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Display Input Mode

Anime/Manga list pages
(alphabetical or custom)

Hide Adult titles (hentai)

Display icons next to titles you have seen/read (in MyAnime)
      Want to see Seen some Seen all Will not finish


Only display i (when an item has an error report)
Also display i for items added by me
Also display i for other items
Also pre-expand info for all icons (instead of having to click on icon)

When displaying an anime's details:

Regroup staff by name instead of task
i.e. "Name: Task" instead of "Task: Name"

Regroup cast by role instead of name
i.e. "Role by Name" instead of "Name as Role"

Regroup companies by name instead of task
i.e. "Name: Task" instead of "Task: Name"

Display family name first
i.e. "Family Name, Given Name" instead of "Given Name Family Name"

Display family name in capital letters
i.e. "FAMILY NAME, Given Name" or "Given Name FAMILY NAME" depending on other options

l33t names (n4m3s w1ll b3 d1spl4y3d l1k3 th1s)
Completely useless, but fun to try ;-)

When displaying a person's details:

For Japanese cast/staff, sort titles by year instead of alphabetically