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Read the FAQ and related forum threads before e-mailing us.

Do not CC multiple ANN e-mail addresses with your application. If you do, your application will not be considered. Send your application only to the e-mail address listed for the position.

ANN's intern program is temporarily on hiatus. When we restart the program, we will post details here.

Convention Correspondent

Anime News Network is currently seeking freelance writers and photographers to assist in our regional convention coverage throughout the year. ANN editors will coordinate coverage with you, which could involve any of the following: cosplay and exhibit hall photography, basic convention coverage, industry panel news reporting and guest interviews. Convention correspondents will receive pay on a per-assignment basis, press access to the convention and a per diem for local travel (taxis/gas) and food expenses in exchange for speedy, professional and complete coverage done within the provided guidelines.

While we are primarily seeking seasoned convention reporters but are more than willing to take on less seasoned writers; we're interested in building long-term freelance relationships with reporters close to these conventions (or if you already travel to several cons a year and would like to make a little side money covering the shows for us, get in touch).

Right now we're looking for correspondents to cover the following conventions:

Sakura-con March 30-April 1
Anime Boston March 30-April 1
Anime Central May 18-20
A-Kon June 7-10
AnimeNEXT June 8-10
Anime Expo July 4-8
San Diego Comic-con July 19-22
Otakon August 10-12
Animefest August 17-20
Crunchyroll Expo September 1-3
Anime Weekend Atlanta Sept 20-23
Anime NYC November 16-18

Email [email protected] with the subject heading 2018 Conventions Correspondent along with a short cover letter detailing which conventions you're capable of covering, and your previous convention reporting experience (if any). Please include links to any relevant convention reporting, interview work, cosplay photography, other writing or anything else you feel demonstrates your ability. Applicants we are serious about hiring will hear back from us within 2 weeks.

Freelance Editorial Contributor

If you're interested in becoming a freelance editorial contributor to Anime News Network, you're in luck; we have a handful of new policies about submitting to our publication for potential freelance consideration.

What We're Looking For

As of May 2016, Anime News Network is currently accepting pitches from freelance writers to contribute informative, entertaining feature editorials and opinion pieces focused on a single show, a single subject, a manga, a videogame, or otherwise – articles like the following:

Three Reasons Why Blood Blockade Battlefront is the Best Show of the Spring

Manga vs. Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

How Fire Emblem Became A Phenomenon

You can see dozens of other examples on our Features page!

Anime News Network pays on a per-assignment basis; payment is discussed after your pitch is accepted.

How To Inquire

Send an email with your cover letter, resume and links to two relevant writing samples to the email address listed below, with the requested information. Preferred writing samples include: previously published anime editorials or reviews, previously published entertainment journalism or media criticism, relevant personal blog posts – the pieces you feel are most representative of what you can bring to the table. Academic work is accepted but in most occasions we will ask for nearly any review or editorial work before looking at dissertations or thesis papers, which historically haven't given us a great idea of the contributor's personality. While previous entertainment journalism or editorial work is obviously greatly preferred, we're open to writers from all walks and vocations - many of our current writers are teachers, engineers, business owners and more.

Your cover letter should include, along with your standard letter, one topic or a short list of topics you have editorial concepts for that you'd like to pitch. Let's say you'd like to write articles about My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan. Your cover letter should mention those topics at the end of your letter, like so:

I would like to pitch editorial features about the following shows/subjects:
My Hero Academia
Attack on Titan
Anime Music Videos

Do not simply list your editorial pitches; we'll email you. The editorial team will endeavor to be in contact with contributors we are seriously interested in within 5 to 7 business days of receiving your email. Unfortunately we cannot respond to every email, nor can we respond to any requests to evaluate a resume or writing samples, nor can we confirm receipt of your email unless we are already in contact with you.

Send all inquiries to [email protected] with the subject ANN Contributor Program and the requested information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,
Anime News Network

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