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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV)

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Alternative title:
鋼之鍊金術師BROTHERHOOD (Chinese (Taiwan))
钢之炼金术师 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST (Mandarin Chinese)
강철의 연금술사 리메이크 (Korean)
Objectionable content: Significant
Copyright notice: © Hiromu Arakawa/FA Projects, MBS
Plot Summary: Two brothers lose their mother to an incurable disease. With the power of "alchemy", they use taboo knowledge to resurrect her. The process fails, and as a toll for using this type of alchemy, the older brother, Edward Elric loses his left leg while the younger brother, Alphonse Elric loses his entire body. To save his brother, Edward sacrifices his right arm and is able to affix his brother's soul to a suit of armor. With the help of a family friend, Edward receives metal limbs - "automail" - to replace his lost ones. With that, Edward vows to search for the Philosopher's Stone to return the brothers to their original bodies, even if it means becoming a "State Alchemist", one who uses his/her alchemy for the military.
User Ratings: 6123 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 3077 votes (sub:1918, dub:994, raw:17, ?:8, edit.dub:3, Eng:1, others:136
58 Spanish subtitled
27 Portuguese subtitled
10 Spanish dubbed
9 Russian subtitled
6 Arabic subtitled
4 Portuguese dubbed
4 Italian subtitled
4 Russian dubbed
3 German subtitled
1 Mandarin subtitled
1 Russian edited dub
1 German dubbed
1 Greek subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Spanish edited dub
1 Polish subtitled
1 Turkish subtitled
1 Finnish subtitled
1 Tagalog subtitled
1 czech subtitled
 Excellent: 1852 votes (sub:1216, dub:556, ?:9, raw:7, edit.dub:3, others:61
28 Spanish subtitled
8 Portuguese subtitled
4 Arabic subtitled
3 Italian dubbed
3 Italian subtitled
3 French subtitled
2 Finnish subtitled
2 Korean subtitled
2 Russian subtitled
2 Tagalog dubbed
1 German subtitled
1 Turkish Sub subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
 Very good: 671 votes (sub:458, dub:180, ?:3, raw:2, edit.dub:1, others:27
6 Spanish subtitled
5 Italian dubbed
4 Portuguese subtitled
3 Russian subtitled
2 Italian subtitled
2 French subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 French dubbed
1 Korean subtitled
1 Cantonese edited dub
1 Spanish dubbed
 Good: 259 votes (sub:172, dub:69, ?:2, raw:2, edit.dub:1, others:13
5 Spanish subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
2 Russian subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Decent: 91 votes (sub:61, dub:23, ?:2, raw:1, others:4
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
 So-so: 52 votes (sub:30, dub:18, raw:1, others:3
1 Russian subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Not really good: 28 votes (sub:21, dub:6, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Weak: 26 votes (sub:18, dub:7, others:1
1 Italian dubbed
 Bad: 15 votes (sub:9, dub:4, ?:1, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Awful: 14 votes (dub:6, sub:6, ?:1, edit.dub:1)
 Worst ever: 38 votes (sub:25, dub:10, others:3
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 11457 users, rank: #26 (of 9581)
Median rating: Excellent
Arithmetic mean: 9.090 (Excellent), std. dev.: 1.442, rank: #43 (of 9703)
Weighted mean: 9.075 (Excellent), rank: #43 (of 9703) (seen all: 9.17 / seen some: 8.36 / won't finish: 6.02)
Bayesian estimate: 9.071 (Excellent), rank: #2 (of 7285)
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 64
Episode titles: We have 64
2009-04-05 to 2010-07-04
2009-04-08 (Madman.com.au Australia/New Zealand stream begins)
2009-04-09 (Funimation.com subbed stream begins)
2009-04-10 (Animax Asia)
2009-04-10 (Animax India)
2009-04-11 (Animax Taiwan)
2009-04-11 (Dybex French Streaming start)
2009-05-22 (Philippines, Animega on TV5)
2009-10-13 (Italy, MTV Italia)
2009-10-19 (France, Virgin 17)
2010-02-13 (USA, [adult swim] broadcast)
2011-06-06 (Brazil - Sony Spin)
2011-06-06 (Latin America, Sony Spin)
2011-06-10 (Portugal, SIC K)
2013-10-15 (ETC...TV - Chile)
2015-07-20 (Nicaragua, TN8)
2021-10-14 (Brazil, Funimation; eps. 1-24)
2021-10-28 (Brazil, Funimation; eps. 25-50)
2021-11-11 (Brazil, Funimation; eps. 51-64)
Release dates: We have 25
Opening Theme:
#1: "again" by YUI (eps 1-14)
#2: "Hologram" by NICO Touches the Walls (eps 15-26)
#3: "Golden Time Lover" by Sukima Switch (eps 27-38)
#4: "Period" by Chemistry (eps 39-50)
#5: "Rain" by SID (eps 51-63)
Ending Theme:
#1: "嘘 - Uso (Lie)" by SID (eps 1-14)
#2: "Let it out" by Miho Fukuhara (eps 15-26)
#3: "Tsunai Da Te (つないだ手; Tied Hands)" by Lil'B (eps 27-38)
#4: "Shunkan Sentimental" by SCANDAL (eps 39-50)
#5: "RAY OF LIGHT" by Shoko Nakagawa (eps 51-62)
#6: "Rain" by SID (ep 63)
#7: "Hologram" by NICO Touches the Walls (ep 64)
Links: We have 2
Trivia: We have 21
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In Memoriam (Dec 31, 2019)
Funimation panel (Jul 28, 2012)
Day 1 (Feb 20, 2012)
Funimation Industry Panel (Jul 29, 2011)
Funimation Industry Panel (Jul 21, 2011)
Katsucon 2010 - Day 1 (Feb 16, 2010)
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Collection 1 (Blu-ray) 2012-04-24 (from $66.39)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Collection 2 (Blu-ray) 2012-07-17 (from $30.09)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Blu-ray Box Set 1 (Blu-ray 1) 2018-11-20 (from $166.00)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Blu-ray Box Set 2 (Blu-ray 2) 2018-11-20 (from $184.00)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 1 (Blu-ray 1) 2010-05-25 (from $39.00)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 2 (Blu-ray 2) 2010-08-24 (from $68.99)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 3 (Blu-ray 3) 2010-12-28 (from $16.59)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 4 (Blu-ray 4) 2011-04-05 (from $23.79)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 5 (Blu-ray 5) 2011-08-02 (from $24.64)
Blu-ray (Region B)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 1 (Blu-ray 1) 2010-08-23
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 2 (Blu-ray 2) 2010-12-06
DVD (Region 1)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Collection 1 (DVD) 2012-04-24 (from $42.95)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Collection 2 (DVD) 2012-07-17 (from $52.41)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 1 (DVD 1) 2010-05-25 (from $68.98)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 2 (DVD 2) 2010-08-24 (from $89.99)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 3 (DVD 3) 2010-12-28 (from $35.80)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 4 (DVD 4) 2011-04-05 (from $10.49)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 5 (DVD 5) 2011-08-02 (from $10.00)
DVD (Region 2)
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - The Complete Series (DVD) 2012-08-13
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 1 (DVD 1) 2010-08-23
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 2 (DVD 2) 2010-12-06
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 3 (DVD 3) 2011-02-21
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 4 (DVD 4) 2011-06-13
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 5 (DVD 5) 2011-09-12

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Yasuhiro Irie
Series Composition: Hiroshi Ohnogi
Hiroshi Ohnogi (24 episodes
eps 1-3, 7-9, 12-13, 17, 19, 30, 32, 40, 46, 53, 55-56, 58-64

Michihiro Tsuchiya (14 episodes
eps 4-5, 10, 18, 21, 23, 26, 31, 36-37, 41, 45, 50, 52

Seishi Minakami (8 episodes
eps 24, 29, 35, 39, 44, 47, 51, 57

Shōtarō Suga (11 episodes
eps 6, 11, 14, 16, 22, 28, 33-34, 42, 48, 54

Yoneki Tsumura (7 episodes
eps 15, 20, 25, 27, 38, 43, 49

Iwao Teraoka (8 episodes
eps 28, 37, 43, 48, 56, 58, 60-61

Katsumi Terahigashi (eps 10, 20)
Kenshirō Morii (ED 1)
Kiyomitsu Sato (ep 31)
Kotaro Tamura (ep 6)
Masahiro Ando (eps 52, 59)
Masao Ōkubo (eps 3, 9, 15)
Masayuki Sakoi (ep 7)
Michio Fukuda (eps 13, 21)
Minoru Ōhara (7 episodes
eps 18, 29, 36, 42, 47, 51, 53

Namimi Sanjo (eps 4, 32, 57)
Nobuo Tomizawa (4 episodes
eps 34, 44, 50, 55

Shin Misawa (eps 12, 23)
Shinji Ishihira (8 episodes
eps 11, 14, 17, 19, 22, 30, 33, 38

