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Shelf Life - Luck & Logic

Paul's luck runs dry this week when he has to sit through the likes of Luck & Logic. Hopefully, this week's other releases and a new Shelf Obsessed entry will make things better! ― I went to see Your Name last week, since I'm lucky enough to live near a theater that's playing it. Then I went to see it again a few days later, since I really liked it and wanted to inflict it on as many of my friends a...

Shelf Life - Heavy Object Part 2

Paul takes on the back half of Heavy Object's first season, which ratchets up the mecha action but still struggles a little in the story department. PLUS: this week's new releases! ― Now that we've had a week to revel in the returns of Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia, we're finally starting to get some good new stuff this season. Give Re:Creators a shot if you're in the mood for an action show,...

Shelf Life - Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation

Can this lady-Sherlock with a talent for osteology solve any mysteries worth watching? Paul Jensen deduces the answer, along with all this week's new anime releases! ― Maybe it's just my imagination, but it seems like each new anime season usually gets off to a slow start. We get a few days of reasonably average premieres, and then the heavy hitters show up. Well, that ain't the case this spring; bo...

Shelf Life - Kyousougiga

Gabriella Ekens plunges into the wildly creative world of Rie Matsumoto's frantic, fantastical family in Kyousougiga! PLUS: this week's new releases! ― Since I have relatives on both sides of the country, I'm used to the six hour ordeal of flying from coast to coast. Getting stuck in an airport for seven hours last Thursday after missing a connecting flight was a new and special brand of misery, how...

Shelf Life - Amagi Brilliant Park

James finds himself enchanted by this zany comedy from KyoAni that flew under the radar, and Paul breaks down all this week's new anime releases! ― I'm off on vacation visiting my extended family this week, so my brain is entirely too frazzled to come up with a clever or interesting introduction. Instead, I'll just jump right into it. Welcome to Shelf Life. Jump to this week's review: Amagi Brillian...

Shelf Life - 5 Centimeters Per Second

Before "your name." became a phenomenon, Makoto Shinkai made his mark on the world with another nostalgic drama. Paul Jensen checks out the Blu-ray, along with all this week's new releases! ― Sometimes real life syncs up with the anime that I review in unexpected ways. I watched 5 Centimeters Per Second for this week's column right before traveling to meet some people I haven't seen in a while. Sinc...

Shelf Life - Sengoku Basara: End of Judgement

James Beckett dives into this explosive season of the musou game hit, while Paul Jensen once again runs down this week in anime releases! ― We've seen a lot of Gundam titles come out on disc in the US in recent years, from the classics to the more obscure stuff. That's cool, but I've spent most of that time wondering when we'd see a new release of Gundam Wing. After all, it was the first series in t...

Shelf Life - Mobile Suit Gundam F91

This little-known Gundam movie has long been last to the sands of time, now available on Blu-ray for the first time. But is it any good? Gabriella Ekens finds out, plus all this week's new releases! ― I finally got started on my "watch popular anime that I skipped the first time around" New Year's resolution this week. Since the second season of Konosuba is airing now, it seemed like as good a time ...

Shelf Life - My Love Story

One of the most beloved romcoms in recent memory, My Love Story, is out on bluray from Sentai Filmworks, and James Beckett is here to let us know if it holds up. PLUS: all of this week's big new releases! ― We've got a ton of new releases to cover this week, so I'm going to use that to cover for my lack of clever or interesting thoughts to put into this intro paragraph. Let's get right into it, shal...

Shelf Life - Black Jack The Movie

Anime's most legendary Osamus (Tezuka and Dezaki) come together for a thrilling adaptation that became a '90s classic. Gabriella Ekens takes a closer look. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― This might be a side effect of reviewing anime on a regular basis, but one of the things I enjoy most is being surprised by a series, especially when a show turns out to have more to it than I expected. I sta...

Shelf Life - The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

This romantic comedy has one mouthful of a title, but is it worth watching? Paul Jensen finds out, after breaking down all this week's new anime releases! ― I downloaded the new Fire Emblem mobile game the other day, and it seems reasonably entertaining. I'm not all that familiar with the characters since I've played exactly one game in the franchise over the course of my gaming life, but the turn-b...

Shelf Life - Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Can this quirky teacher comedy measure up to the likes of GTO and Assassination Classroom? Paul Jensen finds out, along with breaking down all the week's new anime releases! ― I started re-watching Space Dandy on a whim recently, and it made me realize something: I almost never watch shows a second time these days. I remember going back through some old favorites as many as three or four times, but ...

