Digital Manga Inc. Announces DML Initiative with Different Payment Structure, Updated Release Schedule (Updated)

posted on 2015-07-03 05:30 EDT
Also: 8 new Project-H licenses

Digital Manga Publishing announced at its panel at Anime Expo on Thursday that its new Digital Manga Localization (DML) program has a different payment structure from its Digital Manga Guild (DMG) program. While the DMG payment structure is based on "a revenue share paid based on the title's sales," the DML program "pays freelancers upfront for their work."

The Digital Manga Guild allows translators, editors, and letterers with no experience in the manga industry to work on Digital Manga Publishing titles. The manga are published on

Digital Manga Publishing also announced an updated release schedule with the following titles:

  • A Waltz in the Clinic by Makoto Tateno in September 2015
  • Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly (pictured at right) by Kou Yoneda in October 2015
  • The Tyrant Falls in Love volume 9 by Hinako Takanaga in November 2015
  • I've Seen it All volume 3 by Shoko Takaku in January 2016
  • As Many As There Are Stars in February 2016 (tentative)
  • ZE volume 11 by Yuki Shimizu in March 2016

Digital Manga's Project-H imprint also announced the following new uncensored licenses. All titles are slated for release in 2016.

  • Breaking In by Gen (US$19.95, print and digital)
  • Capture Me by Tousen, Ooba Nii, Nyagomaru, Maccha Chamomo, Sukesaburo, Keiya Kaibara, and Parfait (US$19.95, print and digital)
  • Stop Quibbling About Love by Kerorin (US$22.95, print and digital)
  • Deep Pursuit by DATE (US$22.95, print and digital)
  • Peachy Triangle by Renya Sabashi (US$22.95, print and digital)
  • Passionate Lovers by Maban (US$22.95, print and digital)
  • Sweet Dreams by Kenji Kishizuka (US$22.95, print and digital)
  • NTR: Netorare by LEYMEI, Tuguha Utsugi, Kanon Ishino, RIESZ, Daisuke Segami, KANTEN, and TAKE (US$19.95, print and digital)

Digital Manga also announced a change in its policy regarding its publication of hentai manga: it will no longer publish works if the licensor requests chapters removed. The staff commented on the change, saying, "We did this in the past, we're sorry, it's not fair to the fans."

Finally, the company announced plans to release more Yuri titles, but it did not reveal any titles or release dates.

Update: Digital Manga Inc. clarified with ANN that its payment structure for the Digital Manga Guild (DMG) will remain the same as a revenue share paid based on the title's sales. Those who work for the company's Digital Manga Localization (DML) program will have a payment structure that "pays freelancers upfront for their work."

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