Season Finale: Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku ‒ Episode 11

"This is peak-form Wotakoi, full of in-depth diatribes about thorny subculture topics, snappy dialogue, and a deluge of cuteness."

Manga Answerman - Why Did Yen Press Give Away The Latest Volume of Overlord?

Yen Press recently gave away the newest volume of their hit light novel series Overlord - not the first volume, the most recent one. What was the thinking behind this? Deb gets into it.

The Most Underrated Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia

Heroes like All Might and Endeavor are clearly comfortable in the spotlight, but what about the professionals who save lives on a more low-key level? Kirsten Carey shines a light on some Heroes who deserve a little more love.

The Best and Worst of Spring 2018, Jun 10-16

Our user rankings begin to settle into their final form as the spring season slows in its final weeks. Find out where your favorites rank this week!

Anime Spotlight - Planet With

After his town was attacked by a mysterious giant weapon, high school student Soya Kuroi got drawn into the fight alongside a girl in Gothic Lolita clothing and a cat-like life-form against a team of seven heroes.

This Week in Anime - The Rowdy Rogues' Gallery of Golden Kamuy

From horny hunters to crazed cannibals, Golden Kamuy has some of the screwiest villains of the anime season. Michelle and Jacob discuss their favorite (and least favorite) rapscallions on the trail of the Ainu treasure.

This Week in Games - Kill la Kill on Consoles and Super Smash Bros. Speculation

Trigger's Kill la Kill is going to be a videogame! Heidi has all the details, for better and worse. PLUS: Street Fighter V lootboxes, Mario Tennis and wild speculation about who will be in the next Smash!

Anime Spotlight - Seven Senses of the Reunion

High school boy Haruto logged into the MMORPG world 'Reunion' and reunited with Asahi, his childhood friend who should have died six years ago; her death caused the original game 'Union' to cease operations. Is she a digital ghost, or...?

Interview: Goodnight Punpun Creator Inio Asano

The widely-acclaimed mangaka behind Goodnight Punpun and Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction dives deep on his intense career, the intense feelings in his intense manga, piracy, millennials and a whole lot more.

Answerman - Is Cosplay Copyright Infringement?

Is your anime cosplay in violation of copyright law? Would that even be enforceable? Justin digs into it.

How The New Persona Dancing Games Slide In To The Persona Timeline

Not one but TWO new Persona dancing games are out in Japan! Both of them are supposed to snap right in to the overarching Persona timeline... but how? When did our heroes take to the dance floor? Richard Eisenbeis has done the homework.

This Week in Anime - What the Hell is Happening in Darling in the FRANXX?

Darling in the FRANXX has given some viewers whiplash with its unprecedented plot twists over the last few weeks. Nick and Steve discuss where things went wrong for them in this ambitious mecha series.


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ep. review

Megalobox ‒ Episode 12

"Now that both our fighters have gone all in, both in body and in spirit, all that's left is to see how the final round plays out."
ep. review

Season Finale: Comic Girls ‒ Episode 12

"As a fantastic coda to last week's episode, the final installment breaks away from the usual formula by focusing entirely on Kaos outside of the established group dynamic."
ep. review

Tada Never Falls in Love ‒ Episode 12

"Maybe the series' strongest episode so far, firing on all cylinders plot-wise and making you feel for these characters in a way this show rarely accomplished."

Kiss Him, Not Me BD/DVD

This fujoshi-driven romcom tries to roll with its premise in good fun, but its choices may be too short-sighted and mean-spirited to appeal to everyone. Rebecca Silverman gets into it. ― Kiss Him, Not Me, based on the manga of the same name by Junko, is a bit problematic at its core. Not only does it at first blush rely on the tired old trope of the girl losing weight and her glasses and suddenly bec...
ep. review

Black Clover ‒ Episode 37

"Out of the completed story arcs we've seen so far, I can now safely say this has been the most thoroughly enjoyable one yet."
ep. review

Steins;Gate 0 ‒ Episode 11

"S;G 0's needlessly protracted and uneven plotting is doing this series absolutely no favors."

