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Alternative title:
Al Mohackek Conan (Arabic) 
Case Closed: One truth Prevails (English)
Detectiu Conan (Catalan)
Detective Conan
Détective Conan (French)
Detectivul Conan (Romanian) 
Detektif Conan (Indonesian)
Detektiv Conan (German)
Detektyw Conan (Polish)
Detetive Conan (Portuguese)
El Detective Conan (Spanish)
Mästerdetektiven Conan (Swedish)
Meitantei Conan (Japanese)
Mesterdetektiven Conan (Danish)
Salapollisi Conan (Finnish)
Thám tử lừng danh Conan (Vietnamese)
Детектив Конан (Russian)
المحقق كونان (Arabic)
名偵探柯南 (Chinese (Taiwan))
名探偵コナン (Japanese)
명탐정 코난 (Korean)
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Shinichi Kudo is a 17-year-old high school detective whom people call the "Modern Sherlock Holmes." However, one night after a date with his childhood sweetheart Ran, Shinichi witnessed an illegal trade and was knocked unconscious and fed a drug that was supposed to kill him... but he woke up and found himself shrunken to a 7-year-old. In order to track down the men who did this to him, Shinichi reinvented his identity as Conan Edogawa and lived with Ran, whose father happened to be a hopeless detective, and with that came a series of murders and mysteries that he must solve
User Ratings: 1807 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 273 votes (sub:147, dub:96, raw:5, edit.dub:2, ?:2, Eng:1, others:20
6 Spanish dubbed
3 German dubbed
3 Arabic subtitled
3 Italian dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
2 Arabic dubbed
1 Arabic edited dub
 Excellent: 340 votes (sub:145, dub:141, ?:10, edit.dub:10, raw:8, others:26
5 Arabic dubbed
3 Spanish dubbed
3 Italian dubbed
3 Korean subtitled
3 German dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
2 Tagalog dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 Catalan dubbed
 Very good: 396 votes (dub:181, sub:164, edit.dub:13, ?:7, raw:6, Eng:1, others:24
12 German dubbed
4 Spanish dubbed
3 Tagalog dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Arabic edited dub
1 Korean subtitled
 Good: 404 votes (dub:229, sub:122, edit.dub:22, ?:7, raw:5, others:19
7 German dubbed
5 Spanish dubbed
2 Tagalog dubbed
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
1 French dubbed
 Decent: 179 votes (dub:98, sub:51, ?:6, edit.dub:6, raw:4, others:14
6 German dubbed
3 Spanish dubbed
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 German edited dub
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Catalan edited dub
1 Italian dubbed
 So-so: 97 votes (dub:61, sub:24, edit.dub:5, ?:2, raw:1, others:4
1 Italian dubbed
1 German dubbed
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 German edited dub
 Not really good: 46 votes (dub:31, sub:7, edit.dub:3, raw:1, ?:1, others:3
1 Arabic dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 French dubbed
 Weak: 39 votes (dub:19, sub:17, raw:1, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Bad: 15 votes (dub:11, ?:2, sub:1, others:1
1 Italian dubbed
 Awful: 13 votes (dub:6, sub:4, raw:1, others:2
1 German dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
 Worst ever: 5 votes (dub:3, sub:2)
Seen in part or in whole by 5897 users, rank: #117 (of 8389)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.575 (Very good−), std. dev.: 1.8683, rank: #1421 (of 8486)
Weighted mean: 7.414 (Good+), rank: #1719 (of 8486) (seen all: 8.10 / seen some: 7.59 / won't finish: 5.97)
Bayesian estimate: 7.415 (Good+), rank: #1453 (of 6392)
Running time: 25 minutes
Episode titles: We have 1009
1998-02-03 (North Africa, Tunis 7) 
1998-05-25 (Chile - ETC...TV)
1999-08-24 (Colombia - Canal RCN)
2000-01-10 to 2000-11-06 (South Korea, KBS 2)
2000-03-31 (Middle East, Spacetoon Broadcast)
2001-05-05 (Spain)
2001-05-17 (Catalunya)
2001-09-10 (Philippines, GMA Network)
2002-04-10 (Switzerland)
2002-04-10 to 2006-07-03 (Germany - RTL II)
2002-05-13 (Italy - Italia 1)
2004-01-05 (France)
2004-05-10 (South Korea - Tooniverse)
2004-05-24 to 2004-08-16 (USA)
2004-12-15 (Animax South Asia)
2005-03-01 (Austria)
2006-01-16 (Animax Malaysia)
2006-01-18 (Animax Asia)
2006-04-07 to 2006-09-01 (Canada, YTV - Bionix - Eps. 1-22)
2006-04-10 to 2008-03-19 (Galicia - TVG, 300 episodes dubbed)
2007-02-13 (Philippines, GMA Network - Re-Broadcast[10 am])
2007-10-20 (Animax Portugal)
2008-05-06 (India - Hungama TV Channel, [10:30p.m.])
2008-12-12 (China & Taiwan - Yoyo TV)
2008-12-25 (Hong Kong, TVB Jade)
2009-03-19 (Animax Hungary)
2009-03-19 (Animax Romania)
2009-07-28 (Poland, AXN Sci-Fi)
2009-09-01 (Animax Eastern Europe)
2010-02-13 (Animax Czech Republic)
2010-02-13 (Animax Slovakia)
2010-03-03 (Thailand, Modern Nine TV)
2010-05-08 (Valencia - Punt2, [from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm])
2011-12-05 to 2012-07-26 (Germany - VIVA)
2012-07-27 (Germany - VIVA, Re-Broadcast)
2014-11-10 to 2014-12-19 (Chile - ETC...TV, eps. 124-152)
2015-03-02 to 2015-05-01 (Chile - ETC...TV, eps. 153-193)
2016-05-02 to 2016-07-08 (Chile - ETC...TV, eps. 194-221, 225-237)
2017-08-05 to 2017-11-10 (Chile - ETC...TV, eps. 238-283)
2019-09-02 to 2019-11-12 (Chile - ETC...TV, eps. 284-332)
Opening Theme:
E01: "First New Century (English Version) " by Carl Finch (eps 1-54)
E02: "Mystery (English Version)" by Stephanie Naldony (eps 55-102) 
E03: "Spinning the Roulette of Destiny (Japanese Version)" by ZARD (eps 103-130)
#01: "Mune ga Dokidoki" by the High-Lows (eps 1-30)
#02: "Feel Your Heart" by Velvet Garden (eps 31-52)
#03: "Nazo" by Miho Komatsu (eps 53-96)
#04: "Unmei no Roulette o Mawashite" by ZARD (eps 97-123)
#05: "Truth" by Two-Mix (eps 124-142)
#06: "Girigiri Chop" by B'z (eps 143-167)
#07: "Mysterious Eyes" by Garnet Crow (eps 168-204)
#08: "Koi wa thrill, shock, suspense" by Rina Aiuchi (eps 205-230)
#09: "Destiny" by Miki Matsuhashi (Eps 231-258)
#10: "Winter Bells" by Mai Kuraki (eps 259-270)
#11: "I can't stop my love for you" by Rina Aiuchi (eps 271-305)
#12: "Kaze no Lalala" by Mai Kuraki (eps 306-332)
#13: "Kimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made" by U-ka Saegusa (eps 333-355)
#14: "Start" by Rina Aiuchi (eps 356-393)
#15: "Hoshi no Kagayakiyo" by ZARD (eps 394-414)
#16: "Growing of My heart" by Mai Kuraki (eps 415-424)
#17: "Shoudou" by B'z (eps 425-437)
#18: "100 Mono Tobira " by Rina Aiuchi & U-ka Saegusain db (eps 438-456)
#19: "Kumo ni Notte (Ride on the Clouds)" by U-ka saegusa IN db (eps 457-474)
#20: "Namida no Yesterday" by Garnet Crow (eps 475-486)
#21: "Glorious Mind" by ZARD (eps 487-490)
#22: "Ai wa Kurayami no Naka de" by ZARD (eps 491-504)
#23: "Ichibyō goto ni Love for you" by Mai Kuraki (eps 505-514)
#24: "MYSTERIOUS" by Naifu (eps 515-520)
#25: "Revive" by Mai Kuraki (eps 521-529)
#26: "Everlasting Luv" by Breakerz (eps 530-546)
#27: "Magic" by Rina Aiuchi (eps 547-564)
#28: "As the Dew" by Garnet Crow (eps 565-582)
#29: "Summer Time Gone" by Mai Kuraki (eps 583-601)
#30: "Tear Drops" by Caos Caos Caos (eps 602-612)
#31: "Don't Wanna Lie" by B'z (eps 613-626)
#32: "Misty Mystery" by Garnet Crow (eps 627-641)
#33: "Miss Mystery" by BREAKERZ (eps 642-666)
#34: "Kimi no Namida ni Konna ni Koi Shiteru" by Natsu Iro (eps 667-)
#35: "TRY AGAIN" by Mai Kuraki (eps 681-695)
#36: "Q&A" by B'z (eps 696-717)
#37: "Butterfly Core" by VALSHE (eps 718-743)
#38: "Greed" by KNOCK OUT MONKEY (eps 744-756)
#39: "DYNAMITE" by Mai Kuraki (eps 757-773)
#40: "WE GO" by BREAKERZ (eps 774-) 
#41: "Nazo" by La PomPon (eps 790-803)
#42: "Hane" by Koshi Inaba
#43: "Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru" by B'z
#44: "Ikusen no Meikyū de Ikusen no Nazo o Hodoite" (幾千の迷宮で 幾千の謎を解いて) by BREAKERZ
#45: "Lie, Lie, Lie," by Maki Ohguro
#46: "Everything OK!!" by Cellchrome (eps 887-902)
#47: "Countdown" (カウントダウン) by NormCore (eps 903-915)
#48: "Timeline" (タイムライン) by dps (eps 916-926)
#49: "Barairo no Jinsei" (薔薇色の人生) by Mai Kuraki (eps 928-940)
#50: "ANSWER" by Only this time (eps 941-964)
#51: "Makka na Lip" (真っ赤なLip) by WANDS (eps 965-) 
Ending Theme:
E01: "Step by Step (English Version)" by Carl Finch (eps 1-52) 
E02: "Romance of Light and Shadow (English Version)" by Stephanie Naldony (eps 53-72) 
E03: "Summer Without You (English Version)" by Carl Finch (eps 73-86)
E04: "Negai goto Hitotsu Dake" by Miho Komatsu (eps 87-114)
E05: "Koori no Ue ni Tatsu You ni" by Miho Komatsu (eps 115-130)
#01: "Step by Step" by Ziggy (eps 1-26)
#02: "Meikyuu no Lovers" by heath (eps 27-51)
#03: "Hikari to Kage no Roman" by Keiko Utoku (eps 52-70)
#04: "Kimi ga Inai Natsu" by DEEN (eps 71-83)
#05: "Negai goto Hitotsu Dake" by Miho Komatsu (eps 84-108)
#06: "Koori no Ue ni Tatsu You ni" by Miho Komatsu (eps 109-131)
#07: "Still for Your Love" by Rumania Montevideo (eps 132-152)
#08: "Free Magic" by WAG (eps 153-179)
#09: "Secret of my heart" by Mai Kuraki (eps 180-204)
#10: "natsu no maboroshi" by Garnet Crow (eps 205-218)
#11: "Start in my life" by Mai Kuraki (eps 219-232)
#12: "always" by Mai Kuraki (eps 233-247)
#13: "Aoi Aoi Kono Chikyuu ni (青い青いこの地球に)" by Azumi Uehara (eps 248-265) 
#14: "Yumemita Ato de" by Garnet Crow (eps 266-287)
#15: "Mushoku" by Azumi Uehara (eps 288-299)
#16: "Overture" by Koshi Inaba (eps 300-306)
#17: "Ashita wo Yumemite" by ZARD (eps 307-328)
#18: "Kimi to iu Hikari" by Garnet Crow (eps 329-349)
#19: "Nemuru Kimi no Yokogao ni Hohoemi wo (眠る君の横顔に微笑みを)" by U-ka saegusa IN db (eps 350-376)
#20: "Wasurezaki (忘れ咲き)" by GARNET CROW (eps 377-397)
#21: "June Bride ~Anata Shika Mienai~" by U-ka Saegusa (eps 398-406)
#22: "Sekai Tomete" by Shiori Takei (eps 407-416)
#23: "Thank You For Everything" by Iwata Sayuri (eps 417-424)
#24: "Kanashii Hodo Anata ga Suki" by Zard (eps 425-437)
#25: "Mou Kimi dake wo Hanashitari Shinai" by Aya Kamiki (eps 438-458)
#26: "Shiroi Yuki (White Snow)" by Mai Kuraki (eps 459-470)
#27: "I still believe ~Tameiki~ (I still believe ~ため息~; I still believe ~Sigh~)" by Yumi Shizukusa (eps 471-486)
#28: "Sekai wa mawaru to iu keredo" by Garnet Crow (eps 487-490)
#29: "Yukidoke no ano kawa no nagare no you ni" by U-ka saegusa IN db (eps 491-504)
#30: "Summer Memories" by Aya Kamiki (eps 505-514)
#31: "Go Your Own Way" by Yumi Shizukusa (eps 515-520)
#32: "Koigokoro Kagayaki Nagara" by Naifu (eps 521-529)
#33: "Doing All Right" by Garnet Crow (eps 530-539)
#34: "Hikari" by Breakerz (eps 540-561)
#35: "Hello Mr. My Yesterday" by 100 Percent Free (eps 562-587)
#36: "Tomorrow is the Last Time" by Mai Kuraki (eps 588-601)
#37: "Juugoya Crisis ~Kimi ni Aitai~" by Hundred Percent Free (eps 602-609)
#38: "Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahou" by BREAKERZ (eps 610-625)
#39: "Pilgrim" by B'z (eps 626-628)
#40: "Your Best Friend" by Mai Kuraki (eps 629-643)
#41: "Kanashii Hodo Kyō no Yūhi Kirei da ne" by grram (eps 644-653)
#42: "Overwrite" (オーバーライト) by BREAKERZ (eps 654-666)
#43: "Koi ni Koishite" by Mai Kuraki (eps 667-)
#44: "Hitomi no Melody" by BOYFRIEND (eps 687-704)
#45: "Kimi no Egao ga Nani Yori mo Suki Datta" by Chicago Poodle (eps 705-)
#46: "Ima Aitakute..." by DAIGO (eps 722-736)
#47: "Rain Man" by AKIHIDE (eps 737-749)
#48: "Muteki na Heart" by Mai Kuraki (eps 750-762)
#49: "Kimi e no Uso" by VALSHE (eps 763-803)
#50: "Unmei no Roulette Mawashite" (運命のルーレット廻して; Turning the Roulette of Fate) by La PomPon
#51: "Futari no Byoushin" by Takuto 813-826
#51: "YESTERDAY LOVE" by Mai Kuraki 
#52: "SAWAGE☆LIFE" by Mai Kuraki 827-842
#53: "Yesterday Love" by Mai Kuraki 843-864
#54: "Yume Monogatari" by BREAKERZ 865-???
#55: "Togetsukyō ~Kimi Omou~" (渡月橋 〜君 想ふ〜) by Mai Kuraki (eps 876-886)
#56: "Kamikaze Express" (神風エクスプレス) by Takuto×Miyakawa-kun (eps 887-808)
#57: "Sadame" (さだめ) by First place (eps 909-914)
#58: "Aozolighter" by Cellchrome (eps 915-926)
#59: "Barairo no Jinsei" (薔薇色の人生) by Mai Kuraki (ep 927)
#60: "Kimi to Koi no Mama de Owarenai Itsumo Yume no Mama ja Irarenai" (きみと恋のままで終われない いつも夢のままじゃいられない) by Mai Kuraki (eps 928-951)
#61: "Sissy Sky" by Airi Miyakawa (eps 952-964)
#62: "Sukoshi Zutsu Sukoshi Zutsu" (少しづつ 少しづつ) by SARD UNDERGROUND (eps 965-)
Insert song:
"Ai wa Itsumo" by Iori (ep 193)
"HAPPY END" by ZIGGY (ep 17)
"Kimi ga Ireba" by Iori (ep 65)
"Soba ni Iru Kara" by ↑THE HIGH-LOWS↓ (ep 12)
"Tobitatsu Hato" by Eri Sugai (ep 193)
"Yume o Tomenaide Ite" by Velvet Garden (ep 37)
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Retitled Case Closed by FUNimation in the U.S. due to trademark issues.
Case Closed DVD 2.1 (Dec 31, 2006)
Case Closed DVD 1 (Nov 3, 2004)
Case Closed DVD (Oct 12, 2004)
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DVD (Region 1)
    Case Closed - Starter Set (DVD) 2004-08-24
    Case Closed - Season 1 Box Set (DVD) 2008-07-22
    Case Closed - Season 2 Box Set (DVD) 2008-09-30
    Case Closed - Season 3 Box Set (DVD) 2008-11-25
    Case Closed - Season 4 Box Set (DVD) 2009-01-27
    Case Closed - Season 5 Box Set (DVD) 2009-05-12
    Case Closed - Season 1 Box Set [Viridian Collection] (DVD) 2009-07-14
    Case Closed - Season 2 Box Set [Viridian Collection] (DVD) 2009-09-15
    Case Closed - Season 3 Box Set [Viridian Collection] (DVD) 2009-11-17
    Case Closed - Season 4 Box Set [Viridian Collection] (DVD) 2010-03-23
    Case Closed - Season 5 Box Set [Viridian Collection] (DVD) 2010-03-23
    Case Closed - Season 1 Box Set [S.A.V.E.] (DVD) 2013-07-23
    Case Closed - Season 2 Box Set [S.A.V.E.] (DVD) 2013-07-23
    Case Closed - Season 3 Box Set [S.A.V.E.] (DVD) 2013-07-23
    Case Closed - Season 4 Box Set [S.A.V.E.] (DVD) 2013-07-23
    Case Closed - Season 5 Box Set [S.A.V.E.] (DVD) 2013-07-23
    Case Closed - The Secret Life of Jimmy Kudo (DVD 1.1) 2004-08-24
    Case Closed - The Investigation is Afoot (DVD 1.1) 2006-02-21
    Case Closed - Vol 1 + Artbox + Wallscroll + Keychain (DVD 1.1) 2006-02-21
    Case Closed - In Hot Pursuit (DVD 1.2) 2006-05-02
    Case Closed - Ill-Fated Imposters (DVD 1.3) 2006-07-11
    Case Closed - Wrong Answers Resolved (DVD 1.4) 2006-09-19
    Case Closed - The Exploits Of Genius (DVD 2.1) 2006-11-28
    Case Closed - w/ Artbox (DVD 2.1) 2006-11-28
    Case Closed - Cracking the Perfect Alibi (DVD 2.2) 2007-02-06
    Case Closed - Behind the Facade (DVD 3.1) 2007-04-03
    Case Closed - Death Wears a Blindfold (DVD 3.2) 2007-05-29
    Case Closed - Deadly Illusions (DVD 4.1) 2004-08-24
    Case Closed - The Desperate Truth (DVD 4.2) 2004-10-12
    Case Closed - Like Old Times (DVD 4.3) 2004-11-23
    Case Closed - Broken Dreams (DVD 4.4) 2005-01-11
    Case Closed - Dubious Intent (DVD 4.5) 2005-03-01
    Case Closed - Truth About Revenge (DVD 5.1) 2005-04-19
    Case Closed - Truth About Revenge + Artbox (DVD 5.1) 2005-04-19 (from $22.30)
    Case Closed - Knight Baron Mystery (DVD 5.2) 2005-06-07
    Case Closed - Triple Threat (DVD 5.3) 2005-07-26
    Case Closed - Phantom Thief Kid (DVD 5.4) 2005-09-13
    Case Closed - Covering Up (DVD 5.5) 2005-11-01 (from $14.86)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Chief Director:
Kenji Kodama (eps 119-252)
Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Kenji Kodama (eps 1-118)
Kōjin Ochi (ep 505 onwards)
Masato Sato (eps 333-504)
Yasuichiro Yamamoto (eps 119-332)
Akatsuki Yamatoya (7 episodes
eps 961, 978, 980, 985-986, 989, 992

Aki Kajiwara (ep 461)
Chika Ichimaru (45 episodes
eps 192-193, 199-200, 220-221, 226-229, 233-234, 238-239, 242, 246-247, 249-250, 253-254, 266-270, 274-275, 280, 289, 292-293, 301-302, 305-306, 310, 316-317, 325, 327, 333-334, 340-341

Hideaki Oba (9 episodes
eps 278, 339, 354-355, 361-362, 408, 447, 526

Hirohito Ochi (27 episodes
eps 21, 31, 38, 50, 88-89, 100, 130, 136-137, 142, 163-164, 176, 184, 195, 222-224, 304, 323-324, 329-331, 343-344

Hiroshi Kashiwabara (17 episodes
eps 1-2, 27-28, 124-125, 149, 368, 373, 376, 478, 547-548, 692-693, 804-805

Hiroshi Kurimoto (ep 194)
Johei Matsuura (6 episodes
eps 46, 75, 102, 112, 116, 131

Junichi Miyashita (81 episodes
eps 3, 5, 7, 12, 17, 24, 30, 41, 47, 55, 59, 73, 80, 83, 92-93, 106, 109, 114-115, 126-128, 152, 165, 201-202, 252, 294-295, 348-349, 377-378, 409-410, 440, 452, 553-555, 562, 570, 594-595, 599, 640-641, 666, 678-679, 686, 707, 769, 775-776, 784, 791, 794, 797, 803, 806-807, 820, 833, 845-846, 869-871, 883-884, 893, 903, 913-914, 922, 933-934, 962, 964

Kanji Kashiwabara
Kazunari Kouchi (68 episodes
eps 4, 8-9, 14, 18-19, 26, 29, 36-37, 51-53, 56, 64-65, 71, 79, 95, 98-99, 107-108, 110-111, 119, 135, 140, 150-151, 155, 182-183, 196, 236-237, 255-256, 400, 414, 418, 423, 425-426, 434, 437, 449-451, 479, 488, 491-504, 664, 735, 742

Kazuo Nogami (5 episodes
eps 54, 63, 72, 84, 117

Kenji Kodama (15 episodes
eps 11, 22, 32, 43, 76-77, 85, 103, 146-147, 153-154, 162, 190, 263

Masaaki Sakurai (3 episodes
eps 120, 148, 296

Masaki Ōzora
Masaki Tsuji (18 episodes
eps 565, 577, 631, 638-639, 669-670, 697, 716-717, 768, 799, 865, 915, 937-938, 946-947

Michiko Tsumura (ep 368)
Michiyo Sakurai (13 episodes
eps 76, 96, 104-105, 118, 129, 132-134, 156-157, 170-171

Nobuharu Kamanaka
Nobuo Ogizawa (5 episodes
eps 175, 207, 225, 405, 419

Shigenori Kageyama
Shūichi Hirokawa (ep 285)
Takahiro Ōkura (eps 965-968)
Takaomi Kanasaki
Takeo Ohno (20 episodes
eps 87, 94, 260, 273, 315, 321-322, 384, 397, 424, 433, 441, 448, 471, 480, 486, 566, 582, 677, 800

Takeshi Mochizuki (5 episodes
eps 158, 169, 210-211, 214

Teruse Yatsu
Toshiki Inoue (4 episodes
eps 6, 10, 15, 42

Toshimichi Okawa (11 episodes
eps 818-819, 826, 851-852, 891-892, 931-932, 958-959

Toshiyuki Tabe (eps 197-198)
Umesaburo Sagawa (84 episodes
eps 600-601, 608-609, 614-615, 622-623, 632-633, 644-645, 652-653, 656-657, 668, 671-672, 675-676, 681-682, 690-691, 701-704, 722-725, 731-732, 734, 744-745, 748-749, 759-760, 763-764, 770-771, 779-780, 785-786, 792-793, 808-809, 814-815, 822-823, 830-832, 836-837, 843-844, 849-850, 861-862, 872-874, 878-879, 889-890, 896-897, 901-902, 909-910, 916-917

Umezaburō Sagawa
Yasuichiro Yamamoto (36 episodes
eps 34, 39-40, 52, 57-58, 78, 81-82, 101, 144-145, 166, 177, 191, 219, 383, 421-422, 453, 583-585, 627-628, 667, 779-780, 783, 853-854, 889-890, 926-928

Yasushi Hirano (ep 16)
Yasutoshi Murakawa
Yoshihisa Matsumoto
Yū Kaneko
Yutaka Kaneko (7 episodes
eps 264-265, 297-298, 498, 606-607

Yuuichi Higurashi (9 episodes
eps 13, 25, 44-45, 61-62, 67, 90, 97

Chika Ichimaru (57 episodes
eps 192-193, 196, 199-200, 207, 210-211, 215-216, 220-221, 225-229, 233-234, 238-239, 242, 246-247, 249-251, 253-254, 266-270, 274-275, 280, 289, 292-293, 295, 301-302, 305-306, 310, 316-319, 325, 327, 333-334, 340-341, 345

Hajime Kamegaki (8 episodes
eps 174, 377-378, 518-519, 804-805, 907

Hatsuki Tsuji (ep 556)
Hideaki Oba (13 episodes
eps 278, 339, 354-355, 361-362, 369, 408, 442, 447, 520, 526, 591

Hirohito Ochi (39 episodes
eps 4, 7, 12, 16, 21, 26, 31, 38, 44, 50, 61, 66, 88-89, 100, 125, 130, 136-137, 142, 163-164, 176, 184, 195, 203-204, 214, 222-224, 304, 323-324, 329-331, 343-344

Hiroshi Kurimoto (eps 187, 194)
Hiroshi Matsuzono
Hirotoshi Takaya (ED 6)
Johei Matsuura (23 episodes
eps 5, 10, 13, 18, 24, 29, 36, 41, 46, 51, 59, 64, 71, 75, 83, 90, 94, 102, 112, 116, 120, 131, 143

Katsumi Endō
Kazuo Nogami (10 episodes
eps 52, 54, 63, 72, 84, 117, 148, 197, 232, 257

Kenji Kodama (35 episodes
eps 1-2, 11, 22, 27-28, 32, 43, 67, 76-77, 80, 85, 87, 103, 109, 111, 114, 119, 124, 146-147, 153-154, 159-162, 190, 201-202, 208, 236-237, 263

Masaki Ōzora
Masato Sato
Michiyo Sakurai (23 episodes
eps 76, 92-93, 96, 104-105, 118, 126-127, 129, 132-134, 150, 156-157, 170-171, 180-182, 185-186

Natsuhiko Kyogoku
Nobuharu Kamanaka
Rokou Ogiwara (9 episodes
eps 371-372, 381-382, 394, 396, 405, 419, 424

Shigenori Kageyama
Shigeru Morikawa (ep 6)
Shūichi Hirokawa (ep 285)
Takaomi Kanasaki
Teruse Yatsu
Umesaburo Sagawa (86 episodes
eps 600-601, 608-609, 614-615, 622-623, 632-633, 635, 644-645, 652-653, 656-657, 668, 671-672, 675-676, 681-682, 690-691, 701-704, 722-725, 731-732, 734, 744-745, 748-749, 759-760, 763-764, 770-771, 779-780, 785-786, 792-793, 800, 808-809, 814-815, 822-823, 830-832, 836-837, 843-844, 849-850, 861-862, 872-874, 878-879, 889-890, 896-897, 901-902, 909-910, 916-917

Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Yasumi Mikamoto
Yasuyuki Honda (6 episodes
eps 727-728, 740-741, 746-747

Yoshihisa Matsumoto
Episode Director:
Aisu Mugino
Akira Yoshimura
Eiichi Kuboyama
Hajime Kamegaki (eps 174, 804)
Hideaki Oba (14 episodes
eps 258, 266, 320, 325, 328, 332, 339, 343, 349, 354-355, 361-362, 369

Hiroaki Takagi
Hirohito Ochi (31 episodes
eps 4, 7, 12, 16, 21, 26, 31, 38, 44, 50, 53, 88-89, 95, 100, 105, 109, 114, 119, 125, 130, 137, 142, 150, 157, 164, 170, 176, 184, 203, 208

Hiroshi Kurimoto (10 episodes
eps 179, 183, 188, 194, 201, 207, 215, 225, 233, 237

Hiroshi Matsuzono
Hirotoshi Takaya (ED 6)
Johei Matsuura (33 episodes
eps 5, 10, 13, 18, 24, 29, 36, 41, 46, 51, 59, 64, 71, 75, 79, 83, 90, 94, 102, 106, 112, 116, 120, 126, 132, 271, 276, 281, 287, 293, 299, 302, 309

Katsuyoshi Yatabe (6 episodes
eps 331, 337, 341, 346, 348, 357

Kazuo Nogami (44 episodes
eps 28, 32, 39, 48, 52, 54, 58, 63, 66-67, 72, 76, 84-85, 92, 98, 103, 108, 113, 117, 148, 154, 159, 166, 171, 177, 180, 186, 190-191, 197, 204, 211, 216, 218, 223, 229, 232, 238, 245, 250, 254, 259, 262

Kenji Kodama (ep 1)
Koichiro Kuroda
Mari Tominaga (ep 219)
Masakazu Yamazaki
Masato Sato
Mashu Itō
Matsuo Asami
Minoru Tozawa
Nana Harada (25 episodes
eps 80, 104, 110, 115, 121, 124, 131, 134, 139, 144-145, 147, 153, 158, 163, 169, 178, 182, 189, 192, 195, 202, 210, 286, 406

Natsuhiko Kyogoku
Nobuharu Kamanaka
Rokou Ogiwara (8 episodes
eps 371-372, 381-382, 394, 396, 405, 424

Satoshi Kuwabara (ep 208)
Shigeru Yamazaki
Takeshi Furuta
Toshiya Shinohara (eps 2, 23, 129)
Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Yoshio Suzuki (13 episodes
eps 70, 73, 86, 93, 99, 122, 127, 133, 136, 141, 146, 152, 167

