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Twitter / Facebook

We don't recommend trying to contact us on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media. E-mail is best!


Go here for information and contact details for advertising.

Business Development

For business development not related to advertising, please contact hello (at animenewsnetwork.com). Do not send anything remotely related to advertising to this e-mail address, not only will your e-mail be ignored, your domain will be blocked from contacting us further.

Technical Support

We do not offer technical support by e-mail. Go here for technical support.


Questions, suggestions and comments about the ANN Encyclopedia: editors (at animenewsnetwork.com)

Generally speaking, encyclopedia error reports / corrections should be submitted via the error report system by clicking on the icon beside any piece of information. Please e-mail us, or submit info in the forum, only if the error report system can not handle this particular correction. The forum is preferable to e-mail.


News Submissions, Press Releases, etc: newsroom (at animenewsnetwork.com)

UK Specific News Submissions, Press Releases, etc: uk-news (at animenewsnetwork.com)

South East Asia Specific News Submissions, Press Releases, etc: sea-news (at animenewsnetwork.com)

India Specific News Submissions, Press Releases, etc: adriana (at animenewsnetwork.com)

If we receive a public tip from a social media account or from our forums, we will credit the username of the person with the news tip, unless otherwise specified in the communication. If we receive a private news tip via social media private message or via email, we will not credit you unless specifically asked. This means if you do not state either way in your email or private message that you would like to be credited, we will assume that you would not like to be credited. If you wish ANN to credit you, please include this in your message: "Please credit me as [name]." ANN's policy is to prioritize the privacy of our news tippers.

Before sending us a press release, make sure it is formatted properly and easy for us to import onto the site. While we have a press release area on ANN where we post press releases we receive via email, we do not post them if they: 1. are not attached to the email or are in the email body (outside links or Google Drive links do not count), 2. are not formatted properly, 3. rely heavily on images (we only post the text of the press release). If you're sending us a press release and not familiar with how to properly format a press release, read this. Press releases have a very specific format guide, and most people who think they know how to format them... don't. Press releases are only for companies, they aren't necessary if you're just submitting a news item.

Read our Embargo Policy

News and press release corrections should also be sent to newsroom.

Do not submit news in the forum

ANN's news staff does not (and couldn't possibly) read every single post in the forum. Send it to us by e-mail at the address above, we read that before doing the news every day.


Submission to our interest department: interest (at animenewsnetwork.com)


Questions about the content, letters to the editors, writing samples, comments, corrections, and other content related mail: editors (at animenewsnetwork.com). Please note that e-mails sent to this address do not immediately reach our management, advertising department or technical departments.

Read the FAQ, questions already addressed by the FAQ will either be ignored, or a link to the FAQ will be sent as a response.

Do not ask the editors for advice with anything other than Anime News Network, your e-mail will be ignored.


If you want to contact a specific person at ANN, please find their e-mail address on the staff page. If no e-mail address is specified you can send the e-mail to [email protected] and we will forward it to the appropriate person (we do not give out contact info).


To contact ANN about possible infringement of a copyright (ours or yours), or to request removal of content from ANN please e-mail [email protected] (copyright at animenewsnetwork.com).

You can also post comments & questions in our forums.

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