The List - 7 Notorious Animation Meltdowns

Sometimes scheduling problems lead to recap episodes or unplanned hiatuses, and sometimes they result in an entire show's artwork slipping into insanity. Here are seven of the most memorable animation meltdowns.

Manga Answerman - Why is Summer the Season for Spooky Stories in Manga?

In North America we usually bust out the skeletons and draculas in October, but in manga, it seems like summertime is a much spookier season. Deb is ready to explain why!

Interview: SSSS.GRIDMAN with TRIGGER's Masaru Sakamoto and Masato Takeuchi

Studio TRIGGER's tokusatsu re-imagining SSSS.GRIDMAN hits this October, and we've got a fun and fascinating in-depth chat with two of the show's staff - animator Masaru Sakamoto and animation director Masato Takeuchi.

Interview: revisions Producer Kazuya Ide

Kazuya Ide, producer for visual effects and animation studio Shirogumi Inc, chats about revisions, his new CG anime from the director of Code Geass, what it takes to put together a CG anime, and the future of animation in Japan.

The Best and Worst of Summer 2018, Aug 5-11

Revue Starlight jumps 14 PLACES on the chart to challenge Attack on Titan for the throne! Find out how your favorite shows performed in our weekly user rankings.

Otakon 2018: Fan Q&A With Food Wars Producer Yuji Matsukura

J.C. Staff megaproducer Yuji Matsukura has over 120 anime titles to his name, from Food Wars to A Certain Magical Index - so when fans lined up to ask him questions at Otakon 2018, the results were unpredictable - and fascinating!

This Week in Anime - Hanebado! Has No Chill

Hanebado! came on strong as the world's most melodramatic badminton anime, but has it taken those heights of angst too far? Micchy and Steve hang on for dear life through this series' wild mood swings.

Interview: Fate/Grand Order Game Director Yosuke Shiokawa and Voice Actress Ayako Kawasumi

The director of the international phenomenon known as Fate/Grand Order talks about the last year of incredible success, what the English playerbase has been like, plus some insight from Saber herself, Ayako Kawasumi!

The Genius Adaptations of Tomihiko Morimi's Novels

You may not have read any of Morimi's novels yet, but you've probably seen one - and it likely blew your mind! From The Tatami Galaxy to The Eccentric Family, Kim Morrissy celebrates the incredible anime adaptations of one exceptional Japanese novelist.

Answerman - What Will Become Of Takahata's Legacy?

Shocking revelations about Isao Takahata's treatment of his staff in Toshio Suzuki's recent book have some fans asking: what are we supposed to think of his films and his legacy now? Justin considers the angles.


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ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 69

"Although Cho-Cho walks away from the story with a valuable lesson, it isn't necessarily a lesson this character needed to learn in the first place."

Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter GN 1

When a traffic accident lands an office worker in the body of an otome game villainess, is there anything she can do to change her fate? Rebecca Silverman finds out. ― If the male-oriented isekai story tends to land our reborn boy protagonist in a position where he becomes the king of his own personal harem, then the female-oriented version is that she gets plopped down in the middle of her favorite ...
ep. review

Banana Fish ‒ Episode 7

"It feels like the world of Banana Fish is opening up, and yet our characters continue to run in circles around the mob. The only sure thing is that this show hasn't begun to slow down."
ep. review

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord ‒ Episode 7

"This episode snuck in some genuinely affecting character work and plot twists, with fanservice seemingly sprinkled in just to make sure the horndogs tuning in didn't nod off. "
ep. review

Black Clover ‒ Episode 45

"Within a single arc, this show can range from exciting and incoherent to bland but functional. This week is bland but functional."

ANNCast Live at Otakon 2018

ANNCast is back with the audio from our panel at Otakon 2018, featuring special guest Mike Toole! Zac and Mike take a quick tour of 20 years of ANN history, followed by a Q&A session with the audience. ― ANNCast Live at Otakon 2018 ANNCast is back with the audio from our panel at Otakon 2018, featuring special guest Mike Toole! Zac and Mike take a quick tour of 20 years of ANN history, followed by a...