Yoshitaka Nagaoka
Music: Katsuo Ono
Original creator: Gosho Aoyama (manga)
Character Design:
Junko Yamanaka (eps 505-576)
Mari Tominaga (151 episodes
eps 219, 263, 356-504

Masatomo Sudō
Nobuyuki Iwai (eps 804-870)
Seiji Muta (eps 627-680)
Art Director:
Hiroyuki Hasegawa (eps 219, 304)
Hiroyuki Mitsumoto (83 episodes
eps 284-303, 305-344, 346-368

Junichi Higashi (eps 515-930)
Shinichi Tanimura (eps 505-514)
Takamasa Nakakuki (eps 487-504)
Tetsuo Imaizumi (eps 487-504)
Tsutomu Ishigaki (eps 96, 174)
Yasutada Kato (117 episodes
eps 369-478, 480-486

Yukihiro Shibutani (eps 1-283)
Sound Director:
Katsuyoshi Kobayashi (eps 1-295)
Keiko Urakami (eps 577-1000)
Motoi Izawa (eps 309-529)
Yasuo Uragami (492 episodes
eps 296-504, 507-789

Yasuyuki Uragami (eps 790-870)
Co-Director: Kobun Shizuno
Director of Photography:
Hironobu Horikoshi (eps 1-52)
Takahisa Ogawa
Takashi Nomura (eps 1-10)
Masahiko Itojima (OP 3)
Ryō Tanaka (OP 3)
Animation Supervisor: Haruo Ogawara (11 episodes
eps 4, 7, 12, 16, 21, 26, 31, 38, 44, 50, 53

Assistant Animation Director: Hisashi Saito (ep 96)
Assistant Director: Masato Sato (eps 318-332)
Background Art:
Akemi Ito
Akiko Kikuchi
Eiko Hamada (13 episodes
eps 479, 505-510, 512-514, 519, 530-531

Eiko Sawada (Y.A.P. Ishigaki Production)
Emi Haraguchi
Etsuko Abe
Etsuko Matsunaga
Etsuko Nakashouji (Y.A.P. Ishigaki Production)
Fumie Nuibe (Y.A.P. Ishigaki Production)
Harumi Yoneda (Y.A.P. Ishigaki Production)
Hiroshi Kanno
Hiroyuki Hasegawa (Y.A.P. Ishigaki Production)
Hyeon Hee Lee
Ju-Jeong Ko (Studio Easter)
Junko Sakurai (Studio Easter)
Kayoko Haruhara (Studio Easter)
Kazue Yamaguchi (Studio Easter)
Kazuhiro Inoue (KUSANAGI; ep 595)
Kazumasa Kikuchi (Yoyogi Art Planning)
Kazunari Roppongi (Y.A.P. Ishigaki Production)
Keiko Kita (Yoyogi Art Planning)
Kenji Kawasaki (Studio Easter)
Kenta Shimizu (Studio Easter)
Kimiyo Saito (Studio Easter)
Makiko Hirasawa
Mariko Akiyama (HIJIRI)
Mayuko Nakagawa (Studio Easter)
Mie Kasai
Min Hee Kim
Misuzu Noma
Miyuki Onodera
Nobuo Itou (Yoyogi Art Planning)
Norihiko Yokomatsu (Studio Wyeth; ep 42)
Noriko Kaneko (Studio Easter)
Rieko Ohiwa (Studio Wyeth; ep 42)
Rieko Watanabe (Studio Easter)
Risa Wakabayashi (Studio Easter)
Ryuu Koiso (HIJIRI)
Sang Ha Ryu
Soon Ja Kim
Takamasa Nakakuki (Studio Easter)
Toshihide Kawana (Y.A.P. Ishigaki Production)
Yasutaka Kondo
Yayoi Okashiwa
Yuki Nomura (Y.A.P. Ishigaki Production)
Yukie Abe
Yuuki Oyamada
Yuuko Yano (Studio Easter)
Chief Producers:
Keiichi Ishiyama (TMS/V1 Studio)
Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri Telecasting)
Color design:
Fusako Nakao (eps 263, 333-504)
Mayumi Hiraide (147 episodes
eps 185-262, 264-332

Reiko Hirayama (eps 1-184)
Shigenobu Kaihoko (eps 505-1000)
Color Key:
Erika Tanaka
Hiroyasu Kanemitsu
Kazuyuki Tokae
Naomi Kaneko
Reiko Hirayama (24 episodes
eps 1-3, 6, 8-9, 11, 14-15, 19, 22-23, 25, 27-28, 32-35, 39-40, 43, 96, 174

Rie Katō
Rieko Umemura
Yasuyuki Abukawa
Yuki Nariai
Editing: Terumitsu Okada
Finish Animation:
Aika Tokio (Wish; eps 869, 888)
Akemi Katou (Wish)
Akemi Nagao (Wish)
Aki Yoshida (Studio Elle)
Akihiro Nakagawa (BJ)
Akiko Inoue (Wish)
Ami Shikamata (Wish)
Asami Nomaguchi (Wish)
Ayako Takahashi (BJ)
Ayumi Takagi (Studio Elle)
Ayumi Yokoo (Studio Elle)
Chiaki Numata (Studio Elle)
Chie Iwamoto (Ashi Production)
Chie Nakamura (Sunshine Corporation)
Chiharu Ueno (Studio March)
Chisa Maeda (Wish)
Chizue Saitou (Wish)
Daiki Egusa (Wish)
Daiki Ura (Sunshine Corporation)
Emi Kadono (Wish)
Emika Misawa
Emiko Okui (Wish)
Eri Takahashi (Azeta Pictures)
Fumiko Ooi (Studio Elle)
Fumiko Tanaka (Studio Elle)
Fumiko Tsukada (Studio Robin)
Genta Makabe (Ashi Production)
Hajime Satō
Haruka Saijou (Studio Elle)
Haruka Yoshida (Wish)
Haruko Nobori (Studio Robin)
Harumi Yoshizawa (Studio Elle)
Hiroko Ishiguro (Studio Elle)
Hiromi Hagiwara (Studio March)
Hiromi Mitome (Wish)
Hiromi Okamoto (Wish)
Hiromi Watanabe (Wish)
Hiroshi Moriwaki (Studio Elle)
Hisako Furukawa (Wish)
Hitomi Yamase (Wish)
Izumi Inoue (Wish)
Izumi Tanimoto (Studio Elle)
Jun Ono (Studio Elle)
Junko Hakamada (Wish)
Junko Mochizuki (Wish)
Junko Takeuchi (Wish)
Katsuhiko Shiroto (Wish)
Katsuyo Hiramatsu
Kazuko Kikuchi (Wish)
Kazumi Takeuchi (Wish)
Kazuo Kuwabara (Studio Robin)
Keiko Maekoshi (Studio Elle)
Keiko Yanagisawa (Studio March)
Kiyomi Yajima (Studio Elle)
Kouichi Aida (Studio Elle)
Kumiko Yamazaki (Wish)
Mai Katakura
Maki Kokubo (Studio Elle)
Maki Ōmoto (Wish)
Mami Ishi (Studio Robin)
Mami Okada (Ashi Production)
Manabu Yamazaki
Manae Okabe (Wish)
Manami Sasa (Wish)
Manami Tsuneoka
Marie Koga (Wish)
Mariko Eda (Studio Elle)
Mariko Shibata (Sunshine Corporation)
Masako Kumada (Wish)
Masako Wakabayashi (Studio Elle)
Masami Ishii (Studio Robin)
Masayuki Kuwahara (Studio Elle)
Maya Hashimoto (Wish)
Megumi Sugawa (Ashi Production)
Michiko Watanabe (Wish)
Michiyo Ootani (Wish)
Midori Saito (Wish)
Mie Hasegawa (Wish)
Mie Mito (Studio Elle)
Mie Suzuki (Ashi Production)
Miho Koike
Mika Kinoshita (Studio Elle)
Mika Kobayashi (Studio Elle)
Minako Yashiro (Ashi Production)
Mitsuhiro Narasaki (Wish)
Miwako Iwamura (Studio Elle)
Miyoko Suzuki (Wish)
Miyuki Igarashi (Studio Elle)
Miyuki Satō (Wish)
Mizue Ueda (Wish)
Nagisa Sunagawa (Studio Elle)
Nahoko Oowani (Wish)
Nami Kumatani (Wish)
Naoko Komatsu (Studio Elle)
Naoko Sunahara (Wish)
Naomi Ishikawa (Studio Elle)
Naomi Nakamura (Wish)
Naomi Senjū (Studio Elle)
Natsuko Ueno (Studio Elle)
Noboru Yoneda (BJ)
Reiko Hirayama (4 episodes
eps 76, 208, 244, 248

Reina Iwasa
Rie Kitazawa (Wish)
Rika Hiruma
Risa Nakamura
Sachika Koga
Saeko Kushima (Wish)
Sanae Tsuburaya (Studio Robin)
Satoko Suzuki (BJ)
Satomi Ozawa (Azeta Pictures)
Sayaka Yamashita (Wish)
Sayuri Yoshida (Ashi Production)
Shiho Okamiya (Wish)
Shin Ōno
Shinya Terashima (Wish)
Taeko Kobayashi (Studio Robin)
Takaaki Izumi (Wish)
Takako Hayashi (Studio Robin)
Takako Numata (Studio Elle)
Takanori Yamaura
Takayuki Sano
Takuma Tsuzuki
Terumi Narita (Wish)
Tomiko Takahashi (Studio Elle)
Tomoe Iizuka (BJ)
Tomoko Masuda (Studio March)
Tomoko Toki (Wish)
Tomomi Kato (Sunshine Corporation)
Tomomi Kitani (Studio Elle)
Tomomi Muta (Wish; ep 590)
Yayoi Hirano (Wish)
Yoko Chiba (Wish)
Yoko Inoue (Studio Elle)
Yoko Wakabayashi (Wish)
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Yoshitaka Narasaki (Wish)
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Youko Tomaru (Studio Elle)
Yue Murakami (Wish)
Yui Ozawa (BJ)
Yuka Abe (Wish)
Yuki Atsumi (Wish)
Yūki Hiramatsu (Studio Elle)
Yuki Nariai (Studio March)
Yūki Nishikawa (Azeta Pictures)
Yuki Umeda (Ashi Production)
Yukie Mikami (Wish)
Yukie Noguchi (BJ)
Yukiko Gokida (Studio Elle)
Yuko Endo (Studio March)
Yuko Kawabata (Studio March)
Yumi Fujiwara (Wish)
Yumi Matsumoto (Wish)
Yumiko Ikui (Studio Elle)
Yumiko Noda (Studio March)
Yuu Takahashi (Wish)
In-Between Animation:
Aki Koryō
Akiko Imai (Studio Boomerang)
Akiko Kuribayashi
Akiko Morisawa (Studio Boomerang)
Atsumi Koganemaru (Studio Elle)
Atsuyuki Yukawa (Azeta Pictures)
Chiaki Akuzawa
Chie Iwasa (Studio Boomerang)
Chie Morishita
Chizuko Kusunoki
Chizuko Nozaki
Daisuke Kusakari (Studio Elle)
Emiko Hayakawa (Sunshine Corporation)
Eri Ikeda (Sunshine Corporation)
Eri Sano (Studio Boomerang)
Eriko Kimura (Studio March)
Eriko Wada (Azeta Pictures)
Erisa Tomita (Azeta Pictures)
Etsuko Kimura (Studio Elle)
Fumika Asanoma
Fumiko Suzuki (Studio Elle)
Fumiko Tateyama
Haruki Sasamoto (Azeta Pictures)
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Hideaki Mogi (Nakamura Production)
Hideaki Nagata (Studio Boomerang)
Hidetoshi Haneda
Hideyuki Yoshida (Hadashi Pro)
Hikaru Ishiguro (Studio Boomerang)
Hiroaki Ishiyama
Hiroko Kikunaga
Hiromi Iida
Hiromi Mita
Hiromi Nakamura (Sunshine Corporation)
Hiroshi Gotō
Hiroyuki Hama (Studio Boomerang)
Hiroyuki Hojo (BJ)
Hisashi Mawatari
Hisayoshi Katou
Hitomi Takahashi (Studio Boomerang)
Hu Young Jeon (BJ)
Junko Asano
Kanako Katō
Kaori Inoue
Kazuhiro Takamura (Nakamura Production)
Kazuhisa Minato (Studio Boomerang)
Kazuki Baba
Kazuma Ueno (Sunshine Corporation)
Kazuyuki Abe
Kei Nōtomi (Studio Boomerang)
Keiko Yoshino (Studio Boomerang)
Keita Shimizu (Sunshine Corporation)
Kentarō Kawajiri (Azeta Pictures; 15 episodes
eps 579, 586, 592, 597, 605, 610, 615, 620, 626, 633, 637, 643, 648, 652, 657

Kiyomi Tokoro (Studio March)
Koichiro Matsumoto (Nakamura Production)
Kōji Togashi (Azeta Pictures)
Kōsuke Mochimaru
Kouta Nakagawa
Kumie Senba (Sunshine Corporation)
Kumiko Kitano
Kumiko Nagai (Studio Boomerang)
Kyoji Moriyama
Kyōko Yoshimi
Machiko Sudo (Studio Boomerang)
Mai Kondo (Studio Boomerang)
Mai Kuwabara
Mai Takehara (Studio Elle)
Maki Ito (Studio Boomerang)
Makoto Nakano
Mami Shimizu (BJ)
Manabu Kushibuchi
Maoto Horita (Big Bang)
Mari Shirakawa
Masahiko Taniguchi
Masakazu Ishikawa (Hadashi Pro)
Masako Nakamura
Masato Hirai (BJ)
Masumi Hōjō
Mayumi Kusunoki (Studio Boomerang)
Michiyo Sugawara (Ashi Production)
Miho Ayabe (Studio Boomerang)
Miho Iwai
Miho Murata (Studio Elle)
Miho Toshima (Studio Boomerang)
Miki Kaetsu (BJ)
Miki Nojima
Mineko Yagihara
Miwako Shibata
Nahiro Ogawa (Studio Elle)
Naohiro Samata
Naoka Kanda
Naoka Minami (Studio Elle)
Naoki Kusamoto (Studio Boomerang)
Naomichi Yamaguchi (Azeta Pictures)
Narumi Nakayama (Big Bang)
Noriko Machiyama
Noriko Yamamoto (Studio Boomerang)
Noriyuki Maruyama (Studio March)
Ran Sasaki (Studio Elle)
Rei Masunaga (Studio Boomerang)
Rie Mukai
Ritsuko Okabe (Ashi Production)
Ruigo Ikeda
Ryōta Hara (Nakamura Production)
Ryuuji Iwabuchi (Nakamura Production)
Saori Fukao
Satomi Ishizaki
Sayuri Katō (Studio Boomerang)
Seigo Okazaki (Azeta Pictures)
Shigeki Nagata
Shiho Kosaka (Azeta Pictures)
Shino Sudō (Studio Boomerang)
Shiro Izumi
Shuichi Onda (Nakamura Production)
Shunpei Mochizuki
Taeko Shimizu (Studio Elle)
Taichi Inoi (ep 321)
Takaaki Itō
Takahiro Eguchi (10 episodes
eps 185, 196, 203, 208, 222, 231, 235, 239, 308, 325

Takashi Abe
Takato Nakajima
Takeshi Honda
Takeshi Takeuchi
Takeshi Yabe
Takurō Sakurai (Azeta Pictures)
Takuya Ishikawa (Studio Boomerang)
Taro Sato
Tatsurō Shiomitsu (Sunshine Corporation)
Tomomi Inoue (Tama Production)
Tomomi Ōkawa (Studio Boomerang)
Tomonori Miura (Studio Boomerang)
Toshiyuki Arai (Studio March)
Tsuyoshi Asai
Tsuyoshi Noguchi (Sunshine Corporation)
Yasukatsu Tanaka (Studio Boomerang)
Yoko Takahashi
Yoshitaka Yanagihara
Yōsuke Uedan (Studio Boomerang)
Yukiko Aoyama (Sunshine Corporation)
Yukinori Kuwabara (Studio Boomerang)
Yūko Hanawa (Studio Elle)
Yumi Matsumoto (Studio Boomerang)
Yumiko Taguchi (Studio Elle)
Yuri Nakajima (Studio Boomerang)
Yusuke Asaoku (Tama Production)
Yūsuke Tamakuma
Inspiration: Arthur Conan Doyle (uncredited)
Key Animation:
Ai Kikuchi
Ai Sugano
Aimi Sudou
Akane Imada
Aki Kuki (Big Bang)
Aki Kumada (Studio Wanpack)
Aki Yamauchi (Studio Wanpack)
Akihiko Mamashita
Akihiro Gotou
Akihiro Kanayama (ep 44)
Akiko Kawashima
Akiko Nakano
Akiko Nishio
Akio Kawamura (ACCEL)
Akira Inoue
Akira Kano
Akira Ono (Anime Spot)
Ako Kagiyama
Anzu Katsuragi (Big Bang)
Asami Moriya
Asami Moromasa
Atsuko Matsushita
Atsushi Tsukamoto
Atsushi Usui
Ayako Karatani
Ayako Kurata
Ayako Satou
Ayano Fujii (5 episodes
eps 325, 541, 547-548, 553

Ayu Imoto
Ayu Okano
Ayumi Namiki (Big Bang)
Azuma Sugawara
Chiaki Furuzumi
Chie Kinoshita
Chie Morishita
Chie Yoshimoto
Chiemi Hironaka (Studio Boomerang)
Chikae Kuwahara (Big Bang)
Chikako Yamada
Chisato Kikunaga
Chizuko Nozaki (Studio Boomerang)
Chizuru Kiuchi
Chūichi Iguchi
Chūji Nakajima
Dai Nishino (Big Bang)
Daichi Kitami
Daisuke Kusakari
Daisuke Niinuma
Daisuke Shimada (Anime Spot)
Daisuke Yoshida
Dong-Jun Kim
Eiichi Asada (Studio Wanpack)
Eiji Kaneda (Big Bang; 4 episodes
eps 544, 551, 559, 565

Emi Ikebuchi (ep 890)
Emiko Abe
Emiko Fujii (Studio Boomerang)
Eriko Wada
Etsuko Uemoto (Studio Boomerang)
Fumiko Yoshida
Gi Du Kim
Goichi Iwahata
Hajime Kamegaki (3 episodes
eps 539, 555, 791

Haruma Edo
Haruyo Sakai
Hayao Ōyama
Hideaki Matsuda
Hidenori Kawashima
Hidetoshi Namura
Hideyuki Kataoka (ACCEL)
Hideyuki Motohashi (24 episodes
eps 129, 174, 219, 539, 712, 749, 751, 754, 756, 760, 791, 825, 829, 831, 862, 866-867, 873, 876, 879, 904, 908, 916, 923

Hiroaki Ikeda (Studio Wanpack)
Hiroaki Ishiyama
Hiroaki Iwata (Studio Wanpack)
Hiroaki Konno
Hiroaki Takagi
Hiroaki Yoshikawa
Hirobi Muranaka
Hirofumi Kashihara
Hirofumi Takano (Big Bang)
Hiroki Abe
Hiroki Kai
Hiroki Kusuda
Hiroki Saito (Studio Wanpack)
Hiroko Kikunaga
Hiroko Yoshizawa
Hiromi Kurosawa
Hiromi Muranaka (Studio Mu)
Hiromi Nanbe
Hiromi Sakamoto
Hiromi Yamakawa
Hironori Sawada
Hiroo Shigeta
Hiroshi Iino
Hiroshi Koujina
Hiroshi Motoyama
Hiroshige Amakasu
Hiroto Yokote (Studio Boomerang)
Hirotoshi Takaya (ED 6; OP 1-2; eps 11, 22)
Hiroyo Izumi
Hiroyuki Hama (Studio Boomerang)
Hiroyuki Horiuchi (OP7,OP8,OP10,OP13-OP15,OP22,ED2,ED13,ED14,ED19,ED20,ED21 ; 5 episodes
eps 2, 28, 244, 383, 393

Hiroyuki Notake
Hiroyuki Terada
Hisaaki Okui
Hisao Muramatsu
Hisashi Saito (ep 96)
Hitomi Tsuruta
Hitoshi Kagiyama
Hitoshi Kamata (Studio Mu)
Izumi Shimura
Ji-Yeon Lee
Jin Takebe
Jiro Kanai
Juji Mizumura
Jun Hanzawa
Jun Ohara (Studio Boomerang)
Jun Ōwada
Junichi Yokoyama (19 episodes
eps 47, 54, 58, 61, 66, 70, 76, 80, 84, 89, 93, 98, 100, 105, 110, 115, 119, 127, 336

Junko Asano (Studio Boomerang)
Junpei Mikuriya
Jūzō Minamikata
Kana Miyai (Studio Wanpack)
Kanae Komatsu
Kaori Yamada
Katsuki Hiroe
Katsushi Suzuki (Big Bang)
Katsuya Furumoto (Studio Wanpack)
Kazu Naka
Kazuhiko Ishii
Kazuhiko Yano
Kazuki Baba
Kazuko Hirose
Kazuko Kodama
Kazuko Maeshima
Kazuma Uike
Kazumi Shibata
Kazunori Shibata
Kazunori Takada
Kazuo Hayashi
Kazuo Shirai
Kazuya Saitō (42 episodes
eps 69, 73, 77, 85-86, 92, 100, 105, 110, 115, 121, 127, 133, 137, 141, 144, 150, 152, 157, 164-165, 170, 176, 182, 184, 189, 195, 199, 205, 211, 216, 223, 229, 232, 235, 238, 240, 245, 251, 256, 259, 264

Kazuya Takahashi
Kazuyuki Ikai
Kei Hyoudou
Kei Sakai
Keiichi Sugiura (Studio Wanpack)
Keiko Ichihara
Keiko Ōta
Keiko Sasaki (Studio Boomerang)
Keiko Yoshino (Studio Boomerang)
Keizo Nakamura
Ken'ichi Hirata
Ken'ichi Ōtomo (Anime Spot)
Kenichi Nagai
Kenichi Shimizu (ep 208)
Kenichiro Ogata
Kenji Aoyagi
Kenji Takeguchi
Kenta Kawai
Kentarō Kawajiri (15 episodes
eps 620, 633, 637, 643, 648, 652, 657, 661, 668, 670, 676, 680, 690, 695, 705

Kiyoshiro Kato
Kiyotaka Takezawa (eps 911, 923)
Kiyotoshi Aoi
Kiyotsugu Miura
Koichi Kikuchi
Koichi Nakaya
Koichi Tsuchida
Kōichi Yanagisawa
Kōji Furuya
Kōji Kataoka
Koji Yasuda (JCF)
Kōki Fujimoto (Studio Wanpack; 7 episodes
eps 859, 880, 887, 895, 904, 911, 923

Kōta Sera (ep 597)
Kouichirou Ono
Kouji Ito (ep 43)
Kouji Kawaguchi
Kozue Matsui (Studio Wanpack)
Kumiko Kawahara
Kumiko Kitano (Studio Wanpack)
Kumiko Nagai (Studio Boomerang)
Kumiko Sakiyama
Kumiko Shishido (ACCEL)
Kuniko Yano
Kurika Sugimoto
Kyōko Yoshimi (Studio Boomerang)
Kyoko Yufu (9 episodes
eps 888, 896, 902, 907, 915, 920, 926, 928, 936

Kyung Rock Seo
Lee Hung Soo
Maho Kawasaki (Studio Boomerang)
Mai Kuwabara
Makiko Hayase (Studio Wanpack)
Makoto Ito
Makoto Kozawa
Mamoru Tahei
Manabu Nii (Anime Spot)
Mao Furukawa
Mari Shirakawa
Mari Tominaga
Maria Ichino
Marie Nagano
Mariko Iguchi
Mariko Oka
Masaaki Iwane
Masaharu Morinaka
Masahiko Itojima (12 episodes
eps 27, 32, 39, 49, 69, 73, 77, 85-86, 129, 174, 219

Masahiko Yoda
Masahiro Hamamori
Masahiro Shigemoto
Masakazu Yamazaki
Masako Dohi (Studio Mu)
Masami Abe
Masanori Hashimoto (Big Bang)
Masaru Hamada (Anime Spot)
Masashi Hasegawa
Masato Hagiwara
Masatsugu Takeda
Masayoshi Kikuchi (ep 387)
Masayuki Yagi
Masumi Hōjō (Anime Spot)
Mayumi Fukushi
Mayumi Funakoshi
Mayumi Nishida
Mayumi Oda (Studio Mu)
Mayumi Okamoto
Mayumi Yamamoto
Michihiro Kosaka
Michiko Tashiro
Michio Hasegawa
Michio Satō (Big Bang)
Michitaka Yamamoto
Michiyo Hirabayashi
Midori Yoshii
Mieko Ogata
Miharu Nagano (Anime Spot)
Miho Kojima (Studio Wanpack)
Miho Tanaka (Studio Wanpack)
Miki Takahashi
Mina Tanaka (Anime Spot)
Minako Shiba
Minoko Takasu
Minoru Kibata
Minoru Tozawa
Minoru Yamazawa
Misae Kasahara
Misaki Okayama
Mitsuaki Yoshida
Mitsuhiro Okumura
Mitsuko Moriyama
Mitsumasa Kimura
Mitsuru Obunai (ACCEL)
Mitsuru Soma
Miwa Oshima
Miwako Shibata (Anime Spot)
Miyako Yatsu (ep 681)
Miyuki Honda (Studio Wanpack)
Miyuki Nakamura (Studio Wanpack)
Mizue Ogawa
Motohiko Kurihara
Motoki Yagi
Nao Tajima
Naoka Kanda
Naoko Hayashi (Studio Wanpack)
Naoko Soeda
Naoko Yoshimori
Naomi Okita
Natsuko Iimori
Noboru Furuse (ep 208)
Noboru Okada (Anime Spot)
Nobunori Wakana (Anime Spot)
Nobuyuki Iwai (Anime Spot)
Norihiko Tamaki (Studio Wanpack)
Noriko Takahashi
Noriyoshi Yamazaki
Noriyuki Fukuda
Nozomi Ōnuki
Ooki Kusumoto
Osamu Nuita
Osamu Ohkubo
Rei Masunaga (Studio Boomerang)
Reika Hoshino
Reina Yamauchi (Anime Spot)
Reo Takada (7 episodes
eps 743, 748, 753, 759, 765, 771, 777

Rie Fujiwara
Rie Furuya
Rie Ogasawara
Rieko Sakurai
Rumi Miyata
Ryo Hokama (Anime Spot)
Ryōko Hata
Ryōtarō Akao
Sachiko Muroyama
Sachiko Suzuki
Sadatoshi Matsuzaka
Sae Nishino (Studio Wanpack)
Saeko Ozawa
Saiji Kawanishi
Sang Min Lee
Sato Tominaga
Satoko Amino (ep 350)
Satomi Kako
Satomi Tanaka (Studio Mu)
Satoru Iriyoshi
Satoru Minowa
Satoshi Mishima
Se Jin Yoo
Seigo Okazaki
Seiji Muta
Seizo Toma
Shigeki Awai
Shigemi Aoyagi
Shiho Kosaka
Shin Tosaka (ep 349)
Shingo Kurakari
Shingo Nishiyama
Shinichi Iimura
Shinichi Suzuki
Shinkirō Hattori
Shinnosuke Kon
Shinsaku Kōzuma (ep 13)
Shinsuke Terasawa
Shinsuke Yoshida
Shintarou Kanou (Studio Wanpack)
Shinya Uchida
Shiro Izumi
Shiro Okumura
Shiro Shibata
Shizuo Kawai (JCF)
Shoji Hara
Shouta Nanba
Shōzō Katsura
Shusuke Aizawa
Sumiko Matsumoto (OP36, ED44; 5 episodes
eps 587, 589, 594, 742, 966

Tadaharu Meguro (Anime Spot)
Tadashi Aizawa
Tadashi Fukuda
Tae Sung Won
Taeko Kusumoto (eps 155, 160)
Taeko Mitsuhashi
Takaaki Aritsubo
Takaaki Itō
Takaaki Wada
Takahiro Eguchi (4 episodes
eps 274, 279, 284, 289

Takahiro Kagami (ep 263)
Takahiro Kishida (eps 16, 44)
Takako Shimizu (ep 155)
Takanori Suzuki
Takanori Yao
Takaomi Higashino (Studio Wanpack)
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Tetsuro Sano
Tetsuya Iwabuchi
Tetsuya Koshizaki
Tetsuya Satō
Tetsuya Wakano (Studio Wanpack)
Tokushō Takahashi (Studio Boomerang)
Tomoaki Chishima
Tomoaki Sakiyama (Anime R)
Tomochi Kosaka
Tomoe Kikuchi
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Tomoko Fukunaga
Tomoko Isobe (Anime Spot)
Tomoko Kusuki (Studio Wanpack)
Tomomi Ikeda (Studio Wanpack)
Tomomi Kamiya (Anime Spot)
Tomomi Murayama
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Toshiya Washida
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Toshiyuki Furukawa
Toshiyuki Kashiyama (Studio Boomerang)
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Tsutomu Shibutani (Nakamura Production)
Tsuyoshi Hirano
Wataru Matsumura
Watashi Morika (ACCEL)
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Yasuyuki Suzuki
Yasuyuki Tada
Yoko Iizuka
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Yoshiharu Ashino
Yoshiharu Shimizu
Yoshihiro Matsumoto
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Yoshinori Wakana
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Youhei Sasaki
Yui Ushinohama (Studio Wanpack)
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Yuichi Kikuchi
Yuichi Kurosawa (Studio Boomerang)
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Yukari Kaneko
Yukari Miyakawa
Yukari Watabe
Yuki Kudou
Yuki Nakajima
Yuki Seto (Studio Boomerang)
Yuki Tsugihashi
Yukiko Akiyama
Yukiko Ishibashi
Yukiko Muta
Yukiko Nakatochi
Yukio Okano
Yukiyo Komito
Yūko Danki
Yuko Fujii
Yuko Watanabe
Yūma Shimizu (Big Bang)
Yumie Wada (Nakamura Production)
Yumiko Ishii (Studio Wanpack)
Yuri Inoguchi
Yusuke Adachi
Yūsuke Ōkura
Yutaka Kawasuji
Yuu Ikeda (Nakamura Production)
Yuuichi Sugio
Yuuji Oosawa
Yuuko Yamada
Yuusuke Noma
Yuya Kumatani
Layout Supervision: Hideyuki Motohashi (14 episodes
eps 883-884, 886-888, 891-892, 895-896, 898, 901, 903, 908, 915