Shinsaku Sasaki (OP 3)
so-shi (Studio Moriken; ED 1)
Tadashi Jūmonji (ep 41)
Takahiro Ikezoe (OP 5; eps 26, 62)
Takuya Igarashi (OP2)
Tsutomu Yabuki (eps 16, 39, 46)
Yasuhiro Irie (OP1,ED2; ED4, ED5; 6 episodes
eps 1-2, 5, 8, 63-64

Yoshimitsu Ohashi (OP 4; 7 episodes
eps 25, 27, 35, 40, 45, 49, 54

Yuichiro Yano (ep 24)
Yutaka Yamamoto (ED 3)
Episode Director:
Daisuke Tsukushi (ep 29)
Haruo Sotozaki (ED 4)
Hiroshi Ikehata (OP 4; 6 episodes
eps 5, 14, 25, 33, 41, 55

Hisatoshi Shimizu (eps 48, 59)
Ikurō Satō (OP 3, ED 2; 7 episodes
eps 12, 20, 30, 36, 45, 54, 63

Kazuhide Tomonaga (ep 18)
Kazuo Miyake (eps 2, 10)
Keiko Oyamada (6 episodes
eps 13, 18, 24, 34, 44, 50

Kenshirō Morii (ED 1)
Kiyomitsu Sato (7 episodes
eps 4, 11, 21, 31, 42, 51, 58

Masahiro Sonoda (eps 7, 17)
Masao Ōkubo (eps 3, 9)
Rokou Ogiwara (ep 15)
Shigeru Ueda (eps 37, 47)
Shingo Uchida (ep 39)
Shūji Miyahara (ED 3; 4 episodes
eps 19, 40, 52, 60

so-shi (Studio Moriken; ED 1)
Takahiro Ikezoe (OP 5; 6 episodes
eps 1, 26, 35, 43, 53, 62

Takayuki Tanaka (ep 23)
Takuya Igarashi (OP2)
Tohru Ishida (6 episodes
eps 8, 28, 38, 49, 56, 61

Tsutomu Yabuki (6 episodes
eps 6, 16, 22, 27, 32, 46

Yasuhiro Irie (OP1; ep 64)
Yoshifumi Sueda (ep 57)
Music: Akira Senju
Original creator: Hiromu Arakawa
Character Design: Hiroki Kanno
Art Director: Takeshi Satou
Animation Director:
Akira Matsushima (ED 4)
Atsushi Aono (ep 57)
Chiyomi Tsukamoto (8 episodes
eps 5, 14, 25, 36, 46, 56, 61, 64

Hiroaki Noguchi (eps 44, 50)
Hiroki Kanno (OP1,ED2; OP3, OP4, ED5; 4 episodes
eps 54, 60, 63-64

Hiroya Iijima (6 episodes
eps 4, 11, 21, 31, 42, 51

Hitomi Takechi (ep 25)
Jun Shibata (OP2; eps 45, 62, 64)
Kanta Suzuki (eps 37, 47)
Kazunori Hashimoto (ep 29)
Kenichi Ōnuki (4 episodes
eps 22, 32, 41, 52

Koichi Horikawa (eps 57, 64)
Madoka Ozawa (eps 2, 12)
Masahiro Andō (eps 7, 17)
Masaru Oshiro (8 episodes
eps 8, 19, 28, 38, 49, 56, 61, 64

Minefumi Harada (ep 36)
Ryousuke Sekiguchi (6 episodes
eps 6, 16, 27, 33, 45, 54

Satoshi Hata (ep 39)
Satoshi Ishino (5 episodes
eps 10, 52, 60, 62, 64

Souichirou Sako (eps 46, 63)
Taichi Furumata (4 episodes
eps 13, 18, 24, 34

Takeshi Yoshioka (ep 58)
Teiichi Takiguchi (4 episodes
eps 34, 44, 50, 55

Tetsuya Kawakami (6 episodes
eps 20, 30, 40, 48, 59, 63

Tomokatsu Nagasaku (OP 5; 7 episodes
eps 1, 26, 35, 43, 53, 60, 62

Tsunenori Saito (ep 58)
Yasuyuki Noda (eps 3, 9, 15)
Yū Kobayashi (ep 29)
Yumiko Shirai (ep 55)
Yūsuke Tanaka (ep 23)
Mechanical design: Masahisa Suzuki
Art design: Kazushige Kanehira
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Director of Photography:
Mayuko Furumoto
Yoshiyuki Takei
Hiroo Maruyama (MBS)
Nobuyuki Kurashige (Square Enix Co)
Noritomo Yonai (Bones)
Ryo Oyama (Aniplex)

2nd Key Animation:
Ai Mochida (ep 31)
Akio Hirakawa
Ako Kagiyama
Ayafumi Suzuki
Ayako Tanai
Ayako Tauchi
Ayumi Kanawa
Chie Ōtsuki
Chie Tanaka
Chie Yoshimoto (Telecom Animation Film)
Chiyo Imamaki
Chiyomi Tsukamoto
Daisuke Terakado
Eigo Nomura (Telecom Animation Film)
Eiji Kaneda
Emi Horakidaira
Emi Tezuka
Eri Osada
Eri Shibusawa
Etsuko Kawano
Eun-Young Lee (GK Entertainment)
Fumika Hasegawa
Haruka Katsutani
Haruna Tsutsui
Hidenori Fukuoka
Hiroki Kanno (ep 62)
Hiroko Makino
Hiroko Yasutome
Hiromi Yoshinuma
Hiroshi Matsumoto
Hiroya Takahashi
Hiroyuki Itai
Hisayuki Tabata
Ho Yeong Park (BONES Animation Dept.)
Jung Hwa Cho (GK Entertainment)
Junichi Fukunaga
Katsunori Shibata (ep 2)
Katsuyuki Sakairi
Katsuyuki Takahashi
Kazuhiro Kohara
Kazuhiro Miwa
Kazune Sugano
Keiko Kitayama
Keiko Ōta
Keiko Takano
Keiko Tamaki (BONES Animation Dept.)
Kenji Kanie
Kenta Mimuro
Kenta Nozawa
Ki Soo Yun (GK Entertainment)
Kiyomitsu Sato
Kōichirō Kawano
Koji Asawa
Kōta Itō
Kumiko Tokunaga
Kururu Shiozawa (Telecom Animation Film)
Madoka Ozawa
Mai Yoneya
Mariko Iwazaki (Telecom Animation Film)
Masaaki Yamamoto
Masako Takada
Masami Kobayashi
Masaru Oshiro
Masaya Yasutome
Mayuko Nishi
Megumi Arakawa
Megumi Tomita
Michihiro Kosaka
Mie Ōishi
Mieko Seki
Mifumi Tomita
Miho Kawakami (ep 47)
Miho Sekimoto
Mika Ookubo
Mika Takazawa
Miki Takihara
Mina Tanaka
Minako Watanabe
Minoko Takasu (Telecom Animation Film)
Mitsuhiro Nanbe
Miyuki Abe
Mutsumi Nakata
Nao Takano
Naoko Ise (MSC)
Naomi Kaneda
Naoto Abe
Natsumi Agatsuma
Noriko Ōnishi
Rie Harada
Rui Niitsuma
Ryō Iwasaki
Ryōsuke Kuwahara (eps 11, 31)
Ryousuke Sekiguchi
Satoshi Ishino
Shimon Kondou
Shinichi Kurita
Shinpei Kamada
Shinya Kudo
Shōsuke Ishibashi
Shūichi Sora
Shunji Akasaka
Shuta Osabe (Telecom Animation Film)
Si-Eun Lee
Sonomi Sugimura
Sou Katou
Souichirou Sako
Taeko Igo
Taeko Oda
Takahiro Ikezoe
Takashi Kojima
Takaya Sunagawa
Takeshi Yoshioka
Tetsuo Kuga
Tetsuya Kawakami
Tomohiro Noda
Tomoko Shimizu
Toshiaki Miki
Toshiyuki Satō
Yang Goo Hwan
Yasuhiro Irie (ep 52)
Yōko Kubara
Yoshikazu Fujiwara
Yoshimichi Kameda (ep 1)
Yoshinobu Michihata (Telecom Animation Film)
Youko Takayanagi
Yousuke Toyama
Yu Ogasawara
Yūji Shibata
Yuka Asai
Yuka Asano
Yūki Morikawa (Telecom Animation Film)
Yukie Matsumoto
Yukiko Shimizu
Yūko Matsui
Yūko Tani
Yuna Takase
Yūsuke Nakamura
Yuta Yamazaki
Yūya Takahashi
Action Animation Director: Jun Shibata
Hiroaki Magari (ED 1)
Kenshirō Morii (ED 1)
so-shi (Studio Moriken; ED 1)
Assistant Animation Director:
Akane Umezu (ep 21)
Aya Kubota (ep 21)
Hiroki Kanno (ep 12)
Katsura Mizuguchi (ep 21)
Koji Sugiura (layout; ep 61)
Masami Kobayashi (ep 21)
Masaru Oshiro (ep 32)
Mayu Fujimoto (eps 21, 31)
Minoko Takasu (ep 18)
Souichirou Sako (ep 59)
Sung Hoo Park (eps 21, 31)
Takeshi Yoshioka (layout; ep 61)
Tomokatsu Nagasaku (ep 63)
Tsunenori Saito (layout; ep 61)
Yū Kobayashi (ep 39)
Background Art:
Aimi Kodama (GREEN Daibun)
Akiko Ishida (Atelier Rourke 07)
Anna Ooizumi
Atsushi Shimizu (GREEN)
Atsushi Yokoyama (Kusanagi)
Ayako Iwanaga (GREEN)
Bin Xu (Feng Animation)
Bo Wang (Feng Animation)
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Yumi Kudou (Atelier Rourke 07)
Yuriko Satō (Telecom Animation Film)
Zhen Huan Song (GREEN Qiqihar)
Background Assistance:
Tomoe Chiga
Yūji Kaneko
Background Scan: Hiroaki Hirata
Color Coordination: Fusako Nakao (OP 1, 3-5; ED 2-5; ep 64)
Color design: Fusako Nakao
Aiko Miyazaki (Telecom Animation Film)
Akiko Sasaoka
Hikaru Fukuda (BONES Photography Dept.)
Junko Miyakawa (Telecom Animation Film)
Junko Sakai (Team Elle)
Kōki Ōta
Kōta Sasaki (BONES Photography Dept.)
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Naho Mitsuishi (Telecom Animation Film)
Ryouichi Furukawa (Team Elle)
Satomi Ryūkaku (BONES Photography Dept.)
Shin'ichirō Endō (BONES Photography Dept.)
Tsuyoshi Kanbayashi (BONES Photography Dept.)
Yoshihiro Kasahara (Telecom Animation Film)
Yoshihiro Yamashita (Team Elle)
Yoshimasa Komine (BONES Photography Dept.)
Yukihiko Ichikawa (Telecom Animation Film)
Yuriko Hino (BONES Photography Dept.)
Yuusaku Murakami (Team Elle)
Design: Shinji Aramaki (army training camp)
Digital Paint:
Ai Kobayashi (D-COLORS)
Aiko Miyazaki (Telecom Animation Film)
Akane Yamazaki (D-COLORS)
Akemi Katou (Wish)
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Hiroshi Matsumoto
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eps 35, 46, 52-53

