Answerman - Who Are The Ainu People?

After a high-profile spotlight in the new spring anime Golden Kamuy, some readers are curious to know more about Japan's Ainu population. Justin is happy to oblige!

20 Years Ago: The Best Anime of 1998

With one enormous smash hit after another, it's hard to overstate just how big a year 1998 was for anime - thankfully, Daryl Surat is here to run down the biggest and brightest hits of that spectacular year.

Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge BD/DVD

This movie offers a pleasant but nonessential side quest for anyone who misses spending time with the Hunter x Hunter gang. Nick Creamer has the details.

This Week in Anime - Uma Musume Means Horse Girls

This series galloped into the new season with a truly bizarre premise that hasn't yet drawn much attention. We make hay about this uniquely equine sports/idol show while it's still sitting pretty in the spotlight.

This Week in Games: Kirby Star Allies

Amidst an absolutely punishing amount of Sega news, Heidi finds time to finally catch up with Kirby's latest adventure. The verdict, plus all of this week's explosive game news!

Answerman - Why Do Some Series Have Long Gaps Between Seasons?

One Piece shows up every week without fail, but there are gaps between seasons in My Hero Academia. What gives? Justin explains it all.

Interview: Polygon Pictures President Shuzo John Shiota

The president of Japan's most famous 3DCG animation house goes in-depth on the future of his art form, what Netflix means for the industry, and much much more.


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ep. review

Series Premiere: Hinamatsuri—Episodes 1-3

"Hinamatsuri is a willfully and unapologetically weird show, but there's something charming about its willingness to throw logic out the window."
ep. review

Record of Grancrest War ‒ Episode 15

"It's no surprise that everything's coming up Theo, but this episode hints that the real surprises are coming next week."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Megalobox—Episodes 1-3

"This show is so cool and confident that it ought to be criminal."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Wotakoi - Love is Hard for Otaku—Episodes 1-2

"Relationships are beautiful, but they're also tricky, and Wotakoi really feels like it's written from a place of experience with both the wonders and the warts of nerd love."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Comic Girls—Episodes 1-3

"Familiarity isn't always a bad thing, and while Comic Girls doesn't cover a lot of new ground, it seldom feels redundant."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Tada Never Falls in Love—Episodes 1-3

"With its soft pastel art style and bouncy music, Tada Never Falls in Love has all the makings of a hit anime comedy, but it also has so many places where it could go wrong."

The List - 6 Bizarre Magical Transformations

Sentai heroes look cool when they power up and magical girls transform with grace and beauty, but some magical metamorphoses are less comfortable to watch. These six examples are just plain weird. ― Let's talk about magical girl transformations for a minute. The first things that come to mind are sparkles, ribbons, cheery music, and maybe a few poses that only the most experienced gymnast could pull...

Kase-san and an Apron GN

This sweet yet relatable yuri series continues as the girls' relationships deepen and come into greater conflict. Rebecca Silverman gets into the good stuff. ― Time marches on, and with it comes new worries. The previous volume of Hiromi Takashima's Kase-san and… yuri series had the girls coping with the idea of being separated after they graduate from high school – Yamada had always planned to follo...

Interview: One Piece Animation Director Shigefumi Shingaki

A few fun questions for Shigefumi Shingaki, long-tenured animation director for Luffy and the straw hats and the man behind that incredible Strong World OVA! ― Toei Animation director Shigefumi Shingaki's resume of animation work might appear a bit short at first glance. He cut his teeth on Doraemon and picked up key animation work on series ranging from Dragon Ball GT to Air Master. Don't let the sh...
ep. review

Season Premiere: Steins;Gate 0—Episodes 1-2

"This series seeks to sidestep the pitfalls that stymie other prequels and AU spinoffs by establishing a story that feels fresh and exciting."
ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 54

"Sasuke reveals danger on the horizon and Boruto begins learning his father's signature technique."