Shelf Life - Shimoneta

This week, James Beckett finds out if the infamously nasty SHIMONETA is a filthy good time or just plain filthy. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I'm not sure how the anime world reached a point where I'm more excited about a pair of monster girl shows than just about any other new title this season, but here we are. I'm calling Interviews With Monster Girls my early favorite just because I lik...

Shelf Life - Chaos Dragon

Is the fantasy action series Chaos Dragon so bad it's good, or just plain bad? Gabriella Ekens bravely tries to find out. PLUS: all of this week's new releases and more! ― I spent some time playing the new Battlefield game over the holidays, and it reminded me that I have a consistent pattern when it comes to playing multiplayer shooters. I start off slightly bemused by how pretty the game is and ho...

Shelf Life - Heavy Object Part 1

Paul returns to the world of deadly war games, powerful mechs, and fluffy penguins in Heavy Object, along with all this week's new anime releases! ― I look even more disheveled than usual, I've doubled my caffeine intake, and I've barely left my apartment in the past few days. Yep, it must be Preview Guide time once again. So far, this season's shows are covering a pretty wide range from "really goo...

Shelf Life - Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun

Is this forgotten harem comedy about a succubus with a fear of men worth digging up for a second look? Shelf Life has the answers, along with all this week's new anime releases! ― Anyone making any anime-related resolutions for the new year? Maybe catching up on that streaming backlog, trying a new genre, or picking up a long-coveted piece of merchandise? Personally, I'll be trying to fill in a few ...

Shelf Life - The 2016 Year In Review

Paul runs down the year's best releases and the year's best Shelf Life reviews, from Azumanga Daioh to When They Cry. Plus: a blast from the Shelf Life past! ― It feels like 2016 has been a crazier year than most, but I have good news: if you're reading this, you've made it! Time to wrap this year up and dive straight into a new one. I'll be taking a look at some of the more interesting anime we've ...

Shelf Life - Aquarion Logos Part 1

James Beckett returns to the world of Aquarion with its third series, while Paul breaks down all this week's new releases! ― The constant flow of new anime on disc still amazes me from time to time. You'd think most folks would already be at the bottom of their wallets after all that holiday shopping, and yet we've still got new stuff coming out this week like any other. There are even a handful of ...

Shelf Life - Omamori Himari

Paul takes a look at a forgotten little catgirl harem comedy from 2010 to see if its old motor still purrs. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― Earlier in the season, I noted that I was trying to keep up with around a dozen shows (not counting the ones I'm doing episode reviews for), and I wondered if I'd be able to keep up with them all. Well, we're in the home stretch and I'm still staying curre...

Shelf Life - Hana Yori Dango

Paul takes on the frequently frustrating melodrama of the classic shojo series, "Boys over Flowers." Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I can tell we're still a long way away from the heart of winter because I still feel annoyed instead of relieved when the forecast predicts more snow than we actually get. If it's going to snow, let's skip all the inconsequential flurries and get on with it! (Let...

Shelf Life - Aoharu x Machinegun

Gabriella enters a world of bishounen and airsoft with Aoharu x Machinegun, but is this strange creation any good? Plus, all this week's new releases! ― It's that magical time of Black Friday/Cyber Monday/General Holiday Season sales, and I hope you've already found some good deals if bargain-hunting is your thing. Since I moved into a new apartment a few months ago, I've been buying boring things l...

Shelf Life - Gatchaman Crowds Insight

James jumps back into the world of Gatchaman with its striking second season, while Paul runs down all this week's new anime releases! ― I can always tell if a video game has me hooked by how often I catch myself talking to the characters. I bought a car racing version of all those sports manager games recently, and I've already fallen into the habit of berating my imaginary drivers every time they ...

Shelf Life - Knights of Sidonia Season 2

This cel-shaded CG space opera continues into its second season with a renewed sense of purpose. Paul Jensen explores this set along with the week's other new releases! ― One thing I've noticed about reviewing anime is that strange things happen when you try to type too quickly. I have, on several occasions, turned Magical Girl Raising Project into "Magical Girl Raisin Project" while writing episode...

Shelf Life - Cobra The Animation

Gabriella takes a look at this 2010 revival of a classic '80s psychedelic space adventure. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I had a lame joke ready to use in this week's intro, but then Funimation picked up the license for Nichijou - My Ordinary Life, and that's clearly much more interesting. I watched this show when it aired and was crushed when the original plans for a release were scrapped. ...

Shelf Life - Wake Up, Girls!

James returns to the world of WUG with a review of the Wake Up! Girls anime. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I talked about my overly ambitious streaming queue a few weeks ago, and while a couple of shows have gotten the axe (farewell, Scorching Ping Pong Girls), I'm actually finding that keeping up hasn't been as tough as I'd feared. It certainly helps that there's a lot of fun stuff airing t...

