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We do not offer technical support by e-mail. Go here for technical support.

"Answerman" Column

Questions about Anime: answerman (at

Answerman is ANN's longest running web column, dedicated to answering your questions about anime, Japan, and the industry. It is NOT a licensing office, general site Q&A, or place for feedback.

Send in as many or as often as you like. We can only pick three questions a week (and unfortunately we don't have ALL the answers) so if you haven't been chosen, don't be discouraged, and keep on sending. HOWEVER, READ THIS FIRST:

  • CHECK THE ARCHIVES FIRST.He's answered a lot of questions already!
  • If you want to be a voice actor, READ THIS.
  • We can't tell you if or when a show will get another season. New productions are closely guarded secrets until they're publicly announced, so there's nothing we can tell you that Google can't.
  • We cannot help you get in touch with any producers, artists, creators, actors or licensors. If you're trying to pitch an idea, you should read this.
  • We usually won't bother with questions asking if something is a trend. Maybe? It's impossible to know until it becomes obvious.
  • We take questions by email only. (Tweeted questions get ignored!)
  • We will not do your homework/research/report for you.
  • Keep it short -- like, a paragraph at most, and use proper grammar or punctuation.

If Answerman does not answer your question you can always try asking in our forums, there are a lot of knowledgeable people in there, and if your question goes unanswered the editors will probably take a look at it. During our first year of operation we were very proud of the fact that every question sent to us was answered. Unfortunately, as the popularity of Anime News Network grew, so did the number of questions. If we were to answer just half of the questions sent our way, we wouldn't have enough time to work on the site itself. It pains us to say this, but... Please do not send questions about anime, anime companies, etc... to the editors (or newsroom for that matter), they will not be answered.


Questions, suggestions and comments about the ANN Encyclopedia: editors (at

Generally speaking, encyclopedia error reports / corrections should be submitted via the error report system by clicking on the icon beside any piece of information. Please e-mail us, or submit info in the forum, only if the error report system can not handle this particular correction. The forum is preferable to e-mail.


News Submissions, Press Releases, etc: newsroom (at

UK Specific News Submissions, Press Releases, etc: uk-news (at

Australia Specific News Submissions, Press Releases, etc: newsroom (at

South East Asia Specific News Submissions, Press Releases, etc: sea-news (at

Before sending us a press release, make sure it is formatted properly and easy for us to import onto the site. If you're sending us a press release and not familiar with how to properly format a press release, read this. Press releases have a very specific format guide, and most people who think they know how to format them... don't. Press releases are only for companies, they aren't necessary if you're just submitting a news item.

Read our Embargo Policy

News and press release corrections should also be sent to newsroom.

Do not submit news in the forum

ANN's news staff does not (and couldn't possibly) read every single post in the forum. Send it to us by e-mail at the address above, we read that before doing the news every day.


Submission to our interest department: interest (at


Questions about the website, letters to the editors, writing samples, comments, corrections, business proposals and other general mail: editors (at

Read the FAQ, questions already addressed by the FAQ will either be ignored, or a link to the FAQ will be sent as a response.

Do not ask the editors for advice with anything other than Anime News Network, your e-mail will be ignored.


If you want to contact a specific person at ANN, please find their e-mail address on the staff page. If no e-mail address is specified you can send the e-mail to editors[at] and we will forward it to the appropriate person (we do not give out contact info).

You can also post comments & questions in our forums.

One last comment about getting us to read your e-mail. If you aren't willing to spend the time to write us a proper e-mail (you know, capitals, punctuation and semi-proper spelling), we aren't willing to spend the time deciphering it. If you're going to spam us, spam these guys first, they want to hear from you. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

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