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Ponyo Off a Cliff

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 001 - Ponyo Off a Cliff

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Welcome to the first episode of the ANNCast, a new weekly show hosted by myself, Zac Bertschy, and ANN's director of New Media, Justin Sevakis. The premise is simple: we're going to talk about whatever anime-related topics we feel like, bring on a guest, and take some questions via Twitter. Sound good? Good!

This week we've got a brief discussion on the mild letdown that is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a chat about remakes and whether or not they're better if they're different, and then we dig right into Ponyo and the legacy of Hayao Miyazaki (don't worry, we don't spend the entire segment kissing his rear). Joining us in all this is Bamboo Dong, who needs no introduction.

So take a listen and check back next week for another thrilling episode! We'll have the show up on iTunes shortly, but for now, you can either listen here using the embedded player or download the MP3 version right here and mangle it however you like. Keep in mind several elements of the show are still temporary (like the music).

A Mild Warning: The ANNCast features occasional salty (meaning NSFW) language. Don't worry, we're not cursing like sailors... only like normal adults.

ANNCast Episode 001 Breakdown

00:00 Theme, Host Introductions

1:00 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood discussion

6:10 On remakes and what's been improved

8:35 Remakes that are identical to the manga

10:20 “break”

10:30 Ponyo Discussion Begins

11:50 Rankin' Ghibli films

15:30 Ponyo vs. The Competition

17:10 How much will Disney lose on Ponyo?

18:30 Ponyo vs. Iron Giant

19:20 BANDSLAM chat!

21:15 Favorite 'n Least Favorite Miyazaki

25:19 Questions from Viewers Like You

Have questions for the ANNCast crew? Tweet 'em to @ANNZac!

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