Requiem of the Rose King GN 8

This reimagining of Shakespeare's history plays begins as Richard struggles to cope with the loss of Henry and darker forces begin creeping out of the shadows. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― I've read the history of England's War of the Roses, and I've read the Shakespeare history plays Aya Kanno is basing Requiem of the Rose King on, Henry VI (all parts) and Richard III. But it is Kanno's mang...
ep. review

Season Finale: Tokyo Ghoul:re ‒ Episode 12

"Overall, I think Tokyo Ghoul:re has proven itself to be a worthwhile continuation of Kaneki's story."
ep. review

Lupin the Third: Part 5 ‒ Episode 12

"Goemon hasn't changed much in fifty years, so even when his focus episode calls back to a previous series, it still makes sense for the character we know and love."
ep. review

Season Finale: Real Girl ‒ Episode 12

"Real Girl wasn't terrible, but it never made the most of its strengths."
ep. review

High School DxD Hero ‒ Episode 10

"This episode powers through five duels in the Ratings Game and the set-up for the sixth."
ep. review

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These ‒ Episode 11

"Watching the functional commanders of the Alliance deal with the incompetent bureaucracy of their leadership is the major focal point of this episode."

Little Princess in Fairy Forest Novel

If you think that a dragon and a knight sound like the coolest possible dads, this thoughtful dark fantasy adventure is well-worth your time. Rebecca Silverman digs in. ― Sometimes you just know that an author has done her research. That's true of Tsubaki Tokino's novel Little Princess in Fairy Forest: from names to folk songs to fairy tale elements, it's obvious that she really looked into the cultu...
ep. review

Series Finale: Magical Girl Ore ‒ Episode 12

"Magical Girl Ore was silly and sometimes bizarre, but in the end, it was mostly just the same kind of magical girl show it parodied."
ep. review

One Piece ‒ Episode 841

"With the Big Mom Assassination plot a resounding failure, our heroes' efforts turn completely to escape."
ep. review

Golden Kamuy ‒ Episode 11

"Beyond Kano's characterization, the greatest problem with this episode is how ultimately unnecessary it feels."

So I'm a Spider, So What? Novel 2

This slightly more creepy-crawly take on isekai reincarnation doesn't break from formula too much, but it does everything refreshingly better than its many peers in the genre. Theron Martin has the details. ― The field of isekai reincarnation novel series is so dense and thickly populated with weird options that even a catchy title and premise might not hold reader attention for long; a series has to...

Anime Spotlight - Free! -Dive to the Future-

In Tokyo, Haruka reunites with Ikuya, a young man who swam alongside him in relays in middle school. Haruka's memories of middle school begin to resurface; he remembers Ikuya from "that moment" extremely clearly... ― Free! -Dive to the Future- Official Website: Introduction Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Premieres in July 2018 Key Staff Director: Eisaku Kawanami Series Com...
ep. review

Food Wars! The Third Plate ‒ Episode 23

"For once in this series, Isshiki is deadly serious about what he's doing."

Answerman - Why Are Some Fan Works OK, But Some Get Shut Down?

When it comes to fan works - cosplay, fanart, fan films and games - copyright seems to be only enforced arbitrarily. Why is that - and which fan works are less likely to get the hook? Justin gets into it. ― James asked: I have noticed that most companies tolerate fanart, fanfiction, and cosplay of their works, but not fan-films or fan-made video games, which seems very arbitrary and random, to me. W...
ep. review

Caligula ‒ Episode 11

"Caligula's penultimate episode isn't what I would call “good”, but it does offer glimpses into what a successful version of this show might have been."

Shelf Life - Kado: The Right Answer

James delves into a divisive CG sci fi thriller from last spring while Paul breaks down all this week's new anime releases! ― I've officially hit the point in every anime season where I look at my streaming queue and think, "Aw, crap." Apart from the two shows I'm covering for streaming reviews, I'm weeks and weeks behind on everything. I sense a late-night marathon in my immediate future. Welcome t...
ep. review

Cutie Honey Universe ‒ Episode 11

"There are times in this episode where it feels like the consistently troubled Cutie Honey Universe is truly in free-fall."