Tokyo Alice GN 1

Romance and leisure butt heads for the heroine of this grounded and relatable dramedy for adult women. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― At first blush, Tokyo Alice looks like a manga version of the stereotype that women just love to shop more than anything else in the world. And that is part of what's going on here – Fu Arisugawa is a shopaholic, specifically addicted to brand names and expensive...
ep. review

Free! -Dive to the Future- ‒ Episode 6

"This show is going to be better as a marathon, but watching it week to week, it's too packed with exposition to be anything but sluggish."
ep. review

Steins;Gate 0 ‒ Episode 18

"I've never been so frustrated and disappointed by an episode of Steins;Gate."

This Week in Games - What's up with Sekai Project?

There's some unsettling news coming out of visual novel publisher Sekai Project right now - Heidi files some editorial commentary on what we might expect. PLUS: Zelda-flavored Diablo on Switch, Fist of the North Star and more! ― Hey, you know what makes any day more exciting? A whole lot of exploding Fist of the North Star heads. Thanks, Sega! Now that we've had our dose of Kenshiro, let's move on to...

That Blue Sky Feeling GN 1

In the growing catalogue of LGBTQ+ manga, That Blue Sky Feeling's thoughtful tone and respect for its characters makes it a must-read. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― Rumors are the lifeblood of many a school or workplace. Sometimes there's nothing malicious behind them, but other times the rumors can be socially or emotionally devastating to their subjects. That's what Dai Noshiro is convinced ...
ep. review

Overlord III ‒ Episode 6

"This episode is all setup, but it's setup done well."
ep. review

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion ‒ Episode 6

"Even if it doesn't hit the loftiest heights of wartime drama, the story has enough going on to keep me engaged."
ep. review

GeGeGe no Kitarō ‒ Episode 20

"Whether you know it as World War Two or the Pacific War, GeGeGe no Kitaro's message is to never allow it to be forgotten."

The Promised Neverland GN 3

The Promised Neverland runs through a dazzling series of twists and betrayals in its pulse-pounding third volume. Nick Creamer has the details. ― The Promised Neverland hits the ground running in its third volume, opening with new allies Gilda and Don staging a daring and likely ill-advised break-in of Isabella's secret room. Their extremely rash choice leads to both discord within the main group and...
ep. review

Lupin the Third: Part 5 ‒ Episode 19

"There's a lot around the edges of this episode that's just weird if you start to think about it too hard."
ep. review

Revue Starlight ‒ Episode 5

"This was my favorite episode of Revue Starlight yet, both humorous and heartfelt in all the right ways."
ep. review

Cells at Work! ‒ Episode 6

"It does add to the appeal of what's basically an educational show to throw in a romantic subplot."

This Week in Anime - What the Hell is Happening in Planet With?

Planet With is the first original anime project written by beloved manga author Satoshi Mizukami, and it's been absurd and exciting from the start to its shocking halfway point cliffhanger. Nick and Jacob try to make sense of this mecha action rollercoaster. ― Planet With is the first original anime project written by beloved manga author Satoshi Mizukami, and it's been absurd and exciting from the s...

Interview: Bryce Papenbook and Yuki Kaji, The Seven Deadly Sins' Meliodas

World-famous voice actors Bryce Papenbrook and Yuki Kaji get together for a fun chat about one of the roles they share: The Seven Deadly Sins' fearless hero, Meliodas! ― To the excitement of fans, popular series, The Seven Deadly Sins, returns with an upcoming movie on August 18, 2018. As one of top watched anime on Netflix, an upcoming film in August 2018, and a lineup of the biggest names in the in...

DanMachi On the Side: Sword Oratoria Novel 6

The heroes of Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? venture outside Orario for once in this adventurous volume. Theron Martin has the details. ― For all of the great work that writer Fujino Omori has done with the setting of DanMachi, details on any locations beyond Orario and its immediate environs have been woefully limited. Although a couple of short stories in the main series have transpired...
ep. review

One Piece ‒ Episode 849

"This really feels like the anime staff going above and beyond to make something that feels just a little bigger than the source material, and I believe they have succeeded wonderfully."
ep. review

Holmes of Kyoto ‒ Episode 6

"Even as light mysteries go, this episode of Holmes of Kyoto feels like it was just phoning it in."
ep. review

Hanebado! ‒ Episode 7

"The ‘sports’ part of this sports anime is finally getting to shine, which helps the show's strong points stand out against all the other content that could be charitably described as less enjoyable."
ep. review

Planet With ‒ Episode 6

"This showdown between Soya and Takashi would have felt worthy of a season finale if it didn't come at the story's halfway point."
ep. review