Hiroshi Yakou
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eps 14 uncredited, 18, 44

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Jun Shibata (4 episodes
eps 33, 37, 41, 45

Jung Chul Kim
Jung Kwon Lee (GK Entertainment)
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Junichi Hayama
Junichi Takaoka (ep 47)
Junko Nakamura
Kanako Ishizaki
Kang Won Kim
Kanna Hiro
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Kaori Nakamura
Kaori Saito
Katsuhiro Kumagai
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Katsunori Shibata (eps 8, 12, 28)
Kazue Tamari
Kazuhide Tomonaga (Telecom Animation Film)
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Kazuhiro Fukuchi
Kazuhiro Oki
Kazuhiro Ono
Kazuhiro Orieda
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Kōichi Usami
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Kōji Iwai
Koji Sugiura
Kōsuke Yoshida (6 episodes
eps 4, 11, 21, 31, 42, 51

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Kyoko Kotani
Kyōsuke Iwasaki
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Masakazu Yamagishi
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Masaya Yasutome
Masayuki Ozaki
Masayuki Takagi
Matakazu Furuta
Maya Uenishi
Mayu Fujimoto
Mayuko Nishi (Telecom Animation Film)
Megumi Arakawa
Megumi Imai
Michihiko Ozawa
Michiyuki Nōjō
Miharu Nagano (ep 28)
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Miki Wasada
Miki Yoshikawa
Minefumi Harada
Mineko Ueda
Minoko Takasu (Telecom Animation Film)
Misao Abe
Miyu Takahashi
Miyuki Inoue
Miyuki Moroishi
Miyuki Nakamura
Momoko Makiuchi (ep 33)
Morifumi Naka
Motohiro Taniguchi
Motoi Nakamura
Mutsumi Nakata
Nagisa Nakajima
Nahoko Kosugi
Naoaki Hōjō
Naoki Yamauchi
Naoko Ikeuchi
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Naomi Kaneda
Naoto Abe
Naoto Nakamura
Natsuko Iimori (Telecom Animation Film)
Nobuhiro Arai
Nobutaka Masuda
Nobuyoshi Souzaki
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Noriko Takahashi
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Noriyasu Yamauchi
Nozomi Ushijima
Oh Sik Kwon (Sung San)
Orie Tanaka
Rarisa Tada (Telecom Animation Film)
Reina Igawa
Rie Harada
Rie Kawaai
Ron Kamiya
Rui Kondou
Rui Niitsuma
Ryo Haga (6 episodes
eps 4, 11, 21, 31, 42, 51

Ryo Komori (4 episodes
eps 41, 49, 59, 62

Ryo-timo (ep 23)
Ryōichi Nakano
Ryoko Amisaki
Ryota Niino (Production I.G; ep 48)
Ryou Kamei
Ryousuke Sekiguchi
Sachiyo Takada
Sakae Shibuya
Saori Koike
Saori Yanaga (Brains Base)
Satoko Miyachi
Satomi Ishii
Satoshi Harayama
Satoshi Hata
Satoshi Iwataki
Satoshi Koike
Satoshi Shigeta
Seiya Numata
Shigeki Sato
Shigeru Chiba
Shigeru Ishii
Shigeru Kimishima
Shiho Tamai
Shin Wakabayashi
Shin'ya Segawa
Shinako Okamoto
Shingo Abe (eps 22, 46, 56)
Shingo Fujii
Shingo Kurakari
Shingo Natsume
Shingo Ogiso (OP 5)
Shinichi Iimura
Shinichi Kurita
Shinichi Miyamae
Shino Ikeda
Shinobu Nishiyama
Shinobu Ōkōchi
Shintarō Dōge
Shinya Kokaji
Shinya Kudo
Shinya Yamada
Shirō Tamaki
Shitaka Kimachi (ep 63)
Shizuka Hira
Shogo Morishita
Shōhei Kohara
Shōichi Baba
Shōichi Funaki
Shōji Endō
Shōko Kushibiki
Shōsuke Ishibashi
Shosuke Shimizu
Shōta Ihata
Shouta Matsushita (Production I.G)
Shuei Sumomo
Shūji Sakamoto
Shūjirō Hamakawa
Shunsuke Masuda
Shuta Osabe
Shuuji Miyazaki
Soichiro Matsuda
Sonomi Sugimura
Sou Katou
Souichirou Sako
Sunao Chikaoka (ep 23)
Sung Hoo Park (OP5; 7 episodes
eps 3-4, 9, 15, 42, 51, 59

Tadahito Matsubayashi
Taeko Oda
Taisuke Iwasaki
Takaaki Nakayama
Takafumi Furusawa
Takafumi Koshi (Brains Base)
Takahiro Gotō
Takahiro Ikezoe
Takahiro Kimura
Takahiro Komori
Takahiro Sasaki
Takako Shimizu
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Takao Maki
Takao Yamagishi
Takashi Kojima
Takashi Kumazen
Takashi Muratani
Takashi Ueno
Takayuki Kitagawa (Telecom Animation Film)
Takayuki Murakami
Takayuki Sano
Takenori Tsukuma
Takeshi Akamatsu
Takeshi Imai
Takeshi Morita
Takeshi Yoshioka
Taketomo Ishikawa
Takuma Ebisu (Production I.G)
Tatsuki Kanazaki
Tatsumi Fujii
Tatsuo Honda
Tatsuro Nagai
Tatsuya Oka
Tatsuya Urano
Teiichi Takiguchi (Telecom Animation Film)
Tetsuro Aoki
Tetsuya Ishii
Tetsuya Ishikawa
Tetsuya Kawakami
Tetsuya Matsukawa
Tomoaki Kado (ep 10)
Tomoe Nishio
Tomoe Tanaka
Tomohiro Kawahara
Tomohito Hirose
Tomokatsu Nagasaku (OP1,3,5; 5 episodes
eps 10, 26, 53, 60, 62

Tomoko Hamanaka
Tomoko Ishikawa
Tomoko Nitta
Tomoko Tsuji
Tomoya Takayama
Tomoyuki Niho
Tomoyuki Orita
Tomoyuki Ōshita
Tōru Imanishi
Tōru Shigeta (7 episodes
eps 1, 22, 28, 38, 48, 56, 62

Tōru Yoshida
Toshiaki Miki
Toshifumi Akai (ep 1)
Toshiharu Kumaoka
Toshiharu Sugie
Toshihiro Kawakami
Toshihiro Kawamoto (OP)
Toshiko Baba
Toshiko Inada
Toshimitsu Takechi
Toshiyuki Fujisawa
Toshiyuki Yoshioka
Tsutomu Kikuchi
Tsutomu Matsūra
Tsutomu Yabuki
Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
Wataru Abe
Yasuhiro Irie (ep 64)
Yasuhiro Kajino (Brains Base)
Yasuko Miyazaki
Yasuyuki Noda
Yeo So Yun
Yōko Ono
Yoo Yong-Jun (GK Entertainment)
Yoshihiro Taniguchi
Yoshimichi Kameda (OP 1, 3-5; 16 episodes
eps 5, 10, 14, 19, 25-26, 33, 38, 40-41, 45, 53-54, 61-62, 64

