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The Set List

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The Top 10 Opening Themes of 2015

At long last, it's time for our annual video countdown of the best anime openings of 2015. Find out if your favorites made the list and vote for your picks in our poll! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ― 2015 is nearing its end, which means our new millennium is now old enough to drive. (Pretty soon it'll just be an old millennium!) It also means a big beaucoup of new anime music, so it's time fo...

The Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Themes

The FFVII remake can't come soon enough, but you can still enjoy that epic soundtrack while you wait! Hope Chapman counts down some of the best pieces from this legendary JRPG. ― At long last, Final Fantasy fanatics can look forward to a next-gen remake of the series' most popular entry: FFVII! There could be a long wait ahead of us before a shiny new version of this JRPG classic graces our PS4's, b...

The Set List - Top 10 EDs of 2009

Hope rounds out the year of 2009 with the best ending themes! Did your favorite song make the cut? Plus: vote for your number one pick in the poll! ― This week on the Set List, we continue our journey through the final year of the 00's with the top ten ending theme songs of 2009! As always, only shows that debuted in 2009 qualified for the list, and the same is true of this week's poll, so keep that...

The Set List - Top 10 OPs of 2009

Hope travels back in time and unearths the best anime openings of 2009! Spice and Wolf, Haruhi Suzumiya, Eden of the East and much more! ― Hooray, the ANN time machine has taken us back to 2009! America is in a recession! The swine flu is causing everyone to freak out! Transformers 2 is in theaters! Is it too late to go back to 2015? Not to worry, there was plenty of great anime music to discover in...

The Set List - Top 10 Fullmetal Alchemist Theme Songs

Hope counts down the best theme songs from across everyone's favorite action-fantasy franchise, Fullmetal Alchemist. Did your favorite make the list? ― With over 100 episodes, two movies, and two separate continuities, Fullmetal Alchemist is a mighty franchise, formative for anime fans both old and new and packed with memorable music. Today, I'm counting down the top ten best theme songs from the Fu...

The Set List - Top 10 Legend of Zelda Tunes

Hope channels the Hero of Time and counts down the best melodies from the beloved Legend of Zelda series. ― It's dangerous to go alone! The Set List is back with everyone's favorite pointy-eared elf hero, and my top ten favorite Legend of Zelda tunes, as defined by soundtrack picks from the franchise's almost thirty-year history. There's a lot of music to choose from, so I limited myself to one sele...

The Set List - Top 10 EDs of 2004

Hope flips the script and travels back in time to count down the 10 best ending themes of 2004. ― Following on the heels of last week's OPs of 2004 list, it's time to look at the opposite end: the best ED themes from 2004! The OP list was mostly filled with old favorites, but this week's list is a little more eclectic and weird, so keep your ears peeled for some surprising ED picks from anime titles...

The Set List - Top 10 OPs of 2004

It's time to fly back an entire decade to the anime theme songs of yesteryear! What were the coolest openings of 2004? ― George Bush Jr. was re-elected, World of Warcraft was launched, but most importantly, a little show called Beet the Vandel Buster stole the hearts of otaku everywhere. The year was 2004, and I'm sure I remember it perfectly. Wait, maybe Beet wasn't the big anime hit of that year. ...

The Set List - Top 10 Bleach Theme Songs

With 366 episodes under its belt, Bleach has had a lot of great intros and outtros in its storied run. Which OPs and EDs stand above all the rest in the Soul Society? ― Some anime are long, some anime are longer, and a few anime are just the longest. When an anime gains enough steam to run for over a decade, it only seems fair to put in a class by itself for a musical countdown. With its beloved and...

The Set List - Top 10 Musical Moments of Cowboy Bebop

Hope counts down the best moments where Yoko Kanno brought her A-game to Cowboy Bebop. Plus: your poll results, and vote for your favorite Bebop episodes! ― 3 2 1, Let's Jam! It's time for a Cowboy Bebop themed episode of The Set List. This week, I've ranked my Top 10 Musical Moments from the legendary jazz-and-blues inspired anime, and you can check them out in the video below! (Please note that we...

The Set List - Top 10 EDs of 2014

You asked for it, you got it: Hope counts down her top 10 ending themes from 2014, and your poll results from the top 10 opening themes are in! ― Two weeks ago, The Set List premiered with my personal countdown of the 10 best OPs of 2014. Thanks to the overwhelming response to our user poll, we have a viewer-selected Top 10 OPs list for this column, so thank you to everyone who voted! But first, it'...

Vote on your favorite anime theme song of 2014

In the very first edition of "The Set List," our new music video-column, we asked readers to chime in on their favorite anime theme songs of 2014. Vote now! ― Welcome to the very first edition of The Set List! Ah, there's nothing quite like that new column smell, now with the sweet aroma of video. As a sister series to The List, this column will be counting down music-themed superlatives in anime, v...

The Set List - Top 10 OPs of 2014

Hope counts down the top 10 anime opening themes of 2014 in the first edition of our new column. Vote for your favorite OPs of 2014 and check out the list! ― Welcome to the very first edition of The Set List! Ah, there's nothing quite like that new column smell, now with the sweet aroma of video. As a sister series to The List, this column will be counting down music-themed superlatives in anime, vi...

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