Literature Manager: Yukie Koyake
Mechanical animation Director: Hajime Kamegaki (ep 783)
Music producer: Yuuki Horio (eps 1-167)
Hajime Noguchi (Takahashi Production)
Harutoshi Miyagawa (Takahashi Production; 12 episodes
eps 3, 11, 15, 19, 23, 25, 31, 35, 39, 43, 47, 51

Harutoshi Miyakawa (Takahashi Production)
Hidetoshi Watanabe (T Nishimura)
Hironobu Horikoshi (Takahashi Production)
Jun Sato (Takahashi Production)
Junko Nagai (Takahashi Production)
Katsuaki Kamata (Studio Twinkle)
Katsumi Ota (Studio Twinkle)
Koji Sawada (Studio Twinkle)
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Seiichi Morishita (Studio Twinkle)
Takahiro Shishido (Takahashi Production)
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Takashi Kimishima (Studio Twinkle)
Takeshi Ogawa (Takahashi Production)
Tomohiro Takahashi (Takahashi Production)
Toshiyuki Fukushima (Takahashi Production)
Yuichi Katsumata (T Nishimura)
Yukiko Maruhashi (Takahashi Production)
Planning: Michihiko Suwa
Production Advancement:
Ken Kitagawa (4 episodes
eps 573, 579, 586, 592

Mizuho Saeki
Production Committee: Mikito Bizenjima (Detective Conan Project; ep 915-)
Production manager:
Hiroaki Kobayashi (eps 107-332)
Kiyoaki Terashima
Masayuki Nishimura
Satoshi Yokoyama (eps 22-106)
Sei Moriwaki (eps 333-437)
Tetsu Kojima (eps 1-21)
Recording Adjustment: Hisashi Yamamoto
Recording Director: Katsuyoshi Kobayashi
Setting Production: Hiroki Shimomura
Sound Effects: Masakazu Yokoyama
Sound Effects Assistant: Aki Yokoyama (345-present)
Theme Song Arrangement:
Aika Ohno (ED17)
Akihito Tokunaga (OP10; ED15)
Cybersound (ED9; 11, 12; OP12)
Daisuke Ikeda (OP4: ED3 , 4, 10)
heath (ED2)
Hirohita Furui (OP3, 7: ED4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10; ED14; ED18; OP32)
Keisuke Tsukimitsu (OP2)
Kōshi Inaba (OP6; ED16)
Kouichi Kaminaga (OP2)
Makoto Miyoshi (ED7)
Masazumi Ozawa (OP13)
Quron Oshiro (OP8, 11; ED13)
Satoru Kobayashi (ED17)
Shunya Shimizu (OP9)
Takahiro Matsumoto (OP6)
Takeshi Hayama (OP16)
The High-Lows (OP1)
Tomohisa Kawazoe (OP2)
Yuji Sugiyama (ED2)
Ziggy (ED1)
Theme Song Composition:
Aika Ohno (OP16; OP8; ED9, 12; ED11; ED13)
Akihito Tokunaga (OP10)
Daria Kawashima (OP11)
heath (ED2)
Hiroto Koumoto (OP1)
Juichi Morishige (ED1)
K's letters (ED15)
Kazunobu Majima (OP9)
Kōshi Inaba (ED16)
Makoto Miyoshi (ED7, 8)
Masatoshi Mashima (OP1)
Masazumi Ozawa (OP13)
Michiya Haruhata (OP12)
Miho Komatsu (OP3; ED 5, 6, 10)
Seiichiroh Kuribayashi (OP4)
Takahiro Matsumoto (OP6)
Tomohisa Kawazoe (OP2)
U-ka Saegusa (OP19, ED29)
Yuri Nakamura (ED10; ED14; ED18; OP32)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Azumi Uehara (ED13; ED15)
Hiroto Koumoto (OP1)
Izumi Sakai (OP4, 15, 21, 22; ED17)
Juichi Morishige (ED1)
Kōshi Inaba (OP6; ED16)
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Rina Aiuchi (OP8, 12)
Satomi Makoshi (OP9)
U-ka Saegusa (OP13, 18, 19; ED19, 21, 29)
Yukinojo Mori (ED2)
Theme Song Performance:
Aya Kamiki (ED25; ED30)
Azumi Uehara (ED13, ED15)
B'z (OP6, OP17; OP31; ED39)
Caos Caos Caos (OP30)
Deen (ED4)
Garnet Crow (OP7, ED10, ED14, ED18, ED20; OP20, 28, 32, ED28, 33)
heath (ED2)
Hundred Percent Free (ED35, ED37)
Keiko Utoko (ED3)
Keiko Utoku (ED #3)
Kōshi Inaba (ED16)
Mai Kuraki (OP10, OP12 ED11, ED12; OP16, 23, 25, 28, ED9, 26, 36, 40)
Maki Ohguro
Miho Komatsu (OP3; ED4, 5)
Miki Matsuhashi (OP9)
Minami Takayama (TWO-MIX - OP 5)
Naifu (OP24, ED32)
Rina Aiuchi (OP8, OP11, OP14; OP27)
Rumania Montevideo (ED7)
Sayuri Iwata (ED23)
Shiori Takei (ED22)
The High-Lows (OP1)
U-ka Saegusa (OP13, OP18, ED21)
U-ka saegusa IN db (OP19, ED19, ED29)
Valshe (OP37)
Wands (OP 51)
Yumi Shizukusa (ED27; ED31)
Zard (OP4 & ED17; OP15, 21, 22, ED24)
Ziggy (ED1)
Titles: Yoshiko Tagami
Toshimi Ebihara: Takako Fuji (ep 241)
Akira Kamiya as Kogoro Mouri (eps 1-552)
Minami Takayama as Conan Edogawa
Rikiya Koyama as Kogoro Mouri (since ep 553)
Wakana Yamazaki as Ran Mouri

Ai Orikasa as Mitsuhiko Tsurubaya (eps 427-439)
Ami Koshimizu as Yui Uehara
Atsuko Tanaka as Mary Sera
Chafurin as Inspector Megure
Fumi Hirano as Rumi Wakasa
Ichirō Nagai as Jirokichi Suzuki
Ikue Ōtani as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Isshin Chiba as Kazunobu Chiba
Kaneto Shiozawa as Inspector Shiratori (4 episodes
eps 146-147, 156-157
Kappei Yamaguchi as Shin'ichi Kudo
Kazuhiko Inoue as Inspector Shiratori
Kenichi Ogata as Professor Hiroshi Agasa
Megumi Hayashibara as Ai Haibara
Naoko Matsui as Sonoko Suzuki
Ryo Horikawa as Heiji Hattori
Shigeru Chiba as Kanenori Wakita
Toshio Furukawa as Detective Yamamura
Wataru Takagi as
Detective Takagi
Genta Kojima
Yukiko Iwai as Ayumi Yoshida
Yukimasa Kishino as Hyoue Kuroda
Yuko Miyamura as Kazuha Toyama
Yuuji Takada as Kansuke Yamato

Ai Kobayashi as Shimizu (ep 148)
Ai Orikasa as
Megure Midori (eps 217-218)
Seiji Asou/Narumi Asai (ep 11)
Ai Satou as
Hanzaki Yoshiko (eps 210-211)
Masako Kameda (eps 264-265)
Tsuneko Oowada (ep 369)
Ai Takahashi as Futaba Nanao (eps 678-679)
Ai Uchikawa as
Ayaka Honjo (eps 282-283)
Girl (ep 474)
Shoko Oide (ep 67)
Akemi Okamura as Yasue Taira (eps 545-546)
Akeno Watanabe as
Kaoru Iimori (ep 635)
Kusano (eps 249-250)
Rumi Handou (eps 545-546)
Akiko Hiramatsu as
Aki Ishihara (ep 219)
Ryoko (ep 10)
Sayo Ohashi (4 episodes
eps 644-645, 827-828
Akiko Kobayashi as girl B (ep 244)
Akiko Koike as
Nurse (eps 170-171)
Stewardess B (ep 162)
waitress (ep 192)
Woman A (eps 172-173)
Akiko Namioka as Fumie Miyake (eps 594-595)
Akiko Toda as Home helper #4
Akiko Yajima as Mori Yukiko (ep 158)
Akio Nojima as Katagiri Masanori (ep 184)
Akio Ohtsuka as
Inspector Yokomizo
Juugo Yokomizo
Akio Shindō as Nobutsugu Nezu (eps 246-247)
Akio Suyama as
Daijiro Manaka (ep 442)
Ohtaki's junior (ep 383)
Ryuhei Hosoi (eps 509-510)
Shuichiro Tarumi (ep 577)
Toshiyuki Ida (eps 138-139)
Akira Igarashi as
Kōichi Fujiki (ep 664)
Shirō Masuko (eps 592-593)
Akira Ishida as
Ichirou (eps 22-23)
Masashi Watabiki (eps 415-417)
Saguru Hakuba (ep 219)
Akira Murayama as Tameshige Munechika (eps 894-895)
Andy Holyfield as Edward (ep 162)
Ansei Iwata as Higashida (ep 156)
Aoi Yūki as Funako Nakai (ep 797)
Arisa Kōri as Katsuto Kawaguchi (ep 855)
Aruno Tahara as Yakura Morio (eps 210-211)
Asako Dodo as
Clerk (eps 575-576)
Eiko (ep 91)
Masayo Tokudaiji
Midori Kuriyama (3 episodes
eps 264-265, 589

Receptionist (ep 478)
Yuuko Ikezawa (ep 3)
Asami Sanada as Chika Murai (ep 486)
Asami Yoshida as Anna Hinomiya (ep 958)
Atsuko Mine as Midori Hino (eps 589-590)
Atsuko Tanaka as Akiko Kinoshita (ep 94)
Atsuko Yuya as
officer Satou
Sakaguchi (ep 63)
Atsushi Ii as
Detective Tsuyama
Kazuaki Hirata (ep 11)
Atsushi Kisaichi as
Man (ep 474)
Yasuo Fujino (ep 368)
Yuichi Hokari (ep 820)
Atsushi Miyauchi as Joukichi Sotomura
Atsushi Ono as Teruhiko Motoi (ep 825)
Atsushi Taniguchi as Male student B (ep 784)
Aya Endo as
Bianca (eps 818-819)
Isuzu Naomura (eps 919-920)
Aya Hara as
Tivoli garden receptionist (ep 377)
Yukiko Yasunaga (ep 405)
Aya Hisakawa as
Ako Amari (eps 266-268)
Aoshima Masayo (eps 121-122)
Saki Nijimura (ep 562)
Satoko Takehara (ep 996)
Tateishi Shizuku (ep 490)
Aya Ueto as Aya Ueto (as herself; ep 437)
Ayako Kawasumi as Kanae Kaetsu (ep 979)
Ayako Kurosaki as daughter (ep 229)
Ayumi Kida as Takada Tomohiro (ep 149)
Azusa Yamamoto as Azusa Yamamoto (herself / ep 488)
Banjou Ginga as Tsuneaki Niikura (eps 124-125)
Biichi Satou as
Noboru Takanashi (eps 705-706)
Shuji Sasano (ep 1006)
Bin Sasaki as Jisaburo Izumi (eps 716-717)
Bin Shimada as
Mineto Kanetani (eps 366-367)
Shigehiko Wakisaka (ep 263)
Charles Glover as Ray (eps 238-239)
Chiaki Morita as Minagawa Susumu (ep 6)
Chie Koujiro as Ryouko Takimoto (ep 584)
Chie Nakamura as girl (ep 460)
Chie Sawaguchi as Shouko Utakura (eps 603, 605)
Chieko Enomoto as Kamijou (ep 69)
Chieko Honda as
Akane Isaka (eps 299-300)
Sayama Akiko (eps 68-70)
Chiharu Suzuka as
Ayako (ep 71)
Reiko Andou (ep 255)
Chika Sakamoto as
Atsuko Degawa (ep 635)
Takumi Hashiratani (eps 462-463)
Chikako Akimoto as
Kojima (ep 45)
Mrs. Sato (eps 253-254)
Chikao Ohtsuka as Choichiro Shitara (eps 385-387)
Chinatsu Akasaki as Tomomi Higuchi (ep 975)
Chisa Yokoyama as
Ayami Yamaki (eps 878-879)
Suzu (eps 61-62)
Chiwa Saito as Maria Suzumoto (ep 908)
Chiyoko Kawashima as Katsuhiko's mother (ep 6)
Chizuko Hoshino as Haruka Kawai (eps 545-546)
Chō as Inspector (ep 490)
Christelle Ciari as Juno Glass (eps 619-621)
Dai Matsumoto as Atsushi Umemiya (ep 18)
Daiki Nakamura as
Akira Akashi (eps 240-241)
detective A (ep 219)
Man #1/Yaiba Costume Man (ep 17)
Daisuke Gouri as Juzo Tonoyama (ep 32)
Daisuke Hirakawa as Unpei Terado (eps 597-598)
Daisuke Kishio as
Jun Kouda (eps 720-721)
Noburo Ikema (eps 291-293)
Daisuke Namikawa as Shirou Ogata (eps 194-195)
Daisuke Ono as
Ginsuke Toratani (ep 821)
Muga Iori
Shin’ichi Wada (eps 885-886)
Daisuke Sakaguchi as Yoshinari Hashimoto (eps 636-637)
Danjūrō Ichikawa XIII as Ebizō Ichikawa XI (eps 804-805)
Eiji Maruyama as
Doctor (ep 251)
Kyusaku Mamegaki (ep 21)
Tamefumi Tatsuo (eps 516-517)
Eiji Miyashita as Sumio Fujinami (eps 652-654)
Eiji Takemoto as
Ko Kochiyama (eps 944-945)
Tengo Anzai (eps 885-886)
Yusuke Nakamura (ep 544)
Eiko Masuyama as Fusae Cambell Kinoshita (ep 422)
Eiko Yamada as Nakahara (ep 46)
Eimasa Kayumi as Tsunashima (eps 233-234)
Emi Motoi as Schoolgirl (ep 460)
Emi Shinohara as
Ikumi Soda (ep 219)
Kaoru Uemori (eps 110-111)
Noriko Okaya (ep 37)
Yuzuki Fukui (eps 738-739)
Emiri Katō as
Girl (ep 575)
Sueko Suematsu (ep 900)
Eri Kitamura as Ayaka Saijô (ep 988)
Etsuo Yokobori as Yuuji Shikazaki (ep 21)
Fumihiko Tachiki as Vodka
Fumiko Miyashita as
Housewife (ep 276)
Policewoman (eps 249-250)
Reporter (ep 258)
TV Voice (eps 274-275)
Waitress (eps 253-254)
Fumiko Orikasa as
Kaede Yashiro (eps 949-950)
Kaori Kosuda (ep 719)
Kira Miyahara (eps 603-604)
Fumio Matsuoka as Kentarou Honma (eps 636-637)
Fuuko Shinomiya as Katsuko Okubi (ep 817)
Gara Takashima as Eri Kisaki
Ginzo Matsuo as
Go Sumii (ep 42)
Juukichi Iwata (eps 92-93)
Man #2 (ep 17)
Man B (ep 12)
Gorou Sanada as Eisaku Toratani (ep 821)
Guy Barryman as Ricardo (eps 238-239)
Hajime Koseki as Businessman Manaka (ep 8)
Haruka Tomatsu as
Emi Yahagi (ep 865)
Rie Abe (eps 949-950)
Harumi Asai as
Akiho Kokubu (eps 589-590)
Kanoko Nakagiri (eps 772-773)
Maki Shinjou (eps 236-237)
Hayato Nakata as Yosaburo Ihara (eps 818-819)
Hideaki Ishii as Hotta Kouji (ep 44)
Hideaki Tezuka as Hirose Shunzou (ep 30)
Hideaki Ugaki as Kawatsu (eps 57-58)
Hidekatsu Shibata as Teraoka (ep 64)
Hidenari Nakamura as Uehara (ep 61)
Hidenari Ugaki as
detective Yasuki (eps 255-256)
Kawatsu (eps 57-58)
Hideo Ishikawa as Robber A (ep 890)
Hidetoshi Nakamura as
Ken Nishimoto (ep 11)
Kitagawa (eps 156-157)
Hideyuki Hori as Tomoaki
Hideyuki Tanaka as Yusaku Kudo
Hideyuki Umezu as
Hario (ep 299)
Kazuki Daimon (eps 261-262)
Hikaru Hanada as
Detective Takei (ep 664)
Detective Tamagawa (ep 729)
Hideo Ebihara (ep 565)
Kensuke Katsuragi (ep 512)
Koudai Jinbe (ep 773)
Minoru Nakagawa (ep 140)
Shinsuke Sagara (eps 197-198)
Hikaru Midorikawa as
Aikawa Touya (ep 184)
Kawatake Otoya (ep 452)
Takashi Ishida (ep 360)
Hiro Shimono as
Keita Yagi (ep 1009)
Yuuto Kariya (ep 784)
Hiroaki Hirata as
Iwao Takatori (eps 913-914)
Kamekura (ep 225)
Minami (ep 51)
Tadahiko Michiwaki (eps 153-154)
Hirofumi Nojima as Osamu Samon (ep 726)
Hirohiko Kakegawa as Program Director (ep 31)
Hiroki Takahashi as Takuya Murakami (ep 666)
Hiroki Yasumoto as Ryosuke Sawada (ep 860)
Hiroko Emori as Masako Fukuhara (ep 875)
Hiroko Taguchi as
Aoi Owada (ep 577)
Maki Amamiya (ep 824)
Hiroko Takahashi as Yoshitomo Uemori
Hiromi Tsuru as Kuniko Yamamoto (ep 214)
Hiromichi Kogami as
Detective (eps 246-247)
Detective A (eps 269-270)
Detective D (ep 219)
male student A (ep 192)
Hiroshi Ishida as Yuuichi Sumeragi (ep 32)
Hiroshi Ito as Kaneshiro (ep 69)
Hiroshi Kawaguchi as Akita (eps 299-300)
Hiroshi Kitazawa as Ohtake Wataru (ep 149)
Hiroshi Nagahata as Master (ep 32)
Hiroshi Naka as
Asou (ep 2)
Floor Manager (ep 31)
Masami Hirota (ep 129)
Sadaharu Nishimura (ep 989)
Hiroshi Yanaka as
Akio (ep 20)
Detective Shimizu (eps 107-108)
Okano Hitoshi (ep 97)
Hirotaka Suzuoki as Taichi (ep 71)
Hiroyuki Yokoo as male student B (ep 192)
Hisao Egawa as
Hoshino Haruyuki (ep 175)
Hozumi (eps 457-458)
Kengo Bito (eps 226-227)
Kenzaki (eps 249-250)
Naokazu Fukuchi (eps 346-347)
Hisaya Wakabayashi as Naota Momoi (eps 377-378)
Hitomi Nabatame as Umika Miyashita (ep 939)
Hitoshi Hirao as taxi driver
Hitoshi Horimoto as Forensics Specialist (ep 3)
Hitoshi Ohke as Mifune Takuya (ep 39)
Hitoshi Oya as Takuya Mifune (eps 39-40)
Houchu Ohtsuka as kidnapper (ep 2)
Houko Kuwashima as
Kazumi Tsukamoto (eps 361-362)
Kei Kashitsuka/Serina Urakawa (eps 671-674)
Midorikawa Kurara (ep 512)
Nanigawa Ayako
Tomoko Komori (ep 960)
Ichirō Nagai as En Kenzou (ep 252)
Iemasa Kayumi as
James Black
Yoshio Tsunashima (eps 233-234)
Ikue Ōtani as Asami Tsuburaya (Mitsuhiko's sister; ep 289)
Ikuko Tani as Suou Beniko (ep 184)
Ikuto Kanemasa as Male student A (ep 784)
Ikuya Sawaki as Masato Shimizu (ep 11)
Isao Tsutsui as Nikaidou Yuuji (ep 39)
Issei Futamata as Anzai (ep 21)
Isshin Chiba as
announcement (ep 158)
announcer (eps 9, 38)
Anzai keiji (ep 299)
assistant director (ep 63)
bus driver
Cloak Checker (ep 13)
Conductor (ep 5)
detective B (eps 245, 250)
detective Hirose (eps 255-256)
employee B (ep 192)
farmer 1 (ep 61)
guard A (ep 45)
Hosono (ep 149)
Jiro Kobayashi (ep 179)
Kishida (ep 1)
Kitano (ep 73)
liquor store person (ep 59)
male announcer (ep 9)
man A (eps 226-227)
Man C (ep 14)
Policeman (4 episodes
eps 3, 107-108, 251

