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A18907-2869867727.1493311674 Seitokai Yakuindomo (movie)
A15211-2073179897.1496811981 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection (movie)
A pair of researchers stay behind on their dying planet of Eltria with their two daughters, Amitie and Kirie, in hopes of finding a way to revive the planet. But when the husband Granz falls ill it seems their dream of reviving the planet will die. Against her older sister's wishes, Kirie sets off with her childhood friend Iris to seek help from a distant alternate world. They arrive in Japan on Earth to search for the key to their planet's regeneration. There, they meet Nanoha Takamachi, Fate T. Harlaown, and Hayate Yagami.
A19481-3504988605.1493314340 Fireworks, Should We See it from the Side or the Bottom? (movie)
One day during summer vacation, a group of boys try to view a fireworks display from the town lighthouse to see if they look round or flat when viewed from the side. Meanwhile, one of the boys, Norimichi, receives an invitation from his crush Nazuna to run away with her.
A19907-3707202584.1500396273 Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution (movie series)
en years ago, the major earth-shaking “First Summer of Love” event occurred. Renton, who lost his father during the event, now attends the army school of the United Federation of Predgio Towers located in the border town of Bellforest. Because his late father is still praised, Renton feels something is lacking as he continues with his ordinary, boring days. Then one day, Nirvash, the world's oldest LFO, appears in front of him and a girl named Eureka emerges from the cockpit. This was the beginning of the future of humans and Scub Coral, another intelligent lifeform.
A19386-2222241392.1490400954 Kimi no Koe o Todoketai (movie)
Nagisa is a girl who is a little impatient because she cannot find her future calling. She wanders into an abandoned mini FM radio station. On impulse, she tries to become a DJ, and her broadcast words by chance unexpectedly reaches people.
A19029-1503317667.1487917977 Gekijōban Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Sekka no Chikai (movie)
A19745-2921341319.1496814466 Haikyu!! Sainō to Sense (movie)
A19746-3150840914.1498018467 Haikyu!! Concept no Tatakai (movie)
A19744-1185545664.1496814013 Gekijō-ban Hibike! Euphonium: Todoketai Melody (movie)
A19808-2130689390.1498767217 Digimon Adventure tri. Kyōsei (movie)
The countdown begins to the destruction of the real world at the hands of the out-of-control Meicoomon. Meicoomon's partner Meiko Mochizuki worries that this Digimon is one that should never have been created. Omegamon, Hackmon's ultimate form Jesmon, Alphamon, and the Digimon apparently mutated by Meicoomon face off in battle.

Recent anime

Picture Name &
A19350-2484640608.1489794719 Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! (movie)
Ash (Satoshi) and Pikachu came to know each other. Pikachu was not cooperative toward Ash, but Ash only wanted to be friends with Pikachu. On the day they set out from Pallet Town (Masara Town), both of them saw a Ho-oh flying and made a vow to someday go and meet it..
A19405-520475638.1490543478 No Game, No Life Zero (movie)
Six thousand years before Sora and Shiro were even a blink in the history of Disboard, war consumed the land, tearing apart the heavens, destroying stars, and even threatening to wipe out the human race. Amid the chaos and destruction, a young man named Riku leads humanity toward the tomorrow his heart believed in. One day, in the ruins of an Elf city, he meets Shuvi, a female exiled "Ex-machina" android who asks him to teach her what it means to have a human heart.
A19223-1748982574.1500271532 Mary and The Witch's Flower (movie)
A19589-581365698.1494394442 Soreike! Anpanman Buruburu no Takarasagashi Daibōken! (movie)
Free! -Timeless Medley- Yakusoku (movie)
A18143-1452249594.1493310499 irregular at magic high school The Movie: The Girl Who Summons the Stars (movie)
A18731-2271981856.1484369412 King of Prism: PRIDE the HERO (movie)
Shin Ichijō and seven new students join Edel Rose training school to follow their dreams. They hope to become the next Prism Stars and appear in future Prism Shows. However, a plot lead by Schwarz Rose's Jin Norizuki leads to a threat to Edel Rose's existence. Over The Rainbow goes on indefinite hiatus to save Edel Rose, and the three performers go their separate ways. In order to return a huge debt, Kōji goes to Hollywood to produce film music. Kazuki goes on a street-style quest to rediscover his own origins. Hiro delves into special training to improve himself. In separate locations, the members come to face themselves as Prism Stars.
A19053-2403074803.1500271899 Lu over the wall (movie)
Middle schooler Kai moves with his father from Tokyo to the declining fishing town of Hinashi to live with his grandfather following his parents' divorce. Kai finds little to look forward to besides composing music and sharing it on the Internet. One day his classmates Kunio and Yūho invite him to join their band, and when he reluctantly accompanies them to practice on Mermaid Island, the three of them meet a mermaid named Lu.
A17828-3202619138.1469066192 Blame! (movie)
In the post-apocalyptic future, the complex networks of machines have created chaos and the human world was destroyed. The robots known as the "Constructer" continued to build a meaningless structure with no one to guide them. Soon these cities reach out to the outer planets and another breed of life form emerges. Follow the journey of a strange man, name Killy, in his search for the understanding of the chaotic world being run by Silicon lifeforms out to destroy him and every living thing in their path. (from manga)
A19338-3374977229.1493189946 Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (movie)
Natsu and his friends travel to the island kingdom of Stella to find dark secrets, fight new enemies and save the world from destruction.