Yoshimitsu Ohashi (OP 3; eps 28, 40)
Yoshinobu Michihata (Telecom Animation Film)
Yoshinori Kitayama
Yoshitsugu Hatano
Yoshiya Yamamoto
Yoshiyo Sunayama
Yoshiyuki Ito (OP2)
Yoshiyuki Nōjō (ep 50)
Yōsuke Hamada
Youhei Sasaki
Youichi Takada (Telecom Animation Film)
Young Bom Kim
Young-Beom Kim (ep 4)
Yū Kobayashi
Yū Suzuki
Yu-sig Jang
Yūgo Ōhashi
Yūichi Nakazawa
Yuichiro Yano
Yūji Miyashita
Yuji Nakao
Yūji Shibata
Yuka Asai
Yuka Kuroda
Yūkei Yamada (ep 61)
Yuki Komatsu (OP 4)
Yūki Morikawa
Yūki Nakajima
Yūki Sumiya
Yuki Tsugihashi
Yukiko Ban (eps 1, 20)
Yukiko Miyamoto
Yukiko Tsukashita
Yukiko Watabe (Production I.G)
Yukio Okano
Yukiyo Komito
Yukiyoshi Shikiji (eps 52, 60, 63)
Yūko Fujii
Yūko Yamamoto
Yuko Yazaki
Yumiko Shirai (Telecom Animation Film)
Yuna Takase (Brains Base)
Yuri Naminoue (Production I.G)
Yurie Kuniyuki
Yūsuke Isōchi
Yusuke Kamata
Yūsuke Nakamura
Yusuke Takada
Yūta Kiso (5 episodes
eps 22, 32, 43, 52, 60

Yuta Tsuchiya
Yuta Yamazaki
Yutaka Kamogawa
Yutaka Matsubara
Yutaka Nakamura (OP2)
Yuu Takahashi
Yuuko Yoshida
Literature Production: Yoneki Tsumura
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Network Manager:
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Soo Jeong Lee
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Takeshi Ochi
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Web Manager: Takeo Tsuda
Rie Kugimiya as Alphonse Elric
Romi Park as Edward Elric

Fumiko Orikasa as Riza Hawkeye 
Hidekatsu Shibata as King Bradley 
Iemasa Kayumi as Father
Kenji Utsumi as Alex Louis Armstrong 
Mai Goto as May Chang 
Mamoru Miyano as Ling Yao 
Masayuki Omoro as Tim Marcoh 
Megumi Takamoto as Winry Rockbell
Minami Takayama as Envy
Nana Mizuki as Lan Fan 
Shinichirō Miki as Roy Mustang
Unshō Ishizuka as Van Hohenheim
Yōko Soumi as Olivier Mira Armstrong 