policeman 1 (ep 211)
policeman A (5 episodes
eps 2, 8, 47, 52, 69

Security Guard #1 (ep 8)
store owner A (ep 4)
Swimming Instructor (ep 26)
Teranishi (eps 371-372)
TV announcer (ep 71)
umpire (ep 41)
worker (ep 135)
worker A (ep 156)
Jeff Manning as Ed (eps 238-239)
Jin Domon as Ginji Yamane (eps 818-819)
Jin Urayama as Ouzaburou Katayose (eps 638-639)
Jin Yamanoi as
Akira Doi (eps 294-295)
detective C (ep 219)
Yuuji Kisaki (ep 252)
Jiro Saito as Yuta Kimishima (ep 825)
Jouji Nakata as
Kazunori Senba (eps 861-862)
Kiba (eps 316-317)
Koichi Yamabe (ep 14)
Noburu Sazanuma (ep 162)
Shinji Usami (eps 264-265)
Jouji Yanami as Ten'ei (ep 52)
Jun Fukushima as Makoto Hyôdô (ep 958)
Jun Fukuyama as kendo club A (ep 263)
Jun Hazumi as
Hanaoka Kenjin (ep 60)
Heihachi Mikami (eps 374-375)
Jun Karasawa as Chikako Ikeda (eps 34-35)
Junichi Sugawara as
barber (ep 242)
detective B (ep 219)
detective C (ep 245)
fake policeman (eps 258-259)
Ishijima (ep 149)
landlord (ep 156)
old man (ep 253)
Tomonaga (ep 255)
Junichi Suwabe as
Junji Hyodo (ep 661)
Sumiya Nishino (eps 1003-1005)
Junji Kitajima as
Man (ep 474)
Shinji Kobayashi (ep 370)
Junko Asami as
Waitress (ep 581)
Yasuko Inomata (ep 635)
Junko Hori as Souda Mitsue
Junko Iwao as Noriko Imai (ep 363)
Junko Minagawa as
Karube Romi (ep 452)
Machiko Enami (ep 958)
Nobue Katayose (eps 638-639)
Yukiko Watanabe (ep 544)
Junko Noda as Hondou Eisuke
Junko Shimakata as Takami Ohno (eps 808-809)
Junro Maruyama as Radio annoucer (ep 383)
Jūrōta Kosugi as
Akio Yoshino (ep 196)
Saeki (ep 37)
Tsuyoshi Maeda (ep 368)
Kae Araki as
Akiko (ep 2)
Moegi Hikawa (ep 521)
Kan Tokumaru as Detective/Mystery Man (ep 13)
Kana Asumi as Yuri Asakura (ep 952)
Kana Ueda as
Asuka Natsume (ep 891)
Hikaru Hinohara (eps 712-715)
Kanae Itō as Yûko Ōyodo (ep 988)
Kaneta Kimotsuki as Terai (ep 219)
Kaori Nazuka as
Ayano Saeki (ep 899)
Chiaki (ep 615)
Chiaki “Madonna” Tooyama (ep 981)
Manami Nakadai (ep 851)
Kaori Saiki as Harukawa Kanako (ep 149)
Kaoru Matsuno as Nobuko Nagato (eps 77-78)
Kaoru Morota as
Aoi Kimishima (ep 825)
Attendant B (ep 54)
Clerk (ep 50)
Female announcement (ep 86)
Hasuki Shitara (eps 385-387)
Kazumi Nakayama (ep 83)
Kaoru Shimamura as Clerk (ep 12)
Kappei Yamaguchi as Kaito Kid/Kaito Kuroba
Katsuhiro Kitagawa as Gou Matsuihide
Katsuhisa Houki as
Ryota Adachi (ep 63)
Subordinate (ep 82)
Takagaki (ep 91)
Yuzo Takeda (eps 166-168)
Katsumi Chou as
Isokichi Kamoi (eps 253-254)
Professor Nino (ep 373)
Katsumi Suzuki as
Doorman (ep 24)
Hasegawa (ep 74)
Newscaster (ep 118)
Sujio Hosokowa (ep 219)
Katsumi Toriumi as
Announcer (ep 1000)
Toganou (eps 57-58)
Youji Takikawa (eps 636-637)
Katsunosuke Hori as Yutaka Abe (ep 38)
Katsuya Shiga as Hajime Futagawa (ep 374)
Katsuyuki Konishi as
Akira Hojima (eps 335-336)
Minoru Ogata (eps 194-195)
Nakamura (ep 219)
policeman 2 (ep 211)
Ryôji Mizuhara (ep 405)
Sonsaku Tsujiei (ep 625)
Youichi Tezuka (ep 202)
Kaya Matsutani as
Shiori Yamaguchi (ep 478)
Yayoi Kijima (eps 377-378)
Kayoko Fujii as
Kana Misaki
Kazumi Tatsumi (ep 30)
Kazuaki Itō as Kouji Hamada (eps 61-62)
Kazue Ikura as
Kaori (ep 6)
Mai Seta (eps 580-581)
Yuki Togawa (ep 257)
Yuko Kawai (ep 904)
Kazuhiko Inoue as Date (ep 55)
Kazuhiko Kishino as
Fujisawa (eps 57-58)
Kazuyoshi Tanaka (ep 15)
Kazuhiro Nakata as
Criminal A (ep 33)
man wearing coat 1
Kazuhiro Yamaga as Tokito (ep 29)
Kazuhiro Yamaji as Yukio Ayashiro (eps 27-28)
Kazuki Ogawa as Sosuke Mizushina (eps 827-828)
Kazuki Yao as
Fuuga Kahara (eps 481-482)
Kuramoto Youji (eps 446-447)
Naoki Uemura (ep 10)
Reiji Himuro (ep 707)
Shishido Kenichi (ep 109)
Kazunari Tanaka as
ambulance worker (ep 118)
Ohtaki's friend (ep 383)
Robber boss (ep 824)
Shigetsugu Torada (ep 516)
Tooru Amakasu (ep 651)
Kazuo Oka as Wasuke Konishi (ep 817)
Kazuya Ichijou as
Iijima (ep 8)
Ryouichi Aonogi (eps 210-211)
Shirou Wakaouji (ep 32)
Yamagishi (ep 3)
Yusuka Sakata (ep 118)
Kazuya Nakai as Kotegawa Takashi (ep 263)
Kazuyuki Okitsu as Teigo Bano (ep 896)
Kei Hayami as
Eiko Koshimizu (eps 253-254)
Kazue Ichikawa (ep 97)
Reiko Kuroiwa (ep 11)
Keiichi Nanba as
Kanou (eps 233-234)
Tatsuji (ep 71)
Keiichi Sonobe as Masao Horii (ep 148)
Keiji Fujiwara as
Man A (ep 14)
Police officer (ep 15)
Keiko Aizawa as
Hanaoka Reiko (ep 260)
Yasue Nagato (eps 77-78)
Keiko Han as
Ryouko Morizumi (ep 325)
Keiko Koumyouji as Eiko Suzaka (eps 638-639)
Keiko Onodera as Eri (ep 14)
Keiko Sonoda as
Employee C
Housewife A
Staff (eps 222-224)
Woman B
Keisuke Tanaka as Ohtsubo (eps 299-300)
Ken Narita as
Etoh (ep 41)
Masao Monobe (eps 361-362)
Muraki (eps 126-127)
Ken Takeuchi as Kyōdō Tsutomu (eps 669-670)
Ken Uo as Katsumasa Ogura (4 episodes
eps 644-645, 827-828
Kenichi Morozumi as Nisse's father
Kenichi Sakaguchi as Ryouji Amatsuchi (eps 374-375)
Kenji Hanada as employee A (ep 192)
Kenji Utsumi as
Kozaburo Hijikata (eps 103-104)
Tomoyuki Okusu (ep 251)
Kenjiro Tsuda as Kiritani (ep 463)
Kenn as Kimiyuki Tachikawa (ep 1006)
Kenta Miyake as
Kazuma Sakaki (ep 475)
Nozomu Shimazaki (ep 565)
Kenyuu Horiuchi as
Harufumi Mogi (ep 219)
Satoru Ohba (ep 192)
Kihachiro Uemura as
Hajime Okita (eps 103-104)
Kannen (ep 52)
Kikuko Inoue as
Ayaka Yoshino (ep 208)
Rei Masudo (ep 449)
Sakurako Tatsumi (eps 192-193)
Toda Kiwako (eps 114-115)
Kikumi Umeda as Clerk (ep 580)
Kimiko Saitō as
Asako Fujimori (ep 582)
Tôko Momosaki (ep 961)
Tomoyo Nitsuka (eps 878-879)
Kinpei Azusa as Tomofumi Tanaka (ep 15)
Kinryuu Arimoto as Jouji Hatamoto (eps 23-24)
Kishō Taniyama as Yasushi Taira (ep 990)
Kiyomi Asai as Announcer
Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi as
Katagiri Anaconda (ep 90)
Keizou Kaneda (ep 161)
Pilot (ep 14)
Kiyonobu Suzuki as
Shoji Kano (ep 810)
Yamata (ep 9)
Kiyoshi Kawakubo as Kanaya (eps 57-58)
Kiyoshi Kobayashi as Yuji Suwa (ep 16)
Kiyoyuki Yanada as
Andre Camel
Hasebe (ep 478)
Ueda (ep 5)
Koichi Sakaguchi as
Junichi Sakuta (eps 818-819)
Tsuyoshi Nojima (ep 709)
Kōichi Yamadera as
Kyosuke Haga (eps 385-387)
Masateru Hira (ep 449)
Kōji Ishii as
Detective Andou (eps 236-237)
Iino (ep 74)
Inspector Ginzo Nakamori
Mamoru Matsudaira (ep 184)
Nose Toshizou (eps 371-372)
Ohkubo (ep 149)
Koji Yusa as
Hisashi Suguro (eps 197-198)
Jouhei Hagawa (eps 712-715)
Kawasaki (ep 148)
Kyousuke Arai (eps 540-541)
Soshi Okita
Teruyuki Nashida (eps 640-641)
Toshiya Tadokoro (eps 88-89)
Konami Yoshida as
Ayano Tsukumo (ep 96)
Female announcer (ep 9)
Mizuki Kawaguchi (eps 255-256)
Newscaster (ep 12)
Reporter (ep 4)
Yumi Morimoto (ep 368)
Konomi Maeda as Madoka Mitsui (eps 236-237)
Kotono Mitsuishi as
Rena Mizunashi/Kir
Yuri Konno (ep 217)
Kouichi Toochika as Detective Terashima (ep 360)
Kouji Nakano as Ichieda Takashi (ep 39)
Kouji Ochiai as Keita Kaneko (ep 989)
Kouji Totani as Kensaku Kawaji (eps 347, 349)
Kouji Tsujitani as Hideo Akagi
Kouji Yada as Principal (eps 361-362)
Kousei Hirota as
Nagato Hideomi (eps 77-78)
Kousei Tomita as
Jirokichi Suzuki (ep 746)
Kenzo Akatsuka (eps 415-417)
Mikio Fujieda (eps 333-334)
Yoshikazu Watanuki (eps 107-108)
Kousei Yagi as
Kenji Suzuki (eps 22-23)
Kuranosuke Take (eps 77-78)
Kousuke Okano as
Hitoshi Dejima (eps 226-227)
Katou (ep 294)
Kengo Saruwatari (eps 377-378)
Shinsuke Akiyama (eps 810-812)
Toshiya's brother (ep 129)
Kousuke Toriumi as Masao Kaneda (ep 709)
Koutarou Nakamura as Raita Oide (eps 990-991)
Kouzou Mito as
Clerk (ep 1000)
Ryôji (ep 478)
Kujira as
Heihachiro's Wife (ep 67)
Sayuri Tokomae (eps 540-541)
Kumiko Ishizuka as Ezumi (ep 46)
Kumiko Nishihara as Atsuko Tonda (ep 827)
Kumiko Tsunoda as Kumiko Nakayama
Kumiko Watanabe as
Mifuyu Morita (ep 899)
Yuuta (ep 7)
Kunihiko Yasui as
Akira Enoshima (ep 1006)
Nobukasu Michiba (ep 370)
Shirai Noriyuki (ep 217)
Kyoko Iijima as Shimogasa Honami (ep 184)
Kyousei Tsukui as Akira Omi (ep 816)
Maaya Sakamoto as Okano Yuki (eps 249-250)
Mabuki Andou as
Anabuki Harue (ep 487)
Makino Jun (eps 446-447)
Machiko Toyoshima as Noriko Endou (ep 297)
Mai Kuraki as Herself (ep 927)
Mai Nakahara as
Eimi Chikada (ep 784)
Reia Nanbu (eps 878-879)
Maki Kawase as Female student B (ep 784)
Makoto Furukawa as Yuji Fujioka (ep 989)
Mami Kingetsu as Nojima Eiko (eps 299-300)
Mami Koyama as
Akiko Hanai (ep 25)
Sharon Vineyard
Mamiko Noto as
Aso Mari (ep 752)
Hiroko Fujiyoshi (ep 905)
Mutsumi Suguri (ep 626)
Saki Yoshizawa (ep 260)
Takemi Yamakura (ep 859)
Man Katou as Ryouichi Takahashi (eps 34-35)
Manabu Ino as Keiichi Naruse (ep 48)
Mari Maruta as
Aiko (ep 1)
Akemi's Mother (ep 304)
Demeter Bauer (eps 620-621)
Kiriko Busujima (ep 425)
Mamoru Akagi (ep 10)
Susan Trummelperman (ep 816)
Woman (ep 356)
Mari Tomokawa as
Female Bungee jumper (ep 149)
Investigation officer (ep 150)
Train Passenger B (ep 144)
Mariko Kouda as Mizuki Seto (eps 537-538)
Marina Inoue as
Kotone Momozono (eps 705-706)
Mei Tsukuba (eps 962-964)
Mariya Ise as
Reiko Banba (eps 822-823)
Tohru Amuro (young)
Yûko Akiba (ep 908)
Masaaki Sakai as himself (eps 636-637)
Masaaki Tsukada as old man (ep 47)
Masafumi Kimura as
detective A (eps 245, 250)
Mamehara (eps 253-254)
Masaharu Satō as Kawana (ep 4)
Masahiko Tanaka as
Detective Ooura (eps 236-237)
Imoto (ep 53)
Koichi Mito (eps 203-204)
Leonardo Rossi (eps 316-317)
Mogo Shugiyama (ep 251)
Shingo Nose (92-93)
Yagisawa (ep 255)
Masahiro Kobayashi as Katsumi Yamada (ep 42)
Masahito Yabe as Okita Mitsuo (eps 629-630)
Masakazu Morita as
Fusaya Oide (eps 990-991)
Naosuke Kurosawa (ep 478)
Ryosuke Fukuma (eps 419-420)
Masaki Aizawa as
Hiroto Sasaki (ep 915)
Hotta Ryouji (ep 44)
Takeshi Nakazawa (ep 265)
Masaki Kawanabe as Shuunen (ep 52)
Masako Ikeda as Fumie Koda (ep 437)
Masako Katsuki as
Akemi Miyano/Masami Hirota (ep 13)
Mimura Yukari (eps 210-211)
Shizuka Hattori (ep 263)
Masako Nozawa as
Furuyo Senma
Serika Wakamatsu (eps 652-653)
Masami Kikuchi as
Hajime Kaifu (ep 165)
Minoru Kijima (ep 424)
Yoshia Tagiri (eps 990-991)
Masami Sakuchi as Itokawa Tooru (ep 373)
Masami Toyoshima as Mitsui Mika (ep 135)
Masamichi Sato as Takeshi Mahehawa (ep 26)
Masamu Ono as Cho-kun (ep 943)
Masaru Ikeda as Masayoshi Sakaguchi (ep 26)
Masashi Ebara as Mikawa Yuuji (ep 199)
Masashi Hirose as
Man A (ep 12)
Ogura (ep 240)
Ushikubo (ep 255)
Masashi Sugawara as
Masato Shimizu (eps 1000-1001)
Tobe (ep 474)
Masato Yamanouchi as Yasuo Okida (ep 29)
Masatoshi Nagase as Mike Hama (ep 284)
Masaya Onosaka as
Firefighter (ep 383)
Horikoshi Masashi (ep 376)
Jirou Imaoka (ep 582)
Kobayashi (ep 55)
Ohtaki (high school; ep 383)
Masaya Taki as Saburo Haruna (ep 360)
Masayo Hosono as
Girl A
Kindergarten teacher
Motoko Kawaguchi (ep 817)
Masayo Kurata as Kazumi Tsukamoto (2nd voice; ep 592)
Masayuki Nakata as Hiroyuki Sakuma
Masumi Asano as
Sakie Tsutsumi (ep 975)
Takeuchi Sanae (ep 251)
Masumi Tsuda as Akie Hatamoto (eps 22-23)
Masuo Amada as Shuichi Murasawa (ep 11)
Maya Okamoto as
Miya Meguro (ep 448)
Sayuri Matsumoto (ep 18)
Mayuki Makiguchi as
Arisa Nakashima (ep 816)
Nanase Oizumi (ep 1006)
Mayumi Asano as Kiyona Shono (eps 814-815)
Mayumi Shō as Mai (eps 190-191)
Mayumi Tanaka as Toyoko Busujima (ep 943)
Megumi Han as Rika Minakami (ep 915)
Megumi Hayashibara as
Akako Koizumi (ep 219)
Elena Miyano
Shiho Miyano/Sherry
Megumi Kubota as Child (ep 369)
Megumi Nakajima as Kaoru Inoue (ep 708)
Megumi Ogata as Ayako Nagai (ep 31)
Megumi Toyoguchi as Assistant A (ep 406)
Megumi Urawa as
Natsumi Yuuki (eps 547-548)
Toshiko Bessho (eps 354-355)
Mic Bond as Hans Buckley (ep 458)
Michael Neishtatt as Mike (eps 238-239)
Michiko Neya as
Shiori Yagi (ep 971)
Tomoko Hirata
Michiyo Yanagisawa as
Kaneda Kanami (ep 214)
Yoshimi Satake (eps 652-655)
Mie Akagi as waitress (ep 232)
Mie Kataoka as Mitsuko Domoto (ep 393)
Mika Doi as Reiko (ep 47)
Mika Kanai as Touji Funemoto (eps 464-465)
Mika Watanabe as Hiroshi (ep 59)
Mikako Komatsu as Hina Wada (eps 847-848)
Mikako Takahashi as Kaho Mizunuma (ep 940)
Miki Itō as
Eri Akechi (eps 379-380)
Hatsuho Houjou (eps 261-262)
Io Ōide (eps 990-991)
Miho (ep 70)
Misa Yashiro (ep 680)
Rumi Kogure (eps 836-837)
Tsugumi Amano (ep 162)
Yumi Suzuki (ep 441)
Miki Nagasawa as
Shimogasa Minaho (ep 184)
Yoko Okino (eps 249-250)
Miki Takahashi as Shimabukuro Kimie (eps 222-224)
Mikiko Enomoto as
announcement (ep 115)
Azusa (ep 220)
Mikiko Miki as
Akiko Yonehara (eps 84-85)
Fumiko Hotta (ep 44)
Minako Kotobuki as Eiko Ikeguchi (ep 859)
Minami Takayama as
Aoko Nakamori (ep 219)
Minami Takayama (eps 81-82)
Minoru Inaba as
Hitoshi Takegami (ep 820)
Kusuda keiji (ep 299)
man A (ep 5)
principal (ep 41)
Shoutarou Koizumi (ep 225)
Miru Hitotsuyanagi as Tomoko Suzuki (ep 76)
Misa Watanabe as Yumiko Niikura (ep 175)
Mitsuaki Hoshino as
Gerald Tenma
manager (ep 135)
Mitsuaki Madono as
Hyota Nagase (eps 316-317)
Kenji Suenaga (ep 357)
Reiki Hirasaka (eps 603-605)
Takashi Umezu (ep 433)
Mitsuki Saiga as
Beautiful woman (ep 125)
Day shift worker (ep 140)
Kumi Kijima (eps 949-950)
Noriko Kurusu (ep 820)
Nurse (ep 115)
Shopkeeper (ep 129)
Mitsuki Yayoi as Mamegaki Taeko (ep 21)
Mitsuo Iwata as
Emcee (ep 478)
Goki Sudo (eps 524-525)
Kaoru Otani (eps 98-99)
Kazuya Itabashi (eps 466-467)
Rikumichi Kusuda (ep 496)
Saburo Nakanishi (ep 441)
Mitsuru Miyamoto as
Hideki Koide (ep 478)
Minomiya (ep 251)
Miyuki Ichijou as
FBI Agent Jody Starling
Jody Sandemillion (4 episodes
eps 226-227, 230-231

Toda (eps 57-58)
Miyuki Matsushita as TV announcer (ep 383)
Miyuki Sawashiro as Narumi Asai (eps 1000-1001)
Motoko Kumai as
Apollo Glass (ep 616)
Rintarou Koizumi (ep 225)
Toshiya (ep 129)
Motomu Kiyokawa as Toshiaki Imamura (ep 97)
Mugihito as Local policeman (eps 1000-1001)
Mutsumi Tamura as Mai Fukamoto (ep 988)
Nachi Nozawa as Kengo Chikaraishi
Nana Mizuki as clothes store person (ep 242)
Nao Takamori as beauty salonist A (ep 135)
Naoki Bandou as Masaharu Motoyama (eps 371-372)
Naoki Makishima as
Assistant Director (ep 31)
hotelman (ep 115)
Man #4 (ep 17)
man B (eps 226-227)
Officer Tome (ep 18/99)
Policeman (ep 18)
policeman B (eps 258-259)
Shimoda (ep 5)
staff B (ep 130)
store owner B (ep 4)
Takichi Takeyama (eps 818-819)
Tonnen (ep 52)
Umpire (ep 383)
Naoko Kouda as Inako Maru (ep 16)
Naoko Takano as Kataoka Renge (ep 452)
Naomi Kusumi as
Hiroyuki Henmi
Shintaro Toki (ep 1006)
Naomi Nagasawa as Reiko (ep 1)
Naomi Shindoh as Sana Murakami (ep 952)
Narumi Hidaka as Sanae Sugita (ep 26)
Natsuko Kuwatani as Kumi Suda (ep 817)
Natsumi Asaoka as Stewardess A (ep 162)
Nobuaki Fukuda as Yasuo Hanzaki (ep 816)
Nobuaki Sekine as
Katsuhiko Nakamoto (ep 36)
Nobuo Tobita as
Hideki Mamiya (eps 294-295)
Naomichi (ep 6)
Yuya Kazami (ep 926)
Nobutoshi Canna as
Bungo Tatei (ep 453)
Fukuyama (eps 222-224)
Jinpei Matsuda (ep 304)
Kouji Furukawa (ep 187)
Naoto Tachikawa (ep 295)
Nobuyuki Hiyama as Makoto Kyougoku
Noriaki Sugiyama as Raito Egashira (eps 545-546)
Norihiro Inoue as
Kazuaki Hirata (eps 1000-1001)
Masaru Ohta (eps 34-35)
Noriko Hidaka as Masumi Sera
Noriko Uemura as Masako Ogino (ep 989)
Norio Murata as Miura (ep 29)
Norio Wakamoto as
Goro Otaki
Korehisa Kanie (ep 174)
Michihiko Suwa (ep 31)
Miyahara (eps 81-82)
Officer Ohtaki (ep 263)
Nozomi Aoi as Clerk (ep 578)
Nozomu Sasaki as Noriko's boyfriend (ep 363)
Omi Minami as Chiharu
Ooki Sugiyama as
Detective Oogawara
Keisuke Sugao (ep 825)
Osamu Saka as Katsuhiko Takei (ep 25)
Rachel Walzer as
Diana Kingston (ep 616)
Referee (ep 616)
Rei Sakuma as
Akiko Shiina (ep 369)
Kikuyo Kasama (eps 228-229)
Yoshino Satomi (ep 74)
Reiko Suzuki as
Nanao Yone (ep 39)
Reiko Yamada as Akio's Mother (ep 20)
Reina Aoyama as Chizuru Kakuta (eps 933-934)
Rica Fukami as
Mika (ep 19)
Miyuki Hyuga (eps 77-78)
Nagisa Isogai (ep 174)
Reiko Kuroiwa (eps 1000-1001)
Rica Matsumoto as
Reiko Kujou (eps 297-298)
Usui Ritsuko (ep 199)
Rie Ishizuka as Yoko Sawaki (ep 36)
Rie Kugimiya as Haruka Ishikawa/Santa (ep 566)
Rie Tanaka as
Naeko Miike
Noda Yumemi
Rieko Takahashi as Yotsui Reika (debut; ep 39)
Rihoko Yoshida as Eiko (ep 19)
Rika Komatsu as Goth loli clerk (ep 576)
Riki Kagami as Manager (ep 1000)
Rikiya Koyama as
Kogoro Mori (ep 553) 
Saku Norifumi (ep 199)
Taizô Sakurada (ep 405)
Tomonori Kiyama (eps 282-283)
Rin Mizuhara as
Fune Shimao (ep 820)
Hayashi (ep 69)
Landlady (ep 13)
Maho Katagiri (ep 263)
Saori (ep 16)
Rintarou Nishi as Tsuyoshi Kitagawa (ep 37)
Rio Natsuki as Marie Inoue (ep 588)
Risa Hayamizu as
Natsuki Koshimizu (from ep 479)
Towako Manda (ep 949)
Ritsuko Kasai as Female Student (eps 253-254)
Roko Takizawa as
Ritsuko Sashihara (eps 878-879)
Tatsue Torada (eps 516-517)
Romi Park as
Chinatsu Miyazaki (eps 100-101)
Sayori Unabara (ep 296)
Rumi Kasahara as
Reika Shijô (ep 512)
Tsuneyama Misa (ep 376)
Rumi Ochiai as Seiko Inui (eps 377-378)
Rumiko Varnes as Minerva Glass (ep 616)
Runa Akiyama as Megumi (eps 126-127)
Ruri Asano as Young woman
Ryo Horikawa as Katsuhiko (ep 6)
Ryo Kamon as
Kikuo Inagaki (ep 820)
Kozo Yamazaki (ep 820)
Mikihiko Kamisuwa (eps 636-637)
Naoki Murase (ep 709)
Ryoka Yuzuki as
Anna Tadami (eps 625-626)
Etsuko Nonomiya (eps 374-375)
Michiko Osawa (ep 169)
Saki Midorikawa (ep 929)
Ryoko Shiraishi as
Juri Matsui (ep 908)
Risa Yamaki (ep 1009)
Ryota Takeuchi as
Ryuji Matsuo (ep 817)
Shûichi Murasawa (eps 1000-1001)
Ryotaro Okiayu as
Fumimaro Ayanokoji
Kazumi Sanada (ep 76)
Subaru Okiya
Ryouhei Nakao as High school student (ep 383)
Ryouichi Tanaka as Mitsuaki Nagato (eps 77-78)
Ryozou Ishino as Yoshiki Urasaki (ep 373)
Ryuji Nakagi as Makoto Akutsu (ep 16)
Ryusei Nakao as Akira Takaoka (ep 480)
Ryuuzo Hasuike as Hiroshi Zama (eps 253-254)
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo as
Atsushi Mori (eps 84-85)
Masashi Rokuda (ep 39)
Okita (ep 13)
Shiro Hiraoka (eps 124-125)
suspect A (130)
Takashi Itakura (eps 309-311) 
Tomoaki Okuda (eps 163-164)
Saburo Kamei as
Denji Maru (ep 16)
Noburou Kimijima (eps 636-637)
Sachi Asakura as
Hirota Toshiko (ep 129)
Isami Nagakura (eps 103-104)
Sachiko Hattori as Toshiya's mother (ep 129)
Sachiko Kojima as
En Akio (ep 252)
Sadao Nunome as Osamu Nakanishi (eps 827-828)
Sae Aiuchi as Female student A (ep 784)
Saeko Chiba as
girl A (ep 244)
Maho Izumi (eps 603-605)
Yûka Shiraishi (ep 512)
Saeko Shimazu as
Midori Ozaki (ep 90)
Ruri Ojou (eps 305-306)
Saki Nakajima as
Ballpark announcer (ep 383)
Risako Tanaka (ep 544)
Shinobu Oki (eps 636-637)
Sakiko Tamagawa as
Akemi Miyano (ep 129)
Yoshimi (ep 6)
Sakura Tange as Sakurako Yonehara (6 episodes
eps 652-655, 731-732
Sanae Kobayashi as
Fukami Endô (ep 935)
Justin Takamori (eps 720-721)
Saori Hayami as Midori Furuoka (eps 909-910)
Satomi Akesaka as Risa Purple (eps 818-819)
Satomi Koorogi as Kaede Nakakita (eps 638-639)
Satoru Yanase as Shinichi Mochida (eps 107-108)
Satoshi Hino as Torahiko Fukamachi (eps 931-932)
Satsuki Yukino as
Kaoru Minamisato (eps 364-365)
Momiji Ooka
Shiotani Miyuki (eps 166-168)
Sayaka Maeda as High school student (ep 383)
Sayaka Ohara as
Aiko Misawa (ep 248)
Miwa Yasuda (ep 373)
Shigeko Ishikawa (ep 566)
waitress (ep 179)
Yui Yamashita (eps 885-886)
Yuri Shirai (eps 126-127)
Sayuri as Woman (ep 5)
Sayuri Sadaoka as Misa Mejiro (ep 588)
Seiji Sasaki as Hidenori Nakamura (ep 66)
Seiko Fujiki as Misako (ep 64)
Seiko Fujimoto as Degumo
Seiko Tomoe as Shigeyo Tatsuo (eps 516-517)
Seizo Katou as
Kiyonaga Matsumoto
Kotaro Ichikawa (ep 97)
Shigekazu Saitou as Hiroshi (ep 115)
Shigeru Chiba as
Daisaku Kijima (ep 440)
Masao Kouda (eps 107-108)
Shigeru Nakahara as
Akira Tatsuo (eps 516-517)
Atsushi Makuma (eps 249-250)
Hiroaki Nishitani (eps 110-111)
Shinji Fukamachi (ep 440)
Takeshi (eps 22-23)
Shigeru Ushiyama as
Degumi Keitarou
Ikuya Hatano (ep 16)
Shigezou Sasaoka as Hideo Kawashima (ep 11)
Shiho Kawaragi as
Hamaka Oiso (eps 787-788)
Saki Okamura (ep 696)
Sumire Saeki (eps 946-947)
Yuri Saeki (eps 946-947)
Shiina Nagano as Shiina Nagano (eps 81-82)
Shin Aomori as Dr. Ogawa (ep 7)
Shin Gotō as Shigeru Takeda (ep 810)
Shinichiro Miki as
Junya Tokitsu (ep 479)
Kenji Hagiwara
Osamu Aizono (eps 549-550)
Umemoto (ep 232)
Shinji Kawada as Eiji Yamamoto (eps 629-630)
Shinji Ogawa as Detective Toyama (ep 263)
Shinobu Sato as Mizue Ichikawa (ep 97)
Shinobu Satou as
Ayumi's mother (ep 140)
Shimizu (eps 57-58)
Shinpachi Tsuji as
Company President (ep 1)
Eizaburo Tanba (ep 825)
Tatsuji Kuroiwa (eps 1000-1001)
Toshiyuki Ootsu (eps 297-298)
Utsumi (ep 483)
Shinya Ohtaki as Yoshinori Kana
Shinya Sakaguchi as Yasui (ep 51)
Shinya Ueda as himself (eps 636-637)
Shiro Saito as
Ken Nishimoto (eps 1000-1001)
Ogito Katayose (eps 638-639)
Shirou Ishimoda as Osamu Gojou (ep 39)
Shizuka as Harumi Sakaguchi 
Shizuka Itou as
Harumi Sakaguchi
Kurumi Iiyama (ep 896)
Sho Hayami as
Hamura (eps 88-89)
Konno (ep 69)
Rausu Tatsuhiko (ep 452)
Shouhei Minowa (ep 490)
Takaaki Morofushi
Shoko Kikuchi as store person (ep 59)
Shōsei Suzuki as Genbei Kitamura (ep 94)
Showtaro Morikubo as
Kojima Kanji (eps 476-477)
Kunishige Seko (eps 361-362)
Yasuto Konoe (eps 822-823)
Shōzō Iizuka as
Kousaku Hotta (ep 44)
Takashi Inoue (ep 297)
Tatsuji Kuroiwa (ep 11)
Shūichi Ikeda as Shuuichi Akai (3 episodes
eps 230-231, 259
Shunsuke Sakuya as Mokunen (ep 52)
Shuntaro Karato as Drowning man (ep 978)
Shuusuke Sakino as Mokunen (ep 52)
Sōichiro Hoshi as
Hajime Tsurumi (eps 872-874)
Ito Tamanosuke (eps 126-127)
Sumi Shimamoto as
Fumiyo Akechi
Yukiko Kudo
Sumiko Motoi as Ayako Suzuki (eps 34-35)
Susumu Chiba as
Hiroshi Torimitsu (ep 383)
officer Tamiya (ep 130)
Yoshihiko Kido
Suzuko Mimori as Mina Komoro (ep 988)
Suzuna Kinoshita as Customer (ep 580)
Tadashi Miyazawa as Mamoru Saegusa (eps 810-812)
Taiki Matsuno as Taxi Driver (ep 976)
Taisaku Shinohara as Kanazawa (ep 46)
Taiten Kusunoki as
Kana Hideki
Kenzou Taira (eps 640-641)
Takahiro Fujimoto as Ryoji Nagakura (ep 979)
Takahiro Mizushima as
Makoto Okuda (eps 521-522)
Masaki Higuchi (ep 975)
Takahiro Sakurai as
Ryusuke Higo
Takuya Masubuchi (eps 352-353)
Takahiro Yoshino as Tatsuya Amaki
Takako Kodama as receptionist B (ep 178)
Takanori Hoshino as Carl Morris (ep 820)
Takao Ohyama as Emori (ep 226)
Takashi Matsuo as Himself (ep 31)
Takashi Nagasako as
man wearing coat 2
officer Kojima
policeman (ep 219)
worker B (ep 156)
Takashi Onozuka as Mitsuo Yoshimura
Takashi Taguchi as Shonosuke Yuhara (ep 820)
Takaya Hashi as
Jun Ohmura (eps 27-28, 66)
Michele Angland
Shigeru Hanaoka (ep 260)
Takayuki Inoue as
man C (eps 226-227)
officer Yokoyama
Takeharu Onishi as Officer Tome (ep 386)
Takehiro Koyama as
Heizou Hattori (ep 263)
Kamei (ep 63)
Taiji Tatsumi (ep 192)
Takehito Koyasu as
Araki Yutaka (ep 360)
Masashi Emoto (eps 431-432)
Shiga Toshinari (eps 748-749)
Shingo Nachi (ep 21)
Shirakura (ep 129)
Shirou Murakami (ep 248)
Takeshi Aono as
Muneyuki Mino (eps 228-229)
Sasai (ep 9)
Takeshi Kusao as
Honda Osamu (ep 119)
Manabu Anzai (ep 365)
Tetsuya Takajo (eps 891-892)
Takeshi Watabe as
Eisuke Tachibana (ep 51)
Master of the House (ep 1)
Takkou Ishimori as Negishi (ep 38)
Takumi Kurebayashi as Midori (ep 135)
Takumi Tsutsui as Yuji Nikaidou (eps 39-40)
Takumi Yamazaki as
Announcer (ep 10)
Detective (ep 31)
Man #3 (ep 17)
man B (ep 5)
Nakamishi (eps 361-362)
Security Guard #2 (ep 8)
Shopkeeper (ep 12)
station announcer (ep 55)
Tamaki Taura as Mitsue Uno (ep 817)
Tamio Ohki as Ochiai (ep 8)
Tamotsu Nishiwaki as Haruki Toriumi (ep 817)
Taro Arakawa as Yukio Torimitsu (ep 383)
Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Takurou Yoda (eps 710-711)
Teppei Arita as himself (eps 636-637)
Teruaki Ogawa as Shoumei Kinisue
Tesshō Genda as Kazushi Nakamichi (eps 27-28)
Tetsu Inada as
Officer Saito (ep 337)
Rokuro Kobayakawa (ep 1006)
Tetsuo Goto as
Hiroki Sumiya (eps 34-35)
Masao Noda (ep 565)
Motohiro Ito (eps 284-285)
Yuuki Sakamoto (ep 544)
Tetsuo Kanao as Murase (ep 59)
Tetsuo Mizutori as Criminal B (ep 33)
Tetsuo Sakaguchi as Hideo Kawashima (eps 1000-1001)
Tetsuya Kakihara as Tateno Sumio (ep 665)
Tomie Kataoka as Mariko (eps 22-23)
Tomo Adachi as
Clerk (eps 579, 581)
Koko Shimura (ep 718)
Tomoe Hanba as
Asaka Onoe (eps 466-467)
Female forensic (eps 604-605)
Female Judge
Manami Yagisawa (ep 434)
Yasuko Umezu (ep 567)
Tomoe Sakuragawa as Makabe's sister (ep 795)
Tomohiro Tsuboi as Man (ep 813)
Tomohisa Hashizume as Shinpei Asakawa
Tomokazu Seki as Eisuke Aizawa (eps 361-362)
Tomokazu Sugita as
Kinta Toratani (ep 821)
Rokusuke “Bocchan” Shima (ep 981)
Takahiro Komada (ep 921)
Takao Gotō (ep 602)
Yasuji Kaita (eps 542-543)
Tomoko Ishimura as
Chie Ootake (ep 602)
Chika Araki (ep 433)
Tomoko Kawakami as Hiroshi Tatematsu (ep 475)
Tomoko Miyadera as Yumi Horikoshi (eps 27-28)
Tomoko Naka as
Maki Ōhara (ep 940)
Terumi Hanaoka (ep 1006)
Tomoko Shiota as
Aki Tosabayashi (eps 233-234)
Rika Okano (ep 90)
Tomomi Betsui as Student (ep 625)
Tomomi Tenjinbayashi as Student E (ep 625)
Tomomichi Nishimura as
Akio's Father (ep 20)
Kaihara Fukuo (ep 296)
Kyôichi Bandô (eps 379-380)
Tomoyuki Dan as Wakamatsu Toshihide (ep 6)
Tomoyuki Shimura as Gakumichi Oume (eps 632-633)
Toru Furuya as
Akimoto Hiroshi (ep 143)
Tohru Amuro
Toru Ohkawa as
Delivery Man (eps 722-723)
Masayoshi Sato (eps 205-206)
Ryuichi Arai (ep 161)
Tatsuzo Genda (eps 476-477)
Toshiharu Sakurai as Yoshinobu Morimoto (eps 100-101)
Toshihiko Kojima as
Kanenari Mochizuki (ep 251)
Shiozawa Kenzou (ep 199)
Toshihiko Nakajima as
middle aged man (ep 70)
old man (ep 129)
Tome-san (eps 73, 604)
Tsuji (ep 53)
Toshihiko Seki as
Makoto Ōwada (ep 369)
Teruhiko Kasuda (ep 72)
Toshiya Ueda as Dobashi (ep 53)
Toshiyuki Morikawa as
Kijima (ep 47)
Shukichi Haneda
Ueda (ep 232)
Tsuyoshi Koyama as Youta Mitani (eps 190-191)
Uko Tachibana as Clerk (ep 578)
Umeka Shouji as Hiro Ezaki (eps 857-858)
Unshō Ishizuka as
Detective Nakamori (ep 219)
Tatsumi Souhei (ep 30)
Urara Takano as
Hiroki (ep 15)
Kazumi Takenaka (ep 18)
Mari Terahara (ep 42)
Ohbayashi Kaori (ep 214)
Waka Inoue as Waka Inoue (herself / ep 488)
Waka Kanda as Ryouko Inoue (ep 413)
Wataru Takagi as
Bank Robber (ep 27)
catcher (ep 41)
CSI officer (ep 18)
driver (ep 39)
Eiichi Yamagishi (ep 21)
farmer 2 (ep 61)
guard B (ep 45)
Kentarou (ep 44)
male store attendant (ep 38)
man on TV (ep 46)
middle aged man (ep 9)
Policeman (eps 24, 73)
policeman B (5 episodes
eps 2, 8, 47, 52, 69

