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Tokyo Tower For Sale!

Answerman: Tokyo Tower For Sale!

Well, here we are, it's already Friday, and there's already a new Answerman column! My editors should be dodging whiskey bottles by the end of next week, though; this new schedule is brutal. Regardless, here I am, the tireless Answerman, struggling to answer your difficult questions day in and day out.

And if you believe that, I have a tower in Tokyo to sell you.

Onward, to today's questions:


What anime companies have mail order catalogs that I can request?

Thank you for your help.

The two best ones, AnimeNation and The Right Stuf, both publish great catalogs every year, chock full of coupons and nearly everything you'd ever want. Visit their individual websites for more information.

Hey! How's it goin? Was Shamanic Princess done by CLAMP?

Nope. Shamanic Princess wasn't done by Clamp, but the character designs were done by Ishida Atsuko, a member of CLAMP who also did the designs for Magic Knight Rayearth. No wonder it looks like a Clamp series!

Do you have any information on when Cowboy Bebop movie is coming out and what its relation to the series is?


Alright, I've gotten this question 36 times. Yes, that's right. 36 times. If you read the column regularly, READ THIS ANSWER NOW, because I'm not answering this question again for at least another 2 months! Nobody knows when the Cowboy Bebop movie is coming out. The trailer posted a few days ago on Sunrise's Cowboy Bebop website says that it's due out this summer. The movie itself takes place between episodes 22 and 23.

Answerman, if you were just starting anime DVD library, what would be the top 5 movies you would purchase.

Okay, so this is an indulgent question, but I'm allowed one every now and then, aren't I? You asked for movies, so I'd say Ghost in the Shell, Perfect Blue, Princess Mononoke, and two that aren't out yet, Akira and Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolesence Apocalypse. All five of these movies are, in my opinion, absolutely must-see. I'd start here and go from there.

What is difference between buying the boxed set and the seperate dvds for Cowboy Bebop? Is the packaging different? Are there more extras? I can get the entire set now in the 6 DVD format for less than the set so I want to know what entails the set to figure out if it's worth waiting until novemer.

I guarantee you there won't be any more extras on the DVDs in the Cowboy Bebop boxed set; the fan community would have a conniption if Bandai punished the people who bought the individual discs. As far as I know, the packaging will simply be the original 6 discs in a box. Bandai was discussing throwing in something exclusive, like a figure or a CD, but the box will be available to people who bought the individual discs. You may want to wait for the little extra thing they throw in but if you want the series, buy the discs now and get just the box when it comes out.

Dear Answerman, I was wondering if you could tell me where I can purchase or order VHS tapes for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Baki the Grappler?
Also would you know if they were dubbed or Subtitled?
        Anxious Fan

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hasn't come out here yet but it is licensed, so you'll have to wait on that one. Grappler Baki is available on DVD, which has both Japanese and English voice tracks, for a mere 10 dollars from several anime retailers online.

Hi Answerman!

Got a quick question, does any North American company
hold the rights to Detective Conan TV series and/or
movies)? If not, is there any chance of it being
licensed in North America?

Thanks for your time,


There was news flying around months ago that Fox Family had licensed Detective Conan and had plans to air it; that never panned out, and it was revealed back in February that Fox didn't have the rights. I suppose it's possible that someone else will license the show. Really, that's an impossible question to answer; I can't predict the future nor do I know every company's stance on any given series that hasn't been licensed yet.

I have a question: have you seen Here Is Greenwood? I think it's the best anime in the world (so cliche...but I couldn't think of anything right now), even though it is only 6 OVA's long...so yeah, I was wondering, are there any plans to release it onto DVD? That would be neat...but it is an old series, and I think the videos and LD's may be out of print. It also deserves more merchandise...heck, more everything...oh yeah, I have another question. When exactly did Hideaki Anno leave Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyou? That is a great series...I've only seen 4 episodes, but I still think it is one of the best (it's not another Tenchi or Pokémon)

thanks a lot

I have indeed seen Here Is Greenwood. It's a CPM title and while there haven't been any explicit plans to release it on DVD anytime soon, it's a catalog title and will probably be out sometime within the next few years. You can still get the videos and even the LDs a few places online; if you're desperate, you can get them on Ebay or at any anime convention. As for Kare Kano, I read somewhere that Anno's last episode was #16. This makes sense, since the show drops in quality after that and never recovers. At least, I think it was 16 - can anyone out there confirm that?

Do you know if there is more than one season of the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series and how many episodes are in that series?

There's only one season of Vampire Princess Miyu TV and it runs a complete 26 episodes. It's been licensed by Tokyopop and should be out here in the States sometime soon.

I recall there being some "issues" with Kodoma no omacha being liscenced or fansubbed or something and now that I have become hooked on a few episodes of Kodocha I have forgotten what those issues were except for the fact that I should be worried about them. Do you know what these "issues" are that I am refering too?

If you don't know what they are, then why are you worried about them? Simply put, Kodomo no Omocha is a hyperactive drama for Japanese children that runs over 100 episodes. It hasn't been licensed because it isn't a highly marketable show in the US; there are other reasons, of course, but in my personal opinion, that's the most important one. It isn't really anything to “worry” about - it's just an anime show.

That's all for this week. See you next Wednesday!

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