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The Problem with "Manga Fairs" in Spain

Spain has cultivated its own economy of "manga fairs" that provides more cheap conventions a year than anime fans can possibly attend. Manu G. explains why this system hurts the industry more than helps. ― Conventions celebrating anime and manga in Spain have become something quite messy. Going by the name of ‘manga fairs’, many conventions over the last decade have tried to emulate the Barcelona Man...

The SPJA Needs to Change This Policy

The new SPJA Youth Protection Policy might seem like a good idea, but it could well destroy Anime Expo. ― On Tuesday, at an SPJA board meeting, the SPJA board of directors will be making a very important decision that could have long reaching consequences for Anime Expo. During this meeting the board will decide how to address problems with their new Youth Protection Policy, problems that many AX par...

There's a Pervert Impersonating ANN Staff

Sadly this isn't a joke. Someone out there is impersonating an ANN staff photographer to put female cosplayers in compromising positions. ― tl;dr version: Anime News Network staff will always contact you from an @animenewsnetwork.com e-mail address. Freelance journalists / photographers do not have @animenewsnetwork.com e-mail addresses and will never identify themselves as “staff.” If a freelancer c...

Editorial: Shirobako and the Struggle

Nick Creamer ruminates on Shirobako's portrayal of the hardships that come with working a creative job. ― Life is full of trials and mistakes no matter how you slice it, but pursuing a career in the arts is just asking for trouble. I've made more than my own share of such mistakes, and my past is littered with the detritus of a failed novelist, failed musician, failed game writer. There's no security...

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