Juana and the Dragonewt's Seven Kingdoms GNs 1-2

The first two thirds of this fantasy road trip are humble yet satisfying. Rebecca Silverman explores the attractive art and charming idiosyncrasies of the dragonewt kingdoms. ― Everything eventually cycles back around. That's part of the philosophy behind the world building of Kiyohisa Tanaka's debut manga series, Juana and the Dragonewt's Seven Kingdoms: first there were dinosaurs, then there were h...
ep. review

GeGeGe no Kitarō ‒ Episode 12

"Like most episodes of this series, there's a point to its darkest moments."
ep. review

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online ‒ Episode 10

"This phase of the battle was dramatically satisfying and featured a couple of nice twists along the way."
ep. review

PERSONA 5 the Animation ‒ Episode 11

"When everything comes to a head in this episode, it feels like a well-earned climax."

This Week in Games - E3 Part 2: Game Announcements Ahoy!

This special sunday edition of This Week in Games collects E3's most exciting game announcements, plus the rest of this week's gaming news. If you feel like you missed anything at E3, catch up here! ― And we're back with the second part of our E3 news extravaganza! Except that, as I write this, the internet is losing its mind over something totally unrelated to E3: a tease by Studio Trigger that it's...
ep. review

DARLING in the FRANXX ‒ Episode 21

"I think it speaks to both this episode's success and its failure that I can spend so much time complaining about what didn't work and still maintain some interest in how things are going to shake out in these final weeks."
ep. review

FLCL Progressive ‒ Episode 3

"This one felt a little more scattershot than the previous two, and they're still repeating themes that have been fully clarified at this point, but I'm still dying to know where all this is going."
ep. review

My Hero Academia ‒ Episode 49

"This is My Hero Academia's proudest moment in the spotlight."

Mia and the Forbidden Medicine Report

This steampunk adventure novel explores the stigmatization of illness in refreshing and engaging ways. Rebecca Silverman explores how. ― Despite having some of the trappings of a standard reverse harem school story, Mia and the Forbidden Medicine Report is much more of a science drama than a romance. The story takes place in a vaguely early 20th century steampunk setting, where country girl Mia Bauma...
ep. review

Hinamatsuri ‒ Episode 11

"After spending most of last week in the background, Nitta makes a big return to center stage in this episode."
ep. review

Record of Grancrest War ‒ Episode 23

"The art, animation, and pacing were all lacking this week, but perhaps this was never the right format to fully enjoy this material."

The List - 6 Anime to Watch With Your Dad

Introducing anime to newbies can be a weird experience, especially if that newbie is your own dad! Here are some pops-friendly anime options just in time for Father's Day! ― I just got back from camping out in the woods (okay it was a state park) and roughing it old school (in a cabin) but while much of America is barbecuing with their folks, it's the perfect opportunity to turn on one of these show...

A Kiss, For Real GN 1

This relatable romance story focuses on personal transformation as much as first love. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― If there's a time in your life tailor-made for trying to hide in plain sight, it's middle and high school. Chitose learned that lesson a little earlier than most of her classmates, however: her parents run a fusion restaurant with Indian themes, and Chitose was picked on for com...
ep. review

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku ‒ Episode 10

"Not everyone finds it so easy to be as outgoing as Wotakoi's main cast, and this is where Kou comes in."
ep. review

Megalobox ‒ Episode 11

"In typical MEGALOBOX fashion, this episode is both incredibly on the nose yet appropriate and effective all at once."

ANNCast - Giant-Size Double Feature ANNCast

FIRST! Zac and Jacob return to the maddening world of DARLING in the FRANXX , PLUS FLCL2! THEN: Dave and Graziella from Friends from the Internet are back for 90 minutes of our E3 Game Show! It's all videogames! C'mon in! ― ANNCast Episode 330 - Giant-Size Double Feature ANNCast FIRST! Zac and Jacob return to the maddening world of Darling in the Franxx, PLUS FLCL2! THEN: Dave and Graziella from Fri...
ep. review

Comic Girls ‒ Episode 11

"While often comically inflated and routinely over-the-top, Comic Girls is always grounded in a dash of realism and anchored by relatable character emotions."