My Hero Academia ‒ Episode 56

"What this arc lacks in scope, it aims to make up for in small character moments and an affirmation of 1-A's growth and companionship."
ep. review

Asobi Asobase -workshop of fun- ‒ Episode 6

"Asobi Asobase continues to be one of the funniest anime comedies I've ever seen, but its attempt to push every boundary can occasionally leave you squirming."
ep. review

Angels of Death ‒ Episode 6

"This is the bloodiest and most grim episode of Angels of Death yet."
ep. review

Attack on Titan ‒ Episode 41

"This episode offers little victories to balance out the plot's increasingly dire stakes, as the show's world becomes more clouded with political strife."
ep. review

Gintama ‒ Episode 359

"This arc has consistently brought out the best in each character and forced them to set aside personal differences to discover new strength."

Interview: The Two Dekus: Daiki Yamashita and Justin Briner

We've got not one but TWO Dekus! Steel yourself for this super fun chitchat with both the Japanese and English voices of My Hero Academia's Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, the charming and energetic Justin Briner and Daiki Yamashita! ― You probably don't need to be introduced to the phenomenon known as My Hero Academia – the blockbuster superhero manga is not only one of the most popular anime to come along i...

Shelf Life - Aura Battler Dunbine

Back in the early 80s, the godfather of Gundam tried his hand at a fantasy-flavored mecha war epic - the result was Aura Battler Dunbine, a dizzying 49-episode Tomino tale finally out on bluray. PLUS: all of this week's new anime bluray and DVD releases! ― I'm finally getting a permanent office (read: cubicle) at my day job, which is a welcome step up from the computer on a table in a hallway I've b...

Answerman - Are Dub Crew Members Taking Over Voice Actors' Jobs?

Oftentimes in the credits of an English dub, you'll see the same name in a couple different slots - maybe director, producer, and also the lead actor. Is the crew invading the booth? Justin explains. ― Tess asked: Looking at the dub credits on various anime, I noticed that a voice actor (who is often a lead) may also be credited as a producer. Because they're a producer on a series' (or an episode's...
ep. review

PERSONA 5 the Animation ‒ Episode 19

"Though a decent chunk of the episode is set on an island vacation, it functions more as setup for all the plot that picks up steam this week."
ep. review

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs ‒ Episode 5

"Overall, this episode readily meets its fanservice quota while retaining emotional sincerity. For a largely plotless harem romcom, could you ask for much more?"
ep. review

Grand Blue Dreaming ‒ Episode 5

"I'm not saying I want Grand Blue Dreaming to be less crass, or willfully dumb, or absurd. I just expect the show to be better at doing all that."
ep. review

Happy Sugar Life ‒ Episode 5

"Happy Sugar Life was originally promoted with nods to being a yuri series. That element finally comes into play directly in episode 5, but not in the way you might expect."

The Voynich Hotel GN 1

With nods to the Eagles' classic "Hotel California" and a healthy dose of strangeness, The Voynich Hotel promises a stay you won't soon forget. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― Seven Seas' use of a paraphrased line from the Eagles' 1977 song “Hotel California” on the back copy of The Voynich Hotel's first volume really does prepare you for what's going on inside. The song's last line is “You can ...
ep. review

Harukana Receive ‒ Episode 6

"Suspense, heartfelt emotion, and humor combined this week to give us the best that Harukana Receive has to offer."
ep. review

Chio's School Road ‒ Episode 6

"This episode has just enough going for it to keep the ball rolling, but a dedicated comedy needs to keep throwing fresh ideas into the mix if it's going to hold up for a full season."
ep. review

Banana Fish ‒ Episode 6

"While the first five episodes gave us plenty of reason to care about these characters and the mysteries surrounding them, this week really made me feel like I know them now."
ep. review

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord ‒ Episode 6

"Shera remains so pleasantly good-natured through the weirdness of this show's premise that it's hard to dislike her."

The List - 7 More Deadly Games of Survival

Can't get enough of battle royale tournaments where only the strongest and wittiest survive a gruesome demise? Here are seven more survival game anime to scratch that itch! ― There are few quicker ways to ramp up tension between a group of strangers than throwing them headfirst into a battle of kill or be killed. There are tons of manga centered on the topic, for example Yen Press' release of Though...

