slug (edited) DVD
Sept. 25: DBZ Babidi–The Dark Princess Returns VHS; DBZ Babidi–Showdown VHS
October 2: DBZ Babidi – Descent DVD; DBZ Babidi – Battle Royal DVD
October 9: DBZ Trunks Boxed Set – 4 tape VHS set; DBZ Namek Saga DVD Set (D) DBZ Movies DVD Box Set , DBZ Saiyan Saga DVD Set
October 16: DBZ Frieza – SS Goku DVD; Blue Gender – Volume One DVD & VHS
October 23: DB Tournament – Semi-Finals VHS; DB Tournament – The Final Test VHS
October 30: DBZ Babibi – The Prince Returns DVD; DBZ Babibi – Rivals DVD

FUNimation is adding DBZ episodes 106-108 from the Trunks Prelude to Terror video to the Z Warriors Prepare DVD so that it will contain 5 episodes (106-110).

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