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We're kicking off the holidays this week in Hey, Santaman, with a festive new banner and a whole bunch of questions ranging from the grim future of One Piece to the ups and downs of being an online journalist, plus a whole new segment just in time for Christmas! (2006-12-08)
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Hey, Answerman! (2006-12-01)
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Hey, Answerman! (2006-11-24)
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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid DVD 1
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid DVD 1

Yoyogi Animation Institute Declares Bankruptcy (2006-12-07 23:19:27)

Leading Animation and Video Game Training Institute [ more... ]

Detective Conan Movie 11 in April (2006-12-07 17:20:09)

The eleventh Detective Conan film (Case Closed in English), Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure, will premiere April 21 in Japan. Thanks, Matt Mahoney. [ discuss (5 posts) ]

Death Note Spinoff Film in the Works (2006-12-07 17:03:01)

A spinoff Death Note film will be produced for release in Japan next year. The previous two Death Note features have brought in almost $60 million in Japan, and the Death Note TV series is expected to air next year in America. Thanks, Saturn Copeland. Source: ICv2 [ discuss (25 posts) ]

4Kids Cancels One Piece Production (2006-12-06 11:06:38)

4Kids Marketing Director Roz Nowicki has confirmed that the company will not adapt additional episodes of One Piece. 4Kids has dubbed 104 episodes of the series into English, 78 of which have aired in the United States. Thanks, Daikun, Starks, and Mark Barbour. Source: Toon Zone [ discuss (114 posts) ]

Art Contest Promotes Breast Cancer Research (2006-12-05 16:59:52), AnimeFF, Anime Vegas announce breast cancer awareness fan art contest [ more... ]

Annie Award Nominations Announced (2006-12-05 11:02:47)

The Nominations for the 2006 Annie Awards have been announced. No anime was nominated. [ discuss (54 posts) ]

Death Note Settles into Third Place (2006-12-05 10:55:52)

After topping the Japanese box office for four weeks, Death Note: The Last Name gave way to Love and Honor and Casino Royale. Source: Kogyo Tsushinsha [ discuss (3 posts) ]

Funimation Channel Now in Sacramento (2006-12-05 10:35:43)

Funimation Channel's syndicated block will join Sacramento's KBTV channel 8 Monday through Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. KBTV is available over the air or via Comcast Cable. [ discuss (9 posts) ]

Prince of Tennis, MÄR Coming to Toonami (2006-12-05 10:31:39)

The Prince of Tennis and MÄR will air on Toonami starting December 23 at 10 p.m. Eastern. Thanks, Matt Mahoney. Source: Iolink [ discuss (41 posts) ]

TRSI Announces To Heart (2006-12-04 18:31:51)

After years of waiting, TRSI has today announced that the first volume To Heart will be released on February 27. To Heart was first announced by TRSI in 2004, however in 2005 they reported that its release would be delayed due to poor quality masters. [ discuss (19 posts) ]

Paradise Kiss Winners Announced (2006-12-04 17:18:20)

The winners of the Paradise Kiss Fashion Design Contest have been announced. [ no more ]

Hellsing Ultimate Website (2006-12-04 15:49:19)

With the release of Hellsing Ultimate only a day away, Geneon has launched the full version of the Hellsing Ultimate website, with release information, story information, trailer, screenshots and all the usual website content. [ discuss (6 posts) ]

Del Rey Announces Three New Titles (2006-12-04 07:49:16)

Del Rey has acquired Alive, Dragon Eye, and My Heavenly Hockey Club. All three series will be released next summer. Source: Anime on DVD [ discuss (12 posts) ]

Graphic Novel Conference at NYCC (2006-12-04 07:38:02)

ICv2 will host the second annual Graphic Novel Conference next February at New York Comic Con. Notable panelists include Liza Coppola, Executive Vice President of Viz Media; Regina Deppin, Graphic Novel Buyer for Baker and Taylor; James Killen, Graphic Novel Buyer at Barnes & Noble; Ed Masessa, Category Manager for Scholastic Book Fairs; and Calvin Reid, Senior Editor at Publishers Weekly. [ discuss (1 posts) ]

KID Corp Declares Bankruptcy (2006-12-03 13:09:26)

H-Game maker Kid Corp, the creators of the Memories Off series of games, ceased operations on November 30 and filed for bankruptcy protection December 1st. The company was founded in 1988, and primarily focused on developing romance-themed games such as "Ever17," and in 2006 released Playstation 2 titles at a quick pace of at least 1 title per month, but due to factors such as the popularity of portable gaming devices, sales never picked up and their cash flow dried up. Thanks Desty. Source: Mainichi [ discuss (33 posts) ]

20th Century Boys Live Action Movie (2006-12-03 12:45:02)

Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys is to be adapted into a live-action movie with a 2008 release. [ more... ]

Bokurano Anime (2006-12-03 12:21:42)

Bokurano, a science fiction / horror manga by Mohiro Kitoh (of Narutaru fame) and currently serializing in Shogagkukan's Ikki, will be animated by Gonzo in 2007, with two of its main staff from The Cat Returns: director Hiroyuki Morita and composer Yuuji Nomi. According to Japanese website Moon Phase, the format should be a Bokurano TV series. [ discuss (8 posts) ]

Kamichama Karin Anime (2006-12-02 13:07:56)

According to the December 1 entry on Koge Donbo's official website, a Kamichama Karin anime is being planned for release in 2007. No further details are available. Thanks Meghan. [ discuss (13 posts) ]