Black Torch GN 1

Cat spirits and ninja combine in this action series that blends fantasy with science fiction and folklore. Rebecca Silverman weighs the highs and lows of this pulse-pounding genre mashup. ― Life very rarely works out precisely as you've planned it, even if your plans aren't much beyond “wake up and go to school.” That's what high schooler Jiro Azuma is about to learn the hard way when he rescues an i...
ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 68

"Cho-Cho's love woes and self-image issues continue to throw a wrench in the gang's latest mission."
ep. review

Free! -Dive to the Future- ‒ Episode 5

"After weeks of emotional turbulence, Free! Dive to the Future has gone back to its roots with a sports story."
ep. review

Steins;Gate 0 ‒ Episode 17

"While far from perfect, this is the most “Steins;Gate” that S;G0 has been in a good long while."
ep. review

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion ‒ Episode 5

"What Angolmois needs to do now is to build on this fresh start and get itself back up into genuinely thrilling territory."

Manga Answerman - Do Foreign Manga Sales Matter to North American Publishers?

Let's say there's a manga artist whose work is a huge smash hit in, say, Finland, but not a single volume of their work has been published in America. Do American publishers take that success into account? Deb gets into it. ― It's well known that not all manga are smash hits in the US, but when a previously "unknown" manga starts doing well in another country, shouldn't that catch other countries pu...
ep. review

Lupin the Third: Part 5 ‒ Episode 18

"This episode manages to cycle through all of Lupin's major relationships, reflected through a minor home crisis that shakes everything up."

Interview: Mari Okada on Maquia - When the Promised Flower Blooms

The beloved screenwriter discusses the themes and ambitions of her directorial debut film at this year's Anime Expo! ― Beloved anime screenwriter Mari Okada's directorial debut—Maquia - When the Promised Flower Blooms—premiered to English-speaking audiences at Anime Expo 2018 this year, to be followed with a limited round of screenings from Eleven Arts across the U.S. We had the opportunity to discu...
ep. review

Today's Menu for the Emiya Family ‒ Episode 8

"With not a Shinji in sight, Rin and Sakura being happy together is gomoku fried rice for the soul to me."

Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction GN 1

Inio Asano knocks it out of the park with another hilarious yet heartbreaking story that balances absurd ideas with emotional power. Nick Creamer has the details. ― Three quarters of the way through Inio Asano's latest work, there's a two page spread capturing one intimate moment. Having just sent her best friend Kadode off on a misguided quest to hook up with her crush, co-heroine Ontan finds hersel...

Encouragement of Climb Made Me Climb a Japanese Mountain

Sometimes anime can inspire us to do incredible things! Tokyo correspondent Kim Morrissy watched the charming short anime Encouragement of Climb and wound up on the side of a Japanese mountain. ― Before watching Encouragement of Climb (otherwise known as Yama no Susume), I'd never climbed a mountain. Well, that's kind of inaccurate - I climbed a mountain once when I was a kid, but that was a rather u...

Isao Takahata: Endless Memories Part VII: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

The final installment in our tribute to the life and work of Isao Takahata concludes with a look at his Oscar-nominated final film, the stylized masterpiece The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.
ep. review

Black Clover ‒ Episode 44

"This show is simultaneously too much and too little. It's full of ideas that don't fit together, and huge emotions that are just big enough to seem completely empty."

The Best and Worst of Summer 2018, Jul 29-Aug 4

A pair of comedies race up 5 spots on the chart - Asobi Asobase and Gintama are fighting it out for the top spot! Find out how your favorite shows performed in our weekly user rankings! ― Our team of reviewers are following 27 anime series of the Summer 2018 season and readers are rating each episode as the reviews go up. So let's have a look at what ANN readers consider the best (and worst) of the ...

This Week in Anime - Is Flavors of Youth Worth Watching?

Flavors of Youth blends Makoto Shinkai's aesthetic with the work of talented Chinese artists and storytellers. Micchy and Steve offer their take on the Netflix debut of this film about change and nostalgia. ― Flavors of Youth blends Makoto Shinkai's aesthetic with the work of talented Chinese artists and storytellers. This week, Micchy and Steve offer their take on the Netflix debut of this film abou...