Manga Answerman - Do's and Don'ts of Meeting Convention Guests from Japan

Now that the 2018 summer convention season is in full swing, fans will soon have the chance to meet manga and light novel authors and artists from Japan! Here are some friendly tips for how to interact with your favorite creator. ― Now that the 2018 summer anime and comic convention season is in full swing, North American fans are in for a treat – the chance to meet some manga and light novel author...
ep. review

Tada Never Falls in Love ‒ Episode 11

"Pacing issues left me feeling a little sour about an installment I really wanted to like, which also sums up my feelings on Tada Never Falls in Love in general."
ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 62

"This week's Boruto begins the battle against the Otsutsukis in earnest, and the good guys are already at a clear disadvantage."

Everything You Need to Know About the Revolutionary Girl Utena Musical

To celebrate the shojo classic's 20th anniversary, Utena got its very own musical this past March, supervised by Kunihiko Ikuhara! Superfans Giovanna and Yasha break down the best of this stage show's spectacle and how you can still see it for yourself. ― When we initially went to see Revolutionary Girl Utena: Bud of the White Rose, the new musical that played in Japan for ten days, it was sort of an...
ep. review

Black Clover ‒ Episode 36

"For as bad as it started out, this Midnight Sun arc has been working for me best out of all the arcs so far."

Nameless Asterism GNs 1-2

This romance story's potentially melodramatic love geometry is grounded by realistic depictions of middle schoolers trying to navigate relationships with maturity. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― Nameless Asterism's synopsis might make you think that it's a melodrama of the highest order. And maybe it is, on paper – after all, it has more love geometry than titles that wear that as a badge of pr...

Anime Spotlight - Revue Starlight

Allured by the prospect of being a star, the "Theater Girls" gather at the arts school, Seisho Music Academy, dreaming of standing on the stage themselves one day. ― Revue Starlight Official Website: Introduction Characters Cast & Staff Gallery On-air starts 1:28AM, July 13, 2018 (JST) Key Staff Director: Tomohiro Furukawa (Alderamin on the Sky (TV) as Episode Director (ep...

The Best and Worst of Spring 2018, Jun 3-9

A new challenger pushes MEGALOBOX out of the top spot as the spring rankings begin to wind down. Find out where your favorite shows ranked as the summer approaches! ― Our team of reviewers are following 27 anime series of the Spring 2018 season and readers are rating each episode as the reviews go up. So let's have a look at what ANN readers consider the best (and worst) of the season. Keep in mind ...

This Week in Anime - Why You Should Watch GeGeGe no Kitarō

Kitarō is a classic manga with a long history of different adaptations, but this newest series is surprisingly relevant to the modern day. We explain why you should check out this unusually biting kids' horror anthology. ― GeGeGe no Kitarō is a classic manga with a long history of different adaptations, but this newest series is surprisingly relevant to the modern day. This week, Nick and Steve expla...
ep. review

Steins;Gate 0 ‒ Episode 10

"While I'm fine with fluffy filler every now and again, I think S;G 0 has officially hit its quota for the foreseeable future."
ep. review

Tokyo Ghoul:re ‒ Episode 11

"In true Tokyo Ghoul fashion, it's the “villainous” side that gets the most heroic moments this week."
ep. review

Lupin the Third: Part 5 ‒ Episode 11

"This red-jacket throwback episode really shows how the series has changed over the decades."

My Hero Academia Season Two Part One — Limited Edition BD/DVD

MHA's take on the tournament arc stands strong among the storied history of shonen spectacle. Nick Creamer delves into all the goodies in this action-packed release that covers some of the show's best material. ― The tournament arc has been a staple of the shounen genre for decades at this point. From Yu Yu Hakusho's fabled Dark Tournament to Naruto's chunin exams to Dragon Ball's various pre- and po...