Shelf Life - Golgo 13: The Professional

Osamu Dezaki's Golgo 13 film is the first to bring the iconic character to life in animation, but does it still hold up today? Paul Jensen take a look. Plus, all this week's new anime releases! ― I tend to drink a lot of tea when I'm writing reviews, so buying a new electric tea kettle a couple of weeks ago has improved my life in a noticeable way. Being able to heat water to exactly the right tempe...

Shelf Life - The Perfect Insider

Is the Perfect Insider a perfect mystery or just a perfect mess? Paul Jensen weighs in. Plus, all this week's new anime releases! ― I had a literal "Shelf Life" moment this week: I put together a small bookcase that I'd bought for my apartment a while ago. It looks pretty decent as long as you ignore the fact that I put the fake wood back piece on backwards so the cheesy cardboard side faces out. Cl...

Shelf Life - Re-Kan!

Paul tackles a frantic world of friendly ghosts in Re-Kan! Plus, all this week's new releases! ― There are still a handful of premieres left to cover in the Preview Guide as I write this, and I've already added twelve of the shows I've written about to my personal list of things to watch. That's far too many for any mere mortal to keep up with over a full season, so I guess I'm going to have to get ...

Shelf Life - Gundam Build Fighters Try

James leaps from one Gunpla battle to the next in a spirited viewing of Build Fighters Try! Plus, all this week's new releases! ― It's Preview Guide time once again, and I'm excited to be working on that deluge of new anime for a second season. Speaking of lots of new anime, we've got another big week of new physical releases, so let's jump right into it. Welcome to Shelf Life. Jump to this week's r...

Shelf Life - Super Gals!

Gabriella Ekens jumps back in time to the '90s with the trendy Super Gals! to see how this forgotten shojo gem has aged. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― It never fails. Whenever I have all the time in the world to work on the new release section, four or five things come out that week at most. But when I move to a new apartment and spend most of the week away from my work computer? Well, take ...

Shelf Life - Gundam Build Fighters

James takes his first step into the magical world of battling Gunpla in Gundam Build Fighters, while Paul runs down all this week's new anime releases! ― In my endless search for interesting things to talk about in these intro paragraphs, I completely missed a personal milestone: it's been over a year since I started my time at the helm of Shelf Life. I moved from just writing reviews to organizing ...

Shelf Life - Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Paul takes a look at a recent Makoto Shinkai movie with a more Ghibli flavor to see what it can offer anime fans both old and new. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I had an introduction all ready for this week, and then the news about Crunchyroll and Funimation forming a partnership showed up. Serves me right for trying to get my work done early for once. This Answerman article explains things ...

Shelf Life - Punch Line

Paul tumbles down a wormhole of panty panic when faced with the mystery/comedy madness of Punch Line. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― By the time you read this, I'll be on my way home after going on vacation over Labor Day weekend. That means I'm writing this column earlier than usual in order to get it done before I leave, so hello from the distant past! It turns out time travel's easy as lon...

Shelf Life - Aquarion Evol

James dives into the wacky, innuendo-filled world of Aquarion Evol and does his best to make sense of it all. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I spent about twenty bucks on an anime figure last week (Eli from Love Live, in case you're wondering), and now I'm fighting to hold myself back from buying more. I used to buy figures on a regular basis, and nothing quite beats that initial thrill of se...

Shelf Life - Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Shelf Life finishes up its run of Gundam reviews with the divisive final part of the original Univeral Century timeline. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I started playing the farming game Stardew Valley last week, and it's taught me that I should never, under any circumstances, be allowed to name a real animal. My character owns three chickens named "Drumstick," "Buffalo," and "McNugget," and ...

Shelf Life - After War Gundam X Part 2

After War Gundam X ramps up the stakes in its second half, but is it enough to elevate the overall story? Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I think I've been doing this unconsciously for a few seasons now, but I've figured out a method of watching simulcast shows that's been working well for me. I follow the episodic comedies and slow-paced slice of life stuff from week to week, then start the m...

Shelf Life - Karneval

Gabriella takes us on a wild ride through the Lisa-Frank-trapper-keeper world of Karneval. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I fell into one of the world's biggest time sinks the other day: shopping for anime figures online. After hours of price comparisons, shipping calculations, review browsing, and financial guilt-tripping, I finally decided to buy… absolutely nothing. Is there someone I can ...

Shelf Life - After War Gundam X Part 1

James takes a look at a not-so-exalted entry in the Gundam canon, while Paul runs down this week's new releases! ― So, it looks like Macross suddenly started streaming on Amazon last week. That's pretty cool, considering how influential the series has been. It's also pretty surprising, considering how much licensing drama it's gone through over the years. Before I run off to watch it, however, we've...