Ai Satou as Mrs. Bradley
Akane Kubota as Boy B (ep 9)
Akemi Okamura as Paninya (eps 11, 15)
Akihiro Matsushima as Soldier C (ep 41)
Anri Katsu as Dolcetto (eps 13-14)
Atsuki Tani as Berthold Hawkeye (ep 30)
Atsushi Abe as Ishbalan Boy (eps 18, 22)
Biichi Satō as
Doctor (ep 11)
Face B (ep 26)
Fellow Countryman (ep 22)
Heimans Breda
Man A (eps 12-13)
Military A (ep 14)
Military Policeman B (ep 1)
Order Member B (ep 3)
Prison Guard A (ep 8)
Subordinate (ep 2)
Villager A (ep 6)
Bon Ishihara as
Doctor (ep 35)
Fessler (ep 29)
Gold-Toothed Doctor
Military Policeman A (ep 22)
Producer (eps 53, 56)
White Coat (ep 26)
Chie Satō as Grandma (eps 36-37)
Chika Fujimura as Sheska
Chikara Ōsaka as
Guard Soldier B (ep 17)
Military Policeman A (ep 23)
Dai Matsumoto as Slicer (Older brother; eps 7-8)
Daisuke Namikawa as Van Hohenheim (Young; ep 40)
Eri Komiyama as Sheska's Superior (ep 16)
Fumihiko Tachiki as
photographer (ep 36)
Fumihiro Okabayashi as Military Policeman A (ep 32)
Fumiko Orikasa as Brosh's Little Sister (ep 49)
Fuminori Komatsu as Commander (ep 56)
Gō Shinomiya as
Branch Manager (ep 44)
Casper (eps 54-55, 57)
Commander (ep 32)
Face A (ep 26)
Guard Soldier A (ep 17)
Sergeant (eps 56, 58)
Slum Dweller (ep 53)
Storch (ep 25)
Hideki Nakanishi as Engineer (ep 33)
Hidenobu Kiuchi as King Bradley (Young; young; ep 26)
Hideyuki Umezu as Barry the Chopper (Armor body)
Hiroshi Ito as Gardner
Hiroyuki Yoshino as Kimblee
Hisanori Koyatsu as Second Officer (ep 40)
Hisao Egawa as Cray (Assistant Pastor; eps 3, 5)
Hitoshi Yanai as
Radio Voice (ep 23)
Subordinate (ep 10)
Iemasa Kayumi as Narrator
Jin Horikawa as Karley
Jun Konno as
Military Policeman A (ep 1)
Order Member A (ep 3)
Soldier (ep 35)
Soldier A (eps 38-39)
Junko Kitanishi as Knox's Wife (ep 31)
Kana Oomura as
Lady (ep 47)
Villager C (ep 6)
Kaori Nazuka as Maria Ross
Katsuhisa Hōki as Raven
Kazuki Yao as
Station Attendant (ep 32)
Kazuya Nakai as Miles
Keiichi Nakagawa as Flanagan (ep 52)
Keiichi Sonobe as Ivan
Keiji Fujiwara as Maes Hughes
Keisuke Kojima as
Man B (eps 12-13)
Prison Guard B (ep 8)
Kenichi Hoshino as
Briggs Soldier (ep 36)
Engineer B (ep 11)
Military Policeman (ep 7)
Soldier B (ep 41)
Kenji Hamada as
Barry the Chopper (Real body; eps 18-19)
Bliss (ep 62)
Vato Falman
Kenji Nojima as Slicer (Younger brother; ep 8)
Kenji Sugimura as
Man C (ep 12)
Military Policeman D (ep 1)
Order Member C (ep 3)
Proctor (ep 2)
Soldier (ep 7)
Villager B (ep 6)
Kenji Utsumi as Philip Gargantos Armstrong (ep 45)
Kenta Miyake as
Kikuko Inoue as Lust
Kinryuu Arimoto as Knox
Kiyoshi Katsunuma as
Yakovlev (ep 25)
Kiyotaka Furushima as
Briggs Soldier (ep 37)
Citizen (ep 51)
Ishvalan (ep 43)
Worker (ep 34)
Kiyoyuki Yanada as Henschel (eps 36-38, 40)
Kōichi Yamadera as Isaac (ep 1)
Mai Aizawa as Receptionist (ep 44)
Makoto Nagai as Shou Tucker
Mami Koyama as Pinako Rockbell (Young; ep 27)
Mari Miyamoto as Housewife (eps 29, 51)
Masaki Terasoma as
Gertner (eps 38, 40)
Yurie Rockbell (ep 18)
Masao Komaya as
Executive (ep 25)
High Official (Kōkan)
The Employee (Kōin)
Worker (ep 26)
Masatomo Nakazawa as Soldier (ep 33)
Masayuki Shōji as Damiano
Masuo Amada as
Misato Fukuen as Elicia Hughes
Mitsuru Ogata as
Frank (ep 55)
Miyoko Asō as Pinako Rockbell
Nana Mizuki as Brosh's Little Brother (ep 49)
Naomi Shindoh as Rebecca Catalina
Noriko Uemura as Shan (ep 18)
Rie Kugimiya as
Catherine Elle Armstrong (eps 38, 43)
Shao May
Rintarō Nishi as Charlie
Risa Hayamizu as Briggs Doctor (ep 34)
Rokurō Naya as Grumman
Romi Park as Mrs. Armstrong (ep 45)
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo as Buccaneer
Sari Kakuta as Boy A (ep 9)
Satsuki Yukino as Rose
Sayuri as Satera (ep 11)
Seiji Sasaki as Sig Curtis
Seiko Ueda as Vanessa (ep 31)
Seizo Katou as Cornello (eps 3, 5)
Shin Aomori as Basque Grand (eps 4, 30)
Shinpachi Tsuji as Heinkel
Shinsuke Nagashima as
Engineer A (ep 11)
Focker (eps 10, 16)
Shinya Fukumatsu as
Soldier (ep 45)
Trader A (ep 56)
Shōko Nakagawa as Employee (ep 55)
Shoko Tsuda as Izumi Curtis
Shōzō Iizuka as Dominic (ep 11)
Shūhei Sakaguchi as Mason (eps 13, 44)
Sumire Morohoshi as Nina Tucker (eps 4-5)
Tadashi Miyazawa as
Giolio Comanche (eps 15, 30)
Older Man (eps 3, 44)
Store Owner (ep 42)
Takahide Adachi as Cadreman (ep 33)
Takahiro Miyamoto as Military policeman C (ep 23)
Takako Honda as Martel (eps 13-14)
Takanori Hoshino as
Briggs Soldier (ep 62)
Commander of the Main Gate (ep 53)
Heath (eps 58, 61)
Takashi Hikida as
Bobby (ep 34)
Briggs Soldier A (ep 58)
Ishvalian A (ep 61)
Ishvalian B (ep 60)
Tank Officer (ep 35)
Trader B (ep 56)
Takashi Oohara as Knox's Son (ep 31)
Takehito Koyasu as
Scar's Brother (ep 22)
Taketora as
Central Soldier (ep 50)
Eric (eps 52, 54-55)
Hakuro (ep 46)
Ishvalan (ep 53)
Owner (ep 40)
Takkō Ishimori as The King of Xerxes (eps 40, 62)
Tetsu Inada as Roa (eps 13-14)
Tetsu Shiratori as
Han (ep 18)
Tetsuya Kakihara as Cain Fury
Tokuyoshi Kawashima as Ridel (ep 11)
Tomoe Hanba as Gracia Hughes
Tomohisa Asō as Engineer (ep 33)
Tomoyuki Shimura as
A Guard Soldier (ep 19)
Ishvalian A (ep 60)
Tōru Nara as Neil (eps 35-37)
Toshihiko Ogisawa as Executive B (ep 33)
Yasuyuki Kase as Henry Douglas (eps 16-17, 21)
Yōko Matsuoka as
Madam Christmas
Station Attendant (ep 64)
Yoko Nishino as
Girl (ep 27)
Woman (ep 37)
Yoshino Takamori as Trisha Elric
Yoshinori Sonobe as
Commander (eps 42-43)
Leader (ep 18)
Youhei Nishina as
Buribi (eps 55, 61)
Master of Ceremonies (eps 53, 56, 63)
Military Policeman C (ep 1)
Officer (ep 36)
Yūichi Nakamura as Greed
Yūji Ueda as
Bido (eps 13, 43-44)
Jean Havoc
Yuka Nagayoshi as Front Desk Clerk (eps 8, 10)
Yuka Nishigaki as Boy (eps 9, 13)
Yūki Hayashi as
Briah (ep 55)
Briggs Soldier (eps 36-37)
Briggs Soldier B (ep 58)
Central Soldier (eps 52, 54)
Denny Brosh
Farmer (ep 47)
Ishvalian B (ep 61)
Man (ep 45)
Military B (ep 14)
Military Personnel (ep 16)
Military Policeman (ep 29)
Military Policeman B (eps 22-23, 32)
Military Policeman E (ep 1)
Officer (ep 2)
Order Member D (ep 3)
Pilot (ep 56)
Post Officer (ep 30)
Researcher (ep 51)
Soldier A (ep 41)
Soldier B (eps 38-39)
Villager (ep 5)
Yuki Kodaira as Tetsu (ep 23)
Yūko Sanpei as
Selim Bradley
Woman (ep 45)
Yuri Amano as Sara Rockbell (ep 18)
Yuuki Mitsugi as Trisha Elric (Young; ep 27)
Yuzuru Fujimoto as Scar's Master
Japanese companies
Animation Production: BONES
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Lili Troncale as Alphonse Elric (Animax Asia)
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Muriel Hofmann as Edward Elric (Animax Asia)
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Caitlin Glass as Winry Rockbell
Christopher R. Sabat as Alex Louis Armstrong
Colleen Clinkenbeard as Riza Hawkeye
Ed Blaylock as Fuhrer King Bradley
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John Swasey as Van Hohenheim
Kent Williams as Father
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Muriel Hofmann as
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Slicer (Older Brother)
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Master Hawkeye
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eps 46, 48-50, 54-55, 60
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Brina Palencia as
Brosh's Little Brother (ep 49)
Nina Tucker (eps 4-5)
Brittney Karbowski as Selim Bradley 
Bruce Carey as Master (ep 40)
Bryan Massey as Isaac MacDougal (ep 1)
Caitlin Glass as Sara Rockbell
Charles Baker as Bliss (eps 55, 58)
Charles Campbell as
Giolio Comanche (eps 15, 30)
Han (ep 18)
Tank Officer (4 episodes
eps 34-35, 37-38
Cherami Leigh as Elicia Hughes
Chris Cason as Gluttony
Chris Patton as Greed
Chris Rager as Zampano
Christine Auten as Izumi Curtis
Christopher Ayres as Lieutenant General Raven
Christopher Bevins as
King Bradley (Young)
Ridel (ep 11)
Christopher R. Sabat as Phillip Armstrong (ep 45)
Chuck Huber as Shou Tucker (ep 4)
Clarine Harp as Mrs. Armstrong (ep 45)
Cole Brown as
Producer (eps 53, 56)
Colleen Clinkenbeard as Rose Thomas (eps 3, 42-44)
Cynthia Cranz as Paninya (eps 11, 15)
Dana Schultes as Mrs. Bradley
David Wald as Charlie (eps 46, 50, 53)
Duncan Brannan as
Fox (eps 46, 50-51)
Slicer (Younger Brother)
Elias Taylorson as Casper
Eric Vale as Solf J. Kimblee
George Manley as Darius
Grant James as Scar's Master (eps 13, 22, 60)
Greg Ayres as Bido
Greg Dulcie as
Dominic (ep 11)
Mick (5 episodes
eps 39, 41, 46, 60-61
Gwendolyn Lau as Sheska
Ian Sinclair as Liam (4 episodes
eps 38, 41, 46, 61
J Paul Slavens as Storch
Jaime Rivera as Alexandre (ep 50)
Jamie Marchi as
Rebecca Catalina
Rick (ep 9)
Jason Douglas as Miles
Jason Grundy as Barry the Chopper (Body)
Jason Liebrecht as Karley
Jeff Johnson as Aide (ep 46)
Jeremy Inman as Heymans Breda
Jerry Jewell as Barry the Chopper / Number 66
Jim Foronda as Denny Brosh
Jim Johnson as Gamelan (ep 56)
Joel McDonald as Urey Rockbell
John Burgmeier as Dolcetto
John Gremillion as
Gartner (ep 38)
John Swasey as Old Man (ep 9)
Jonathan C. Osborne as Richard (ep 50)
Josh Grelle as Damiano (ep 50)
Josh Martin as Mason
Juli Erickson as Pinako Rockbell
Justin Cook as Neil (eps 35-37)
Kate Oxley as Catherine Elle Armstrong (eps 38, 45)
Kenny Green as Fu
Kent Williams as Narrator
Kevin M. Connolly as Kain Fuery
Kyle Hebert as Vato Falman
Laura Bailey as Lust
Leah Clark as
Tetsu (ep 23)
Lili Troncale as
May Chang (Animax Asia)
Linda Young as Shan
Luci Christian as The Gate of Truth
Lucy Todd as Briggs Doctor
Lydia Mackay as Trisha Elric
Mark Stoddard as
Gold-Toothed Doctor
Shopkeeper (eps 3, 42, 44)
Mary Morgan as Kayal (ep 45)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as
Briggs Doctor (ep 34)
Doctor's Wife (ep 44)
Meredith McCoy as Maria Ross
Micah Solusod as Ishvalan Boy (ep 18)
Mike McFarland as
Jean Havoc
Monica Rial as Receptionist (ep 44)
Muriel Hofmann as
Izumi Curtis (Animax Asia)
Lust (Animax Asia)
Newton Pittman as Heath
Pam Dougherty as Madame Christmas
Patrick Carroll as Sergeant (eps 56-58)
Patrick Seitz as Sloth
Phil Parsons as
R Bruce Elliott as
Basque Grand (eps 4, 30)
Dr. Knox
Rob Mungle as
Harris (ep 44)
Henry Douglas
Major General Harris (4 episodes
eps 46, 48, 50-51
Robert McCollum as Scar's Brother
Shelley Calene-Black as
Pinako (Young)
Telephone Operator (ep 10)
Shelton Windham as Smith (ep 36)
Sonny Strait as Maes Hughes
Stephanie Sheh as Brosh's Little Sister (ep 49)
Steve Powell as Gardner (4 episodes
eps 43-44, 48, 50
Susan Huber as Satera (ep 11)
T.A. Taylor as Logue Lowe (ep 30)
Tia Ballard as Shao May
Tiffany Grant as Martel (eps 13-14)
Troy Baker as Greed (Ling Form)
Tyson Rinehart as Bobby (ep 34)

English companies
Adult Swim
Briz 31 (Brisbane, Australia)
C31 (Melbourne, Australia)
Cartoon Network (Adult Swim)
Super Channel
Toonami (Adult Swim)
WTV (Perth, Australia)
Madman Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand)
Manga Entertainment (Great Britain & Ireland)
MediaLink Entertainment Limited (Asia-Pacific & India)
Internet Streaming:
Adult Swim Video 
Amazon Prime Video 
Anime News Network
AnimeLab (Australia & New Zealand)
Crunchyroll (Subbed & Dubbed)
FUNimation Entertainment
Gong (Continental Europe)
Madman Screening Room (Australia & New Zealand)
Manga Entertainment (UK & ROI)
Licensed by:
Aniplex of America (2016)
FUNimation Entertainment (Expired)
Korean staff
Korean cast
Jeon-A Son as Edward Elric
Mi-Na Yun as Alphonse Elric