The Gundam Plot Coherency Scale

In the vast universe of Mobile Suit Gundam, some stories make a whole lot more sense than others. Lauren Orsini ranks 21 major Gundam series in order, from the easiest to follow to the ones that'll make your head spin! ― The Gundam multiverse isn't always the most comprehensible place. Political factions on Earth and in the space colonies develop and refine perplexing political messaging. Antiheroes ...
ep. review

High School DxD Hero ‒ Episode 9

"This episode's feature fanservice scene actually packs in an impressive amount of sincerity before ultimately collapsing into full-blown harem hijinks."

Answerman - Why Don't Drama CDs Get Released Outside of Japan?

Drama CDs are incredibly commonplace for anime from almost every genre, so why aren't English translations made available for them? Justin breaks down the practical problems with bringing this material stateside. ― Rachel asked: Many anime, manga and video game series sometimes get adapted into a audio drama CD, why aren't audio drama CDs released here in North America? Few people want them, and the...
ep. review

Real Girl ‒ Episode 11

"If this is the last gasp for Ito's crush on Ayado, then it's a pretty underwhelming way to wrap up that storyline."
ep. review

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These ‒ Episode 10

"Unfortunately, most of this episode lives up to its title of 'Interlude' too well."

Astra Lost in Space GNs 1-3

This engrossing sci fi survival adventure only gets better and better as it goes on. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― Some series get better as they go on, and Astra Lost in Space is definitely one of them. While the first volume is largely setup, establishing the base plotline that the next four books will follow (the series is complete at five volumes) and introducing the characters, the next t...
ep. review

Golden Kamuy ‒ Episode 10

"This episode introduces a new character, develops its existing ones more, and drops a pretty big bombshell of a revelation for Asirpa."
ep. review

Magical Girl Ore ‒ Episode 11

"This episode was low on quality, but for once it was high on quantity, and that was enough to make me curious about everything it'll need to tie up in the final episode."

This Week in Games: E3 Press Conference Roundup

Heidi has all the best and most exciting trailers from this year's E3 press conferences, from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Devil May Cry 5 and - of course - plenty of Kingdom Hearts III! Check it out all in one place. ― Hello, folks! Welcome to part one of a special two-part This Week in Games focusing on E3. For the first time in 15 years, I'm not actually at E3… but I've been glued to Twitch and T...

Interview: Scott Pilgrim Creator Bryan Lee O'Malley

Anime and manga fans all over the world embraced his smash hit series Scott Pilgrim - now he's back with a couple of exciting new series, and a whole lot of emotional honesty. ― The one and only Bryan Lee O'Malley attended the most recent FicZone, one of the biggest events in the south of Spain regarding anime, TV series, video games and comics. O'Malley is the creator of the internationally successf...

This Week in Anime - What the Hell is Happening in To Be Heroine?

This truly unusual take on isekai stars a girl who must fight for her future using anthropomorphized articles of clothing, but is there more to this web series lurking under its silly surface? We delve into this ambitious Chinese coproduction. ― To Be Heroine is a truly unusual take on isekai where one girl must fight for her future using anthropomorphized articles of clothing, but is there more to t...

Flip Flappers Limited Edition Blu-ray

This wildly imaginative romantic adventure starring an unlikely duo of magical girls is finally available in a limited edition release packed with extras. Nick Creamer breaks down just what makes Flip Flappers so special. ― The anime industry isn't generally structured to reward anime-original passion projects. The current funding model relies heavily on production committees that generally bank on “...
ep. review

One Piece ‒ Episode 840

"This is possibly the most important episode in terms of Sanji's arc in WCI, but it sure isn't much else."
ep. review

Food Wars! The Third Plate ‒ Episode 22

"It's a disappointment to see so much just tossed aside in the name of cramming the full story arc into too few episodes."
ep. review

Caligula ‒ Episode 10

"Caligula gives me exactly what I wanted all along by revealing the tragic backstory of every main character except for Ritsu, but in the worst way I could have possibly imagined."
ep. review

Cutie Honey Universe ‒ Episode 10

"The serious looks at Honey's deteriorating psyche and how others step in to support her are about all that Cutie Honey Universe does well this week."
ep. review

GeGeGe no Kitarō ‒ Episode 11

"If humans had known more about yokai matters, they wouldn't have become the authors of their own displacement as the dominant species in Japan in this tanuki-driven episode."