Shelf Life - Gasaraki

Paul takes on a blast from anime sci fi past with veteran anime director Ryosuke Takahashi's Gasaraki series. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― I've been too busy working this month to give Pokemon Go a try, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, I've avoided the temptation to start a game that would undoubtedly devour my time like a swarm of starving termites. On t...

Shelf Life - Sekirei

Does Sekirei have enough bounce per ounce to be worth your time? Paul Jensen has the answers, plus all this week's new releases! ― I'm not sure what kind of licensing deal led to every episode of ReLIFE being available at once, but it's kind of convenient. By the time I finish watching it, I should have a backlog of at least a couple episodes to binge through on all the other shows I'm following thi...

Shelf Life - When They Cry: Kai

The second season of the blockbuster horror smash When They Cry is finally available on bluray - how well does it still hold up? Plus: an avalanche of new anime DVD and bluray releases! ― Working on the Preview Guide has taken up most of my time this week, and it's been kind of cool to have a legitimate excuse to watch the first episode of every single new show this season. The long and short of it ...

Shelf Life - Lupin III: Alcatraz Connection

The master thief and his posse head stateside in this never-before-released Lupin III TV special. But how does it hold up to the rest of Lupin's adventures? Plus, this week's new anime releases! ― By the time you read this, I'll be several days into my first appearance on the ANN Preview Guide. It's Saturday as I write this, and I think I've already watched as many premiere episodes in two days as I...

Shelf Life - Medaka Box

Paul peers into the depths of Medaka Box to find a world of crazy twists in this extremely unusual adaptation of a story from the author of the Monogatari series. Plus, all this week's new releases! ― Memory can be a funny thing, especially when it comes to remembering things that you watched or read a long time ago. I pulled an old Armored Trooper Votoms DVD off my shelf the other day and was only ...

Shelf Life - 8 Man After

Paul dives into a vintage reboot of the classic 8 Man series to see what nostalgic anime sequels were like before they were commonplace. PLUS: this week's new releases! ― I'm feeling a little sentimental as Assassination Classroom enters its final run of episodes. I've covered the show for four out of my eight seasons of simulcast episode reviews, which means that I've spent about half of my career ...

Shelf Life - Azumanga Daioh

One of the most beloved anime comedies of the last 20 years finally gets a rerelease from Sentai Filmworks, and Paul Jensen checks in to see if AzuDai still has what made it so special. PLUS: this week's new releases! ― I met up with some old friends for a Magic: The Gathering draft tournament the other day, and I learned (or perhaps re-learned) something important: I am really, really terrible at M...

Shelf Life - Dororo

Discotek's release of the 1969 TV anime Dororo, with contributions from some of anime's most legendary artists, is out on DVD - Gabriella Ekens explores this fascinating piece of anime history. ― Oh my good golly gosh, y'all. We've got a lot of new releases this week. In fact, we've got so many that I'm not even going to hold you up with a lengthy introduction. Go on, dive into that bottomless sea o...

Shelf Life - Wake Up, Girls! The Movie

Yutaka Yamamoto's idol singers get their very own prequel movie, out now on bluray from Sentai Filmworks. PLUS: all of this week's new anime releases! ― With all the craziness that's been going on in the last few days regarding anime on Hulu (see this Answerman article for the details), I'm reminded of why it's nice to own stuff on disc. Forget all that stuff about video quality and dependence on a ...

Shelf Life - Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace

Everyone's favorite short-skirted space bucaneers are back with a feature-length film bursting with positive energy and some decent animation - Paul takes a look. PLUS: this week's new releases! ― Memorial Day weekend carries a little extra significance for strange folks like me who follow motor racing. The Indianapolis 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix are both held on Sunday, which means I can watch t...

Shelf Life - Date A Live II

Paul takes on the second season of Date A Live, which unbelievably manages to cram in even more superpowered girls than the first season. PLUS: This week's new anime releases! ― I had a very small, very nerdy epiphany this week. I was shopping around for some new miniatures for the X-Wing tabletop game when it occurred to me that some things change very little from childhood to adulthood. I still pl...

Shelf Life - C3

The fanservicey supernatural drama of C3 baffles and intrigues Gabriella Ekens, but is it enough for a recommendation? PLUS: all of this week's new anime releases! ― About once or twice a year, I find myself putting off watching the last few episodes of an anime series for an unreasonably long time. It's almost never because the show is bad, but rather because I have a subconscious desire for it to ...

