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Anime News Network Staff

Newsroom contact
Senior Editor: Egan Loo
Managing Editor: Crystalyn Hodgkins
UK Editor: Andrew Osmond
South East Asia Editor: Rafael Antonio Pineda
India Editor: Adriana Hazra
Associate Editors: Alex Mateo, Anita Tai, Joanna Cayanan

French Language
Newsroom Associate Editor: Bruno de la Cruz
Translation: Delphine Maurette
Managing Editor: Melanie Ramet

Editorial contact
Executive Editor: Lynzee Loveridge
Video Content Producer: Jacki Jing
Japan Correspondent: Richard Eisenbeis

Interest contact
Managing Editor: Crystalyn Hodgkins

Encyclopedia contact
Encyclopedist: Daniel DeLorme

Community Manager: Diane Concepcion

Editors at Large
Mike Toole
Justin Sevakis (Editor Emeritus)
Bamboo Dong (Editor Emeritus)

Web Development
Lead Developer: Daniel DeLorme

Past Editors
Justin Sevakis (Founder, Editor-in-Chief 1998-1999)
Isaac Alexander (Editor-in-Chief 1999 - 2000)
George Phillips (co-Editor-in-Chief 2000 - 2004)
Jonathan Mays (Associate Editor 2002 - 2007)
CHANG Chih-Chieh (Assistant Encyclopedist 2011 - 2019)
Zac Bertschy (Executive Editor, 2005 - 2020)
Jon Haywood (Australian Operations)

Editorial Board
Christopher Macdonald
Lynzee Loveridge
Crystalyn Hodgkins
Melanie Ramet
Egan Loo

Publisher: Christopher Macdonald (@ann_ed)
Servers: Daniel DeLorme
Japan Representative: HORI Shinsuke
Japan Operations: UEHIRA Mitsuru
Ad Ops: Margaux Pangilinan

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