Keijo!!!!!!!! Limited Edition BD/DVD

This absurd action comedy about the most fanservice-fueled sport in the world is finally available in a limited edition stuffed with goodies. James Beckett dives into the curvaceous world of Keijo!!!!!!!! ― To determine whether or not to invest time and money in Keijo!!!!!!, you need only to ask yourself if you like: Exceedingly silly and completely over-the-top sports showdowns Animated boobs Animat...
ep. review

Season Premiere: High School DxD Hero—Episode 1

"Take fan service-laden harem shenanigans and mix them with action sequences and a wonky interpretation of metaphysics, and you have the High School DxD experience."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Real Girl—Episodes 1-3

"Real Girl currently occupies an interesting middle ground between the blind optimism of sugary sweet romance and the deliberate dysfunction of a more dramatic story."
ep. review

Season Premiere: Lupin the Third Part 5—Episodes 1-3

"If it can keep juggling its tone well—taking the serious stuff seriously without sacrificing its lighter heart—I'd feel great recommending this Lupin III to just about anyone."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These—Episodes 1-3

"Die Neue These is looking to be the big-budget Hollywood adaptation to the original show's History Channel documentary."

My-Otome Complete Series BD/DVD

This sequel to My-HiME isn't as beloved as its predecessor, but it still has plenty of its own charm to offer. Theron Martin has the details. ― My-Otome is the 2005 follow-up to 2004's My-HiME. For most of its run, it appears to be an alternate-world version of My-HiME, where the original cast is transplanted into a new setting but with different lesser roles, but details later in the series' run sug...

Anime Spotlight - FULL METAL PANIC! Invisible Victory

Jindai High School gained back its peace after the defeat of the powerful Amalgam enemies, Gauron and Gates. However, this peace didn't last for long... ― FULL METAL PANIC! Invisible Victory Official Website: Story Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Premieres on April 13th, 2018 Key Staff Director: Katsuichi Nakayama (The Good Witch of the West (TV)) Series Composition: Shoji Ga...
ep. review

Series Premiere: Magical Girl Ore—Episodes 1-3

"My hope is that the show doubles down on its commitment to meta humor and shows us something entirely new, stretching the boundaries of magical girl parody."
ep. review

Season Premiere: Tokyo Ghoul:re—Episodes 1-3

"Despite my apprehensions after a long wait following a rocky journey, I got sucked back into the world of Tokyo Ghoul almost immediately."

This Week in Anime - Rocking and Socking with MEGALOBOX

Since it's an anime-original production, nobody knew what to expect when Megalobox punched its way into the new season. This week, we pick our jaws off the floor to discuss this boxing series' strengths and future potential. ― Since it's an anime-original production, nobody knew what to expect when Megalobox punched its way into the new season. This week, Nick and Steve pick their jaws off the floor ...

The Spring 2018 Anime Preview Guide

The Spring 2018 Anime Season has begun - check back daily for fresh reviews of all of this season's premieres!
Available Now: Spring 2018 Shorts featuring Aggretsuko - Wotakoi - Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory - High School DxD Hero - Doreiku the Animation - Steins;Gate 0 - Butlers x Battlers - Last Period - Yotsuiro Biyori - Golden Kamuy - and much more!
― Welcome to Anime News Network's Sprin...

Vice & Luna - Mind the Gatemaster

You can't watch a frame of Fate/Zero until you've played every last route of the original visual novel - so says the gatemaster!

Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple

The Gifted's supernatural abilities separate from their bodies for a Yokohama battle royale in Bungo Stray Dogs' theatrical debut! Lynzee Loveridge breaks down the highs and lows of this big-screen experience. ― Homeowners insurance in Yokohama must be exorbitant, because it seems like the place is always on the brink of caving in on itself. In the series' last installment, it was killer mind-control...
ep. review

Series Premiere: Golden Kamuy—Episodes 1-2

"The story is incredibly suspenseful, constantly building on its central mystery, but the show's animation struggles threaten to bring the whole ship down."
ep. review

Food Wars! The Third Plate ‒ Episode 14

"Food Wars! manages to be frustrating and triumphant before swinging back to frustrating again, and if it can fit that much emotion into under half an hour, I'd say it's holding up well."
ep. review

