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The Dangerous Convenience Store Manhwa Volume 1 Review

The plot is excellent in the romance camp. Everything that happens is to get Eui-joon and Gunwoo together, and it works pretty well. ― You can read The Dangerous Convenience Store in English two ways. The first is to read it on the manhwa site/app Manta, which has all seventy-five chapters and four bonus stories available. The second is to read Seven Seas' print (or ebook) edition, which, as of this ...

Manhwa and Manga: Similar but Different Art Forms

Manhwa is starting to find its footing in American comic book sphere, but it's not just another version of "manga." Find out what makes Korean comics unique. ― The door to English-translated manga opened in the 1980s, and despite some fits and starts, essentially never looked back. Manhwa, or Korean comics, have had a much more troubled journey to popular visibility in English. Around 2006, manhwa be...

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Volume 1 Manhwa Review

This is for the ones who knew the Red Wedding was coming, gleefully chuckled when the film Bridge to Terabithia grossly misled parents, and always read the book before seeing the movie. ― This one's for the smug readers, the ones who knew the Red Wedding was coming, who gleefully chuckled when the film for Bridge to Terabithia grossly misled parents as to what it was about, and who always read the bo...

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Volumes 1-3 Manhwa Review

Despite hitting a lot of very familiar beats, there's something about A Returner's Magic Should Be Special that's incredibly readable. ― Despite hitting a lot of very familiar beats, there's something about A Returner's Magic Should Be Special that's incredibly readable. Yes, our hero Desir Herrman is the typical overpowered protagonist seen in so many isekai and time loop stories, and yes, he's faci...

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? Volumes 1-3 Manhwa Review

A kidnapping incident, a possible romantic triangle, and family business politics make What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? a page-turner. ― Although there are plenty of differences between manga and manhwa, a modern trend seems true for both: originating as a novel. What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? began its life that way in 2013. GyeongYun Jeong's book has been adapted into a live-action television ser...

Ennead Manhwa Volume 1 Review

Ennead is undoubtedly a must-read if you're interested in Ancient Egypt and its mythology, but it's also just an interesting story in its own right. ― Although it isn't fair to say that Egyptian mythology gets no exposure in pop culture, it certainly doesn't have the same recognizability as Greco-Roman or Norse mythologies regarding ancient cultures. Authors like Pauline Gedge and Danielle S. LeBlanc...

Manhwa: What Korean Comics to Start Reading

Rebecca Silverman dives into the ever-expanding world of manhwa to find some of the best series to dive into. ― It isn't fair to say that Korean comics being translated into English is new. Back in 2006, Netcomics was releasing books, and bigger publishers like Seven Seas have been venturing into those waters since at least 2012, with titles like the delightful historical mystery series Lizzie Newton...

Villains are Destined to Die Manhwa Review

Well-written, making use of actual game mechanics in ways that benefit the story, Villains are Destined to Die is simply a good series. ― How many times has this happened to you? You're reading an isekai story that takes place in an otome game, but as you go on, you begin to realize that the story's creator has never played an otome game. Maybe it's the weird way they talk about game mechanics, or ma...

True Beauty Manhwa Volume 1-3 Review

True Beauty is the newest addition to the category of media I think of as "I know it's popular, but I really don't see why." ― I've gotten the feeling that part of my reaction to True Beauty may be due to unfair expectations from the English title. The original Korean title, which translates literally to The Rise of a Goddess, may give a more accurate impression. The phrase "true beauty" evokes the ...

Live-Action Korean & Taiwanese Adaptations of Manga You Might Not Know About

Over the years, Japanese manga and anime have gained popularity in countries like South Korea and Taiwan, resulting in a bevy of live-action drama and film adaptations. For fans interested in broadening their tastes in entertainment, we've compiled a short list of adaptations based on well-known manga series that you might not know about. In South Korea: Antique Bakery [Digital Manga] Antique Bake...

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