Restaurant Clerk (ep 29)
Salesman (ep 38)
station employee A (ep 55)
Takagi (ep 74)
Tatsuo Hatamoto (eps 22-23)
TV announcer (ep 71)
Worker (ep 31)
Yaibar (ep 64)
Yasuhiko Kawazu as
Mr. Yoshida (eps 925-926)
Yasuo Kamieda (eps 253-254)
Yasuhiro Takato as
assistant director (ep 73)
Clerk (ep 11)
driver (ep 59)
policeman (ep 63)
staff A (ep 130)
Yasuhito Endō as Himself (ep 907)
Yasuko Hatori as Shigemi Terakado (ep 817)
Yasunori Matsumoto as
Takehiko Fujie (eps 419-420)
Tsuze (ep 483)
Yuuzou (ep 71)
Yasuo Muramatsu as
Daisuke Tsuchiya (eps 636-637)
Kitaro Hatamoto (eps 23-24)
Pisco (ep 178)
Taizô Masuda (ep 478)
Yasuo Saitou as Satan Onizuka
Yasuyuki Kase as Issei Mutô (eps 985-986)
Yoichi Masukawa as as Shimizu Youichi (ep 66)
Yoko Asada as Ishiguro (ep 217)
Yōko Fuchino as Yayoi Himeno (ep 32)
Yōko Hikasa as An Ōide (eps 990-991)
Yoko Soumi as
Kayoko Daimon (eps 261-262)
Yoku Shioya as
Kunio (ep 115)
Sato (ep 55)
Yonehiko Kitagawa as
Dosun Nagato (eps 77-78)
Gozo Hatamoto (eps 22-23)
Yorie Terauchi as
Etsuko (eps 88-89)
Takako (ep 53)
Yoshiharu Yamada as
Hiroshi Hiromatsu (ep 405)
Hitoshi Takedera (816)
Yoshiki Nakajima as Sôta Morishima (ep 958)
Yoshiko Okamoto as
Kinuko Kitasono (ep 912)
Maid (ep 2)
Yoshinori Sonobe as Tsuneyuki Tamai (ep 816)
Yoshiyuki Kouno as Yuji Isehara (eps 869-870)
Youko Matsuoka as Maya Tachibana (ep 24)
Yousuke Akimoto as
Eda (ep 19)
Ryozen Adachi (ep 821)
Youto Kurahata as Arimori Mitsuyuki
Yu Kobayashi as Noriko Izumi (eps 931-932)
Yū Mizushima as Takazugi Toshihiko (ep 18)
Yūichi Nagashima as
Minoru Hasegawa (eps 450-451)
Old Policeman (ep 11)
Yūichi Nakamura as Atsushi Miyano
Yuji Fujishiro as Kubota (ep 8)
Yuji Makimoto as Hitoshi Yuda (ep 24)
Yūji Ueda as
Inagaki Hiromasa (eps 476-477)
Shigehisa Noguchi (eps 100-101)
Yuka Iguchi as Masako Ueno (ep 820)
Yuka Inokuchi as
Clerk (ep 474)
Junko Hirose
Yuka Terasaki as Kota Matsumoto (ep 816)
Yukana as
Kaoruko Mizuno (ep 478)
Momoko Uemiya (eps 547-548)
Tashiro (ep 361)
Yuka Tsuchida (ep 602)
Yuriko Matsunaka (eps 403-404)
Yukari Honma as Ayaka Tatsuo (ep 516)
Yukari Tamura as
Mina Aoshima (ep 121)
Yuka Konno (ep 414)
Yuki Kaida as
Yuri Arisato
Yuriko Tomosato (eps 138-139)
Yūki Matsumoto as Male student C (ep 784)
Yuki Matsuoka as Haruna Tabuse (eps 554-555)
Yukie Itou as Takano Yukari (ep 235)
Yukie Maeda as Miyahara Kanako (eps 236-237)
Yukiko Amada as Kazuri Keitoku (ep 825)
Yukiko Iwai as
answering machine (ep 71)
Aoko Nakamori (ep 76)
Election Car (ep 11)
female reporter (ep 73)
female store attendant (ep 38)
girl (ep 41)
Iwai (eps 57-58)
Keiko Momoi (ep 219)
Kikuno (ep 52)
Kumi (ep 16)
Naoko Takei (ep 25)
Saleswoman (ep 38)
seller in train (ep 55)
voice of game (ep 74)
Waitress (ep 32)
woman on TV (ep 46)
Yukiko Mannaka as Tsugumi Morikawa (ep 950)
Yukimasa Kishino as Oda Kunimoto (eps 172-173)
Yukimasa Natori as Manager (ep 11)
Yuko Goto as
Riko Mizohashi (eps 522-523)
Risa Miyamoto (ep 907)
Yuko Kaida as
Kana Tomurai (ep 900)
Yuika Shoudou (eps 575-576)
Yuko Kato as
Sanae Kouda (eps 107-108)
Sumiko Kobayashi
Yūko Kobayashi as
Chie Yoshino (ep 196)
Fujii (ep 74)
Sachiko Hashikaki (ep 368)
Sumiko Kobayashi (ep 112)
Yuko Minaguchi as
Harumi (ep 115)
Mina Eguchi (ep 536)
Yūko Mita as Kazuki Kinukawa
Yuko Mizutani as Shinobu Shimon (eps 203-204)
Yuko Nagashima as
Shino (eps 233-234)
Yukari Hachisuga (ep 370)
Yuko Sanpei as Machi Umejima (eps 705-706)
Yuko Sasaki as
Masako Konno (ep 414)
Mika Konakawa (eps 266-268)
Yuko Sasamoto as Saya Kitami (eps 814-815)
Yuko Tachibana as Clerk (ep 578)
Yumi Hikita as
Hitomi (ep 1)
Honami Rinko (eps 446-447)
Tsukiko Satoyama (ep 635)
Yukiko Tanaka (eps 124-125)
Yumi Takada as
Ena Ginbayashi (eps 524-525)
Girl (ep 431)
Minayo Hasaka (eps 505-506)
Yumi Touma as
Sasaki Hitomi (ep 67)
Tomomi Ichikura (ep 475)
Yumiko Iwamoto as receptionist A (ep 178)
Yumiko Kobayashi as Keita Onoda (ep 615)
Yuri Amano as Okino Yoko (eps 3, 21)
Yuri Asou as
Fujimoto Natsue
Natsue Hatamoto (eps 22-23)
Yuri Shiratori as
Harumi Fukatsu (eps 379-380)
Maria Higashio (ep 460)
Mihiro Kuze (ep 575)
Yurika Hino as
Mako Miyoshi (ep 96)
Ohki (eps 57-58)
Yuriko Fuchizaki as
Hatsuho Toba (eps 716-717)
Masako Mutô (eps 985-986)
Yuriko Yamaguchi as Kawai Shizuka (ep 158)
Yuriko Yamamoto as Kanako Hitomi (eps 364-365)
Yūsaku Yara as Akimichi Yamada (eps 822-823)
Yūsuke Numata as
Second robber (ep 824)
Toshiya Ninomiya (ep 360)
Yasuo Shishikura (ep 536)
Yutaka Aoyama as
Tetsu Akashiba (ep 996)
Tetsushi Yamazaki (eps 636-637)
Yutaka Nakano as
Norio Terasawa (ep 53)
Tadao Ohno (ep 73)
Yutaka Shimaka as
Imatake (ep 9)
Yamazaki (ep 296)
Yuu Asakawa as
Haruka Nagara (ep 184)
Hoshino (eps 249-250)
Misaki Takizawa (ep 826)
Yuu Sugimoto as
cleaning person (ep 214)
Yumi Miyamoto (5 episodes
eps 240-241, 253-254, 259
Yuu Yado as Masahiko (ep 115)
Yuuji Fujijou as Fujita (ep 149)
Yuuji Takada as
Kikuhito (eps 141-142)
Tooru Tendou (eps 446-447)
Yuuki Kaji as Yoshifumi Itou (733)
Yuuko Sasaki as Ryoka (ep 17)
Yuuko Satou as
Boy (ep 460)
Fan (ep 490)
Girl (ep 461)
Yuna Shono (eps 827-828)
Yuusuke Tonozaki as Fuji-kun (ep 943)
Yuzuru Fujimoto as
Naonobu Torada (eps 516-517)
Ohyama (ep 46)
Tani (ep 2)

Kenyuu Horiuchi (ep 219)
Japanese companies
Animation: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Animation Direction: Studio Wanpack (ep 842)
Animation Production:
Tokyo Movie (eps 1-626)
V1 Studio (ep 627-)
Color Inspection: Studio Elle
Digital Composite: TMS Photo (T.D.F.)
Episode Direction: Studio Wanpack (ep 842)
Music Cooperation: Yomiuri TV Enterprise
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Processing Station: Tokyo Laboratory
Production: TMS Entertainment
Recording Studio:
Apu Meguro Studio
APU Studio
Sound Effects: Sound Effects, Inc.
Sound Production: Audio Planning U
Sponsor: McDonald's
Title Logo Design: Bay Bridge Studio
English staff
English cast
Translation: Clyde Mandelin
ADR Script: Chris Cason
Executive producer:
Cindy Brennan Fukunaga
Gen Fukunaga
Taaz Gill (Singaporean dub)
Additional Video Editing:
Jessie Mancilla
Shane Ray
Animation/Paint Editing:
Derrik Poitevint
Jeffrey Miller
Assistant Director: Christian J. Lee (Singaporean dub)
Editing: Chio Su Ping (Singaporean dub)
Line Producer: Justin Cook (1-4,53-58)
Opening/Closing Produced By: Carl Finch
Post-Production Assistant: Anthony Benavides
Production Coordination: Florence Yip (Singaporean dub)
Script Supervision: Jeremy Carlile
Sound Engineer: Patrick Fernando (Singaporean dub)
Subtitle Timing: Joshua Arce
Theme Song Lyrics: Stephanie Nadolny (OP2/ED2)
Theme Song Performance:
Gary Eckert
Stephanie Nadolny (OP2/ED2)
Alison Retzloff as Conan Edogawa
Chio Su Ping as Ran Mouri (Singaporean dub)
Chuck Powers as Kogoro Mouri (Singaporean dub)
Colleen Clinkenbeard as Rachel Moore
Jerry Jewell as Jimmy Kudo
Joe Murray as
Conan Edogawa (Singaporean dub)
Shinichi Kudo (Singaporean dub)
R. Bruce Elliot as Richard Moore

Anthony Bowling as Truman Salinger (eps 124-125)
Bill Flynn as Dr. Agasa
Chuck Powers as Dr. Agasa (Singaporean dub)
Cynthia Cranz as Mitch
Dameon Clarke as George
Daniel Katsük as Trent Cook
Doug Burks as Wilder
Gwendolyn Lau as Kirsten Thomas (eps 124-125)
Jerry Jewell as Phantom Thief Kid
Kent Williams as Detective Magnum (eps 101-102)
Kevin M. Connolly as Harley Hartwell (6 episodes
eps 49-50, 59-60, 80-81
Laura Bailey as Serena
Laurie Steele as Vivian Kudo
Mark Stoddard as Inspector Magure
Mike McFarland as George (2nd Voice)
Monica Rial as Amy
Randy Tallman as Booker Kudo
Russell Wait as Richard Moore (Animax)

Aaron Hatch as Aaron Hamlin (ep 14)
Adrian Cook as
Bellboy (ep 25)
Kent Hamlin (ep 14)
Shopkeeper (ep 4)
Alison Retzloff as Korma (eps 84-85)
Amber Barnes as Waitress
Amber Cotton as
Announcer (ep 57)
Anya Tathers (eps 99-102)
Cherie (eps 106-107)
Evlin Nelson (ep 69)
Katie (ep 6)
Michelle (ep 2)
Mindy Garrett (eps 128-129)
Miss Madison (ep 58)
Sonya (ep 97)
TV Announcer (ep 3)
Yvette Ainsworth (ep 97)
Amy Rosenthal as
Reita Saeki (ep 48)
Selma Sebastian
Andrew Chandler as
Jericho (The Fox)
Martin Hartwell
Ned Armstrong
Robber #1 (ep 34)
Sonny (ep 5)
Tequila (ep 56)
Andrew Haskett as Hanratty (eps 63-64)
Andrew Rye as
Cop (ep 25)
Desk Clerk A (ep 25)
Andrew Tipps as Staff A (ep 50)
Andy Mullins as
Dirk Copeland (eps 78-79)
Stanley Evans (eps 80-81)
Anthony Bowling as Nagi (eps 106-107)
Antimere Robinson as Joe (eps 63-64)
Ashley Gonzales as Nancy Nesbit (eps 80-81)
Avery Rice-Williams as Christopher (ep 61)
Barry Yandell as
Josh Lisenurg (ep 65)
O'Brien (ep 14)
Bill Flynn as Shane (groundskeeper; ep 90)
Bill Jenkins as
Abraham Yancy (ep 39)
Harry Kanucka (eps 59-60)
Bill Kirkley as
Hotel Clerk
Morgan (ep 77)
Bill Townsley as
Abraham (ep 21)
Driver (ep 61)
Ken Nicholson (eps 11-12)
Bob Carter as
Architech (ep 8)
Inspector Greer (ep 38)
Isaac (eps 23-24)
Kirstopher (ep 19)
Policeman A (ep 3)
Brad Jackson as
Kidnapper (ep 2)
Mr.Baker (ep 77)
Mulligan (ep 15)
Sean Yoeman
Todd Morris (ep 30)
Bradford Hutson as CSI Guy (eps 128-129)
Brandon Bristow as Policeman A (eps 53-54)
Brett Weaver as
Hadrian (ep 16)
Hamilton (ep 16)
Mark Newman (ep 39)
Brice Armstrong as
Einstein Achurbee (ep 52)
Foster Drake (eps 91-92)
Gregor (ep 22)
Hotel Owner (ep 29)
Jinnai (ep 76)
Nick Weldon (ep 55)
Owner (ep 29)
Robert Gilmore (ep 40)
Samuel Sebastian
Shane (ep 47)
Theodore Kinsella (eps 11-12)
Brina Palencia as
Kiosk Girl (ep 57)
Maya Garrett (eps 128-129)
Nurse Nolan (ep 86)
Tammy (eps 106-107)
Caitlin Glass as
Caitlin (eps 53-54)
Charlize Karmichael (ep 46)
Frederick (ep 118)
Lucy (ep 13)
Mary (ep 47)
Melanie Seymour (ep 126)
Riana (ep 10)
Rita (ep 93)
Sales Lady (ep 61)
Sheila Sands (eps 59-60)
Tandi (ep 75)
Caitlin O'Connell as Mother (ep 6)
Chad Cline as Jonathan Tradonio
Chaz Naylor as Supervisor (ep 61)
Chris Cason as
Bank Clerk (ep 28)
Guest (ep 31)
Irby Korbson (ep 76)
Mark (eps 106-107)
Shunen (eps 53-54)
Villain A (ep 37)
Chris Forbis as
Charles (ep 27)
Francis (ep 4)
Hyde (ep 77)
Chris Patton as
Alex Carr (eps 59-60)
Dexter Reynolds (ep 55)
Chris Rager as
Burt Bledsoe (eps 59-60)
Loan Shark (ep 61)
Oscar (ep 77)
Ramone Amberwitz (ep 65)
Christopher Bevins as
Akiyoshi (ep 3)
Concierge (ep 25)
Henry Nelbit (ep 56)
Moreese Cortezini (ep 66)
Christopher R. Sabat as
Craig (eps 28-29)
Detective Shaw (eps 113-114)
Johnny Hijikata (eps 108-109)
Otto (eps 104-105)
Chuck Huber as
Congressman Grady (ep 125)
Kenneth (eps 128-129)
Mackie (ep 5)
Mareun Bludcraven (eps 110-111)
Mario (ep 22)
Nicodimus (ep 9)
Norman (ep 6)
Rob Monroe (ep 55)
Sherman T. (ep 51)
Clarine Harp as
Famke Hotta (ep 45)
Hiedi Xanderbilt (eps 100-102)
Michelle Hamlin (ep 14)
Nancy Schmidt (eps 59-60)
Cole Brown as
Hadley Monahan (ep 127)
Store Clerk (ep 107)
Cynthia Cranz as
Angie Sebastian
Announcer (ep 9)
Audra Kelly (eps 70-72)
Jasmine K. (ep 49)
Katie Nantz (eps 122-123)
Kimmie (ep 17)
Dameon Clarke as
Lily's Father (ep 89)
Samuel Taylor (ep 31)
Walton (eps 78-79)
Dan Walker as
Mokunen (eps 53-54)
Phillip Baker (ep 58)
Dana Schultes as
Jack's Mother (ep 44)
Zoe Bufor Gray (eps 80-81)
Daniel Katsük as
Detective B (ep 26)
Policeman C (eps 53-54)
Villain B (ep 37)
Daniel Penz as
Forensics Expert
Walter Rivers
David Trosko as Tave (ep 82)
Dennis O'Neil as Franklin Keene (ep 49)
Doug Burks as
Angus (ep 90)
Chauncey Shiflett (ep 99)
Chief Thomas (ep 124)
Diritch Kosoloff (ep 76)
Policeman B (ep 49)
Security Guard (ep 118)
Staff B (ep 50)
Weathersby (eps 80-81)
Doug Smith as
Billy Jones
Young Man (ep 39)
Duncan Brannan as
Ken Thomason (ep 30)
Ken Tomason
Oswald Burny
Dustin Lau as
Dad (ep 21)
Zachery Byers (ep 68)
Ed Blaylock as
George Fuman (56)
Jackie (ep 17)
Mr. Tanner (ep 2)
Raymond Frier (ep 97)
Sterling Alexander (ep 103)
Theodore Tarrington (eps 49-50)
Tompson Edwards (ep 66)
Eddie Hord as
Captain (ep 26)
Gangster (ep 5)
Elise Baughman as Yoko Okino
Eric Johnson as Policeman B (ep 3)
Eric Vale as
James Soto (ep 38)
Koby Erwin (ep 67)
Tony (ep 19)
Evan Jones as
Police Officer
Grant James as
Constatine (ep 22)
Grayson Neighbors (ep 97)
Mr. Thompson (ep 55)
Rudy Tarrington (ep 49)
Greg Ayres as
Detective (eps 11-12)
Felix (eps 34-35)
Harry (ep 16)
Jacob (eps 23-24)
Ted (ep 27)
Yancy (ep 25)
Gwendolyn Lau as
Alice Nagel (ep 32)
Annette (eps 106-107)
Ari (eps 23-24)
Harmony Wilson (ep 69)
Maid (ep 31)
Marion Karmichael (ep 46)
Patti Parsley (ep 76)
Yuko (ep 3)
J. Michael Tatum as
Harrison Blackwell
Matthew Martin
Jakie Cabe as
Barton (ep 82)
Charles Shore
Dr.Woodman (ep 7)
James Fields as
Bonzai Tenei (eps 53-54)
Doctor (ep 25)
Jamie Marchi as
Anne Preston (eps 87-88)
Catherine Taylor (ep 31)
Celia Kohler (ep 114)
Kari Xanderbilt (eps 101-102)
Nikki (ep 26)
Receptionist (ep 114)
Rieka Gilmore (ep 40)
Sara Kelly (eps 95-96)
Snack Girl (57)
Summer (ep 103)
Jamie Perez as Catherine Taylor (ep 31)
Jay Jones as
Inspector Fuller (eps 78-79)
Policeman (ep 49)
Jay Moses as
Mr. O'Donnel (ep 8)
Quentin Mifune (eps 78-79)
Jayme Westman as Boy 2 (ep 118)
Jeff Inman as Henry (ep 77)
Jeff Johnson as
Michael (ep 77)
Nigel (ep 82)
Ryan Hotta
Jeffrey Schmidt as
Dr. Marshal Kennedy
Theodore (eps 23-24)
Ulver Yorkshire
Jennifer Hoiland as Elizabeth (ep 26)
Jennifer Seman as Heidi Camino (eps 70-72)
Jenny Holland as Elizabeth (ep 26)
Jeremy Inman as
Boss (ep 38)
Tonnen (eps 53-54)
Jeremy Loris as
Detective A (ep 26)
Diver (ep 26)
Jerome Fifty-Seven as
Buford Palmer (ep 68)
Isaac (ep 8)
Terry York (ep 38)
Jerry Russell as
Detective Simpson (ep 90)
Ty Sherwood (ep 93)
Jerry Zumwalt as Orville Kessle (ep 65)
Jessica Dismuke as Maya (ep 25)
Jim Foronda as
Shannon (eps 23-24)
Tate (ep 32)
Thomas Tarrington (ep 49)
John Burgmeier as
Alan (ep 20)
Dr. Preston (ep 103)
Johnny (ep 19)
Kannen (eps 53-54)
Latham Laney (eps 79, 99)
Security Guard #1 (ep 8)
John Gremillion as Matthew Kohler (eps 113-114)
Johnny Sequenzia as
Bellboy (ep 44)
Mosh (ep 76)
Policeman A (ep 49)
Josh Martin as
Cop (ep 26)
Detective (ep 27)
Lester Higgins (ep 65)
Juli Erickson as Young girl (ep 29)
Julie Mayfield as Eva Kaden (ep 33)
Justin Cook as
Anchorman (ep 39)
Dr. Hasseleman (ep 17)
Masked Yaiba (ep 37)
Justin Pate as
Justin (ep 43)
Keith Davidovich (ep 33)
Lab Guy (ep 49)
Lucas (eps 23-24)
Policeman A (ep 48)
Simon (eps 122-123)
Kelli Pitts as girl (ep 4)
Kenny Green as Fire Chief (eps 106-107)
Kent Williams as
Announcer (ep 10)
Barnaby (ep 45)
Boat captain (ep 26)
Burt Barnes (ep 37)
Captain Biggers (eps 78-79)
Eddie (ep 82)
Norman Dean (ep 94)
Sebastian LeClaire (eps 95-96)
Security Guard 1 (ep 46)
Thomas (ep 26)
Kevin M. Connolly as
Bear Player # 2 (ep 42)
Steve Jacobus (ep 31)
Kineta Massey as Receptionist (ep 44)
Kristin McCollum as Tamera Heatherly (ep 65)
Kyle Hebert as
Bigglesworth (ep 103)
Bruno Ushton (eps 92-93)
Claude Osgood (ep 30)
Dr. Sadler (ep 57)
Driver (ep 84)
Gerald Dufour (eps 80-81)
Jeremy (ep 69)
Jim Fleming (eps 28-29)
Michael (ep 52)
Mr. Nantz (eps 122-123)
Narrator (ep 38)
Policeman #1 (eps 1-2)
Vodka (Man In Black; ep 1)
Yorkham Xanderbilt (eps 101-102)
Lane Pianta as Jeremy (ep 77)
Laura Bailey as
Erin (ep 15)
Lily (ep 89)
Lauren Goode as
Shelley (eps 87-88)
Laurie Steele as
Moira Krupp (eps 59-60)
Nancy Andros (eps 28-29)
Leah Clark as Haley Martin
Lee Trull as Mark McKean (eps 70-72)
Linda Young as Samantha (ep 17)
Luci Christian as Boy 1 (ep 118)
Lucy Small as
Laurel (ep 20)
Nora Odell (ep 38)
Lydia Mackay as
Catherine (ep 19)
Suzanna (eps 23-24)
Waitress (ep 33)
Maria Vu as
Mark Harbor as Tommy (ep 47)
Mark Lancaster as
Adam Duke (eps 95-96)
Cliff Reed (eps 70-72)
CSI 2 (ep 108)
MC (ep 112)
Officer Salley (ep 127)
Paul Keen (eps 87-88)
Rick (eps 80-81)
Wymer Mindle (eps 99-102)
Mark Stoddard as Haroshio (ep 69)
Markus Lloyd as Police Chief Takai (ep 119)
Matt Moore as Colt Lielander (ep 75)
Melanie Mason as
Dora Mae (ep 115)
Susan Connely (eps 124-125)
Melodee Lenz as
Female Kidnapper (ep 67)
Hotel Owners wife (eps 28-29)
Yvonne Marks (ep 33)
Zelda Dufor (eps 80-81)
Meredith McCoy as
Kari (ep 6)
Mazy (ep 43)
Suzu (eps 63-64)
Michael Sinterniklaas as Keenan (ep 6)
Mike McFarland as
Albert Jordenly (ep 52)
Archie Gailand (ep 61)
Dr. Charles Lanning (ep 86)
Fireman A (ep 107)
Guard B (ep 46)
Jason Arbington (ep 45)
Jeremiah (ep 22)
Kipling (ep 4)
Michel (eps 34-35)
Old Man (ep 75)
Policeman (ep 28)
Reporter 4 (ep 108)
Robber #2 (ep 34)
Round Face (ep 109)
Stu Hogan (ep 126)
Monica Rial as
Automated Voice (ep 113)
Elevator Girl (ep 18)
Jessie (eps 34-35)
Katie Banwell (ep 130)
Matthias (ep 10)
Nathanael Harrison as
Agent (ep 37)
Doctor (ep 30)
Pam Dougherty as
Camiel Tarrington (ep 49)
Jamie Hummelford (eps 28-29)
Nadia (eps 80-81)
Nadia Adams (eps 11-12)
Parisa Fakhri as
Rene Kinsella (eps 11-12)
Sarah (ep 27)
Paul Taylor as Percy Nicholson (eps 116-117)
Phil Parsons as Xaltar
Randy Tallman as Romero Rojas (ep 70)
Rebecca Paige as
Adele Kaiser (ep 97)
Kimmy (ep 83)
Naomi (ep 38)
Robert McCollum as
Dr. Delaney (ep 57)
Hank Hamada (eps 63-64)
Harrison (ep 10)
Jared Kelly (eps 95-96)
Johansen (ep 9)
Karman (eps 84-85)
Olaf Xanderbilt (eps 101-102)
Oswald (ep 7)
PA Announcer (ep 39)
Scott Andros (eps 28-29)
Tatum Harbowly (ep 52)
Wong (ep 4)
Roger Jones as Radio Newsman (ep 96)
Scarlett McAlister as
Dr. Keeler
Iliana (ep 17)
Meredith (eps 23-24)
Scott Freeman as
Police Operator
Reporter 2
Weather Dude
Scott Porter as
Fireman B (ep 107)
Martin (ep 82)
Policeman 1
Sean Lundquist as Kary Erwin (ep 67)
Sean Schemmel as Kowalski (ep 8)
Sean Teague as Doorman (ep 25)
Shane Ray as Policeman C (ep 3)
Sheridan Wright as Misty Laraway
Sonny Strait as
Asao (ep 2)
Carl Tathers (eps 99-102)
Detective Rye (ep 14)
Drake Ziegman (eps 87-88)
Editor (eps 122-123)
Emerson (ep 9)
Middy Bludcraven (eps 110-111)
Randy (ep 82)
Roger Stacks (ep 32)
Security Chief (ep 57)
Slughead McGraw (ep 93)
Tod (ep 74)
Willard (eps 23-24)
Yamagishi (ep 3)
Sophie McNutt as
Hostess (ep 30)
Nurse (ep 30)
Sammy (ep 6)
Stephanie Nadolny as Marlena Xanderbilt (eps 101-102)
Stephanie Wulfe as Waitress (ep 72)
Stephanie Young as
Isabel Nottingham (ep 108)
Lady (ep 130)
Lindsey (ep 90)
Liz Faulkner (ep 118)
Steve Cutter as Desk Clerk B (ep 25)
Steve Sanders as
Joseph (eps 23-24)
Matthew Schumacher (eps 11-12)
Morrison (ep 8)
Steven Walters as
CSI Man (ep 77)
Mitchell Gray (eps 80-81)
Susan Huber as Mr. Tanner's Wife (ep 2)
Tiffany Grant as
Tina (ep 22)
Tracy Monroe (ep 55)
Tiffany Vollmer as Betsy (eps 59-60)
Travis Willingham as
Anderson (ep 17)
Kelvin Tug (ep 56)
Male Kidnapper (ep 67)
Miguel Santos (ep 32)
Nicholas (ep 10)
Steven Mulholland (eps 11-12)
Tommy (ep 6)
Trina Nishimura as Allie McNair (ep 127)
Troy Baker as
Artie Nelson (ep 112)
CSI 1 (ep 108)
Damon (eps 106-107)
Gin (Man in Black; eps 1-2)
James Tongfan (ep 33)
Merlin (ep 69)
Policeman #2 (eps 1-2)
Reporter 3 (ep 108)
York Taylor (ep 126)
Troy Williams as
Cary Mantle (ep 73)
Policeman B (eps 53-54)
Tyler Walker as Salesman (ep 39)
Vic Mignogna as
Damian (ep 17)
Ernie Bower (eps 59-60)
Kevin Hadley (ep 11)
Nathan Greene (58)
Steve Wilson (ep 33)
Wendy Powell as
Allison (ep 77)
Celia (ep 19)
Mira Edwards (ep 66)
Mom (ep 21)
Reporter (ep 4)