BEATLESS ‒ Episode 14

Our weekly coverage of BEATLESS ends with an episode that opens up all sorts of complicated implications for the story going forward.
ep. review

Series Premiere: Caligula—Episodes 1-2

"While its distinct Persona influences might rub some of that franchise's fans the wrong way, there is potential to be had in Caligula's familiar setup. "
ep. review

One Piece ‒ Episode 832

"The conversation around this episode begins and ends with one main scene; the moment of truth during Sanji and Pudding's wedding."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Cutie Honey Universe—Episodes 1-2

"For now, the show's inability to focus makes it seem more dated than any of its character designs or fanservice style."
ep. review

Series Premiere: GeGeGe no Kitarō—Episodes 1-3

"There's plenty of precedent for this children's horror serial to be delightfully creepy, and thus far it is living up to its potential."

Answerman - Is There Anything To Miss About Old School Subtitles?

Some people miss the way subtitles "used to be", wonky translations and all. But is there anything to sincerely miss about the "good ol' days"? Justin gets into it. ― James asked: During the 1980's and 1990's, some media that was imported from Japan to the western world (most notably video games but also some anime and manga) would be translated improperly, often with hilarious results that have pro...

Shelf Life - March Comes in Like a Lion Season 1 Part 1

March Comes In like a Lion and quickly melts Gabriella Ekens' resistance to the charms of this beloved series. PLUS: all of this week's new anime DVD and bluray releases! ― It looks like Hinamatsuri will be one of my streaming review shows this season, and if the first episode is any indication, I'm going to have plenty to write about. That series looks completely bonkers, but in a good way. Good cr...

Queen's Quality GN 1

Supernatural shenanigans abound in this renamed continuation of Kyosuke Motomi's QQ Sweeper. Rebecca Silverman sums it up. ― Queen's Quality volume one could easily be called QQ Sweeper volume four – it picks up directly where Kyousuke Motomi's previous series left off. That's certainly not a bad thing for fans of the author, whose other English-language works include Dengeki Daisy and Beast Master, ...
ep. review

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card ‒ Episodes 13-14

"Thank god for Meiling's return, right?"
ep. review

DARLING in the FRANXX ‒ Episode 14

"This episode's script serves characters well in individual moments but falls down when it comes to stitching those beats together."
ep. review

My Hero Academia ‒ Episode 40

"Everything from the animation to the story is as promising as My Hero Academia has ever been."

The Mike Toole Show - All Dogs of Flanders Go to Heaven

Mike takes a look back at one of the most influential and pervasive sad children's stories in anime history, from remakes to references to parodies, all about a Dog of Flanders. ― Isao Takahata passed away last week, which means that everywhere you look, there are tributes to and retrospectives of the great animator's work. This is wholly appropriate, and it gives me considerable pleasure in the sad ...
ep. review

Record of Grancrest War ‒ Episode 14

"This episode sidestepped dull blanket portrayals of character types to instead show how its characters are developing in complicated ways, and not always for the better."

Little Hero eBook 2

This isekai story does things a little differently by putting a little girl in the role of the hero. Rebecca Silverman digs into this unique volume. ― Isekai has never been a male demographic-exclusive genre, although most of the titles to be translated into English might make you think so. (Unless, of course, you're old enough to remember Fushigi Yugi and From Far Away.) Wakasa's Little Hero is a ni...

The Best and Worst of the Winter 2018 Season

It's the final ranking of the Winter 2018 season - find out how your favorite shows fared before we launch our Spring reviews! ― Our team of reviewers are following 28 anime series of the Winter 2018 season and readers are rating each episode as the reviews go up. So let's have a look at what ANN readers consider the best (and worst) of the season. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how p...

The List - 7 Appetizing Anime Restaurants

From festival food stalls to floating franchise eateries, these are just seven scrumptious spots to visit in the world of mouth-watering anime food porn. ― Anime is full of tasty restaurants that have seemingly grown in popularity as more and more series centered around cooking make it to the airwaves. There are even eateries staffed almost entirely by fluffy animals or attractive bakers. Since I wr...