Shelf Life - Eden of the East Limited Edition

Eden of the East made a huge splash back in 2009, but how well has its techno-thriller storyline aged? James checks out Funimation's fancy new special edition. PLUS: this week's new releases! ― As amusing as I find Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, I'm increasingly convinced that I'm primarily watching it as an excuse to enjoy its opening theme once a week. It's cool, cooler, coolest. Before we dive ...

Shelf Life - Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie

There's a brand-new Ghost in the Shell movie, based on the ARISE series - does it retain the cyberpunk charm of the original? Paul finds out. PLUS: All of this week's new anime DVD and bluray releases! ― I've gotten into the habit of taking notes as I watch anime for my episode reviews here on ANN, but it's usually nothing all that extensive. A few character names here, an important item or location...

Shelf Life - Tonari no Seki-kun

Paul kills time and goofs off with Tonari no Seki-kun, a short-form sleeper hit out on bluray now from Sentai Filmworks. PLUS: an avalanche of this week's new anime releases! ― It's rare for one single scene to sell me on an entire series, but that's exactly what happened when I watched the first episode of Flying Witch last week. Near the end of the episode, the main character wanders off into the ...

Shelf Life - Lupin the Third: Jigen's Gravestone

The Woman Called Fujiko Mine gets one more shot at glory with Jigen's Gravestone, a spinoff movie set in the same Lupin universe. Paul gets grim 'n gritty with it. PLUS: all of this week's new anime releases! ― So many new seasons have been starting up in the last week or so. New anime season! New baseball season! OK, those are the only two I can think of off the top of my head, but it still feels l...

Shelf Life - Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Advance

The third Evangelion movie gets another look from Gabriella Ekens, who has some advice for poor Shinji. PLUS: This week's avalanche of new anime releases! ― With most of the shows I was following over the winter already over (Is it time for Haikyu season 3 yet?), I started watching Gate on a whim last week. I've always been a little bit of a military otaku at heart, so I'm having a blast watching ta...

Shelf Life - Kingdom Season 1

Funimation quietly released season one of Kingdom, a little-seen anime about China's Warring States period in a big DVD box. James takes a look. PLUS: this week's new releases! ― There are some weeks when nothing on the new release list really catches my eye, but this week ain't one of them. There's some really good stuff coming out, and a lot of it comes in comes in a big, shiny box full of merchan...

Shelf Life - Free! Eternal Summer

Those swim boys are at it again, this time with a controversial dub - Gabriella Ekens dives in. PLUS: Your complete list of this week's new anime releases, and a new anime collection! ― Spring has sprung, and in my corner of the world that means that racing season is back in full swing. Just as some people obsess over baseball or football, I waste nearly every weekend from March through November wat...

Shelf Life - Terror in Resonance

Shinichiro Watanabe's terrorist teens get another look, plus this week's new releases and an anime collection you need to see to believe! ― I've been writing episode reviews for BBK/BRNK this season, and it's been an interesting little series to follow. The show uses CG character models instead of more traditional two-dimensional drawings, and it doesn't always work from an aesthetic standpoint. The...

Shelf Life - When They Cry Season 1

One of the most acclaimed horror anime series of all time finally gets a much-needed rerelease in America, this time on bluray. PLUS: the rest of this week's new anime releases! ― There are some weeks when one or two genres seem to dominate the new release list. I'll find myself thinking, "Wow, there's a lot of mecha stuff this week," or, "Son of a beach episode, where did this avalanche of harem co...

Shelf Life - Lord Marksman and Vanadis

It's all big swords, big fantasy, and big... well, adventure in Lord Marksman and Vanadis, and Paul's never been readier for it. PLUS: This week's new releases, and a new collection to admire! ― I took a look at the promo clips from the Terraformars live-action movie the other day. I'm not sure they made want to see the whole film, but they did make me briefly consider going back and rewatching Star...

Shelf Life - Space Adventure Cobra: The Movie

Gabriella goes on a Space Adventure with a guy named Cobra and discovers one of the trippiest (and coolest) sci-fi anime films ever made. PLUS: all of this week's new anime releases! ― I wasn't quite sure what to talk about in my intro for this week until I found out that the Assassination Classroom anime is going to include the manga's as-yet-unpublished ending. That doesn't sound all that unusual ...

Shelf Life - Shirobako Part 1

Paul learns a whole lot about ambition, teamwork and the anime industry in the first half of Shirobako, and digs around in this week's new anime releases. ― I started watching Dimension W right around the time its Toonami run was announced, and now I'm facing a dilemma. I'm enjoying the subtitled version and want to keep up with it, but you only get so many chances to watch anime on real, honest-to-...