Brian Zimmerman (Singaporean dub)
Chio Su-Ping (Singaporean dub)
Christian J. Lee (Singaporean dub)
Denise Tan (Singaporean dub)
Florence Yip (Singaporean dub)
Patrick Fernando (Singaporean dub)
Taaz Gill (Singaporean dub)
English companies
Distributor: Hanabee Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand)
DVD Authoring: Vision Wise, Inc.
Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll (subbed)
Licensed by:
FUNimation Entertainment (Expired)
Post Production: FUNimation Entertainment
Recording Studio:
FUNimation Studios
Voiceovers Unlimited Pte. Ltd. (Singaporean dub)
Korean staff
Korean cast
Hyeon-Jin Lee as Ran Mouri
Jeong-Gu Lee as Kogoro Mouri
Seon-Hye Kim as Conan Edogawa
Su-Jin Gang as Shinichi Kudo

Chae-Eon Han as
Eri Kisaki
Miwako Sato
Jeong-Hwa Yang as Vermouth
Jeong-Sin Wu as Ai Haibara
Min-Jeong Yeo as Ayumi Yoshida
Myeong-Jun Jeong as Wataru Takagi
Seon-Hui Mun as Jodie Starling
Sin-Jeong Han as Kazuha Toyama
Yeong-Seon Kim as Eisuke Hondou
Yong-Sin Lee as Sonoko Suzuki
Yong-Wu Sin as Kaito Kuroba/Kaito Kid

Beom-Gi Hong as Misao Yamamura
Gwang Jang as Inspector Yuminaga
Ha Seongyong as Taichi (ep 71)
Jae-Heon Jeong as Saguru Hakuba
Ju-Chang Lee as
Makoto Kyogoku
Shuuichi Akai
Son Wonil as Sango Yokomizo
Yeong-Jae Pyo as Subaru Okiya
Yeong-wung Jeong as
Hitoshi Komatsu (ep 798)
Saeki (ep 37)
Korean companies
Broadcaster: Animax Korea
French staff
French cast
Emmanuel Liénart as Kogoro Mouri
Ioanna Gkizas as Conan Edogawa
Marie-Line Landerwijn as Ran Mouri

Beatrice Wegnez as Ayumi Yoshida
Célia Torrens as Kazuha Toyama
Emmanuel Liénart as Inspecteur Megure
Jennifer Barré as Sonoko Suzuki (2ème voix)
Letitia Lienart as Ai Haibara
Marie-Line Landerwijn as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Sophie Landresse as Sonoko Suzuki (1ère voix)

Arnaud Léonard as Voix Additionnelles
Bruno Mullenaerts as Shin'ichi Kudo
Carole Baillien as Eri Mouri
Catherine Conet as Voix Additionnelles
Christophe Hespel as Voix Additionnelles
David Pion as Heiji Hattori
Franck Daquin as Voix Additionnelles
Jean-Marc Delhausse as
Gin (2ème voix)
Various roles
Vodka (1ère voix)
Jean-Pierre Denuit as Voix Additionnelles
Julie Basecqz as Masami Hirota
Laurent Vernin as Voix Additionnelles
Lionel Bourguet as Voix Additionnelles
Martin Spinhayer as Voix Additionnelles
Mathieu Moreau as Inspecteur Takagi
Nathalie Hugo as Miwako Sato
Nessym Guetat as Kid
Nicolas Dubois as Voix Additionnelles
Olivier Cuvelier as Voix Additionnelles
Peppino Capotondi as
Vodka (2ème voix)
Voix Additionnelles
Philippe Allard as Various roles
Robert Guilmard as Inspecteur Sango Yokomozi
Romain Barbieux as Voix Additionnelles
Sophie Landresse as Ryoko Akagi
Stéphane Flamand as Voix Additionnelles
Thierry Janssen as
Docteur Agasa
Genta Kojima
Tony Beck as Voix Additionnelles
Xavier Percy as
Gin (1ère voix)
Voix Additionnelles

French companies
Cartoon Network France (from 5 January 2004)
France 3 (from 3 January 2005)
Mangas (from 21 March 2008)
NT1 (from 2008)
Distributor: AB distribution
Dubbing: Made In Europe
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Director: Mauricio Villarroel (New Latin America Dub)
Dubbing Director:
Carlos Nogueras (Catalan dub; from ep 572)
David Corsellas (Catalan dub)
Joan Pera (Catalan dub)
Jordi Vilaseca (Catalan dub)
José María Carrero (Spain dub ; from ep 81)
Luis Espinosa (Spain dub)
Teresa Manresa (Catalan dub)
Alessandra Moura (Spain dub ; from ep 81)
Bárbara Pesquer (Catalan dub)
Joaquim Roca (Catalan dub)
Manuel Arca Castro (Galician dub)
María Alonso Seisdedos (Galician dub)
Marina Bornas (Catalan dub; eps 509-561)
Marina Bornes (Catalan dub)
Salomon Doncel-Moriano (Spain dub)
Sandra Ruiz (Catalan dub)
Sarai-María Arias (Majorcan dub)
Verónica Calafell (Catalan dub)
Executive producer:
José Luis Puertas (Jonu Media)
Luis de Val (Manga Films)
Mauricio Villarroel (New Latin America Dub)

Dubbing Assistant: David Arnau (Catalan dub)
Mix Engineer:
David Moreno (Catalan dub)
Joan Antunez (Catalan dub)
Sebastián Herrera Altemir (New Latin America Dub)
Theme Song Performance:
Carlos Carrillo (OP 1; first Latin American dub)
Jessica Toledo (ED 14; new Latin American dub)
Rosa López (Valencian dub)
Salomé Anjarí (OP 9,10; new Latin American dub)
Mauricio Villarroel (New Latin America Dub)
Natalia Valdebenito-Ponce (New Latin America Dub)
Ximena Marchant
Angel Amorós as Kogorou Mouri (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Benja Figueres as Shinichi Kudo (Valencian dub)
Berta Cortés as Ran Mouri (Spain dub; Spain dub; Manga Films)
Carlos Carrillo as Carlos Guzmán (Kogoro Mouri) (2nd voice)
Carolina Tak as Ran Mouri (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Consuelo Pizarro as Conan Edogawa (Latin America new dub)
Diana Torres as Conan Edogawa (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Gaspar Somoza as Shinichi Kudo (Galician dub)
Inma Sancho as Conan Edogawa (Valencian dub)
Isabel Vallejo as Ran Mouri (Galician dub)
Isabel Valls as Conan Edogawa (Spain dub; Spain dub; eps 1-80)
Jessica Toledo as Ran Mouri (Latin America new dub)
Joan Pera as Vodka (1st voice; Catalan Dub)
Joel Mulachs as Conan Edogawa (Catalan dub)
Jordi Royo as Kogorou Mouri (Catalan dub, 2a veu)
José Garcia Tos as Kogoro Mouri (Valencian dub)
Juan Zadala as Carlos Guzmán (Kogoro Mouri) (1st voice)
Luis Espinosa as Kogoro Mouri (Spain dub; eps 1-80)
Mar Roca as Conan Edogawa (Catalan dub; eps 374-379)
Marcela Bordes as Conan Blassy (Edogawa)
Marga López as Ran Mouri (Majorcan dub)
Mark Ullod as Kogorou Mouri (Catalan dub, 1a veu)
Matías Brea as Kogoro Mouri (Galician dub)
Miquel Ruiz as Shin'ichi Kudou (Majorcan dub)
Mónica Erdozia as Ran Mouri (Basque dub)
Núria Trifol as Ran Mouri (Catalan dub)
Oscar Muñoz as Shinichi Kudou (Catalan dub)
Roberto Alexander as Carlos Guzmán (Kogoro Mouri) (3rd voice)
Rodrigo Saavedra as Shinichi Kudo (Latin America new dub)
Rosa López as Ran Mouri (Valencian dub)
Sergio Schmied as Kogoro Mouri (Latin America new dub)
Teresa Santamaría as Conan Edogawa (Galician Dub)
Victoria Ramos as Conan Edogawa (Spain dub; Spain dub; Manga Films)
Xebe Atencia as Conan Edogawa / Shinichi Kudo (Basque dub)
Xeberri Castillo as Kogoro Mouri (Basque dub)

Albert Roig as Vodka (Catalan dub)
Aleix Estadella as Inspector Chiba (from ep 562 ; Catalan dub)
Alex De Porrata as Makoto Kyogoku (Catalan dub)
Alfonso Valiño as Inspector Megure (Galician dub)
Alfredo Martínez as Detective Takagi (Spain dub)
Ana Grinta as Jessica (Ayumi Yoshida) (1st voice)
Ana Lemos as Kazuha Toyama (Galician dub; eps 241-300)
Ana Begoña Eguileor as Sonoko Suzuki (Basque dub)
Angel del Río as Kiyonaga Matsumoto (Catalan dub)
Antonio Rey as Genta Kojima (Galician dub)
Ariela Yuri as Miwako Sato (new Latin American dub; eps 156-157)
Assumpta Massutí as Sonoko Suzuki (Majorcan dub)
Beñat Narbaiza as Genta Kojima (Basque dub)
Berta Cortés as Ayumi Yoshida (Catalan dub, 2a veu)
Blanca Rada as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (Spain dub; eps 81-361)
Carlos Di Blasi as Subaru Okiya (509-511; Catalan dub)
Carmen Amadori as Ai Haibara (new Latin American dub; eps 129-139)
Carolina Highet as Ai Haibara (new Latin American dub; 2nd voice)
Chelo Díaz as Ai Haibara (Galician dub)
Clara Schwarze as Masumi Sera (Catalan dub)
Claudi Domingo as
Heiji Hattori (Spain dub; eps 48-58)
Kaito Kuroba / Kaito Kid (Catalan dub)
Daniel Albiac as Subaru Okiya (Catalan dub)
Dario Torrent as
Heiji Hattori (Valencian dub)
Kaito Kuroba/Kaito Kid (Valencian dub)
David Corsellas as Wataru Takagi (Catalan dub)
Diana De Guzmán as Ran Mouri (Spain dub; Spain dub; eps 1-80)
Eduardo Gorriño as
Hiroshi Agasa (Basque dub)
Vodka (Basque dub)
Elisa Beuter as Rena Mizunashi / Hidemi Hondou / Kir (Catalan dub)
Elisabet Bargalló as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (Catalan dub)
Enric Isasi-Isasmendi as James Black (Catalan dub)
Enric Puig as
Gin (Valencian dub)
Ninzaburo Shiratori (Valencian dub)
Enrique Hernández as Genta Kojima (Spain dub; Spain dub; Manga Films)
Erika Araujo as Jessica (Ayumi Yoshida) (2nd voice)
Eva Bau as Ayumi Yoshida (Valencian dub)
Eva Lluch as Sonoko Suzuki (Catalan dub)
Eva Martí Ferré as Yumi Miyamoto (Catalan dub)
Félix Arkarazo as Vodka (Basque dub)
Félix Benito as Hiroshi Agasa (Catalan dub)
Francesc Figuerola as Korn (Catalan dub)
Francisco Andrés Valdivia as Inspector Megure (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Francisco Javier Pombo as Inspector Juuzou Megure (Basque dub)
Gema Carballedo as Mitsuhiko Tsurubaya (Spain dub; eps 362-400)
Geni Rey as
Ayumi Yoshida (Spain dub; Spain dub; Manga Films)
Mary Sera (Catalan dub)
Gigliola Mariangel as
Jodie Starling (Latin America new dub)
Kazuha Toyama (Latin America new dub)
Guillermo Romano as
Inspector Vera (Megure) (1st voice)
Proffessor Cardillo (Agasa)
Héctor García as Shukichi Haneda (Catalan dub)
Hernán Fernández as Heiji Hattori (2nd voice; Catalan Dub)
Humberto Amor as Alfredo Adame (Heiji Hattori)
Ignasi Díaz as Genta Kojima (Valencian dub)
Iker Díaz as Heiji Hattori (Basque dub)
Ivette Gonzalez as Jorgito (Mitsuhiko Tsubaraya)
Jaione Insausti as Ayumi Yoshida (Basque dub)
Jaume Aguiló as Misao Yamamura (from ep 545; Catalan dub)
Jaume Costa as Misao Yamamura (Catalan dub)
Javiera del Pino as Miwako Sato (new Latin American dub; eps 130-147)
Joan Montañana as Wataru Takagi (Valencian dub)
Joan Pera as Yusaku Kudo (1st voice; Catalan Dub)
Jordi Nogueras as Kaito Kid (from ep 562 ; Catalan dub)
José Carabias as Genta Kojima (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Josefina Becerra as Sonoko Suzuki (new Latin American dub)
Josep Maria Mas as Ninzaburo Shiratori (from ep 562 ; Catalan dub)
Juan Navarro Torello as Shin'ichi Kudou (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Juan Vicente Espuig as Professor Hiroshi Agasa (Valencian dub)
Julia Sorli as Vermouth / Chris Vineyard (Valencian dub)
Kepa Cueto as
Gin (Basque dub)
Yusaku Kudo (Basque dub)
Laura Violeta as
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (Valencian dub)
Sonoko Suzuki (Valencian dub)
Luis Grau as Gin (Catalan dub)
Manuel Gimeno as Shuichi Akai (Catalan dub)
Mar Roca as Chainti (Catalan dub)
Marc Gómez as Wataru Takagi (from ep 562 ; Catalan dub)
Marcela Bordes as Martina (Kazuha Toyama)
Marco Antonio Espina as Profesor Agassa (Since ep.124 Latin America)
María Luisa Benech as Mitsuhiko Tsubaraya (Since ep.124 Latin America)
Maria Rosa Guillén as Yukiko Kudo (Catalan dub)
Marian Muiño as Ayumi Yoshida (Galician dub)
Maribel Legarreta as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (Basque dub)
Marina Viñals as
Eri Kisaki (Valencian dub)
Jodie Starling (Valencian dub)
Yukiko Kudo (Valencian dub)
Marta Aparicio as Ai Haibara (Valencian dub)
Marta Barbará as Vermouth (3r voice; Catalan Dub)
Marta Sáinz as Ayumi Yoshida (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Masumi Mutsuda as Saguru Hakuba (Catalan dub)
Mercedes Espinosa as Sonoko Suzuki (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Meritxell Ané as Ayumi Yoshida (Catalan dub, 1a veu)
Meritxell Sota as Miwako Sato (from ep 562 ; Catalan dub)
Miquel Bonet as Genta Kojima (Catalan dub)
Monti Castiñeiras as Heiji Hattori (Galician dub)
Montse Puga as Jodie Straling (from ep 492; Catalan dub)
Natalia Valdebenito-Ponce as
Ai Haibara (new Latin American dub; eps 242, 259)
Miwako Sato (new Latin American dub; 3rd voice)
Oriol Rafel as Kansuke Yamato (Catalan dub)
Paco Barreiro as Hiroshi Agasa (Galician dub)
Patricia de Lorenzo as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (Galician dub)
Pep Ribas as Andre Camel (Catalan dub)
Rafael Ordóñez Arrieta as Inspector Juuzou Megure (Valencian dub)
Ramon Canals as Inspector Juuzou Megure (Catalan dub)
Roberto Alexander as Inspector Vera (Megure) (2nd voice)
Rocío Gallegos as Sarita (Sonoko Suzuki)
Roger Pera as Tōru Amuro / Rei Furuya (Catalan dub)
Roser Aldabó as Ai Haibara (Catalan dub)
Salvador Serrano as Profesor Agasa (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Silvia Cabrera as
Kazuha Toyama (Valencian dub)
Miwako Sato (Valencian dub)
Silvia Vilarrasa as Sumiko Kobayashi (Catalan dub)
Tasio Alonso as Professor Hiroshi Agasa (Spain dub; Spain dub; Manga Films)
Teresa Manresa as Vermouth (1st voice; Catalan Dub)
Teresa Soler as Inspectora Miwako Satou (Catalan Dub)
Victor Mares Jr. as Beto (Genta Kojima)
Xabier Alkiza as Kaito Kuroba / Kaito Kid (Basque dub)
Ximena Marchant as Ayumi Yoshida (Latin America new dub)