Beom-Gi Hong as Ling Yao
Bong-Jun Lee as Scar
Gu-Han Gang as Father
Gwang Jang as Van Hohenheim
Jae-Hyeon Lee as May Chang
Ji-Hyeon Lee as Winry Rockbell
Seong-Yeon Kim as Riza Hawkeye
Wan-Gyeong Seong as Roy Mustang
Won-Je Tak as Tim Marcoh
Yu-Ri Seo as Envy

Dong-Gi Yun as Miles
Gyeong-Myeong Lim as Jean Havoc
Gyeong-Su Hyeon as Greed
Han Choi as Solf J. Kimblee
Jae-Hyeon Lee as Trisha Elric
Jeong-Hwa Yang as Olivier Mira Armstrong
Jeong-Min Sim as Sloth
Mi-Na Lee as Lust
Min Jung Kim as
Lan Fan
Maria Ross
Myung Hee Lee as Selim Bradley
Nak-Yun Choi as Heymans Breda
Seo-Jin Park as
Kain Fuery
Maes Hughes
Seon-Ju Lee as Izumi Curtis
Seung-Han Sim as Buccaneer
Won Hwang as Fu
Won-Seok Seo as
Vato Falman
Yeong-Jun Si as Alex Louis Armstrong
Yeong-Sam On as Fuhrer King Bradley
Yu-Ri Seo as Pinako Rockbell
Korean companies
French staff
French cast
Arthur Pestel as Edward Elric
Audrey Pic as Alphonse Elric
Lucille Boudonnat as Alphonse Elric (eps 1-13)

Agnès Manoury as Liza Hawkeye
Antoine Tome as Scar
Gérard Rouzier as Van Hohenheim
Jérome Keen as Tim Marcoh
Marie Diot as Winry Rockbell
Martial Leminoux as Roy Mustang
Thierry Kazazian as Père

Agnès Manoury as Lan Fan
Antoine Tome as
Isaac McDougall
Benoît Allemane as
Alex Louis Armstrong
Bruno Magne as Shou Tucker
Cathy Cerda as Pinako Rockbell (1st voice)
Cyrille Monge as
Maes Hughes
Solf J. Kimblee
Frederic Popovic as
Lin Yao
Gérard Rouzier as
Dr Knox
Yurie Rockbell
Helene Bizot as
Izumi Curtis
Pinako Rockbell (jeune et 2nd voix)
Jérome Keen as
Frère de Scar
Henry Douglas
Laurence Bréheret as
Maria Ross
Trisha Elric
Léa Gabrielle as
May Chang
Rose Thomas
Selim Bradley / Pride (2nd voice)
Marie Chevalot as Olivia Armstrong
Nathalie Bienaime as
Nicolas Beaucaire as
Dennis Broch
Pascal Germain as Miles
Philippe Bozo as
Jean Havoc
Suzanne Sindberg as
Sylvain Lemarié as
Basque Gran
Sig Curtis
Thierry Kazazian as
Berthold Hawkeye
Hymans Breda
Vato Falman
Vincent Violette as
Yann Pichon as
Dr Knox (Second voice)
King Bradley

French companies
Direct Star (from 29 July 2011)
Game one (from 7 November 2016)
Mangas (from 2 September 2013)
MCM (from 26 September 2010)
Virgin 17 (from 19 October 2009)
Distributor: Dybex
Dubbing Studio: VF Productions
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director:
Eder La Barrera (ep 04)
Franklin Zambrano
Gerardo Ortega (FUNimation redub)
Mercedes Hoyos (Spain dub)
Numa Paredes (Spain dub)
Dubbing Director: Maythe Guedes
ADR Script:
Alejandro Albaiceta (Spain dub)
Eder La Barrera
Executive producer: Hugo Rose (Televix)

Subtitle Translation:
A. Gras (Netflix; Spain; eps 13-22)
C. Morera (Netflix; Spain; eps 1-12)
Elena Armas (Netflix; Spain; eps 28-32)
Iván Fraile Ramos (Netflix; Spain; eps 49-64)
María del Carmen del Río Gonzálvez (Netflix; Spain; eps 33-42)
Náder Barakat (Netflix; Spain; eps 23-27)
Yasmina Casado González (Netflix; Spain; eps 43-49)
Jhonny Torres as Alfonse Elric
Jose Manuel Vieira as Edwuard Elric
Numa Paredes as Alphonse Elric (Spain dub)
Ricardo Escobar as Edward Elric (Spain dub)

Alí Rondón as Father
Cristina Peña as Riza Hawkeye (Spain dub)
David Flores as Roy Mustang (Spain dub)
Gerardo Reyero as Van Hohenheim (FUNimation redub)
Gracia Comitre as May Chang (Spain dub)
Héctor Indriago as Van Hohenheim
Henar Hernández as Envy (Spain dub)
José Polo as Louis Armstrong (Spain dub)
José Manuel Seda as Scar (Spain dub)
Laura Peña as Winry Rockbell (Spain dub)
Manuel Navarro as King Bradley (Spain dub)
Melanie Henriquez as Winry Rockbell
Mercedes Hoyos as Lust (Spain dub)
Montserrat Aguilar as Winry Rockbell (FUNimation redub)
Rafael Escalante as Roy Mustang (FUNimation redub)
Rolman Bastidas as Roy Mustang
Ruben Moya as Father (FUNimation redub)
Xavier Martín Alonso as Van Hohenheim (Spain dub)

Abraham Toscano as Dolcetto (FUNimation redub eps 13-14)
Ado Darkian as Slicer (FUNimation redub eps 8, 27)
Adolfo Nittoli as Cicatríz (Scar)
Alfonso Obregón as Henry Douglas (FUNimation redub)
Alfonso Soto as Leo
Alfredo Tovar as Dr Knox (FUNimation redub)
Alfredo Gabriel Basurto as Maes Hughes (FUNimation redub)
Alí Rondón as Raven
Andrea Ojeda as Elicia Hughes (FUNimation redub)
Angel Balam as Jean Havoc
Annie Rojas as Riza Hawkeye (FUNimation redub)
Antonio Delli as Vato Fallman
Armando Volcanes as Basque Grant
Arturo Mercado as
Narrator (FUNimation redub)
Tim Marcoh (FUNimation redub)
Carlos Hernández as Shou Tucker (FUNimation redub)
Carlos Monroy as Jean Havoc (FUNimation redub)
Carlos Segundo as King Bradley (FUNimation redub)
Carlos Vitale as Barry
Citlalli Godoy as Izumi Curtis
Danann Galván as Martel (FUNimation redub eps 13-14)
Daniel Jiménez as Ishbal's teacher
Diego Becerril as Rick (FUNimation redub eps 9, 13)
Ditter Ruiz as
Cray (FUNimation redub eps 3, 5)
Ridel LeCoulte (FUNimation redub ep 11)
Dolores Mondragón as Gracia Hughes (FUNimation redub)
Eder La Barrera as Ling Yao
Eduardo Garza as The Gate of Truth (FUNimation redub)
Eleazar Muñoz as Gluttony (FUNimation redub)
Elena Diaz Toledo as Lujuria (Lust)
Emerson Gutierrez as Russel Tringham
Enrique Cervantes as Cornello (FUNimation redub eps 3, 5)
Enzo Fortuny as Kain Fuery (FUNimation redub)
Erika Langarica as Rose (FUNimation redub)
Gary Matos as Sloth
Georgina Sanchez as Lust (FUNimation redub)
Gerardo Ortega as Ling Yao (FUNimation redub)
Gonzalo Fumero as Gula (Gluttony)
Guillermo Martínez as
Giolio Comanche
Slicer (head)
Héctor Estrada as Barry (FUNimation redub)
Héctor Indriago as
Envidia (Envy) (male form)
Ira (Wrath)
Scar's Master
Slicer (body)
Herman Lopez as Sig Curtis (FUNimation redub)
Hugo Navarrete as Dominic LeCoulte (FUNimation redub ep 11)
Ismael Verástegui as Sloth (FUNimation redub)
Itzíhuappe Escalera as Giolio Comanche (FUNimation redub)
Ivette García as Envidia (Envy) (female form)
Jahel Morga as Envy (FUNimation redub)
Javi Sanchez as Fokker (FUNimation redub)
Jennifer Medel as Maria Ross (FUNimation redub)
Jesse Conde as Grumman (FUNimation redub)
Jesús Nunes as Leo (ep 24)
Jhaidy Barboza as Fletcher Tringham
Jorge Marín as Dolcetto
José Granadillo as Orgullo (Pride)
José Méndez as The Gate of Truth
Juan Guzmán as
Alex Louis Armstrong
Juan Luis Aguayo Pérez as Solf J. Kimblee (Spain dub)
Kaihiamal Martínez as Denny Brock 
Karina Parra as Selim Bradley
Ledner Belisario as Frank Archer
Leisha Medina as Lan Fan
Lidia Abautt as Nina Tucker
Lileana Chacón as Paninya
Luis Carreño as
Rick (ep 18)
Luis Navarro as Heymans Breda (FUNimation redub)
Luis Pérez Pons as Ishbal old man
Luis Enrique Poján as Rick (ep 24)
luis miguel perez as Heymans Breda
Manuel Bastos as
Dr Knox
Gold-Toothed Doctor
Shou Tucker
Manuel Campuzano as Solf J. Kimblee (FUNimation redub)
Maria Jose Estevez as May Chang
Maritza Rojas as Trisha Elric
Mark Pokora as Slicer (head) (head FUNimation redub)
Marycel González as Maria Ross
Maythe Guedes as Rose
Melanie Henriquez as
Elicia Hughes
Katherine Armstrong
Melissa Hernández as Nina Tucker (FUNimation redub)
Nacho Ruiz-Cruces as Maes Hughes (Spain dub)
Nycolle González as May Chang (FUNimation redub)
Octavio Rojas as Alex Louis Armstrong (FUNimation redub)
Olga Hnidey as Pinako Rockbell (FUNimation redub)
Oliver Díaz as Pride (FUNimation redub)
Oscar Gomez as Fu (FUNimation redub)
Óscar López as Greed (FUNimation redub)
Pablo Domínguez as Greed (Spain dub)
Paolo Campos as Kain Fuery
Patricia Hannidez as Trisha Elric (FUNimation redub)
Rafael Monsalve as Tim Marcoh
Rebeca Aponte as
Renzo Jiménez as Yoki
Ricardo Bautista as Denny Brosh (FUNimation redub)
Ricardo Brust as Scar (FUNimation redub)
Ricardo Rocha as Roa (FUNimation redub eps 13-14)
Roberto Mendiola as Yoki (FUNimation redub)
Rocio Garcel as Mrs. Bradley (FUNimation redub)
Rocio Mallo as Riza Hawkeye
Román Abreo as Bido (FUNimation redub)
Rommy Mendoza as Izumi Curtis (FUNimation redub)
Ruben Leon as Father Cornello
Salvador Pérez as Codicia (Greed)
Sergio Pinto as Maes Hughes
Tatiana Supervia as Selim Bradley (Spain dub)
Ursula Cobucci as
Juliet Douglas
Pereza (Sloath)
Valentina Toro as Pinako Rockbell
Valeria Castillo as Marta
Vanessa Olea as Paninya (FUNimation redub eps 11, 15)
Victor Delgado as Vato Fallman (FUNimation redub)
Víctor Díaz as Zolf J. Kimbley
Wendy Malvárez as Lan Fan (FUNimation redub)
Yaha Lima as Sheska (FUNimation redub)

