Bikkuri-Man Anime Returns in Free Online Series

posted on 2008-08-11 11:02 EDT
Wafer mascots' Bikkuriman Kids: Theme Fighter Nyander on YouTube, livedoor

The food brand Lotte, Dai Nippon Printing, and the animation studio Fanworks are producing Bikkuriman Kids: Theme Fighter Nyander, a new animated incarnation of the mascots from Lotte's Bikkuriman Choco chocolate wafers. Google's YouTube video-sharing service and the Japanese livedoor website will stagger the online release of the three new animated shorts between now and October. The first episode, "Usa-Boxer," has been streaming online since Friday. Chōta Akatsuki and Taiki Mino produced the Flash animation.

Lotte began making the original Bikkuriman Choco sweets with stickers in 1977. The new Bikkuriman Kids Choco version will begin shipping in Japan on September 9 with 33 different, randomly inserted stickers for about 84 yen. Unlike the original Bikkuriman Choco mascots who were human fantasy adventurers, the Bikkuriman Kids Choco mascots are dueling animals. The first Bikkuriman television anime series ran from 1987 to 1989, and there have been two movies and four television sequels since.

Source: BB Watch

Image © 2008 Lotte/Dai Nippon Printing/Fanworks

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