Isao Takahata: Endless Memories Part VI: My Neighbors The Yamadas

In 1999, Isao Takahata's second-to-last film would be released: a film adaptation of a cozy 4-koma comic strip, colored digitally for the first time in Ghibli history. Dawn H. digs in to this widely underappreciated - and underseen - Takahata film.

This Week in Games - EVO Extravaganza

Heidi returns from the biggest fighting game championship in the world with an enormous mountain of fighting game news and updates! Smash Bros, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur VI and much more! ― Well, EVO was sure a big ol’ thing, wasn't it? There's a lot that can be said about the EVO Grand Finals, but I think I can sum it up succinctly by pointing out that the real winner of EVO was Norio Wakamoto and all ...

Girls Kingdom Omnibus 1

The first two novels in this yuri series aren't without their speedbumps, but there's just enough charm here to please fans of the genre. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― Girls-love novels have not seen much release in English, although there's a fairly healthy amount of lesbian romances being published in other sectors of the book world. Girls Kingdom marks the first official release since Straw...

How Creative Original Anime Get Made with Takayuki Nagatani

Super producer and industry veteran Takayuki Nagatani (Flip Flappers, Shirobako, Sirius the Jaegar) goes in-depth with Callum May on what it really takes to produce and deliver compelling, successful original anime. ― “Please help me make (Flip Flappers director) Kiyotaka Oshiyama popular overseas!” In just over an hour of talking to anime producer Takayuki Nagatani, it's easy to get the impression t...

Isao Takahata: Endless Memories Part V: Pom Poko

Isao Takahata's beautiful, adorable, shocking and challenging family film from 1994 finds a community of shapeshifting tanuki with the biggest cojones in the wildnerness defending their turf from humanity. Brian Ruh files his appreciation.

Answerman - Why Are Big Hollywood Studios Buying Anime Distributors?

The entire entertainment industry is a swirling mass of mega-mergers and anime seems caught right in the middle of it. Justin discusses the current climate, how we got here, and what we might expect to see next. ― Anonymous asked: I just read that Crunchyroll's parent company, Otter Media, was officially bought 100% by AT&T, who says they plan to integrate it into Warner Media (which is Warner Broth...

This Week in Anime - Asobi Asobase is the Filthiest Comedy of the Season

It seemed like just another slice-of-life series on the surface, but there's something strange going on under this show's pastel facade. Nick and Micchy share their appreciation for this oddly hilarious gem. ― Asobi Asobase seemed like just another slice-of-life series on the surface, but there's something strange going on under its pastel facade. This week, Nick and Micchy share their appreciation f...
ep. review

Overlord III ‒ Episode 5

"Though Ains doesn't appear until late in this story, his stamp is firmly on the situation from both sides."
game review

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5: Dancing Star Night

In the wake of Persona 4's successful rhythm game, its siblings are getting in on the action! Which of these two new games should you play? Richard Eisenbeis has the answers in our full review. ― Following in the footsteps of 2015's Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night are a pair of rhythm/music games that showcase the awesome soundtracks of Pe...
ep. review

Holmes of Kyoto ‒ Episode 5

"Holmes of Kyoto has been taking its time getting to the main plot of the series, but I'm hopeful that we may have just hit it."
ep. review

One Piece ‒ Episode 848

"I hope we get to spend at least a few more episodes at this level of quality as the story delves into heavier stuff up ahead."

Interview: Danganronpa Power Duo Yoshinori Terasawa and Takayuki Sugawara on Zanki Zero

The men behind Danganronpa have a brand new game coming soon to the West, with a spectacularly brutal storyline and a whole new cast of characters. Learn a little more about Zanki Zero in today's interview! ― Danganronpa duo Yoshinori Terasawa and Takayuki Sugawara attended this year's Anime Expo to talk about their latest game, Zanki Zero, at the Spike Chunsoft panel. Spike Chunsoft had announced at...

Isao Takahata: Endless Memories Part IV: Only Yesterday

Isao Takahata's 1991 masterpiece Only Yesterday is a critically acclaimed, deeply influential and widely-admired slice of nostalgia that remains steadfastly grounded in reality - it's an animated film like no other.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie

Usagi and Luna's relationship gets expanded in one of the few Sailor Moon films to be based on Naoko Takeuchi's manga. Rebecca Silverman offers her take on this classic film's limited theatrical run. ― The Sailor Moon S movie is the only one of the three full-length feature films in the Classic franchise to be based on a side story from Naoko Takeuchi's original manga. In some ways, that really shows...
ep. review

Asobi Asobase -workshop of fun- ‒ Episode 5

"Asobi Asobase is still largely good, but there are a few worms in this week's apple."
ep. review

My Hero Academia ‒ Episode 55

"You can smell the filler this week, but it keeps itself humble and manages to snuggle into the story naturally."