Fire Punch GN 1

This stomach-turning, head-spinning, post-apocalyptic revenge saga is not for the faint of heart. Theron Martin finds out if this hot-button adventure manga is worth reading. ― It's hard to find a post-apocalyptic story much darker than this new offering from Viz Media. Anyone interested in checking this first volume out should be aware that the explicit content label is absolutely not an overstateme...

ANNCast - Just A Little Bit of Spring

Jacob's out sick, so interest editor Lynzee Loveridge stops by the podcast to help Zac sort through the best and worst of Spring 2018 so far. ― ANNCast Episode 326 - Just A Little Bit of Spring You can listen to the show on our player here, direct-download the MP3 version here, check out the show on Stitcher here, and we're also on Google Play Music right here, or you can just use these handy links:...

Answerman - What "Editing" Needs To Be Done To Anime For US Release?

Justin digs in to what "video post-production" means when it comes to anime - how we handle the masters Japan sends for home video production. ― Craig asked: Just finished watching the third Berserk film, The Advent and in the credits I saw your name for Video post production. What exactly do you do in terms of post production(clean up, video/audio compression, restoration?)? Do all companies who re...

The Best (and worst) Isekai Light Novels

"Isekai" light novels are adapted en masse into anime every year - so which ones are actually worth reading? Kim Morrissy provides your guide to the genre - and which books will really transport you! ― An average person wakes up to find themself in a world unlike their own… and yet one that is also strangely familiar. Their new world is one of monsters and magic, usually inspired by Medieval England,...

Again!! GN 1

The co-creator of Yuri on Ice is back with the tale of a high school kid who gets a supernatural chance to do it all over again - and this time, he's determined to join the cheer club. ― High school occupies a special place in pop culture, both eastern and western. Despite the fact that for many of us it hardly lives up to the hype of “the best days of your life,” those three or four years at childho...
ep. review

Black Clover ‒ Episode 27

"I look back at the Royal Capital arc now that it's finished and my memories are mostly filled with boredom, which could have been the product of many factors."

This Week in Anime - Giving ReLife a Second Chance

Almost two years after it first aired, Crunchyroll has released the final four episodes of the heartwarming high school drama, ReLife. This week, Nick and Jacob return to this underrated gem to share their thoughts on the full journey. ― Almost two years after it first aired, Crunchyroll has released the final four episodes of the heartwarming high school drama, ReLife. This week, Nick and Jacob retu...

This Week in Games - VR Kanojo

Virtual reality girlfriends finally arrive on Steam thanks to Illusion - what does it mean for the industry? PLUS: Blazblue, Witcher Nendoroids, Yo-Kai Watch and so much more! ― Stop the presses, everyone – as I write this, the most important gaming-related announcement of this week has just been unveiled. I'm talking, of course, about the Geralt of Rivia Nendoroid. If there's any collectible company...

Advance Review: Liz and the Blue Bird

The acclaimed director of A Silent Voice is back with an astonishingly gorgeous and surprisingly touching coming-of-age film set in the beautiful and nostalgic world of Sound! Euphonium. ― Sound! Euphonium began in 2013 as a novel focused on the lives of the newest members of a once prestigious high school brass band club and their subsequent fight to restore it to its former glory. Since then, the f...

Kiznaiver Blu-Ray

Kiznaiver is a gorgeous and heartfelt science-fiction romp well worth taking, so long as you're willing to bear with a handful of speedbumps along the way. James Beckett takes a look at this series' release on blu-ray with an English dub. ― Studio Trigger officially burst onto the TV anime scene with 2013's popular and controversial hit, Kill la Kill. Over the past half-decade, Trigger has made a nam...
ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 53

"The first installment of Boruto: Naruto the Movie's small screen adaptation doesn't offer much in the way of new content, but there are likely to be differences going forward."

Answerman - Why Are People More Upset By Nudity Than Violence?

One reader wants to know why western fans clutch their pearls over anime boobs but give blood and guts a free pass. Justin has a few ideas. ― Steven asked: What's up with the Double Standards in Anime? Something full of blood-n-gore murder-death-kill trends towards the most popular, well received and reviewed shows. Meanwhile, the fan service, T & A heavy shows get lambasted for their content? Is th...