Answerman - Why Do Credits Only Sometimes Get Translated?

How exactly do anime companies go about deciding how to translate anime credits into English? How come you almost never see English credits in an anime OP? Justin gets into it. ― Jayke asked: I love it when publishers translate anime credits and put them into the OPs and EDs in English. Funimation used to do this with like every release (although they've faltered on this a bit as of late), and other...
ep. review

Season Finale: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card ‒ Episode 22

"This final episode feels very symptomatic of the entire season; it's still entertaining and enjoyable, but a little sparse on the plot."

Shelf Life - Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie

Paul finds out if this live-action version of Kaneki Ken's story can live up to the gore and gristle of its source manga. Plus, all this week's new anime releases! ― A few months ago, a friend of mine mentioned that there was a badminton-themed anime in the works. I assumed he was joking, but it's totally happening, it's called Hanebad, and it's coming out next month. I assume there will also be a s...
ep. review

PERSONA 5 the Animation ‒ Episode 10

"I appreciate how these episodes that exist to transition the team from one target to the next use their time to explore some of the meatier ideas behind their actions."

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. BD/DVD

Natsume Ono's low-key, stylish political thriller might not be for everyone, but its idiosyncratic charms are well worth their weight in discussion. James Beckett has the details. ― ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. passed me by when it originally aired in winter of 2017. The bureaucratically focused premise didn't appeal to me at first glance, and even now that I've finished Funimation's Blu-Ray/D...
ep. review

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online ‒ Episode 9

"Despite its handful of problems, the story is still chugging along exactly on schedule, with the competition pared down dramatically and the first conflict between major players ready to get underway."
ep. review

DARLING in the FRANXX ‒ Episode 20

"I have a hard time believing that DARLING will be able to make this dramatic shift in focus feel earned."
ep. review

My Hero Academia ‒ Episode 48

"Season three so far has been pitch perfect, getting through its material swiftly but deliberately."

Column - Mer-Maid in Japan

Ponyo, Lu over the Wall, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - there are a TON of mermaids in anime and anime about mermaids, so what better time for Mike to do a - wait for it - deep dive? ― A couple of months back, my friend and colleague Erin Finnegan (keep an eye on her VR Puppet Murder Mystery kickstarter, which just wrapped its initial funding period successfully!) hit me up on social media with a...
ep. review

FLCL Progressive ‒ Episode 2

"What makes this all work so well, pushing this episode from good to great, is how it utilizes that unique FLCL style to subvert our expectations."
ep. review

Hinamatsuri ‒ Episode 10

“This week's episode features Hitomi and Anzu dealing with typical middle school problems like renting a high-rise apartment, juggling multiple jobs, and picking up the pieces after an ill-fated gambling spree.”
ep. review

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory ‒ Episode 8

“The shocking conclusion to this arc packs in plenty of thrills.”
ep. review

Record of Grancrest War ‒ Episode 22

“Even after 22 episodes in this show's universe, there's a lot I still don't get about crests.”
ep. review

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku ‒ Episode 9

“Narumi and Hirotaka finally face their toughest challenge yet as a couple: going on a normal date.“
ep. review

Comic Girls ‒ Episode 10

“Tied together by a holiday theme, all three of this week's stories start strong but end on an inconclusive note.”

The List - 6 Magical Boys

Punishing villains in the name of the moon isn’t just for the ladies anymore! Here are a few fellas with some sparkling superpowers of their own. ― Magical girls date back nearly 50 years but another group of transforming, magic-wielding, mascot-having characters are joining their female predecessors in the spotlight. MAGICAL BOYS. Sure, if we squint hard enough, Sentai heroes are a kind of magical ...
ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 61

“The Chunin exams conclude on a somber note as the story heads into its climax.”

The Rising of the Shield Hero Novel 10

Naofumi takes a break from saving the world to rebuild Raphtalia's village in a volume that deals with a few uncomfortable themes. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― If Naofumi thought that defeating the Spirit Tortoise and then chasing the villains who complicated everything back to their own world would make his life as the Shield Hero any easier, he thought wrong. Granted, at this point, Naofumi...

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