Albert Roig as
Hidenori Nakamura (Night Road Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Keiichi Naruse (Sports Club Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Mitsuaki Nagato (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case; Catalan Dub)
Albert Socias as
Atsushi Mori (Ski Lodge Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Baró de la nit (Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case; Catalan Dub)
Gozo Hatamoto (Catalan Dub; eps 23-24)
Komuro (A Crab and Whale Kidnapping Case;Catalan Dub)
Masami Hirota (Catalan Dub)
Noboru Taniguchi (The Bank Heist Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Pisco (Catalan dub)
Satoshi Miyahara (The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case; Catalan Dub)
Tatsuyo Hayase (The Wandering Artist Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Vodka (Catalan Dub)
Albert Trifol Segarra as
Hitoshi Takedera (Catalan dub; ep 816)
Kaito Kid (Catalan dub; ep 134)
Naoki Murase (Catalan dub; ep 709)
Osamu Gojo (Wealthy Daughter Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Ray Curtis (Catalan dub; eps 238-239)
Ryuichi Takahashi (Catalan Dub; eps 34-35)
Saguru Hakuba (Catalan dub; ep 219)
Shirou Ogata (Catalan dub; eps 194-195)
Shunen (The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tamanosuke Ito (Catalan dub; eps 126-127)
Tetsuya Aoyagi (Catalan dub; ep 208)
Tomoaki Mizumachi (Catalan dub; ep 695)
Yoichi Shimizu (Night Road Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yuzo Tomizawa (The Triplet's Country Home Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Albert Vilar as Ninzaburo Shiratori (Catalan dub; eps 205-206)
Alberto Mieza as Shogo Somei (Coffee Aroma with Murderous Intention Case; Catalan dub)
Aleix Estadella as
Inspector Takagi (Night Road Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Takeshi Hatamoto/Takehiko Zaiki (Catalan Dub; eps 23-24)
Tonnen (The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Alex Meseguer as Shiro Konno (Night Baron Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Alfonso Bayard as Takeshi Nakazawa (Spain dub)
Alfredo Martínez as Gin (Spain dub)
Alicia Laorden as
Mitsue Uno (Catalan dub; ep 817)
Noriko Kurusu (Catalan dub; ep 820)
Sayo Ohashi (Catalan dub; eps 827-828)
Amadeu Aguado as
Heizo Hattori (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case; Catalan Dub)
Taizo Sakurada (Catalan Dub; ep 406)
Ana Grinta as
Hortensia Jackson (Yukiko Kudo)
Sonoko Suzuki (ep 18)
Ana Lemos as Vermouth (Galician dub; eps 188-190)
Ana Maciñeiras as
Shizuka Hattori (Galician dub)
Yumi Miyamoto (Galician dub; ep 146)
Ana Ouro as Kazuha Toyama (Galician Dub; eps 124-240)
Ana Pallejà as
Harue Kodama (Catalan dub; ep 697)
Mariko Takeuchi (Prosecutor as Eyewitness Case; Catalan dub)
Misuzu Shirakawa (Catalan dub; ep 729)
Toshiko Yamazaki (Catalan dub; ep 696)
Ana Begoña Eguileor as
Akie Hatamoto (Basque dub; eps 22-23)
Ryoko Akagi (Basque dub; ep 10)
Ana María Camps as
Asami Uchida (Catalan dub; eps 100-101)
Azusa Machida (Catalan dub; ep 187)
Hitomi Iwai (Holmes Freak Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kaoru Uemori (Catalan dub; eps 110-111)
Kazue Ichikawa (Catalan dub; ep 97)
Masao (Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case; Catalan Dub)
Miyuki Hyuga (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case; Catalan Dub)
Rina Domoto (Catalan dub; ep 208)
Saki Okamura (Catalan dub; ep 696)
Sonoko Suzuki (Catalan Dub; eps 34-35)
Suzu Mikami (A Ghost Ship Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Toshimi Ebihara (Catalan dub; ep 222)
Touko Natsume (Catalan dub; eps 201-202)
Angel Amorós as Pisco (Spain dub)
Antía Álvarez Jiménez as Akemi Miyano (Galician dub)
Antón Cancelas as
Pisco (Galician dub)
Tequila (Galician dub)
Antón Rubal as Axente Chiba (Galician Dub)
Antoni Forteza as
Kannen (The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Morizo Oyama (Deduction Battle on the Ski Slope Case; Catalan dub)
Antonio Ramírez de Antón as Akihiko Zaitsu (Spain dub; eps 365-366)
Ariadna Jiménez as Yuika Shoudou (Catalan dub; eps 575-576)
Assumpta Navascues as
Mieko Shibazaki (Karaoke Box Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Sanae Sugita (Catalan Dub; ep 27)
Satomi Yoshino (The Death God Jinnai Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yoko Asanuma (Catalan dub; ep 94)
Aurora Ferrándiz as Sonoko Suzuki (Spain dub)
Aurora García as
Noriko Ayashiro (Catalan Dub; eps 28-29)
Shizue Hayashi (Night Baron Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Bárbara Bustamante as
Aki Ishihara (Latin America new dub; ep 219)
Akio Tsubakuro (Chilean dub)
Keiko Momoi (Latin America new dub; ep 219)
Parvularia (Chilean dub)
Toshimi Ebihara (Latin America new dub; eps 222-224)
Yoko Okino (Chilean dub)
Yukiko Katsuragi (Latin America new dub; ep 224)
Beatriz García as
Jodie Starling (Galician dub)
Vermouth (Galician dub; eps 249-250)
Berta Cortés as
Hiroshi (The First Errand Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Keita Endo (A Crab and Whale Kidnapping Case;Catalan Dub)
Sonoko Suzuki (Catalan Dub; ep 6)
Blanca Hualde as Shinobu Simon (Spain dub; eps 218-219)
Blanca Rada as
Azusa Izumo (Spain dub; eps 144-145)
Emi Takeda (Spain dub; eps 166-168)
Kaoru Taiyama (Spain dub; eps 338-339)
Kazuha Toyama (Spain dub)
Megumi Sakihara (Spain dub; eps 150-151)
Minori Nakamura (Spain dub; eps 84-85)
Miyuki Hyuga (Spain dub; eps 77-78)
Naoko Kuroda (Spain dub; eps 132-134)
Noriko Machida (Spain dub; ep 87)
Tomoko Hayasaka (Spain dub; eps 100-101)
Yumemi Noda (Spain dub; eps 190-191)
Carles Canut as Hiroyuki Kanaya (Holmes Freak Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Carles Caparrós as Detective Chiba (Valencian dub)
Carlos Carrillo as Carlos Guzmán (Kogoro Mouri)
Carlos Di Blasi as
Jun Ohmura (Catalan Dub; eps 28-29)
Takashi Ichieda (Wealthy Daughter Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Takashi Matsuo (TV Station Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Carlos Lladó as
Akio Yoshino (Catalan dub; ep 196)
Kaito Kuroba / Kaito Kid (Catalan dub; ep 219)
Koji Furukawa (Catalan dub; ep 187)
Kouji Takeno (Night Road Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yuji Shimazaki (Catalan Dub; ep 22)
Carlos Lopez as Makoto Kyougoku (Spain dub; eps 163-164)
Carlos López Benedí as Ginzo Nakamori (Spain dub; ep 219)
Carme Abril as Misa Katayama (A Mysterious Man Case; Catalan dub)
Carme Buxaderas as
Sumiko Kobayashi (Catalan dub; ep 112)
Tomoko Yamada (Catalan dub; ep 113)
Carmen Ambrós as
Akane Katori (Catalan dub; ep 342)
Chika Miyazaki (Catalan dub; eps 100-101)
Hina Wada (Catalan dub; eps 847-848)
Itoe Ogiwara (Catalan dub; ep 126)
Kurara Midorikawa (The Broken Horoscop Case; Catalan dub)
Misa Tsuneyama (Catalan dub; ep 376)
Orie Baisho (Catalan dub; eps 830-832)
Sakiko Nagai (Catalan dub; ep 798)
Tsugumi Amano (Catalan dub; ep 162)
Yuriko Tono (Catalan dub; ep 426)
Carmen Calvell as
Kaoru Kouda (Catalan dub; ep 742)
Mako Kawasumi (Catalan dub; ep 694)
Marie Inoue (Catalan dub; ep 588)
Miyuki Inubushi (Catalan dub; eps 611-613)
Mizuki Tachibana (Catalan dub; ep 743)
Nami Kasakura (Catalan dub; eps 568-569)
Remi Kirisaki (Catalan dub; ep 842)
Yui Uehara (Catalan dub)
Yuko Arisawa (Catalan dub; eps 528-529)
Carmen Podio as Reiko Kujo (Spain dub; eps 297-298)
Carolina Tak as
Ikuyo (Spain dub; ep 196)
Keiko Momoi (Spain dub; ep 219)
Cesar Cambeiro as
Ninzaburo Shiratori (Galician dub)
Shuichi Akai (Galician dub)
Charo Pena as
Eri Kisaki (Galician dub)
Sumiko Kobayashi (Galician dub; ep 242)
Yumi Miyamoto (Galician dub)
Chema Gagino as Kaito Kid (Galician dub; eps 142-238)
Claudi Domingo as
Hisashi Kijima (Sports Club Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Ichiro Hatamoto (Catalan Dub; eps 23-24)
Satoru Maeda (Night Baron Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tatsuya Kimura (Karaoke Box Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tokito (1 episodes
ep 30 Catalan Dub
Claudi García as Juro Yoshioka (Facial Mask Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Claudio Domingo as Heiji Hattori (Spain dub; eps 48-58)
Cristina Mauri as
Akiko Hanai (Catalan dub; ep 25)
Narumi Asai (Catalan dub; ep 11)
Cristóbal Navarro as
Kenzo Tsubakuro (Chilean dub)
Tomoyuki Okusu (Chilean dub)
Daniel Lema as Doutor Araide (Galician Dub)
Dario Torrent as Shuuichi Akai (Valencian dub)
David Aguilera as Yasunori Domoto (new Latin American dub; ep 208)
David Brau as Junya Tokitsu (Catalan dub; ep 479)
David Corsellas as
Akira Shirakura (Catalan Dub)
Ginji Tobita (Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Inuyama (Catalan Dub)
Katsutoshi Eto (General Hospital Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kenya Kaji (Victory Flag Tearing Case; Catalan Dub)
Makoto Kyogoku (Catalan dub; eps 153-154)
Morio Anzai (Catalan Dub; ep 22)
Ryuichi Sakai (Ski Lodge Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Takayoshi Tsujimura (Diplomat Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tohru Saeki (The Bank Heist Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tsuyoshi Kitagawa (Cactus's Flower Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yusaku Kudo (Catalan dub; eps 163-164)
Yuzo Tomizawa (Conan vs. Kaitou Kid; Catalan Dub)
David Jenner as
Hiroyuki Sakuma (Catalan dub; eps 316-317)
Katsumichi Sugai (Catalan dub; eps 307-308)
Minoru Kijima (Catalan dub; ep 424)
Diana Torres as
Aoko Nakamori (Spain dub; ep 219)
Minami Takayama (Spain dub; eps 90-91)
Ritsuko Usui (Spain dub; eps 214-215)
Domenech Farell as
Inspector Sango Yokomizo (1st voice; Catalan Dub)
Joji Hatamoto (Conan vs. Kaitou Kid; Catalan Dub)
Katsuhiko Takei (The False Kidnapping and Hostage Case; Catalan Dub)
Kazuo Motoki (Stage Actress Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kenjin Hanaoka (An Illustrator Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Minoru Yasui (The Golf Driving Range Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yukata Abe (Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Eba Ojanguren as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (2nd voice; Basque Dub)
Eder La Barrera as
Minoru Ogata (Latin America new dub; eps 194-195)
Suguro Hisashi (Latin American dub; eps 197-198)
Takayoshi Tsujimura (Latin America new dub; ep 224)
Eduard Elias as
Hisayoshi Minamizawa (Loan Company President's Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tetsuo Dobashi (The Mystery Weapon Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Eduard Itchart as
Ginzo Nakamori (Catalan dub; 2a veu)
Heiji Hattori (Diplomat Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Hideyuki Nakayama (The Ojamanbou Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kinta Toratani (Catalan dub; ep 821)
Naoya Saijo (Sports Club Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
shiro Wakaoji (Coffee Shop Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tsuyoshi Nojima (Catalan dub; ep 709)
Eduardo Meneses as Hirohito Ninomiya (Chilean dub)
Elisabet Bargalló as
Haruna Yuki (Catalan dub; eps 194-195)
Kaoru Inoue (Catalan dub; ep 708)
Susan Trummelperman (Catalan dub; ep 816)
Enric Isasi-Isasmendi as
Dosan Nagato (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case 1st part; Catalan Dub)
Goro Kinoshita (A Ghost Ship Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Home 2 (Catalan Dub; ep 32)
Kazuaki Hirata (Catalan dub; ep 11)
Policia (Catalan Dub; ep 28)
Private Inn master (Catalan Dub; ep 29)
Senyor Yotsui (Wealthy Daughter Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tatsuya Okubo (The Golf Driving Range Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Enric Puig as
Doctor Araide (Valencian dub)
Misao Yamamura (Valencian dub)
Sango Yokomizo (Valencian dub)
Enric Serra Frediani as
Eisuke Tachibana (The Golf Driving Range Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Junichi Takeota (Stage Actress Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Jyuzo Todoyama (Catalan Dub; ep 33)
Kiyonaga Matsumoto (Catalan Dub; ep 18)
Tequila (Catalan Dub)
Tome (The Golf Driving Range Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Enrique Hernández as
Hironobu Takeshita (Game Company Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Home de les ulleres (An Illustrator Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Jun Omura (Night Road Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kazumi Sanada (Conan vs. Kaitou Kid; Catalan Dub)
Shingo Nachi (Catalan Dub; ep 22)
Tatsuji Tomizawa (The Triplet's Country Home Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Enrique J. Lles as Ray Curtis (Spain dub; eps 238-239)
Enriqueta Linares as Private Inn elder lady (Catalan Dub; eps 28-29)
Erika Araujo as Claudia Guzmán (Ran Mouri)
Eva Lluch as Natsue Hatamoto (Catalan Dub; eps 23-24)
Felipe Waldhorn as Ryuichi Muraki (new Latin American dub; eps 126-127)
Fermin Encinar as Heizo Hattori (Galician dub; ep 263)
Fernando Elegido as Yokomizo's brother (Spain dub)
Francesc Alborch as Kenji Suzuki (Catalan Dub; eps 23-24)
Francesc Belda as
Tadao Ohno (The Death God Jinnai Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Toshimitsu Tsujimura (Diplomat Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yasuo Uehara (A Ghost Ship Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Francesc Figuerola as Ginzo Nakamori (Catalan dub)
Francisco Alborch as Inspector Juuzou Megure (Spain dub)
Gabriel Pareja as Yusaku Kudo (Valencian dub)
Gal Soler as
Koichi Hotta (Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Secretari Miura (Catalan Dub; ep 30)
Shintaro Chaki (Conan vs. Kaitou Kid; Catalan Dub)
Gema Carballedo as Toshiko Bessho (Spain dub; eps 384-385)
Gemma Ibáñez as
Chikako Ikeda (Catalan Dub; eps 34-35)
Eri Kisaki (Catalan dub; 2nd voice)
Fumiko Hotta (Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Geni Rey as
Harumi Akiyama (Catalan dub; eps 761-762)
Hikaru Yasumoto (Catalan dub; eps 170-171)
Izumi Sano (Catalan dub; eps 172-173)
Kazumi Tsukumo (Catalan dub; ep 123)
Maki Amamiya (Catalan dub; ep 824)
Masayo Tokudaiji (Catalan dub; eps 180-181)
Misaki Takizawa (Catalan dub; ep 826)
Yuka Konno (Catalan dub; ep 414)
Geraldine Ortíz as
Chie Yoshino (Latin America new dub; ep 196)
Chizuru Bizen (Latin America new dub; eps 203-204)
Ikumi Soda (Latin America new dub; ep 219)
Sanae Takeuchi (Chilean dub)
Gloria Gonzalez as
Akako Koizumi (Catalan dub; ep 219)
Dona de negre (Catalan Dub; ep 137)
Harumi Hotta (Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Midori Megure (Catalan dub)
Yukiko Kudo (Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case; Catalan Dub)
Gonzalo Faílde as Ginzo Nakamori (Galician dub; ep 219)
Héctor Moncada as Médico (Chilean dub)
Hernán Fernández as
Hideaki Nakajima (Game Company Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Katsuhiko Minagawa (Catalan Dub; ep 6)
Naoki Uemura (Catalan dub; ep 10)
Tomofumi Minami (The Golf Driving Range Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Toshihiko Takasugi (Catalan Dub; ep 18)
Ignasi Abadal as
Michihiko Suwa (TV Station Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tokio Ebara (Night Baron Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Irene Miras as
Azusa Enomoto (Catalan dub)
Yumi Miyamoto (Catalan dub)
Iris Lago as Izumi Chono (An Illustrator Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Isabel Fernandez Avanthay as Shizuka Hattori (Spain dub; eps 220-221)
Isabel Gaudi as Rose Hewitt (Spain dub; eps 286-288)
Isabel Valls as Kazuha Toyama (Catalan dub; 1st voice)
Ivette Gonzalez as Sonoko Suzuki (eps 6, 81-82)
Jaime Roca as
Makoto Kyougoku (Spain dub; eps 289-290)
Noriyuki Doguchi (Spain dub; ep 263)
Jaume Comas as Teraoka (The Third Fingerprint Murder Case;Catalan Dub)
Jaume Lleal as
Ishikawa (Game Company Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kazuhi Nakamichi (Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Masahiro Yamauchi (Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Jaume Mallofre as
Masashi Oyama (Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Norio Terasawa (The Mystery Weapon Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Jaume Villanueva as Murase (The First Errand Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Javier Amilibia as Profesor Agase (Spain dub)
Jesus Carrasco as Detective Otaki (Spain dub)
Joan Massotkleiner as Jirokichi Suzuki (Catalan dub)
Joan Pera as
Atsushi Umemiya (Catalan Dub; ep 18)
Etou (Victory Flag Tearing Case; Catalan Dub)
Hayato Nanjo (The Death God Jinnai Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Hiroki Sumiya (Catalan Dub; eps 34-35)
Hitoshi Yuda (The Mysterious Woman With Amnesia Case; Catalan Dub)
Home de la Televisió (Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Ikuo Kawatsu (Holmes Freak Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Inspector Takagi (Catalan Dub; ep 27)
Katsuhiko Nakamoto (Monday Night 7:30 p.m. Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Katsuta (The Golf Driving Range Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Korikazu Sasai (Catalan Dub; ep 9)
Masaki Negishi (Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Osamu Kamei (Big Monster Gomera Murder Case;Catalan Dub)
Saeki (Cactus's Flower Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Segrestador 1 (Catalan Dub; ep 12)
Shunsou Hirose (Catalan Dub; ep 31)
Taichi Tomizawa (The Triplet's Country Home Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Takeo Izumi (Facial Mask Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Takuya Mifune (Wealthy Daughter Murder Case; Conan vs. Kaitou Kid; Catalan Dub)
Tatsuo Hatamoto (Catalan Dub; eps 23-24)
Yosuke Kobayashi (The Train Trick Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yuichi Sumeragi (Catalan Dub; ep 33)
Yukio Ayashiro (Catalan Dub; eps 28-29)
Joaquim Sota as
Hiroshi Iino (Loan Company President's Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Joji Hatamoto (Catalan Dub; eps 23-24)
President Okida (Catalan Dub; ep 30)
Joel Mulachs as Minami Takayama (The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case; Catalan Dub)
Jonatán López as Shinichi Kudou (Spain dub)
Jordi Campillo as
Caretaker (Victory Flag Tearing Case; Catalan Dub)
Fumio Koike (Diplomat Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Go Sumii (Karaoke Box Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Isao Tsujimura (Diplomat Murder Case part 2; Catalan Dub)
Kitaro Hatamoto (Catalan Dub; eps 23-24)
Mitsuhiro Hida (Loan Company President's Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tomoyasu Kanazawa (Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tsuji (The Mystery Weapon Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Vell Artista (Sports Club Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Jordi Nogueras as Osamu Iwabuchi (Catalan dub; ep 698)
Jordi Pineda as
Kazuo Ebisawa (The Bank Heist Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kishii (Catalan Dub)
Kyusaku Mamegaki (Catalan Dub; ep 22)
Michio Morioka (Catalan Dub)
Nakada (Germà d'en ToshiyaCatalan Dub)
Next Conan Hint (Catalan Dub)
Taketoshi Gondo (Catalan Dub; ep 22)
Tomidokoro (The Kidnapping Location Case; Catalan Dub)
Jordi Vilaseca as Toshiaki Fujisawa (Holmes Freak Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Jorge Saudinós as
Doctor Araide (Spain dub; eps 181-182)
Inspector Yamamura (Spain dub)
José Antequera as
Genichiro Kaneshiro (Night Baron Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kosaku Hotta (Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kuranosuke Take (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case; Catalan Dub; Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case; Catalan Dub)
Ryota Adachi (Big Monster Gomera Murder Case;Catalan Dub)
Shiro Suzuki (Conan vs. Kaitou Kid; Catalan Dub)
Tenei (The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
José Carabias as
Detective Chiba (Spain dub)
Suichi Akai (Spain dub)
José María Carrero as
Detective Chiba (Spain dub)
Doctor Araide (Spain dub; eps 249-400)
Heiji Hiratori (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Kaito Kid (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Josep Maria Ullod as Tetsuharu Tomizawa (The Triplet's Country Home Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Juan Martín Goirizelaia as Inspector Wataru Takagi (Basque dub)
Juan Vicente Espuig as James Black (Valencian dub)
Julia Chalmeta as
Aki Ishihara (Catalan dub; ep 219)
Mitsuko Kanazawa (Catalan dub; ep 245)
Julia Martínez as Rika Okano (Spain dub; ep 100)
Laura Violeta as Yumi Miyamoto (Valencian dub; 2nd voice)
Leisha Medina as Kimie Shimabukuro (Latin America new dub; eps 222-224)
Leopoldo Ballesteros as Shin'ichi's father (Spain dub)
Lola Oria as Eri Kisaki (Spain dub; ep 32)
Lourdes Fabrés as
Aoi Owada (Catalan dub; ep 577)
Mihiro Kuze (Catalan dub; eps 575-576)
Lourdes López as
Kimie Tsujimura (Diplomat Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Mari Masakage (Catalan Dub; ep 406)
Nanae Tsukumo (Catalan Dub; ep 96)
Lucas Cisneros as Genta Kojima (Spain dub)
Lucía Suárez as
Kanami Kaneda (new Latin American dub; ep 214)
Minaho Shimogasa (new Latin American dub; ep 184)
Luciano Fox as Heiji Hattori (Chilean dub)
Luis Espinosa as Kogorou Mouri (Spain dub)
Luis Iglesia as
Ginzo Nakamori (Galician dub; ep 76)
Yusaku Kudo (Galician dub)
luis miguel perez as
Daigo Teraizumi (Latin American dub; eps 197-198)
Mamoru Kajita (Latin American dub; eps 201-202)
Luis Vicente Ivars as
Doctor Araide (Spain dub; eps 205-208)
James Black (Spain dub)
Vodka (Spain dub; eps 133-400)
Manuel Pombal as Wataru Takagi (Galician dub)
Mar Roca as
Ayako Ninagawa (Catalan dub; eps 190-191)
Chizuru Bizen (Catalan dub; eps 203-204)
Misato Tsutsumi (Catalan dub; ep 434)
Miya Meguro (Catalan dub; ep 448)
Sakurako Tatsumi (Catalan dub; eps 192-193)
Yukari Takano (Catalan dub; ep 235)
Marc Torrents Manresa as Genji Kojima (Catalan dub)
Marc Zanni as
Doctor Araide (1st voice; Catalan Dub)
Kunitomo Oda (Catalan Dub; eps 172-173)
Makoto Kyogoku (Catalan Dub)
Tatsuhiko Yura (Catalan dub; eps 236-237)
Yoshinori Kana (Catalan dub; eps 180-181)
Marcel Navarro as
Eisuke Hondo (Catalan dub)
Fumimaro Ayanokouji (Catalan dub; ep 694)
Hiroshi Yagisawa (Catalan dub; ep 434)
Jirou Ishikawa (Catalan dub; ep 424)
Masao Kaneda (Catalan dub; ep 709)
Marcela Bordes as Hideko Kamijo (eps 68-70)
Maria Moscardó as
Chiaki Suou (Catalan dub; eps 632-633)
Midori Aoki (Catalan dub; ep 778)
Minerva Glass (Catalan dub; eps 616-621)
Motoe Benzaki (Catalan dub; ep 734)
Tomoko Hirota (Catalan dub; 737)
Yurika Suwayama (Catalan dub; ep 695)
María José Valcárcel as Yuki Takeno (Chilean dub)
Maria Lluïsa Magaña as
Ayako Oki (Holmes Freak Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Ayako Suzuki (The Triplet's Country Home Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Dona d'en Kitagawa (Cactus's Flower Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Misako Teraoka (The Third Fingerprint Murder Case;Catalan Dub)
María Luisa Rosselló as
Ineko Maru (Spain dub; ep 14)
Kimie Tsugimura (Spain dub; eps 49-50)
Noriko Ayashiro (Spain dub; eps 28-29)
Maria Luisa Sola as
Fune Shimao (Catalan dub; ep 820)
Shigemi Terakado (Catalan dub; ep 817)
María Rosa Gil as
Kazue Yashiro (Catalan dub; eps 110-111)
Keiko Yabuuchi (Catalan dub; ep 96)
Mako Miyoshi (Catalan dub; ep 96)
Midori Ozaki (Catalan dub; ep 90)
Maria Rosa Guillén as
Dona d'en Heihachiro (Stage Actress Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Hideko Sasamoto (Catalan dub; ep 688)
Kiyoki Fukurai (Catalan dub; ep 842)
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (Spain dub)
Naomi (A Crab and Whale Kidnapping Case;Catalan Dub)
Shoko Oide (Stage Actress Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tomoko Suzuki (Conan vs. Kaitou Kid; Catalan Dub)
Maribel Pomar as
Ena Ginbayashi (Catalan dub; eps 524-525)
Nagisa Imaoka (Catalan dub; ep 677)
Saeko Akimoto (Catalan dub; eps 629-630)
Saori Shirakawa (Catalan dub; ep 729)
Sayo Ohashi (Catalan dub; eps 644-645)
Yoshimi Satake (Catalan dub; eps 652-655)
Yuzuki Fukui (Catalan dub; eps 738-739)
Marta Barbará as Toji Funemoto (Catalan dub; eps 464-465)
Marta Covas as
Akie Hatamoto (Catalan Dub; eps 23-24)
Natsuki Koshimizu (Catalan dub; ep 479)
Marta Estrada as
Kaori Obayashi (Catalan dub; ep 214)
Saori (Catalan dub; ep 16)
Marta Moreno as
Chiharu Shirakawa (Catalan dub; ep 729)
Kei Nakanishi (Catalan dub; ep 842)
Marta Padovan as
Maria Toda (Holmes Freak Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yone Nanao (Wealthy Daughter Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Marta Sáinz as
Akako Koizumi (Spain dub; ep 219)
Akiko Yonehara (Spain dub; eps 84-85)
Asami Uchida (Spain dub; eps 100-101)
Kaori Ohbayashi (Spain dub; ep 214)
Kikue Tanaka (Spain dub; eps 132-134)
Kimie Shimabukuro (Spain dub; eps 222-224)
Mai Kogami (Spain dub; eps 190-191)
Mina Aoshima (Spain dub; eps 121-122)
Nobuko Nagato (Spain dub; eps 77-78)
Ran's mother (Spain dub)
Sae Takeda (Spain dub; eps 166-168)
Señorita Jodie (Spain dub)
Shin'ichi's mother (Spain dub; eps 81-155)
Vermouth (Spain dub; eps 190-310)
Yumi Miyamoto (Spain dub; 2nd voice)
Marta Ullod as
Akemi Miyano (Catalan Dub)
Akiko Yonehara (Ski Lodge Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Ayako Suzuki (Catalan Dub; eps 34-35)
Eri Kisaki (Catalan dub; ep 96)
Hitomi Sasaki (Stage Actress Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Junko (The Kidnapping Location Case; Catalan Dub)
Kaori Nakahara (Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kazumi Nakayama (General Hospital Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Keiko Okita (General Hospital Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Miho Nishitani (A Stalker's Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Minayo Hasaka (Catalan dub; eps 505-506)
Senyora Minagawa (Catalan Dub; ep 6)
Shinobu (The Detective Boys' Disaster Case; Catalan Dub)
Toshiya Nakada (Catalan Dub)
Yoko Okino (The Golf Driving Range Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Masumi Mutsuda as Shuuichirou Tarumi (Catalan dub; ep 577)
Matías Fajardo as Gin (new Latin American dub)
Mercè Segarra as Furuyo Senma (Catalan dub; ep 219)
Mercedes Espinosa as
Detective Sato (Spain dub)
Masayo Aoshima (Spain dub; eps 121-122)
Sakurako Tatsumi (Spain dub; eps 192-193)
Yasue Nagato (Spain dub; eps 77-78)
Miguel Ángel Del Hoyo as
Inspector Sango Yokomizo (from ep 81 ; Spain dub)
Inspector Shiratori (Spain dub)
Miguel Lopez Varela as James Black (Galician dub)
Miquel Bonet as
Hideo Kawashima (Catalan dub; ep 11)
Kinji Ookura (Catalan dub; ep 698)
Miriam Valencia as Naoko Kuroe (Spain dub; eps 222-224)
Mònica Padrós as
Ayako Nagai (TV Station Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Kaori Sekiya (Catalan Dub; ep 6)
Kazuha Tooyama (2a veu; Catalan Dub)
Kazumi Tatsumi (Catalan Dub; ep 31)
Mare d'en Masao (Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case; Catalan Dub)
Nanako Shimizu (Holmes Freak Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Reiko (Catalan dub; ep 1)
Reiko Kuroiwa (Catalan dub; ep 11)
Yayoi Himeno (Catalan Dub; ep 33)
Yoko Okino (TV Station Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Montse Puga as
Kaho Ezumi (Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yukiko Kudo (Catalan Dub)
Montserrat Davila as Miwako Sato (Galician dub)
Montserrat Roig as
Eri Kisaki (Catalan Dub; ep 33)
Hitomi (Catalan dub; ep 1)
Miyuki Nanjo (The Death God Jinnai Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Nobuko Nagato (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case; Catalan Dub)
Reika Yotsui (Wealthy Daughter Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Reiko Saeki (Sports Club Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Sayuri Matsumoto (Catalan Dub; ep 18)
Yoko Okino (Catalan Dub)
Yoko Sawaki (Monday Night 7:30 p.m. Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yoshimi Watabe (Catalan Dub; ep 6)
Yuko Ikezawa (Catalan dub; ep 3)
Nacho Castaño as Jinpei Matsuda (Galician dub)
Neus Sendra as Vermouth (2nd voice; Catalan Dub)
Niccolo Piffardi as Osamu Kenzaki (Chilean dub)
Nina Romero as Yumi Miyamoto (Valencian dub; 1st voice)
Nora Abad as Sonoko Suzuki (Galician Dub)
Norbert Ibero as
Chousuke Takagi (Catalan dub; eps 390-391)
Inspector Yokomizo (Catalan Dub)
Mamoru Matsudaira (Catalan dub; ep 184)
Mitsuo Shirai (General Hospital Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Ninzaburo Shiratori (Catalan dub; eps 146-157)
Taizou Sakurada (Catalan dub; ep 405)
Nuria Doménech as
Akane Isaka (Catalan dub; eps 299-300)
Haruka Tendou (Catalan dub; eps 329-330)
Kaoru Minamizato (Catalan dub; eps 364-365)
Maria Higashio (Catalan Dub; ep 460)
Megumi Ito (Catalan dub; eps 126-127)
Nagisa Isogai (Catalan dub; ep 174)
Noe Takigawa (Catalan dub; eps 185-186)
Noriko Okaya (Cactus's Flower Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Oriol de Balle as
Dosan Nagato (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case 2nd part; Catalan Dub)
Kazuhiro Hosoya (Catalan Dub)
Kohei Shimoda (Ski Lodge Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Pare de la Junko (The Kidnapping Location Case; Catalan Dub)
Shiina Nagano (The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case; Catalan Dub)
Takashi Nagai (The Bank Heist Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tetsuya Maejima (The Bank Heist Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tome (Catalan Dub)
Tsuji Saburou (The Bank Heist Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yamada (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case; Catalan Dub)
Oscar Muñoz as Kaito Kid (Spain dub; eps 79-80)
Paco Gázquez as Inspector Sango Yokomizo (Spain dub)
Pep Papell as Dogo Hoshikawa (Catalan Dub; ep 406)
Pep Ribas as
Akihiko Yamaguchi (Catalan dub; ep 695)
Masao Taketomi (Catalan dub; eps 291-293)
Shouzou Onuma (Catalan dub; ep 698)
Pep Sais as Shuji Tsugawa (Library Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Pep Antón Muñoz as Hades Sabara (Catalan dub; eps 619-621)
Pepa Agudo as
Masako Kameda (Spain dub; eps 264-265)
Shinichi's mother (Spain dub; eps 304-400)
Shizuka Hattori (Spain dub; ep 263)
Pilar Dominguez as Everith Hamilton (Spain dub; eps 286-288)
Pilar Mora as Ayumi Yoshida (Spain dub)
Pilar Morales as
Akiko Sayama (Night Baron Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Ikumi Soda (Catalan dub; ep 219)
Kuniko Asagi (The Ojamanbou Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Yasue Nagato (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case; Catalan Dub)
Pilar Rubiella as Yukiko Kudo (Catalan dub; ep 43)
Quim Roca as Inspector Ginzo Nakamori (Conan vs. Kaitou Kid; Catalan Dub)
Rais David Báscones as
Norifumi Saku (Spain dub; eps 199-200)
Rokuro Fukuyama (Spain dub; eps 222-224)
Ramiro Taboada as Kiyonaga Matsumoto (Galician dub; ep 18)
Ramón González Goyanes as Wataru (Spain dub; ep 159)
Ramón Hernández as
Detective Momoi (Catalan dub; ep 695)
Harufumi Mogi (Catalan dub; ep 219)
Joukichi Tonomura (Catalan dub; ep 235)
Kento Togano (Holmes Freak Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Koji Ueda (Game Company Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Makoto Hayashida (Catalan dub; ep 245)
Ryouhei Honda (Catalan dub; ep 708)
Shinsuke Sagara (Catalan dub; eps 197-198)
Shugo Matsui (Big Monster Gomera Murder Case;Catalan Dub)
Suguru Itakura (Catalan dub; 3 episodes
eps 307, 310-311
Ramon Puig as
Heihachiro Shiota (Stage Actress Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Takeo Mikami (A Ghost Ship Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Raquel Martín as
Haruka Nagara (Spain dub; ep 184)
Kuniko Yamamoto (Spain dub; ep 214)
Ruri Ujo (Spain dub; eps 305-306)
Raul Dans as Caco Kid (Galician Dub; eps 78-79)
Raúl Llorens as
Home 1 (Catalan Dub; ep 33)
Masami Kusaka (Night Road Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Ryoji Hotta (Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Rebeca Aponte as Mikoto Shimabukuro (Latin America new dub; eps 222-223)
René Pinochet as Hitoshi Dejima (Latin American dub; eps 226-227)
Ricardo Rodríguez as
Atsushi Maguma (Chilean dub)
Payaso (Chilean dub; ep 271)
Policía (Chilean dub; ep 270)
Roberto Alexander as Inspector Vera
Roberto Coloma as Motoo Sugiyama (Chilean dub)
Rocío Gallegos as
Eri Kisaki
Kimie Tsujimura (eps 48-49)
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (ep 123)
Roger Isasi-Isasmendi as
Doctor Araide (2na veu; Catalan Dub)
Taizo Sato (The Train Trick Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Rosa Pastó as Aditional Voices (Catalan Dub)
Rosa Vivas as
Misari Ito (Spain dub; eps 323-324)
Motoka Fujieda (Spain dub; eps 333-334)
Vermouth (Spain dub; eps 363-400)
Roser Aldabó as
Aiko (Catalan dub; ep 1)
Chihiro Kojima (Facial Mask Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Eiko Nakayama (Stage Actress Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Taeko Mamegaki (Catalan Dub; ep 22)
Roser Vilches as
Aoko Nakamori (Catalan dub; ep 219)
Ayaka Yoshino (Catalan dub; ep 208)
Rubén González as
Jukichi Sakai (Chilean dub)
Kanenari Mochizuki (Chilean dub)
Salomé Anjarí as
Akako Koizumi (Latin America new dub; ep 219)
Naoko Kuroe (Latin America new dub; eps 222-224)
Terumi Hoshino (Chilean dub)
Sandra Colipi as Kaoru Kusano (Chilean dub)
Santi Lorenz as
Masashi Rokuda (Wealthy Daughter Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Masayoshi Sakaguchi (Catalan Dub; ep 27)
Mokunen (The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Souhei Tatsumi (Catalan Dub; ep 31)
Yusaku Kudo (4a veu; Catalan Dub)
Sergio Capelo as Vodka (Valencian dub)
Sergio Zamora as Takaaki Morofushi (Catalan dub)
Sílvia Llorente as
Kazumi Takenaka (Catalan dub; ep 18)
Ryoko Akagi (Catalan dub; ep 10)
Yoko Okino (Catalan dub; ep 3)
Silvia Sarmentera as
Ai Haibara (Spain dub)
Chika Miyazaki (Spain dub; eps 100-101)
Kanako (Spain dub; ep 159)
Miyuki Shioya (Spain dub; eps 166-168)
Yumi Miyamoto (Spain dub; ep 146)
Yuri Shirai (Spain dub; eps 131-132)
Tasio Alonso as Vodka (Spain dub; ep 1)
Teresa Manresa as
Eri Kisaki (3rd voice; Catalan Dub)
Jodie Santemillion (1st voice; Catalan Dub)
Maya Tachibana (The Mysterious Woman With Amnesia Case; Catalan Dub)
Sumiko Kobayashi (Catalan Dub; ep 460)
Takako Fujii (Loan Company President's Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Takako Imoto (The Mystery Weapon Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Tenko Himemiya (Catalan Dub; ep 406)
Tonomi Sakaguchi (Big Monster Gomera Murder Case;Catalan Dub)
Yukiko Yasunaga (Catalan Dub; ep 405)
Yumi Horikoshi (Catalan Dub; eps 28-29)
Teresa Soler as Yukiko Katsuragi (Diplomat Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Teresa De Paz as
Madoka Mitsui (Spain dub; eps 236-237)
Reiko Kujo (Spain dub; eps 264-265)
Yoko Takeda (Spain dub; eps 166-168)
Toni Solanes as
Inspector Nakamori (Spain dub; ep 76)
Tequila (Spain dub)
Vicky Martínez as Takuma Sakamoto (Catalan Dub; ep 460)
Victor Mares Jr. as
Bobby Jackson (Sinichi Kudo)
Kid Misterioso (Kaitou Kid)
Torres (Wataru Takagi)
Victoria Pagès as
Hideko Kamijo (Night Baron Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Reika Shijo (The Broken Horoscope Case; Catalan dub)
Xavier Casan as
Inspector Takagi (Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case; Catalan Dub)
Keigo Endo (A Crab and Whale Kidnapping Case;Catalan Dub)
Masaru Ohta (Catalan Dub; eps 34-35)
Ryuusuke Imoto (The Mystery Weapon Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Takashi Date (The Train Trick Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Teruhiko Kasuga (The Detective Boys' Disaster Case; Catalan Dub)
Yuji Nikaido (Wealthy Daughter Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Xavier Fernández as
Katsumi Yamada (Karaoke Box Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Toshihide Wakamatsu (Catalan Dub; ep 6)
Yuuichi Uda (Stage Actress Murder Case; Catalan Dub)
Xavier Serrano as Tomoaki Araide (Catalan dub; ep 190)
Xermana Carballido as Yukiko Kudo (Galician dub)
Xeve Atencia as
Conan Edogawa (Basque Dub)
Shinichi Kudo (Basque Dub)
Xose Manuel Rodriguez as Ginshiro Toyama (Galician dub)
Yuri Mykhaylychenko as In-off voice (Spain dub; eps 1-80)

