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The Set List
Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Themes

by Jacob Chapman,

At long last, Final Fantasy fanatics can look forward to a next-gen remake of the series' most popular entry: FFVII! There could be a long wait ahead of us before a shiny new version of this JRPG classic graces our PS4's, but that just means there's plenty of time to reminisce about the game's soundtrack here on the Set List! Since it has a staggering four-hour long score packed with memorable pieces, it was pretty hard to narrow Final Fantasy VII's musical legacy down to just ten picks, so be sure to vote for your favorites in the user poll if you don't see them represented on our video list.

So with no further ado, let the music play!

Last Week's Poll Results

What were your favorite anime endings of 2009?

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (1st couple EDs) 37.4%
  2. K-ON! 36.0%
  3. Bakemonogatari 29.1%
  4. Eden of the East 25.8%
  5. Fairy Tail (1st couple EDs) 14.2%
  6. Umineko - When They Cry 13.8%
  7. Natsume's Book of Friends season 2 12.8%
  8. Spice and Wolf II 11.8%
  9. Hetalia - Axis Powers 11.7%
  10. A Certain Scientific Railgun 11.0%

This Week's Set List Poll

Didn't see your favorite song on the list? Cast your own vote in the poll below!

Pick as many or as few faves as you like, and in two weeks we'll have the results and a new poll ready to go. See you next time!

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