Broccoli Books to release Leave it to Piyoko Volume 1

Oct 22nd 2004
Leave it to Piyoko! Volume 1 to be released on December 8, 2004.

Los Angeles, CA (October 22, 2004) Di Gi Charat Theater: Leave it to Piyoko! Volume 1 will be released on December 8, 2004.

Based on the fan-favorite comedy series Di Gi Charat, Di Gi Charat Theater: Leave it to Piyoko! is a two-volume series that focuses on the lovable DGC villains Piyoko and her Black Gema Gema Gang, and the obstacles they face as they attempt to carry out their nefarious plans to kidnap Dejiko and hold her for ransom.

Leave it to Piyoko! is part of the Broccoli Books Deluxe line, and features a fold-out color insert as well as extras not available in the Japanese release including translation notes, a gallery of images from the Di Gi Charat Character Card Game Part 1, and a limited edition dust jacket redeemable through a mail-in questionnaire.

An animated OVA series of the same name comprised of 8 episodes will also be released by Synch-Point next year.

Volume 1 Synopsis
Take a look into the daily lives of the Black Gema Gema Gang as they lay plans to kidnap Dejiko while trying to survive on what little money they have left. Now that Piyoko's loyal subjects Rik, Ky, and Coo are here, she needs to worry about more mouths to feed!

Di Gi Charat TheaterLeave it to Piyoko! Volume 1
Appropriate for all ages
208 pages
Street Date: December 8, 2004
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99
ISBN: 1-932480-17-X

• Fold-out color insert
• Translation notes
Di Gi Charat Character Card Game Image Gallery
• Dust jacket redeemable through mail-in questionnaire

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