Abraham Toscano (FUNimation redub)
Alex Villamar (FUNimation redub)
Diana Nolan (FUNimation redub)
Manny Rojo (FUNimation redub)
Omar Trevel (FUNimation redub)
René Fouilloux (FUNimation redub)
Spanish companies
ADR Production: Dasara Producciones (Spain dub)
Animax (Sony Spin)
Canal Claro (Latin America)
ETC...TV (Chile)
TN8 (Nicaragua)
Distributor: Televix (Latin America)
Dubbing: M&M Studios (Venezuela)
Dubbing Studio: C&G Dubbing Studio (FUNimation redub)
Internet Streaming:
Anime Box (Spain)
Claro Video (Latin America)
Crunchyroll (Latin America)
Netflix (Latin America; Spain)
Vitanime.tv (subtitled)
Licensed by:
Animax (expired)
Aniplex of America (2018)
Selecta Visión (Spain; 2023)
Televix (2017)
Translation: Shinyuden (Spain dub)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Silvana Fantini
Art Director: Paolo Torchetti

Assistant Director: Chiara Berti
Editorial Director: Anna Marani
Executive Director: Carlo Cavazzoni
General Manager: Mandy Mometti
Mixing: Paolo Tiboni
Product Manager:
Alex Corazza
Michele Stagni
Project Manager: Valentina Marini
Benedetta Ponticelli as Alphonse Elric
Renato Novara as Edward Elric

Alessandra Karpoff as Rose Thomas
Alessandro D'Errico as Maes Hughes
Elisabetta Cesone as Pinako Rockbell
Elisabetta Spinelli as Winry Rockbell
Gianluca Iacono as Roy Mustang
Mario Zucca as Alex Louis Armstrong
Maurizio Merluzzo as Ling Yao
Paolo Sesana as
Vato Falman
Zolf J. Kimbly
Patrizia Scianca as Edward Elric (young)
Patrizio Prata as S.Ten. Jean Havoc
Raffaele Fallica as
King Bradley
Raffaele Farina as Van Hohenheim
Ruggero Andreozzi as S.Ten. Heymans Breda
Serena Clerici as
Elicia Hughes
May Chang
Nina Tucker (ep 4)
Silvana Fantini as Trisha Elric
Tania de Domenico as Riza Hawkeye

Cinzia Massironi as
Olivier Milla Armstrong
Dario Oppido as
Diego Sabre as Zampano
Donatella Fanfani as Izumi Curtis
Emanuela Pacotto as Lan Fan
Federico Danti as Shou Tucker (ep 4)
Giacomo Zito as Miles
Jolanda Granato as Sheska
Luca Bottale as Barry/69
Maddalena Vadacca as Maria Ross
Marco Balbi as Cornello (ep 2)
Marco Balzarotti as
Isaac McDougall (ep 1)
Tim Marcoh
Mario Scarabelli as
Natale Ciravolo as Gen. Basque Grand (ep 4)
Silvana Fantini as
Selim Bradley
Silvio Pandolfi as Heinkel
Stefano Albertini as
Sig Curtis
Italian companies
MTV Italia (from 13 October 2009)
Distributor: Dynit
Dubbing: ADC group
Internet Streaming: Amazon Prime Video
German staff
German cast
Dubbing Director: Richard Westerhaus

Dialogbuch: Richard Westerhaus
Mixing And Postproduction Engineer: Willi Grossmann
Recording engineer:
Henning Grossmann
Thomas Gesell
David Turba as Edward Elric
Wanja Gerick as Alphonse Elric

Daniel Berger as Jerso
David Nathan as Roy Mustang
Demet Fey as Winry Rockbell
Detlef Bierstedt as Alex Louis Armstrong
Erich Räuker as King Bradley
Gabi Wienand as Riza Hawkeye
Ilya Welter as Lust
Julien Haggege as Envy
Kirstin Hesse as May Chang
Kordula Leiße as Izumi Curtis
Matthias Lühn as Tim Marcoh
Olaf Reitz as Van Hohenheim
René Dawn-Claude as Ling Yao
Renier Baaken as Gluttony
Simon T. Roden as Maes Hughes
Susanne Reuter as Olivier Mira Armstrong
Winnie Brandes as Lan Fan

Andreas Meese as Vato Falman
Annette Potempa as Martel
Arne Obermeyer as Barry
Bernd Kuschmann as
Birte Baumgardt as Maria Ross
Christina Puciata as Satella LeCoulte
Corinna Dörenkamp as Sheska
Daniel Werner as Shou Tucker
Dieter Brink as
Basque Grand
Sig Curtis
Dieter Maise as Number 66
Fritz Rott as Kimblee
Gregor Höppner as Greed
Hans Bayer as Dominic LeCoulte
Hans-Gerd Kilbinger as Grumman
Jülide Gülgec as Rosé Thomas
Katrin Heß as Paninya
Leon Aubrecht as Rick
Markus Pfeiffer as Yoki
Matthias Haase as Number 48
Momme Mommsen as Heymans Breda
Nico Sablik as Denny Brosh
Peter Harting as Bido
Petra Glunz-Grosch as Gracia Hughes
Philipp Schepmann as Jean Havoc
Renier Baaken as Narrator
Rieke Werner as Pride/Selim Bradley
Rolf Berg as
Dr. Knox
Ricks Grandfather
Sarah Brückner as Elicia Hughes
Sibylle Kuhne as Pinako Rockbell
Silke Linderhaus as Mrs. Bradley
Stefan Naas as Ridel LeCoulte
Thomas Friebe as Scar's Brother
Thomas Krause as Dolcetto
Thomas Balou Martin as Isaac McDougal
Tom Jacobs as Henry Douglas
Vanessa Wunsch as Trisha Elric
Vittorio Alfieri as Kain Fuery
Volker Wolf as Scar's Master

German companies
Distributor: KSM
Dubbing: G&G Tonstudios
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Germany)
Russian staff
Russian companies
Broadcaster: FAN TV (2019)
Dubbing: SV-Double (2019)
Internet Streaming: Gong (Russian)
Russian cast
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Dubbing Director: Jojo Galvez
Anthony Steven San Juan as Edward Elric (ep 1)
Nica Rojo as Edward Elric
Rona Aguilar as Alphonse Elric

Bernie Malejana as
Van Hohenheim
Eric Galvez as Roy Mustang
Hazel Hernan as Winry Rockbell
Jefferson Utanes as
Roy Mustang (2nd)
Jojo Galvez as Scar
Maynard Llames as Scar (2nd)