Shelf Life - Mobile Suit Gundam Part 2

Gabriella straps in to her mobile suit and conquers the second half of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, along with all of this week's new anime releases! ― I spent most of this past weekend stuck in bed with a cold, but I did at least get a valuable life lesson out of the experience. While reading manga can be a good way to kill time, think twice before opening a volume of Monster Musume when...

Shelf Life - One Piece: Season 7 Part 4

Paul hops onboard the Going Merry and wonders why the Straw Hat Pirates didn't need an anime critic onboard. PLUS: This week's big new releases, including Evangelion 3.33! ― I've been having fun watching Dagashi Kashi this season, but I have found one problem with the show. It's the same issue I ran into back when I was doing episode reviews of Gourmet Girl Graffiti: I simply cannot watch a series a...

Shelf Life - Turn A Gundam: The Movies

James finds out whether or not the Turn A Gundam movies are a decent substitute for the series, along with all of this week's new anime releases on DVD and bluray! ― I got buried under a landslide of teenage nostalgia last week. First Sentai Filmworks announced that they were planning a new physical release for Azumanga Daioh, then Discotek Media did the same with Cromartie High School. I watched (a...

Shelf Life - Sketchy Birds

Paul and Gabriella climb out from under an avalanche of this week's new releases to discuss ― The start of a new season of episode reviews has kept me distracted enough that I don't have a particularly entertaining introduction lined up this week, so I'll just point out that I'm happy to see Assassination Classroom back in action. Nothing says "fun" quite like a yellow mutant octopus monster dude. W...

Shelf Life - Fairy Complex

Catch up with all of this week's new releases, plus full reviews of more Fairy Tail and Buddy Complex! ― A new anime season is getting started, but you wouldn't know if from looking at my streaming queues. Thanks in part to a very hectic holiday season, I'm playing catch-up on just about everything that I wasn't watching on a weekly basis for episode reviews. The good news is that by the time I'm re...

Shelf Life - Piece of Mind

The first Shelf Life of 2016 involves talking about Dragonar Academy again, but we quickly segue into some of the most impressive shelves this column has ever seen. PLUS: this week's new releases and more One Piece! ― After two weeks without any new releases to speak of, we've finally got some new anime on the horizon this week. It may only be three things, and one of them may only be a rerelease of...

The Shelf Life Year in Review

Paul counts down some of the best, most interesting, coolest, or otherwise awesome and remarkable anime home video releases of 2015. ― With only a few days left in 2015, I thought it'd be good to take a short break from the usual format in order to look back on what's been a very eventful year for Shelf Life. Rather than trying to produce a definitive top 10 list for the year, I've gone through the ...

Shelf Life - A Glass Half Fullmetal

There are no new releases this week, so Gabriella and Paul busy themselves with Fullmetal Alchemist and Danganronpa! ― Well, the impossible has finally happened: there are no new anime releases to be found in the US this week. With the holiday countdown approaching zero, all the distributors and retailers are getting ready to settle down for a short winter's nap. Never fear, though, because the Shel...

Shelf Life - Capture the Flag

This week: Gabriella straps in for some vintage 1979 Gundam action, while Paul determines what happens If Her Flag Breaks. Plus: the last big flood of anime releases for 2015! ― As far as I can tell, there's no new anime coming out on disc in the US next week. Like, genuinely none at all. Not a single, solitary disc, not even a rerelease of some obscure OVA from ten years ago. If that turns out to b...

Shelf Life - Dragon Lagoon

This week it's all fighting and explosions as Black Lagoon and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F get full reviews, along with a complete list of this week's new anime releases! ― I've had a pretty bad run with the holiday season post office lottery this year. Everything from presents for my relatives to review copies for this column have spent extra time in shipping limbo. Maybe we should all unite and ...

Shelf Life - Umi, Myself, and I

This week on Shelf Life: the second half of Turn-A Gundam and a low-key, relaxing journey through some tough adolescent feelings with Umi Monogatari. Plus this week's releases! You can't go wrong! ― Thanks have been given, turkeys have been eaten, and we're in the midst of the frenzied holiday sale season. If you went out and fought the crowds last Friday, congratulations on surviving the hordes of ...

Shelf Life - Familiar with Zero

Shape-shifting dragons, love charms, talking swords, and sentient trading cards abound in this week's Shelf Life, featuring this week's releases and full-length reviews of Familiar of Zero and Wixoss! Plus: a new reviewer appears! ― After spending more than a few Saturday mornings looking up prices for the new release section of this column, I've found that I can usually guess which shows will be ch...

Shelf Life - The Ghoul, the Bad, and the Ugly

Another avalanche of this week's new releases, alongside full-length reviews of Tokyo Ghoul and Please Twins, two shows that really couldn't be more different. ― One would think that, after two and a half decades of dealing with daylight savings time, I'd be used to this time of year by now. One would be wrong, though, because I feel a tiny flash of personal outrage whenever I go outside around 5:30...