Untangling Steins;Gate Before Steins;Gate 0

The brain-twisting, time-traveling sci-fi smash is back this spring season, but it's been quite a while since we caught up with mad scientist Okabe and friends. Here's a quick refresher course! ― Note: This article contains spoilers for the original Steins;Gate visual novel and anime. Before we get started in earnest, let me just say this: yes, I recommend watching or playing the original Steins;Gat...

Sword Gai: The Animation

Netflix's newest sword-driven gorefest doesn't quite deliver what its premise promises. Theron Martin details what went wrong. ― Sword Gai the Animation is the latest Netflix Original ONA series. It's based on a manga by Toshiki Inoue, a long-time anime script writer whose credits include the likes of Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball, Galaxy Angel, and Ushio & Tora; he also wrote this anime version of his mang...

Anime Spotlight - HINAMATSURI

A comedy taking place in an urban setting revolving around a yakuza and a psychic! ― HINAMATSURI Official Website: Story Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Broadcast starts on April 6th, 2018 Key Staff Director: Kei Oikawa (Minami-ke: Okaeri (TV), Minami-ke: Betsubara (OAV), My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! (TV), Uma Musume Pretty Derby (TV)) Series Composition: Keiichirō Ōch...
ep. review

One Piece ‒ Episode 831

"The pieces are all in place, and it's time to see where they fall, considering how many ways this day can go wrong for every party involved."

This Week in Anime - Is Violet Evergarden Worth Watching?

Netflix has finally released Kyoto Animation's visually ambitious new series to audiences around the world. This week, Nick and Steve discuss their feelings on this gorgeous yet divisive story. ― Netflix has finally released Kyoto Animation's visually ambitious Violet Evergarden to audiences around the world. This week, Nick and Steve discuss their feelings on this gorgeous yet divisive story. Discla...

Vice & Luna - Creature Feature

Vice is pretty sure he knows what the next season of Free! is gonna be about, and it's a surefire prestige piece!
ep. review

Season Premiere: Food Wars! The Third Plate ‒ Episode 13

"This episode reminds us just how far Erina has come, proving that her new outlook on life is much more than just a passing fancy."
ep. review

DARLING in the FRANXX ‒ Episode 13

"This episode provides an astonishingly effective piece of storytelling, taking the show's myriad influences and shaping them into something cohesive and heartbreaking."

Shelf Life - Akiba's Trip

James takes a look at Gonzo's cartoonish clothes-stripping comedy, while Paul runs down all this week's new releases, along with a new Shelf Obsessed collection! ― It's Preview Guide time once again, and I'm back in the lineup after taking a couple seasons off. This spring looks like it'll be packed full of big sequels, bigger remakes, and some cool original stuff for good measure. There's no time l...

Answerman - Is It Really Illegal To Take Pictures Of People Without Permission?

You hear it often that taking photos of anyone in Japan without their permission is illegal - is that true, and how did those laws come about? Justin gets into it. ― Stefan asked: I've seen characters in Japanese anime say that filming somebody or taking their picture without their consent is illegal. Is there really a law in Japan like this or something similar? Here in the US and many other countr...

Yume Nikki - I Am Not in Your Dream Novel

The deeply unsettling cult smash PC game is adapted as a chilling, brain-twisting light novel - Rebecca Silverman may never dream the same again. ― Dreams are among the most difficult stories to relate. To the dreamer, they seem utterly fascinating and replete with important symbols and information. To their unfortunate audience, they often feel like boring nonsense tales, to be suffered through with...
ep. review

Season Premiere: My Hero Academia ‒ Episode 39

"I can't say that there isn't going to be an audience for these poolside shenanigans, but it's just not a full episode on its own."