Bernie Malejana as
Barry the Chopper (Number 66, 2nd)
Basque Grand
Berthold Hawkeye
Scar's Brother
Slicer (number 44, 2nd)
Vato Falman (2nd)
Yurie Rockbell
Eric Galvez as Alex Louis Armstrong
Hazel Hernan as
Izumi Curtis
Maria Ross
May Chang
Nina Tucker
Olivier Mira Armstrong
Pinako Rockbell (young)
Rebecca Catalina
Jefferson Utanes as
Alex Louis Armstrong (2nd)
Cain Fury
Jojo Galvez as
Jean Havoc
Slicer (Number 48)
Maynard Llames as
Barry the Chopper (Number 66)
Denny Brosh
Heymans Breda
Jean Havoc (2nd)
King Bradley/Wrath
Ling Yao
Maes Hughes
Shou Tucker
Sig Curtis
Solf J. Kimblee
Tim Marcoh
Nica Rojo as
Lan Fan
Ran Fan 
Selim Bradley/Pride
Tricia Elric
Rona Aguilar as
Catherine Elle Armstrong
Elicia Hughes
Riza Hawkeye
Sara Rockbell
Tagalog companies
Polish staff
Polish companies
Internet Streaming: Gong (Polish)
Polish cast
Radosław Popłonikowski as Lector (version AXN)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
ADR Director: William Viana (Funimation dub) 
Dubbing Director:
Alfredo Rollo (2021 redub)
Marcelo Campos (2021 redub)
Rodrigo Andreatto (2021 redub)
Ursula Bezerra
William Viana (2021 dub)
Translation: Karen Kazumi Hayashida
Executive producer: Alan Mark Stoll

Adaptation: Marcelo Del Greco (JBC)
ADR Post-Production: Daniel S. Pedroso
Production manager: Maria Inês Moane (Álamo)
Recording engineer: Thiago A. Xavier
Maria Isabel Rodrigues (11 episodes
eps 5-8, 27-30, 49-51

Priscilla Rother (23 episodes
eps 13-22, 40-44, 57-64

Ticiana Massi Grenga (11 episodes
eps 9-12, 31, 33-34, 53-56

Valéria Egidio (17 episodes
eps 1-4, 23-26, 35-39, 45-48

Translation Check: Marcelo Del Greco (JBC)
Marcelo Campos as Edward Elric
Rodrigo Andreatto as Alphonse Elric

Andressa Andreatto as Winry Rockbell
Bianca Alencar as May Chang
Carlos Silveira as Pai dos Homúnculos (Otōsama/Father)
Cecília Lemes as Olivier Mira Armstrong
Felipe Grinnan as Scar
Francisco Junior as Scar (Funimation Dub)
Hermes Baroli as Roy Mustang
Leonardo Camilo as Van Hohenheim
Letícia Quinto as Riza Hawkeye
Luiz Antônio Lobue as Führer King Bradley
Mariana Zink as Edward Elric (young; Funimation Dub)
Marina Santana as Alphonse Elric (young; Funimation Dub)
Ulisses Bezerra as Pai dos Homúnculos (Otosama/Father; Original Form)
Wendel Bezerra as Pai dos Homúnculos/Otōsama (Young form)
William Viana as Roy Mustang (Funimation Dub)
Yuri Chesman as Ling Yao

Adriana Pissardini as Gracia Hughes
Alessandra Araújo as Trisha Elric
Alexandre Marconato as Ganância (Greed)
Alfredo Rollo as
A Verdade (Shinri/Truth)
Irmao do Scar
Angelica Santos as Paninya
Antônio Moreno as
Basque Gran
Bruno Mello as Tetsu
Carlos Campanile as
Scar's Master (ep 13)
Tim Marcoh (Funimation Dub)
Carlos Campanille as Tim Marcoh (Funimation Dub)
Carlos Gesteira as Grumman (Funimation Dub)
Carol Crespo Simões as Paninya (Funimation Dub)
Carol Valença as Lust (Funimation Dub)
Cecília Lemes as
Pinako Rockbell (young)
Sara Rockbell
Celso Alves as
César Marchetti as Gula (Gluttony)
Dado Monteiro as
Morador de Lior (ep 3)
Soldado (ep 1)
Daniel Garcia as Selim Bradley/Orgulho (Pride) 
Denise Reis as Knox's Wife (ep 31)
Elcio Sodré as
Barry, o Açougueiro
Emerson Camargo as
Comandante Drachmaniano
Rei de Xerxes
Eudes Carvalho as Liore Bartender (eps 42, 44)
Fábio Moura as
Harry Douglas (Henry)
Fábio Tomasini as Edison
Fabrício Vila Verde as Scar's Brother (Funimation Dub)
Fadu Costha as
Slicer (Older brother)
Fernanda Bullara as
Martel (Funimation Dub)
Rose Thomas
Trisha Elric (young; ep 27)
Fernando Peron as Charlie
Figueira Júnior as Kain Fuery
Flora Paulita as
Elicia Hughes
Rose Thomas (Funimation Dub)
Francisco Brêtas as Isaac MacDougal (ep 1)
Fritz Gianvito as
Heymans Breda 
Homem (ep 15)
Lidol LeCoulte (Funimation Dub; ep 11)
Mason (ep 13)
Morador de Lior (ep 3)
Gabriela Milani as Catherine Elle Armstrong
Geraldo Barreto as Narrator (intro only)
Gessy Fonseca as Srª Shan
Gilberto Baroli as Alex Louis Armstrong
Gileno Santoro as Yoki
Guilherme Lopes as
Homem em Resembool (ep 12)
Homem em Rush Valley (ep 11)
Pai Cornello
Hamilton Ricardo as Raven
Isabel de Sá as Senhora Bradley
Italo Luiz as Selim Bradley / Pride (Orgulho)
José Carlos Guerra as Grumman
Júlia Castro as Selim Bradley (Funimation Dub)
Letícia Celini as Nina Tucker (Funimation Dub)
Lúcia Helena as Martel
Luis Carlos de Moraes as Velho Ishbaliano (eps 9, 38)
Luiz Laffey as Maes Hughes
Luiz Carlos de Moraes as
Master Hawkeye
Velho Ishibaliano (eps 9, 38)
Marcelo Pissardini as
Shou Tucker
Márcia Regina as
Militar (ep 16)
Mulher (ep 6)
Rebecca Catalina
Vanessa (ep 31)
Márcio Araújo as Denny Brosh
Márcio Marconato as Ridel LeCoulte (ep 11)
Marco Antonio Abreu as Narrador (exceto "o que é alquimia")
Marco Antônio Costa as Greed (Funimation Dub)
Marli Bortoletto as
Satella LeCoulte (ep 11)
Vendedora de Frutas (ep 16)
Mauro Castro as Sig Curtis
Mauro Ramos as Alex Louis Armstrong (Funimation Dub)
Miguel de Britto as Envy (Funimation Dub)
Nestor Chiesse as Solf J. Kimbley
Ramon Campos as Heymans Breda
Raquel Marinho as Sheska
Raul Schlosser as Richard
Renato Soares as Focker
Ricardo Fábio as
Liore Bartender (ep 3)
Ricardo Sawaya as
Homem (ep 15)
Rodrigo Araújo as
Rosa Maria Baroli as Madame Christmas/ Chris Mustang
Samira Fernandes as Lan Fan
Sérgio Corsetti as Jean Havoc
Sérgio Rufino as
Harris (ep 44)
Mason (ep 45)
Sidney Lilla as Tim Marcoh
Sílvio Giraldi as Inveja (Envy)
Suzy Pereira as Maria Ross
Tânia Gaidarji as Izumi Curtis
Tatá Guarnieri as
Homem (ep 6)
Slicer (Younger brother)
Tatiane Keplmair as Nina Tucker
Ulisses Bezerra as King Bradley (young)
Vagner Fagundes as Escravo Numero 23/ Van Hohenheim Jovem
Vagner Santos as Garfiel (Funimation Dub)
Vanessa Alves as Luxúria (Lust)
Walter Cruz as
Dr. Dente de Ouro
Giolio Comanche
Philip Gargantos Armstrong
Wellington Lima as Vato Falman
Wendel Bezerra as
Knox's Son (ep 31)
Zayra Zordan as
Florista (ep 16)
Pinako Rockbell
Zeca Rodrigues as Jerso

Gabriel Noya (ep 38)
Glauco Marques (debut)
Raul Schlosser (ep 17)
Vagner Santos (ep 12)
Portuguese companies
ADR Production: Artworks Digital Studio (Funimation dub)
ADR Studio: Imagine Sound Thinking (Funimation dub) 
SIC K (Portugal)
SIC Radical (Portugal)
Sony Spin
Dubbing Studio:
Imagine Sound Thinking (2021 dub)
Internet Streaming:
Claro Video (Brazil; Expired)
Crunchyroll (Brazil)
FUNimation Entertainment (Brazil; redub)
Netflix (Brazil-subtituled version)
Licensed by:
Animax (Brazil; expired)
Aniplex of America (Artworks/IST dub)
Translation: JBC
Swedish staff
Swedish companies
Internet Streaming: Gong (Swedish)
Swedish cast
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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