16 Animated Features Eligible for Golden Globe (2006-12-02 13:04:52)

As previously reported, the HFPA has decided to include a Best Animated Feature category at the Golden Globes, starting with the 64th Annual Golden Globes, which will be given out on January 15. The HFPA has now announced that 16 animated features are eligible for the award there is no indication as to how many, if any, of those are anime. A maximum of 3 animated features can be nominated. The nominees will be announced on December 14. Thanks Daniel. [ discuss (3 posts) ]

Afro Samurai Website (2006-12-02 12:28:11)

The official Afro Samurai website has been updated with a 7-minute streaming copy of the fight between Afro's father and Justice. The Afro Samurai site also contains the other usual trappings such as cast, staff and character information, other multimedia and story basics. Thanks Adam [ discuss (14 posts) ]

When Piracy Becomes Promotion (2006-12-02 12:14:25)

The December issue of Reason Magazine has published an article by Henry Jenkins, director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program and author of Convergence Culture, about the promotional value of fansubs. The article introduces the basics of fansubing, it's history and the industry's (both domestic and in Japan) perception of fansubing, but it does not explore the differences between modern fansubing and early VHS fansubing. It can be read online here. Thanks Isaac [ discuss (38 posts) ]

Prickly City goes "Manga Style" (2006-12-01 19:42:04)

In a story arc starting with the November 27 installment of the politically oriented comic strip Prickly City, a guest artist by the name of "Shira-chan" is filling in for regular artist/writer Scott Stantis. The current story-arc has the characters, after falling down the "manga-hole," being drawn in a manga inspired style and features numerous manga in-jokes. [ discuss (27 posts) ]

Paradise Kiss Fashion Design Contest Entries Posted (2006-12-01 13:33:23)

The entries to the Paradise Kiss Fashion Design Contest have been posted. We will announce the winners on Monday. [ no more ]

Ultraman Director Passes Away (2006-12-01 10:25:00)

Ultraman director Akio Jissoji died Wednesday of stomach cancer. He was 69. Jissoji also directed Teito Monogatari, Mujo, and a number of operas, and wrote the Birth of Ultraman book. Thanks, Jose Gonzalez. Source: Japan Today [ discuss (3 posts) ]

Sundance to Feature Bugmaster (2006-12-01 10:02:10)

Katsuhiro Otomo's Bugmaster will screen at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Bugmaster is based on the Mushishi manga, which Del Rey will release next spring. Source: ICv2 [ discuss (10 posts) ]

New Digi Charat Series (2006-11-30 21:27:52)

Winter Garden Alternate Universe Series to Premiere on December 23 [ more... ]

Hellsing Ultimate Give-Away (2006-11-30 13:57:23)

Today brings another give away, this time it's Hellsing Ultimate, which comes out this coming Tuesday. We've got 5 copies of the Limited Edition to give out, and 10 copies of the regular edition. [ no more ]

Air Gear, Le Chevalier D'Eon Coming in February (2006-11-30 10:22:11)

ADV will release Air Gear volume 1 on February 6 and Le Chevalier D'Eon volume 1 on February 20. Both DVDs will retail for $29.98. [ discuss (12 posts) ]

Spirited Away to Air on BBC (2006-11-30 10:14:35)

Spirited Away will air on BBC the week of December 23-January 5. Thanks, Grace. [ discuss (6 posts) ]

Genshiken OAV Trailer Online (2006-11-29 09:48:05)

A trailer for the upcoming Genshiken episode 13 OAV is now online. The episode will be released on the first Japanese DVD of the Kujibiki Unbalance series. Source: Animenation [ discuss (35 posts) ]

DoCoMo, Kadokawa Sign Cell Phone Content Deal (2006-11-29 09:17:37)

On December 12 NTT DoCoMo will acquire a 3.78% stake in Kadokawa Holdings to provide entertainment content to DoCoMo subscribers. The deal is worth $34.5 million and will allow DoCoMo to take part in film production managed by Kadokawa. No further plans have been announced. Source: MarketWatch [ discuss ]

CLAMP profile/interview in today's New York Times (2006-11-28 14:28:02)

Today's issue of the New York times includes an article profiling and interviewing CLAMP. The article, by Charles Solomon, can be read online here (free registration may be required). [ discuss (34 posts) ]

Black Cat, Win It Before you Can Buy It (2006-11-28 12:48:52)

A quick give-away of ten copies of Black Cat (tv) volume 1. The winners will receive their DVDs a week or more before the release date. [ no more ]

NPR: The Revenge of Japan's Nerds (2006-11-28 11:42:20)

NPR (National Public Radio) has posted an article / radio show about Japanese Otaku in Japan. The article was originally broadcast on November 24 and can be listened to in its entirety (5:30). The printed and audio versions of the article are near identical. It covers Japanese Otaku at the Tokyo Game Show and also briefly mentions Akihabara, maid cafes, Train Man and other Otaku phenomenon. Thanks Chris. [ discuss (33 posts) ]

Brazil Hosts Two Anime Cons This Weekend (2006-11-28 08:46:48)

Two anime conventions will be held in Brazil this weekend: Expo Anime Brazil in São Paulo and Anime Weekend in Porto Alegre. Expo Anime Brazil features Digimon singer Ayumi Miyazaki, and Anime Weekend boasts JAM Project backup singer Ricardo Cruz. Thanks, Sandra Monte. [ discuss ]

Voltron Collection 2 Delayed (2006-11-28 08:26:39)

Tin packaging causes move to December 12 [ more... ]

Paradise Kiss Design Contest Deadline Approaching (2006-11-27 11:32:22)

We would like to remind all readers that the deadline for the Paradise Kiss Fashion Design contest is tonight, all entries must be received before 11:59 PM eastern. A list of entries we have received is posted in this article, if you've already sent an entry, please check to make sure we've received it. [ more... ]

- Interview: Patrick Seitz
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