Kenka Bancho Otome: Love's Battle Royale GN 1

Roundhouse kick your way to romance with this otome game adaptation about a girl disguised as a boy fighting her own love interests! Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― Kenka Bancho Otome: Love's Battle Royale is the manga adaptation of the otome game of the same name, and some of you may already be familiar with it from its 2017 anime version. As you might guess, the story is a reverse harem where ...
ep. review

BEATLESS ‒ Episode 13

"Overall, this episode comes off much better on reflection than it did when I first viewed it, so I would encourage anyone watching it not to just accept anything that happens at face value."
ep. review

Today's Menu for the Emiya Family ‒ Episode 4

"April is the cruelest month, so what better way to open up April than by turning the spotlight on one of Fate/stay night's most cruelly underused servants?"

The List - 7 More Weird Evangelion Products

From fishing gear to bullet trains, there really is nothing you can't buy with Shinji and his friends stamped on it. Here are seven more weird EVA collector's items from Japan. ― A few years ago, I wrote a column about some of the strangest Evangelion merchandise I've encountered while working for Anime News Network. Since that time, I've yet to find another series franchise that's been slapped on t...
ep. review

Record of Grancrest War ‒ Episodes 12-13

"These two episodes go at the same breakneck pace as usual, but their consistent focus on Theo makes their momentum easier to follow than usual."
ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 52

"This week, Boruto finishes up its prelude to the events of the feature film in a surprisingly anticlimactic manner."
ep. review

Black Clover ‒ Episode 26

"The Wizard King is cool, but everything else is getting real snoozy."
ep. review

Season Finale: Killing Bites ‒ Episode 12

"This is one case where I hope this actually is the last we see of the anime, but not because it was bad."

Interview with Okamoto's at Sakura-Con 2018

The punk-rock band behind fan-favorite theme songs from Naruto Shippuden to Durarara!! sits down to discuss writing music for anime and touring in America. ― Okamoto's is the Japanese punk-rock band we've all been sleeping on. The quartet, made of New York-born lead singer Shō, guitarist Koki, the dapper-dressed bassist Hama, and drummer Reiji sat down at a scarcely-filled panel room at SakuraCon on ...

Answerman - Why Aren't More Original Anime Made?

There's an avalanche of anime these days, but a huge percentage of it is adapted from a manga, light novel or video game - why isn't there more original work? Justin considers the angles. ― rajkovic asked: Why do so many anime studios in Japan produce anime based on a light novel, game or manga series but rarely create an original anime? Is it simply less time-consuming and less expensive to make an...

Laid-Back Camp GN 1

With its slow pace and surprisingly layered characters, Laid-Back Camp makes off-season camping look fun. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― Like many people who live in areas popular with tourists, Rin has it all figured out: she enjoys camping, but she prefers to do so in the off season. That's when she's more likely to be able to have the campgrounds to herself to truly enjoy views of Mount Fuji...

Anime Spotlight - The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

After more than 150 years of conflicts in space, histories of the Galactic Empire and the Free Galaxy Alliance are about to change because of two young geniuses. ― The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Official Website: Introduction Story Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Broadcast starts on April 3th, 2018 (JST) Key Staff Director: Shunsuke Tada (Kuroko's Basket...

Anime Spotlight - Libra of Nil Admirari

Noblewoman Tsugumi Kuze has decided to marry in order to protect her family. Before she is able to do so, however, her younger brother Hitaki is caught up in an incident involving books called "Maremono" (Rare Objects) that affect the reader of the tome greatly. ― Libra of Nil Admirari Official Website: Introduction Story Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Broadcast starts April...
ep. review

Season Finale: Violet Evergarden ‒ Episode 13

"I found myself impressed with its individual episodes, but by the end, the series never quite came together as a whole."
ep. review

Series Finale: March comes in like a lion ‒ Episodes 43-44

"Through its rambling progression of episodes, March has celebrated all of its many half-stories, offering few clear answers but copious sympathy for the struggles we all endure."

This Week in Games: April Foolishness

Heidi runs down the week in April Fools gags from the gaming industry, plus an obscure spooky visual novel arrives in English at long last, and next week's new releases! ― Hey again, folks! I'm back from SakuraCon, which was a fantastic time. It was a pretty packed weekend for cons and tournaments, with SakuraCon in the Pacific Northwest, Anime Boston in the Northeast, and both Anime Ascension and No...