Shelf Life - Full Metal Disorder

An enormous truckload of new releases appears as we head into the Christmas season, plus full reviews of Full Metal Panic Fumoffu and Inari Kon Kon! ― I feel like I've been visited by the ghost of franchises past this week. I reviewed a series that I first watched when I was around fourteen years old (see below) and played entirely too much of the newest Halo game, whose predecessors were the most w...

Shelf Life - Finer and Dandier

A boatload of this week's new releases PLUS full reviews of two fantastic shows: Space Dandy season 2 and Tamayura! ― As I was putting together the list of this week's new releases, I noticed that we're getting quite a few lower-priced rereleases of older titles. Most of the big companies have at least one product line for bringing their older licenses back into circulation, and it's nice to be able...

Shelf Life - One Good Turn

A particularly head-turning installment of Shelf Life includes all of this week's new releases and reviews of Turn-A Gundam and [email protected]! ― I was all set to gripe humorously about the number of new releases that I had to look up this week, but then I saw the schedule for next week. And the week after that, and the week after that. The holidays are upon us, which means mountains of new a...

Shelf Life - Don't Panic

It's a bountiful cornucopia of this week's anime releases, plus fresh reviews of Argevollen and Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu! ― I'm going to take a brief detour from my usual quips and observations to point out that the Mets and Cubs are playing one another for a shot at the World Series. I don't follow baseball as closely as I once did, but that's still an amazing clash of perpetual underdogs. If some...

Shelf Life - Breaking Wind

This week's treasure trove of new releases, plus reviews of Sentai Filmworks' Windy Tales and Brynhildr in the Darkness! ― By the time this column comes out, I'll be getting ready to come home from a ten-day vacation with my extended family. While my relatives are generally lovely people, visiting them means traveling to places where the Internet connection can barely handle standard-def video and t...

Shelf Life - Under The Sea

Paul and Gabriella take in two very, very different shows: A Lull in the Sea and Sabagebu! Plus: an enormous flood of this week's new releases. ― I'm rather fond of the brief lull between anime seasons. For a week or so, we all get to reflect on the ups and downs of whatever shows we followed and scour the latest round of simulcast announcements for the shiny new titles that we're looking forward to...

Shelf Life - That's Extremely Raven

Paul does double duty and takes in the rest of Tokyo Ravens and The Comic Artist and His Assistants, along with a long list of this week's fresh anime releases! ― Coming up with an anime or manga title is easier than you might think. Just take the word "Tokyo" and add a second word that vaguely describes your series. It worked for Tokyo Ghoul, it worked for Tokyo Godfathers, it worked for Tokyo Rave...

Shelf Life - Patlabor Dispute

This week's new releases, a Shelf Obsessed you have to see to believe, and reviews of Hamatora and the third Patlabor film. What more could you ask for? ― As I compile the lists of new releases each week, I can't help but notice that we've been seeing a lot of big, expensive collector's editions lately. I'd hesitate to spend over a hundred dollars on anything except my all-time favorite shows, but I...

Shelf Life - Captain SNAFU

This week's new releases, including the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist on bluray. Plus: reviews of Captain Earth part 2 and SNAFU in HD! ― Well, folks, it's my second appearance as the new Shelf Life guy, and that can only mean one thing: I've managed to go a whole week without causing the column to burst into flames! Go me! Really, though, thank you for your support and continued readership. Let's jump r...

Shelf Life - Rhythm and BlazBlues

Shelf Life has a new captain! Paul Jensen takes over the column with a look at this week's new releases, plus reviews of Re:Cyborg 009 and BlazBlue Alter Memory. ― Hi everyone, Paul here. Welcome to my very first outing as the new face of Shelf Life! I was an avid reader of this column for years before I started writing for it a few months ago. I'll do my best to keep it a fun and useful source of r...

Shelf Life - Changing of the Guard

It's the end of an era as Bamboo passes the torch to a new generation of Shelf Lifers. PLUS: reviews of Patlabor 2, Vampire Hunter D, and .Hack//G.U. ― Dear readers... it's been a good ride, but I'm saying good-bye once again. After writing for Anime News Network for half my life, I am bidding farewell to my dear column, as well as any opinion-related content on the site. While I will deeply miss wo...