Adrià Frías (Catalan dub)
Albert Roig (Catalan dub)
Albert Trifol Segarra (Catalan dub)
Alberto Vilar (Catalan dub)
Aleix Estadella (Catalan dub)
Aleix Puiggalí (Catalan dub)
Alex De Porrata (Catalan dub)
Alex Meseguer (Catalan dub)
Alfonso Vallés (Catalan dub)
Alfredo Martínez (Spain dub)
Alicia Laorden (Catalan dub)
Amadeu Aguado (Catalan dub)
Ana Maciñeiras (Galician dub)
Ana Pallejà (Catalan dub)
Ana María Camps (Catalan dub)
Angel de Gracia (Spain dub)
Angel del Río (Catalan dub)
Anna Romano (Catalan dub)
Antoni Forteza (Catalan dub)
Ariadna de Guzmán (Catalan dub)
Ariadna Jiménez (Catalan dub)
Artur Palomo (Catalan dub)
Assumpta Navascues (Catalan dub)
Aura Caamaño (new Latin American dub)
Azucena Díaz (Catalan dub)
Blanca Hualde (Spain dub)
Blanca Rada (Spain dub)
Bruno Jorda (Spain dub)
Carla Mercader (Catalan dub)
Carla Torres Danés (Catalan dub)
Carles Martínez Davó (Catalan dub)
Carlos Di Blasi (Catalan dub)
Carlos Lladó (Catalan dub)
Carlos Lopez (Spain dub)
Carlos Reboreda (Galician dub)
Carme Abril (Catalan dub)
Carme Buxaderas (Catalan dub)
Carmen Ambrós (Catalan dub)
Carmen Calvell (Catalan dub)
Carmen Contreras (Spain dub)
Carmen Podio (Spain dub)
Carolina Tak (Spain dub)
Carolina Vázquez (Galician Dub)
Cesc Martínez (Catalan dub)
Claudi García (Catalan dub)
Cristina Mauri (Catalan dub)
Daniel Albiac (Catalan dub)
David Brau (Catalan dub)
David Corsellas (Catalan dub)
David Jenner (Catalan dub)
Diana Torres (Spain dub)
Domenech Farell (Catalan dub)
Eduard Doncos (Catalan dub)
Eduard Elias (Catalan dub)
Eduard Itchart (Catalan dub)
Eduardo Farelo (Catalan dub)
Elisabet Bargalló (Spain dub)
Elsa Fábregas (Catalan dub)
Elvira García (Catalan dub)
Emilio García (Spain dub)
Enric Arquimbau (Catalan dub)
Enric Cusí (Catalan dub)
Enric Isasi-Isasmendi (Spain dub)
Enric Serra Frediani (Catalan dub)
Enrique Hernández (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Enrique Lles (Spain dub)
Enriqueta Linares (Catalan dub)
Estívaliz Lizárraga (Basque dub)
Eva Martí Ferrer (Catalan dub)
Fernando Elegido (Spain dub)
Francesc Belda (Catalan dub)
Francesc Figuerola (Catalan dub)
Francesc Góngora (Catalan dub)
Francesc Pujol (Catalan dub)
Francesc Rocamora (Catalan dub)
Francisco Alborch (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Francisco Garriga (Spain dub)
Gal Soler (Catalan dub)
Gelos Rosado (Galician dub)
Gemma Ibáñez (Catalan dub)
Geni Rey (Catalan dub)
Germán José (Catalan dub)
Gloria Cano (Catalan dub)
Gloria Gonzalez (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Gonzalo Rei Chao (Galician dub)
Héctor García (Catalan dub)
Helena Amoedo (Galician dub)
Ignasi Abadal (Catalan dub)
Iñaki Baliño (Galician dub)
Irene Miras (Catalan dub)
Iris Lago (Catalan dub)
Isabel Gaudi (Spain dub)
Isabel Valls (Catalan dub)
Ivan Canovas (Catalan dub)
Iván Labanda (Catalan dub)
Ivan Pera (Catalan dub)
Jaime Roca (Spain dub)
Jaume Aguiló (Catalan dub)
Jaume Comas (Catalan dub)
Jaume Costa (Catalan dub)
Jaume Mallofre (Catalan dub)
Jaume Villanueva (Catalan dub)
Javier Almazan (Spain dub)
Javier Amilibia (Spain dub)
Javier Viñas (Spain dub)
Jesús Rodríguez (Spain dub)
Joan Pera (Catalan dub)
Joan Antón Ramoneda (Catalan dub)
Joaquin Casado (Catalan dub)
Joel Mulachs (Spain dub)
Jonatán López (Spain dub)
Jordi Boixaderas (Catalan dub)
Jordi Campillo (Catalan dub)
Jordi Nogueras (Catalan dub)
Jordi Pineda (Catalan dub)
Jordi Pons (Spain dub)
Jordi Ribes (Spain dub)
Jordi Salas (Catalan dub)
Jordi Vila (Catalan dub)
Jordi Vilaseca (Catalan dub)
Jorge Saudinós (Spain dub)
Jorge Varela (Catalan dub)
José Núñez (Spain dub)
José Padilla (Spain dub)
José Posada (Catalan dub)
José Javier Serrano (Spain dub)
José Luis Mediavilla (Catalan dub)
José María Carrero (Spain dub)
Josep Antequera (Catalan dub)
Josep Maria Mas (Catalan dub)
Juan Navarro Torello (Spain dub)
Juan Antonio Bernal (Catalan dub)
Juan Francisco Lamata (Spain dub)
Julia Chalmeta (Catalan dub)
Julia Martínez (Spain dub)
Lara Ullod (Catalan dub)
Laura Prats (Catalan dub)
Leopoldo Ballesteros (Spain dub)
Lluís Marrasé (Catalan dub)
Lourdes Fabrés (Catalan dub)
Lourdes López (Catalan dub)
Lucas Cisneros (Spain dub)
Lucía Cid (Galician dub)
Luciano Fox (Chilean dub)
Luis Grau (Catalan dub)
Luis Vicente Ivars (Spain dub)
Luisa Ezquerra (Spain dub)
Manuel Gimeno (Catalan dub)
Mar Roca (Catalan dub)
Marc Torrents Manresa (Catalan dub)
Marc Zanni (Catalan dub)
Marcel Navarro (Catalan dub)
Maria Moscardó (Catalan dub)
Maria Josep Guasch (Catalan dub)
Maria Lluïsa Magaña (Catalan dub)
Maria Luisa Sola (Catalan dub)
María Rosa Gil (Catalan dub)
Maria Rosa Guillén (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Maribel Pomar (Catalan dub)
Marta Barbará (Catalan dub)
Marta Covas (Catalan dub)
Marta Estrada (Catalan dub)
Marta Moreno (Catalan dub)
Marta Sáinz (Spain dub)
Marta Ullod (Catalan dub)
Masumi Mutsuda (Catalan dub)
Mercedes Espinosa (Spain dub)
Mercedes Montalá (Catalan dub)
Meritxell Ané (Catalan dub)
Meritxell Sota (Catalan dub)
Miguel Pernas (Galician dub)
Miguel Rey (Spain dub)
Miquel Cors (Catalan dub)
Miquel Roldán (Catalan dub)
Miriam Aldrey (Galician dub)
Miriam Valencia (Spain dub)
Mònica Padrós (Catalan dub)
Montse Miralles (Catalan dub)
Montserrat Roig (Catalan dub)
Nerea Alfonso (Catalan dub)
Norbert Ibero (Catalan dub)
Nuria Doménech (Catalan dub)
Nuria Llop (Catalan dub)
Oriol de Balle (Catalan dub)
Óscar Fernández (Galician dub)
Oscar Muñoz (Spain dub)
Paco Valls (Catalan dub)
Pako Campo (Spain dub)
Pau López (Catalan dub)
Pedro Molina (Catalan dub)
Pep Bermúdez (Catalan dub)
Pep Papell (Catalan dub)
Pep Ribas (Catalan dub)
Pep Sais (Catalan dub)
Pep Torrents (Catalan dub)
Pep Antón Muñoz (Catalan dub)
Pepa Agudo (Spain dub)
Pepe Mediavilla (Catalan dub)
Pilar Dominguez (Spain dub)
Pilar Morales (Catalan dub)
Pilar Rubiela (Catalan dub)
Rafael Calvo (Spain dub)
Rais David Báscones (Spain dub)
Ramon Gonzalez (Spain dub)
Ramón Hernández (Catalan dub)
Ramon Puig (Catalan dub)
Ramón Rocabayera (Spain dub)
Raquel Martín (Spain dub)
Raúl Llorens (Catalan dub)
Ricardo Lopez (Spain dub)
Roger Isasi-Isasmendi (Catalan dub)
Roger Pera (Catalan dub)
Roger Vidal (Catalan dub)
Rosa Campillo (Spain dub)
Rosa Vivas (Spain dub)
Rosalia Baños (Catalan dub)
Roser Aldabó (Catalan dub)
Roser Contreras (Catalan dub)
Roser Huguet (Catalan dub)
Roser Vilches (Catalan dub)
Salvador Serrano (Spain dub)
Santi Lorenz (Catalan dub)
Sara Vivas (Spain dub)
Sergio Zamora (Catalan dub)
Sílvia Llorente (Catalan dub)
Silvia Sarmentera (Spain dub)
Silvia Vilarrasa (Catalan dub)
Susana Macías (Spain dub)
Suso Álvarez (Galician dub)
Teresa Manresa (Catalan dub)
Teresa Soler (Catalan dub)
Teresa De Paz (Spain dub)
Thais Buforn (Catalan dub)
Toni Astigarraga (Catalan dub)
Toni Molías (Catalan dub)
Toni Sevilla (Catalan dub)
Toni Solanes (Spain dub)
Vicky Martínez (Catalan dub)
Victoria Pagès (Catalan dub)
Xadi Mouslemeni Mateu (Catalan dub)
Xavier Casan (Catalan dub)
Xavier Fernández (Catalan dub)
Xose Ramon Lojo (Galician dub)
Xulia Diz (Galician dub)
Yolanda Gil (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Animax España
Antena 3 (Spain)
Aragón TV (Spain)
AXN Spain
Canal 2 Andalucia (Spain)
Canal Caracol (Colombia)
Canal Extremadura (Spain)
Canal RCN (Colombia)
Cartoon Network España (Spain)
Castilla La-Mancha TV (Spain)
ETC...TV (Chile)
K3 (100%)
K30 TV (Spain)
Liv Tv (Chile)
LIVTV (Chile 2008 Broadcast)
Magic Kids (Latin America)
Red TV (Chile)
Super3 (Televisió de Catalunya)
TV Azteca (Mexico)
TV Canaria (Spain)
TVG (Televisión de Galicia)
Arait Multimedia (Spain)
Cloverway (Latin America; eps 1-123)
Jonu Media (Spain; eps 1-75)
Dubbing: VDI - Point.360 (Latin America)
Dubbing Studio:
103 Todd-Ao Estudios (Catalan dub)
AEDEA Studio (Latin America new dub, from ep. 124)
Alamis Doblaje (Spain dub)
Audioclip (Catalan dub)
Graus Balear (Majorcan dub)
International Soundstudio (Barcelona, Spain)
MOVC.CL (Latin America; Chilean Dub: Additional Recording)
Takemaker (Catalan dub; since ep 572)
Home Video: Manga Films (Spain)
Internet Streaming:
Amazon Prime Video (Spain) (Spain)  (Spain)  (Spain)  (Spain)  (Spain)  (Spain)  (Spain)  (Spain) 
Arait Play (Spain)
OnVideo (dubbed; expired; eps 1-123)
YouTube (Spain)
Licensed by:
Arait Multimedia (Spain; 2005)
Manga Films (Spain)
TMS Entertainment, USA, Inc. (eps 1-262, 264-283)
Translation: Daruma Serveis Lingüístics (Catalan dub)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Debora Magnaghi as Ran Mouri
Irene Scalzo as Conan Edogawa
Monica Bonetto as Conan Edogawa (eps 594-776)
Oliviero Corbetta as Det. Goro (Kogoro) Mouri

Cinzia Massironi as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Claudio Ridolfo as Det. Ninzaburo Shiratori
Davide Garbolino as Shinichi Kudo
Elisabetta Spinelli as Kazuha Toyama (eps 1-189)
Federica Valenti as Ayumi Yoshida
Luca Bottale as Genta Kojima (ep 124-)
Luigi Scribani as Heiji Hattori (1st voice)
Marco Balzarotti as Det. Ninzaburo Shiratori (eps 146-147)
Maurizio Scattorin as Prof. Hiroshi Agasa
Nicola Bartolini Carrassi as Genta Kojima (eps 1-123)
Patrizia Salmoiraghi as Kazuha Toyama (ep 190-)
Riccardo Rovatti as Isp. Juuzou Megure
Roberta Gallina Laurenti as Sonoko Suzuki (eps 6-123)
Simone D'Andrea as Heiji Hattori (2nd voice)
Sonia Mazza as Sonoko Suzuki (ep 124-)
Tosawi Piovani as Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano

Alberto Olivero as
Gin (3rd voice)
Vodka (2nd voice)
Alessandra Karpoff as Eri Kisaki , madre di Ran (2nd voice)
Diego Sabre as
Ag. Chiba
Shuichi Akai (2nd voice)
Yusako Kudo, padre di Shinichi
Elda Olivieri as
Sonoko Suzuki
Yukiko Kudo, madre di Shinichi
Elisabetta Spinelli as
Aoko Nakamori
Det. Miwako Satou
Francesco Orlando as Det. Wataru Takagi
Gianfranco Gamba as Gin (ep 1)
Gianluca Iacono as Isp. Yamamura (2nd voice)
Giorgio Bonino as Yusako Kudo , padre di Shinichi (1st voice)
Laura Brambilla as Sonoko Suzuki (3rd voice)
Loredana Nicosia as
Shiho Miyano da adulta
Lorenzo Scattorin as
Gin (2nd voice)
Shuichi Akai (1st voice)
Marcello Cortese as Dott. Tomoaki Araide
Marco Balzarotti as Isp. Sango Yokomizo
Mario Scarabelli as Ag. Kobayashi
Paolo Sesana as Kid Il Ladro (Kaito Kid)
Patrizia Salmoiraghi as
Eri Kisaki , madre di Ran (1st voice)
Jodie Santemillion
Patrizia Scianca as
Det. Miwako Satou (eps 130-131)
Tony Fuochi as Vodka (1st voice)

Italian companies
Italia 1 (2002)
Italia 2 (from 6 May 2012)
Italia Teen Television (from October 2003)
Super! (from 27 May 2013)
DeAgostini (DVD)
Fool Frame (DVD)
Internet Streaming: TIMvision
German staff
German cast
Melanie Laschek (Oxygen Sound Studios)
Thomas Frenz (MME Studios)
Tina Fanselow (Oxygen Sound Studios)
Theme Song Performance:
Ariane Roth (OP 6)
Cornelia Kreitmeier (OP 2)
Eva Runkel (OP 5)
Gerry Köhler (OP 1, ED 1)
Petra Scheeser (OP 3, OP 8)
Rickie Kinnen (OP 7)
Tina Frank (OP 4, OP 9)
Tom Fock (ED 2)
Giuliana Wendt as Ran Mouri
Jörg Hengstler as Kogoro Mouri
Tobias Müller as Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa

Andrea-Kathrin Loewig as Ai Haibara
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch as Inspector Megure
Victoria Sturm as Jodie Saintemillion (ep 226-)

Alexander Herzog as Kuroiwa (eps 11-12)
Almut Zydra as Noriko (eps 28-29)
Andrea Aust as Kimie Hayase (ep 83)
Andrea Solter as Narumi (eps 11-12)
Andreas Hosang as Mask (ep 2)
Andreas Müller as
Brille (ep 13)
Kommissar (ep 38)
Mann A (ep 13)
Anja Rybiczka as
Kaori (ep 6)
Kaori Sekiya (ep 6)
Anja Stadlober as Kazuha Tooyama (eps 103-182)
Anke Reitzenstein as
Rioka (ep 18)
Ryouko (ep 18)
Ann Vielhaben as Ayiko (ep 1)
Antje von der Ahe as
Bandansage des Kaufhauses (ep 18)
Yoko Okino
Yuko (ep 3)
Bea Tober as
1.Hausmädchen (ep 17)
Bedienung im Hotel (ep 22)
Frau Ogawa (ep 7)
Hundehalterin (ep 27)
Saori (ep 17)
TV-Sprecherin (ep 9)
Zimmermädchen (ep 31)
Bernd Schramm as Nakamichi (eps 28-29)
Bernhard Völger as
Jun Omura (eps 28-29)
Omura (eps 28-29)
Polizist (ep 8)
Bert-Günther Schmidtke as Tani (ep 2)
Bettina Schön as Yone (ep 40)
Bianca Krahl as Yoko (ep 3)
Cathrin Vaessen as Akiko (ep 26)
Chantal Preissler as Yuuta (ep 7)
Charles Rettinghaus as Genta Kojima
Christin Marquitan as Noriko (ep 38)
Cornelia Meinhardt as Ineko (ep 17)
David Nathan as
Angestellter (eps 11-12)
Okita (ep 14)
Dennis Schmidt-Foß as Osamu (ep 40)
Detlef Bierstedt as
Detektiv (ep 14)
Hideo Kawashima (eps 11-12)
Matsuo (ep 32)
Takashi Matsuo (ep 32)
Yusaku Kudo
Eberhard Prüter as
2.Juwelendieb (ep 34)
Kitaro (eps 23-24)
Kitaro Hatamoto (eps 23-24)
Elmar Gutmann as Sumeragi (ep 33)
Eva-Maria Werth as Vermieterin (ep 14)
F.G. Beckhaus as Ochiai (ep 8)
Fabian Hollwitz as Mitsuhiko
Florian Schmidt-Foss as Anzai (ep 22)
Frank Ciazynski as Okida (ep 30)
Frank Glaubrecht as James Black
Frank-Otto Schenk as Suva (ep 17)
Gerald Paradies as Tomofumi = Kazuyoshi (ep 16)
Gerald Schaale as Wakaoji (ep 33)
Gerd Holtenau as Großvater (eps 23-24)
Gerhard Paul as Proffesor Agasa
Gerrit Schmidt-Foß as Minagawa (ep 6)
Gundi Eberhard as Hitomi (ep 1)
Gunnar Helm as
Juji (ep 22)
Yuda (ep 25)
Hanna Bechstedt as Woman (ep 5)
Hans Eckhardt as Suwa (ep 32)
Hans Nitschke as Butler (eps 23-24)
Hans Teuscher as Gastgeber (ep 1)
Hans-Jürgen Wolf as Sakaguchi (ep 27)
Hansi Jochmann as Hiromi Yabuuchi (eps 101-102)
Heide Domanowski as Reiko (eps 11-12)
Helga Lehner as Mutter (ep 21)
Helmut Gauß as Joji (eps 23-24)
Iris Artajo as Maya (ep 25)
Isabelle Schmidt as
Aoko Nakamori (eps 78-79)
Kanami Kaneda (ep 230)
Jan Kurbjuweit as Junji (ep 19)
Jan Rohrbach as Ichiro (eps 23-24)
Jan Spitzer as
1.Juwelendieb (ep 34)
Kawana (ep 4)
Joachim Pukass as Takei (ep 26)
Johannes Baasner as Yukio (eps 28-29)
Jonas Ziegler as Reporter (ep 10)
Jörg Döring as
Imatake (ep 9)
Tonoyama (ep 33)
Joseph Rebling as
Hiroki (ep 16)
Toshihiko als Kind (ep 19)
Julia Blankenburg as Sanai (ep 27)
Julia Meynen as Ayumi Yoshida (eps 1-102)
Julia Ziffer as Natsue (ep 23)
Julien Haggege as
Kaitou Kid
Ryoichi (eps 35-36)
Takeshi (ep 27)
Jürgen Kluckert as Tatsumi (ep 31)
Karl Sturm as 1.Polizist (eps 11-12)
Karlo Hackenberger as
Hideo (ep 10)
Tatsuo (eps 23-24)
Wataru Takagi
Kaspar Eichel as Hatano (ep 17)
Katarina Tomaschewski as Mariko (eps 23-24)
Katharina Koschny as Sharon Vineyard
Katja Strobel as Sonoko Suzuki
Katrin Zimmermann as Akie (eps 23-24)
Kim Hasper as
Masao (eps 35-36)
Shingo (ep 22)
Klaus Jepsen as Ogawa (ep 7)
Klaus Lochthove as 2.Verbrecher (ep 15)
Klaus Nietz as Regisseur (ep 22)
Liane Rudolph as Dr.Sawaki (ep 37)
Lutz Schnell as Takuya (ep 40)
Malte Stübing as Susumu (ep 6)
Manja Doering as Kazuha Tooyama (Ep 183-???)
Manuel Vaessen as Eda (ep 20)
Marina Krogull as
Mutter (ep 6)
Yukiko Kudo (eps 308-310)
Markus Nichelmann as Mann C (ep 18)
Martina Treger as Chikako (eps 35-36)
Matthias Deutelmoser as Hirose (ep 31)
Matthias Klages as Kubota (ep 8)
Michael Bauer as Yamata (ep 9)
Michael Christian as
Abe (ep 39)
Aihara (ep 127)
Michael Iwannek as Genta Kojima (Second Voice)
Michael Telloke as Akuzu (ep 17)
Nico Mamone as Naomichi (ep 6)
Olaf Reichmann as
Manager (ep 3)
Takashi (ep 40)
Oliver Feld as Heiji Hattori
Oliver Siebeck as
Masashi (ep 40)
Ueda (ep 5)
Peter Reinhardt as Juji (ep 40)
Raimund Krone as Nakamoto (ep 37)
Rainer Doering as Miura (ep 30)
Ranja Bonalana as Ryoko (ep 10)
Reinhard Scheunemann as Manaka (ep 8)
Richard Heinrich as Mann B (ep 18)
Rita Engelmann as Yukiko Kudo
Robin Kahnmeyer as
Naoki (ep 10)
Takeshi (eps 23-24)
Roland Hemmo as Locke (ep 13)
Rüdiger Evers as Yotsui (ep 40)
Sabine Mazay as Naomi (ep 38)
Sabine Strobel as Eiko (ep 20)
Samia Little Elk as
Ayako Ninagawa (eps 205-206)
Midori Megure (ep 234)
Reiko (ep 1)
Samia Ouail as
Ayako (ep 32)
Reiko (ep 1)
Schaukje Könning as
Ayako (eps 35-36)
Masami (ep 14)
Silvia Mißbach as Yumi (eps 28-29)
Sonja Deutsch as Setsuko Nishiyama (ep 295)
Stefan Gossler as Vodka
Stefan Staudinger as Sasai (ep 9)
Stephan Ernst as 2.Assistent (ep 32)
Susanne Herrmann as
2.Hausmädchen (ep 17)
Kellnerin (ep 33)
Susanne Kaps as Ayumi Yoshida (Ep 103-???)
Tatjana Thomas as Kazumi (ep 31)
Thomas Kästner as
Maru (ep 17)
Schiffer (ep 26)
Thomas Schmuckert as
Aufnahmeleiter (ep 32)
Mann A (ep 18)
Shimizu (eps 11-12)
Thomas Nero Wolff as Hiroki (eps 35-36)
Tilo Schmitz as
Matsumoto (ep 19)
Wagamazu (ep 6)
Tom Deininger as Ogino (ep 7)
Tommy Morgenstern as Shuishi (eps 11-12)
Ulrich Lenk as Iiyama (ep 8)
Uwe Büschken as Saeki (ep 38)
Uwe Jellinek as Shitata (ep 5)
Victoria Frenz as Masako (ep 2)
Victoria Madincea as Taeko (ep 22)
Victoria Sturm as
Kazumi (ep 19)
Vermouth (ep 230)
Viktor Neumann as Toshihiko (ep 19)
Viktoria Voigt as
Joshimi (ep 6)
Reika (ep 40)
Vermouth (eps 177-178)
Walter Alich as
Akio (ep 21)
Hirata (eps 11-12)
Werner Ehrlicher as Vorgesetzter (eps 11-12)
Wolfgang Lohse as Großvater (ep 22)
Wolfgang Thal as Butler (ep 2)

German companies
ProSieben Maxx (from 2 November 2016)
RTL 2 Television
RTL II (from 10 April 2002)
VIVA (from 5 December 2011)
Distributor: m4e
Internet Streaming: Anime-on-Demand
Song Production: Arts of Toyco (all exept OP5)
Arabic staff
Arabic cast
Ali Nisafi (season 4)
Maha Abed (season 5–6)
Rasha Beids (season 8)
Taleb Rifai (season 8)

Administrative Coordination: Imad Al-Sheikh Khalid (season 1–3)
Artistic Supervision: Mamoun Rifae
Assistant Director:
Ehab Hudaki (season 5)
Layla Mansour (season 4)
Mayyadah Awdah (season 2–3)
Ahmad Farraj (season 3–4)
Ghassan Harfoush (sesson 5)
Audio Engineer:
Luay Ismail (season 1)
Samir Qusaybati (season 1)
Audio Supervisor: Nadeem Suleiman (season 2)
Muhammad Mazin Ramadan (season 2)
Tamim Al-Ashqar (season 3)
Muhammad Al-Qazzah (season 5–6)
Muhammad Yasin Aqil (season 9)
Rafi' Fathi Ataya (season 4)
Samir Al-Qazzah (season 9)
Electronic Processing:
Alaa Dardari (season 6)
Nour Al-Dibsi (season 9)
Yunus Ghazal (season 6)
Engineering Supervision: Ramiz Turjuman (Season 1–2)
Financial Tracking:
Abdulqader Nabhan (seasons 3–8)
Firas Rannah (season 9)
Muhammad Hassan Muhanna
Usamah Hajj Muhammad (Season 1)
General Supervision:
Mannaa Hijazi (season 1-3)
Mannah Hijazi
Mastering: Louis Abu Asali (season 9)
Louis Abu Asali (season 1–2)
Manar Al-Samkari (season 5–6)
Muhammad Hassan Bakr (season 3)
Samer Abu Asali (season 4; season 9)
Production manager: Radwan Hijazi
Production Tracking: Radwan Hijazi
Ramadan Ayyub (seasons 3–8)
Shafiq Bitar (season 1–2, season 9)
Ahmad Nattuf (season 3)
Emad Aker (season 4–6)
Haytham Ghurrah (season 3)
Shafiq Bitar (season 1, season 4–6)
Script Adaptation:
Ammar Sheikh Jabr (seasons 2–6)
Ghadah Umar (season 9)
Loay Saadallah (seasons 6–7)
Nour Darwish (season 5)
Rasha Beids (season 8)
Taleb Rifai (season 8; season 9)
Tawfiq Hassan (seasons 1–3)
Theme Computer: Muhammad Hassan Firawn (season 1)
Theme Distribution: Simon Abu Asali (season 5)
Theme Recording:
Obai Sukkar (season 5)
Samir Qusaybati (sesson 4)
Theme Song Lyrics: Tariq Al-Arabi Tourgane
Amal Saad-Eddin as Conan Edogawa
Nour Abu Hassoon as Ran Mouri (last eps of season 8)

Adel Abu Hassoon as
Ginzō Nakamori (ep 219)
Heiji Hattori (eps 222-224)
Ali Al-Qassem as Vodka (ep 1)
Amirah Hudhayfi as
Ayumi Yoshida
Miwako Sato
Ayman AL-Salek as Ginzō Nakamori (second voice in ep 76)
Fadi Wafai as Heiji Hattori (4 episodes
eps 238-240, 263
Faten Eido as Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano/Sherry (eps 129-309, 390-)
Lama Al-Shamandi as Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano/Sherry (eps 310-376)
Maamoon Al-Rifai as Gin (ep 345)
Mamoon Al-Farkh as Ginzō Nakamori (first voice in ep 76)
Mamoun Rifai as Vodka (eps 309-311)
Mansour Al-Salaty as
Gin (eps 309-311)
Misao Yamamura (eps 96, 243-244)
Vodka (eps 176-178)
Marwan Farhat as
Dr. Agasa
Ninzaburo Shiratori (ep 230)
Vodka (ep 129)
Maxim Khalil as Kaitō Kid (ep 76)
Nidal Hammadi as
Misao Yamamura (eps 199-200)
Wataru Takagi (eps 249-347)
Rafat Bazoo as
Heiji Hattori (11 episodes
eps 48-49, 57-58, 77, 189-192, 221, 277-

Kaito Kuroba/Kaitō Kid (ep 219-)
Ninzaburo Shiratori (4 episodes
eps 146-147, 156-157

Vodka (eps 230, 345)
Wataru Takagi (eps 235-241)
Samar Kokash as Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano/Sherry (old version of ep 129)
Samer Radwan as Ninzaburo Shiratori (eps 205-206)
Wasef Al-Halabi as Vodka (ep 128)
Yahya Al-Kafri as
Ninzaburo Shiratori (ep 253-)
Wataru Takagi (season 2)
Ziad Rifai as
Gin (eps 1-230)
Heiji Hattori (9 episodes
eps 78, 117-118, 141-142, 166-168, 174

Kaitō Kid (ep 134)
Shinichi Kudo (seasons 3–5)

Adel Abu Hassoon as Saguru Hakuba (ep 219)
Amal Saad-Eddin as Keiko Momoi (ep 219)
Amirah Hudhayfi as Aoko Nakamori (ep 219)
Amna Omar as Soko
Mamoon Al-Farkh as Shinichi
mamun farek as Shinichi Kudo
Mansour Al-Salaty as Kōnosuke Jii (ep 219)
Marwan Farahat as Togomori (Kogoro Mouri)
Qasim Mlho as Megure
Qusay SANCTITY as Police horses in the stable
Ra'fat Bazo as heiji
Samar Kokash as Ran
Arabic companies
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Script/Translation: Aprille Fernandez
Candice Arellano as Ran Mouri (2nd)
Jefferson Utanes as Kogoro Mouri
Robert Brillantes as Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo

Candice Arellano as Ai Haibara (2nd)
Charmaine Cordoviz as
Eri Kisaki
Furuyo Senma (1 episodes
ep 219 "The Gathering of the Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaitou Kid"

Yoshino Chie (1 episodes
ep 196 "The Invisible Weapon"
Charvie Abeletes as
Ayumi Yoshida
Kazuha Toyama
Suzuki Sonoko
Ely Martin as Heiji Hattori (2nd)
Jefferson Utanes as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Klariz Magboo as
Ayumi Yoshida (2nd voice)
Suzuki Sonoko (2nd voice)
Mark Aspiras as
Genta Kojima (2nd)
Heiji Hattori
Inspector Megure (2nd)
Roger Aquino as Professor Hiroshi Agasa (2nd)

Ahlee Reyes as Minami Takayama (eps 81-82)
Benjie Dorango as Guest
Candice Arellano as Miwako Satou (2nd)
Charvie Abeletes as Yukiko Kudo
Fourth Lee as Heiji Hattori (3rd)
Jefferson Utanes as Ninzaburo Shiratori
Klariz Magboo as as miwako sato
Louie Paraboles as Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo (2nd)
Pocholo Gonzales as Guest
Robert Brillantes as Yusaku Kudo
Roger Aquino as Wataru Takagi
Yvette Tagura as Ran Mouri (1st)

Tagalog companies
Broadcaster: GMA Network
Dubbing: ALTA Productions
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Quimbé (Portugal)
Mário Bomba as Kogoro Mouri (Portugal)
Rita Fernandes as Conan (Portugal)
Solange Santos as Ran Mouri (Portugal)

Mário Bomba as Shinichi Kudo (Portugal)
Quimbé as
Genta Kojima (Portugal)
Inspetor Megure (Portugal)
Rui Quintas as
Hiroshi Agasa (Portugal)
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (Portugal)
Solange Santos as Ayumi Yoshida (Portugal)
Portuguese companies
ADR Production: Santa Claus Audiovisual (Portugal)
Animax Portugal
SIC (Portugal)
Dubbing: Dialectus (Portugal)
Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll
Duarte Brás (Portugal)
Espiral Criativa (Portugal)
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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