REVIEW: Big Fish & Begonia

This epic fantasy film twelve years in the making combines the talents of Chinese artists and Studio Mir into an unforgettable experience. Michelle Liu explores what this film meant to Chinese audiences and offers to anime fans as well. ― According to director Liang Xuan, the image of a fish rising to the sky first came to him in a dream. That's a good place to start when processing the film that ima...
ep. review

Season Finale: Overlord II ‒ Episode 13

"The end of the episode brings the arc to a suitable stopping point, while the epilogue provides another hook for the next one."

Interview: Big Fish & Begonia Directors Zhang Chun and Liang Xuan

The two directors of China's biggest animated film ever, the lush and vibrant fantasy Big Fish & Begonia, spill their secrets on the eve of the film's limited American theatrical release. ― Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun are the directors of the hit animated film Big Fish and Begonia, which arrives in U.S. theaters on April 6th, 2018 in limited release (with a wider release coming April 11). Both were stu...

The Complete Guide to Tokyo Ghoul

Feeling a little rusty on this hit horror series since it aired over three years ago? Gabriella Ekens has everything you need to know about Ken Kaneki and friends before going into Tokyo Ghoul:re! ― It's been three years since Tokyo Ghoul's divisive second season aired, so it's understandable to need a refresher before diving into Tokyo Ghoul:re. Here's everything you need to know about the hit horro...

Answerman - Where Have All The Mechanical Designers Gone?

Traditionally animated cars, motorcycles, tanks and planes look awesome - have they all been completely replaced by CG? Justin considers the angles. ― Cameron asked: I've been watching older anime recently, and what stands out to me is the inspired and, frankly, super cool mechanical designs! I'm acutely aware that production of “mecha anime” has waned over the past couple of decades. Even anime tha...

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress BD/DVD

This hyperviolent zombie-hunting adventure from Studio Wit might bear a striking resemblance to Attack on Titan, but it also offers plenty of entertainment on its own merits. James Beckett has the details. ― The comparisons between Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Attack on Titan were inveitable from the get-go, and not just because both projects were animated by Studio Wit and spearheaded by direct...

Anime Spotlight - STEINS;GATE 0

What if Rintaro Okabe had given up on saving Kurisu Makise in the Beta World Line during Steins;Gate? ― STEINS;GATE 0 Official Website: Introduction Story Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Broadcast starts April 11th, 2018 (JST) Key Staff Director: Kenichi Kawamura ("Qualidea Code" (TV), "SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation" (TV)) Series Composition: Jukki Hanada ("Beyond...

Vice & Luna - Franxx, But No Franxx

Those butt handles on the Franxx pilot suits have a lot more uses than just murdering klaxosaurs, you know.

Yuri!!! on ICE Limited Edition BD+DVD

The biggest hit anime of 2016 finally comes to blu-ray! Jacob Chapman breaks down the limited edition release and what makes this story of love on ice so enduring. ― "Don't stop us now! The moment of truth! We were born to make history!" Back before Yuri!!! on Ice aired, this bold declaration in its opening theme was subject to an understandable degree of snickering. The song was adorably catchy, and...

Ghibli Museum Report: Hayao Miyazaki's Latest Film

The first fruit of Hayao Miyazaki's return from "retirement", an adorable little short called Boro the Caterpillar, is unspooling now at the Ghibli Museum in Japan. Here's a look at what to expect. ― These days, it feels that Hayao Miyazaki is almost as famous for constantly coming out of retirement as he is for the legion of classic films he's directed. On top of working on a new feature film schedu...

Anime Spotlight - Lost Song

The song changes even the destiny of the stars. ― Lost Song Official Website: Introduction Story Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Online Streaming: March 31, 2018 on Netflix (Japan) Worldwide Online Streaming: Summer 2018 TV Broadcast: April 7, 2018 Key Staff Director and script: Junpei & Morita ("OCCULTIC;NINE" as series composition) Original Character Design: Tomonori Fukuda (...

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