Interview: Star Ocean Anamnesis

Legendary character designer Akira Yasuda and producer Kai Takaaki share some fun stories and behind-the-scenes details from Star Ocean Anamnesis, the glossy mobile version of the long-running fan-favorite RPG series. Bonus Yoshiyuki Tomino story included! ― Star Ocean was a storied RPG franchise that lay dormant for quite some time until 2016's Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Last week saw ...
ep. review

Gintama ‒ Episode 358

"The Earth's destruction continues to loom as Utsuro potentially meets his match in two unlikely opponents."

Isao Takahata: Endless Memories Part III: Grave of the Fireflies

Our week-long tribute to master filmmaker Isao Takahata (1935-2018) continues with his 1988 masterpiece Grave of the Fireflies, a film many consider to be one of the finest ever made, animated or otherwise.
ep. review

Hanebado! ‒ Episode 6

"For once in its roller-coaster run, the show lands somewhere in the middle between surprising optimism and soul-crushing melodrama."
ep. review

Planet With ‒ Episode 5

"Planet With continues to barrel through its plot points with peak speed and efficiency this week, further demonstrating the show's deftness at marrying its wacky visuals and motifs with clear and direct storytelling."

Answerman - Why And How Was Fist Of The North Star Censored?

Justin digs in to the (many) urban legends and tall tales surrounding the original theatrical cut of Fist of the North Star, which has never been seen outside of its original run in Japan in the 1980s. ― Joseph asked: I have read that people who used to rent Streamline Dubbed Fist of the North Star movie on Orion pre-release VHS rental copy, remember all gore scenes uncut and uncensored with no blur...
ep. review

Attack on Titan ‒ Episode 40

"With episodes like “Old Story”, Attack on Titan shows how well it can balance complex and nuanced storytelling with its usual forceful spectacle."

Shelf Life - Armed Girl's Machiavellism

Paul looks for a silver lining in this uninspired fanservice-fueled fighting anime and breaks down all this week's new anime releases! ― Since I forgot to mention it last week, I'll say it now: Nichijou is finally streaming in the US again, and you should go watch it. It's a clever, creative comedy with some fantastic moments of animation, and I regularly use it as a benchmark to judge any new serie...
ep. review

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs ‒ Episode 4

"This episode expands on the lives of the Yuragi Inn's other denizens, attempting to show that the series can get along without relying on Yuuna herself."
game review

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Whether you're a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer, Valkyria Chronicles 4 doesn't disappoint. Richard Eisenbeis delivers his full review of the newest entry in this TRPG saga. ― The Valkyria Chronicles series is a piece of historical fiction set in a world much like our own. However, instead of coal or oil, it is the mysterious mineral ragnite—which can do anything from cure wounds to power a ...
ep. review

GeGeGe no Kitarō ‒ Episode 19

"All it takes is an episode like this week's to remind us that there's a reason behind the increased anti-human yokai activity in this story."
ep. review

Happy Sugar Life ‒ Episode 4

"In previous episodes, the series played coy about whether or not Satou actually was committing any violence. Episode 4 seems to have put an end to that."

The Mike Toole Show - Irrational Treasures

Mike celebrates his favorite shocking, controversial, or just plain oddball episodes of anime, ones that launched enduring memes or years-long divisive fandom arguments, from Haruhi Suzumiya to School Days! ― Earlier this week, The Ringer ran a fun little feature about their writers' irrational favorite episodes of the 21st century so far; rather than being about the more widely acknowledged best stu...
ep. review

Cells at Work! ‒ Episode 5

"One of the most fun aspects of each episode is the depiction of each new body-invader, and these pollen allergens are no exception."
ep. review

Revue Starlight ‒ Episode 4

"Although Karen and Hikari are the focus of this episode, the other girls still have to go through their daily routine at the academy, giving us more context on their own relationships."
ep. review

PERSONA 5 the Animation ‒ Episode 18

"The slight forward momentum of Morgana's development ends up being the most interesting part of this otherwise too-light episode."

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