2007 Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Recommends Works

posted on 2007-12-25 08:07 EST
Works chosen from animation, manga finalists that did not win awards

The Japanese government's Ministry of Cultural Affairs has announced that the jury for the 2007 (11th) Japan Media Arts Festival Awards has recommended several of the finalists in the festival's Animation and Manga Divisions for recognition. The jury's recommendations are intended to honor worthy finalists that did not win one of the Festival Awards earlier this month.

Animation Division/Long Animation (Movie/TV/Original Video Animation)

Animation Division/Short Animation

  • "49"
    Ichiro Iwano
  • "Birthday"
    Toshiaki Hanzaki
  • "Blockman"
    Youhei Murakoshi
  • "Boneheads"
    Hiroshi Chida
  • "Burning Safari"
    Team Burning Safari, Gobelins 2006
  • "How To Cook Breakfast?"
    Ryoko Yamazaki
  • "Lost Utopia"
    Mirai Mizue
  • "Love Rollercoaster"
    Hiromasa Horie
  • "The Clockwork City"
    Ryu Kato
  • "Magnetic UFO"
    Shojiro Nishimi
  • "A Tale of Carefree King"
    Yoshiko Misumi
  • "Mr. Cloud and Mr. Rain"
    Tomoyoshi Jōkō
  • "The Black Bear Cub and the Forest Train"
    Usagi Tanaka
  • "Copet"
    Seijiro Kubo / Ichiro Tanida / Katsunori Aoki
  • "Last Snow Before Spring"
    Mai Yoshida
  • "The Dandelion Sister"
    Yusuke Sakamoto
  • "Lightning doodle project 2007"
    Takeshi Nagata / Kazue Monno
  • "houkago, emerald"
    Kazuya Nanao
  • "After School Midnight"
    Hitoshi Takekiyo

Manga Division/Story Manga

Manga Division/Frame Manga, Independent Manga, Online Manga, Others

The recommended works in the Entertainment Division (Game, Electronic Play Equipment, Character) include several works with anime or manga tie-ins, such as Super Paper Mario, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and Pokémon Battle Revolution. One of the recommended works in the Entertainment Division (Visual Image) is ALWAYS: Sunset on Third Street 2, the sequel film based on Ryohei Saigan's Sanchoume no Yuuhi - Yuuyake no Uta nostalgic post-war manga.

Source: Forums via ComiPress for Manga Division

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