Shelf Life - Group Therapy

This week's new DVD and Bluray releases, alongside fresh reviews of Kamigami no Asobi and the first season of fan favorite K-ON in HD! ― Jump to this week's reviews: Kamigami no AsobiK-ON! On Shelves This Week Fairy Tail - Part 16 BD+DVD Funimation - 300 min - Hyb - MSRP $54.98Currently cheapest at: $32.12 Rakuten Synopsis: Lucy and Yukino are arrested for their involvement in crimes against the sta...

Shelf Life - Love Me Like You Do

A jam-packed Shelf Life this week with three new reviews, plus week's new releases!
- My Little Monster
- Noragami
- Please Teacher
― Jump to this week's reviews: My Little MonsterNoragamiPlease Teacher! On Shelves This Week Hayate the Combat Butler Season 1 Complete Collection BD, DVD Sentai - 1300 min - Sub - MSRP $99.98|$79.98Currently cheapest at: $58.42 Rakuten|$46.73 Rakuten Synopsis: Because ...

Shelf Life - Cutie Honeys

This week, cute baristas, cute magic weapons, and even some cute new releases.
- Is the order a rabbit?
- Soul Eater NOT!
― Jump to this week's reviews: Is the Order a Rabbit?Soul Eater NOT! On Shelves This Week Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! BD+DVD 1 (Collector's Edition) Ponycan USA - 109 min - Sub - MSRP $89.99Currently cheapest at: $71.98 Right Stuf Synopsis: The boys of the Binan High Schoo...

Shelf Life - Video Game Girl Ai

Video games! Breasts! Alchemy! All that and more.
- Atelier Escha & Logy
- Hyperdimension Neptunia
- Solty Rei
― Jump to this week's reviews: Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk SkyHyperdimension NeptuniaSolty Rei On Shelves This Week Please Twins! - Complete Collection DVD Nozomi Entertainment - 325 min - Hyb - MSRP $39.99Currently cheapest at: $23.99 Right Stuf Synopsis: Maiku grew up an ...

Shelf Life - Sporty Spice

This week we get athletic with Ping Pong the Animation and Wanna Be the Strongest in the World. ― Jump to this week's reviews: Ping Pong the AnimationWanna Be the Strongest in the World! On Shelves This Week 009 Re: Cyborg BD+DVD Funimation - 104 min - Hyb - MSRP $34.98Currently cheapest at: $20.14 Amazon Synopsis: Long ago, nine humans were captured and weaponized into cyborgs. However, they rebell...

Shelf Life - No Pain No Game

This week, characters go head-to-head in culinary and card game match-ups:
- No Game, No Life
- Yakitate!! Japan Pt 2
― Jump to this week's reviews: No Game, No LifeYakitate!! Japan Pt. 2 On Shelves This Week .hack//G.U. Trilogy DVD Funimation - 94 min - Sub - MSRP $29.98Currently cheapest at: $17.26 Rakuten Synopsis: Things in "The World" are once again slipping into chaos. Haseo and his friend Ato...

Shelf Life - Don't You Forget About Me

This week, a slice-of-life about friendship and relationships, and an action show about historical figures with giant guns:
- Nobunagun
- One Week Friends
― Jump to this week's reviews: One Week FriendsNobunagun On Shelves This Week A Lull in the Sea Vol. 1 DVD, Vol. 2 NIS America - 308 min - Hyb - MSRP $49.99|$49.99Currently cheapest at: $37.99 Right Stuf|$37.99 Right Stuf Synopsis: Humans used to ...

Shelf Life - Woman Power

This week, a timely look at the energetic Michiko & Hatchin, and a dive into the past with Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. ― Jump to this week's reviews: Michiko & HatchinBubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 On Shelves This Week Atelier, Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Complete Collection BD, DVD Sentai - Sub - MSRP $59.98|$49.98Currently cheapest at: $34.49 Amazon|$29.20 Rakuten Synopsis: Escha has ...

Shelf Life - Alien HQ

This week, scrappy volleyball players and a sinister race of sex aliens.
- Captain Earth
- Haikyu!!
― Jump to this week's reviews: Captain Earth Collection 1Haikyu!! Collection 1 On Shelves This Week A Lull in the Sea - Complete Collection BD [Premium] NIS America - Hyb - MSRP $179.99Currently cheapest at: $134.99 Right Stuf Synopsis: Humans used to inhabit the seas, until one day, a group of humans...

Shelf Life - Star Power

This week's releases, a pint-size girl bent on world domination and a particularly lethargic entry in the .hack franchise.
-World Conquest Zvezda Plot
― Jump to this week's reviews: World Conquest Zvezda Plot.hack//Roots On Shelves This Week Bleach - Season 25 Uncut Box Set DVD Viz - Hyb - MSRP $44.82Currently cheapest at: $27.58 Amazon Synopsis: Ichigo has been without powers for a ye...

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