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Hey, Answerman!

by Zac Bertschy,

Hey, suckers! I'm back!

Brian's off this week, performing his new play, I'm Sorry I Liked You, which premieres today in Tucson, Arizona. If you live there, you should attend. If you live in Phoenix, you should carpool down and attend. Then make sure you approach him after the show and waste a bunch of his time talking about anime; he's too polite to tell you to leave him alone, AND he'll be in front of his friends! It's a twofer!

Anyway since he's gone, I figured I'd come back and abuse y'all a little. Hopefully I'm not too rusty at this.

I am an International fitness model and I've been doing a lot more fetish model in the last year.
One of my goals is to license my name/image/brand to a video game production, but I'm not so familiar with the industry. I am a huge fan of Anime. I want to work at conventions like the E3Expo and ComicCon. How do I contact booths to get work as a comic babe?

Please let me know. I'm hoping I can find a cool career in this industry!!

Thanks so much!

Well, I don't know a ton about how exactly booth babes wind up getting hired, but I have some knowledge.

I used to think they'd just go down to the strip club with nets riding horses and would round up all the strippers who couldn't get away in time (a'la the classic scene in Planet of the Apes), but one year at San Diego Comic-con I happened to be talking to a PR woman who was responsible for hiring a couple of booth girls for Miramax, and it's my understanding that they use talent agencies to 'cast' the girls, just like you'd cast a commercial or something. So they go through a bunch of 8x10s, pick out the best ones, and offer them a few hundred bucks for the day. In this particular instance, they had to get someone with an amputated leg to dress up like the chick with the machine gun leg from Planet Terror to promote the movie at Miramax's Comic-con booth, so they used a talent agency that specialized in amputees (yeah, I was surprised to know that existed too).

I mean, that's obviously not how it always works out, and it's probably just the bigger companies that do it that way (back when ADV had booth girls, for example, I'm pretty sure they just hired friends or locals using Craigslist). Unshockingly the booth babe practice seems to have gone away almost completely at anime conventions; the only con I attend that still has 'em is Comic-con, although with
E3 ramping up this year to be the giant exploding media clusterf*ck it was in the 90's again after taking a few years off from being the Noisiest Goddamn Thing Ever I'm sure there'll be more booth babes than anyone can handle.

So, I guess, find a talent agency to rep you and let your agent know you're looking for modeling work and (provided you live in Los Angeles, which I assume you do) would be willing to be a booth girl, and they might be able to find something for you.

I haven't been keeping up with the column as much, but I've been having a through that needed answering as I've been perusing forums and blogs for the new season of anime. You see, I'm a fan of mecha, especially of the Super Robot variety, and I really have to ask. why are SO MANY PEOPLE knocking on thge new Mazinger series? I mean, it's Auper Robot that isn't named Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, so idiots are going to troll it just because it's Mazinger/that wacky Go Nagai. but, Imagawa is an experienced director, if Giant Robo and Tetsujin 28-go are any indication. but I have seen this show mercilessly ripped on simply for "having no direction" or for "having bad animation." I've..... never been a fan of mainstream fighting anime like FMA and Dragon Ball, and thus can't get into stuff like Dragon Ball KAI and FMA Brotherhood. I was allways been attracted to mecha because it's unique, especially when it comes to Supers like Mazinger compared to stuff like Gundam.

I mean, it's okay if elitists wanna knock on it, but is it really the worst thing in the season? like worse than Beyblade and Queen's Blade? Really?

People were down on that first episode of Shin Mazinger because it was basically a confusing teaser for what's going to happen later. So they show you a bunch of zany, seemingly disconnected climactic moments that mean absolutely nothing out of context and strung together in a random order (unless, I guess, you're a diehard Mazinger fan and have been keeping up with all the various projects that take place in that franchise over the years), and it doesn't really have much of an impact on anyone who isn't already guaranteed to like it and know what the hell is going on.

I watched it myself and immediately recognized that not only A) this show is not for me, but B) it's clearly sort of an Episode 0 rather than a proper episode one, so I didn't bother reviewing it. According to
noted super robot enthusiast Daryl Surat, the show reverts to a normal linear storyline after that; he compares it to the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which also starts out with a big climactic battle that assumes you know all the characters already (although in FMA's favor, it isn't presented in such a chopped-up way), with the second episode setting up the characters and the premise.

Also remember that people on the internet go out of their way to be giant gaping assholes about basically everything (myself included!) and will pile on the hatred for anything, usually in an attempt at one-upping the other nerds hating on it. Shin Mazinger is a good example of a show that really doesn't have much appeal to Today's Modern Otaku (tm) who is more likely too busy wackin' it to K-ON! doujinshi to appreciate stuff that doesn't fit perfectly inside the standardized anime mold they're used to (meaning it isn't an adaptation of a popular action manga, isn't a romantic comedy aimed at men, isn't a cutsey comedy full of moeblobs and isn't a confusing, violent thriller). And that's fine; they make shows like Shin Mazinger really for kids and older otaku looking for a throwback to the old days.

Additionally, whoever said it had bad animation is an idiot. Shin Mazinger had great animation. They probably meant that they didn't like the almost blisteringly retro character and vehicle designs. I really hate it when people just take any design aspect of a piece of animation that they don't like and describe it as 'bad animation'.

Oh, and the worst new show this season is Asura Cryin', hands down, no contest. Eff that show.

Dear Answerman, is it just me, or are your Answerfan questions getting either 1) corny, because they are starting to become questions I find to be somewhat undermining, 2) boring, because they have absolutely no relevance to my interests and aspects, or 3) monotonous because they ask the same kind of question over and over that I have seen for the past month or so. How about possibly adding some variety to your questions. I've been hearing about upcoming series or what do you think of so forth etc, etc. Answerfans needs to become a bit more lively, or maybe there should be something else to take its place.

Wow, sorry about that! Here's a new Answerfans question for you:

What an utter delight it was to discover this sparkling gem in the Answerman inbox, realizing Brian hadn't used it yet. I was pretty sure this guy was an elaborate troll, faking all this stuff, but a quick search revealed that unless he's so dedicated to trolling that he created all this mindblowing nonsense (link mildly nsfw - really just don't click it at all) just to sell the bit, he's the real deal.

Yo, Mr. Answerman. I am The Founder, Owner, and President of the United States Department of Lolicon(aka, Lolicon Fans Against Pedophilia), Acting Interim Director for the Lolicon Defense Task Force, and Reporter for WDOL Loli Podcast Radio(Comming Soon).
Now that Introduction is over, I have a Few Questions for you if you dont mind.
(Bolded Questions are Importian Questions)
  1. Whats your Real Name?(It will never be releaced on Radio nor Online, just between you and me)
  2. What make you such an Expert in Anime?
  3. Who hired you to be the "Answer Man" on the Anime News Network
  4. What is your Collage Education(as in Deploma's Achived and/or working towards)
  5. What is your Career?
  6. Are you Japanese or what?
  7. Why in the Hell do you hate "Lolicon" so much?
Could you please tell me those Questions? Question #6 is for an Up comming Podcast Report to answer questions my some of My Members have wondered.
(Incase you are wondering)
  1. Yes, Akemi Loli Mokoto is My Real Whole Name(It was Legally Changed this year).
  2. The United States Department of Lolicon is Offically Registered in the Goverment Database, We have a Few Trademarks, and Several Copyrights on Content. We have 7 Websites and Nearly 200 Members.
  3. I am not a Crasy Person, I am a Strom Chaser,Self Proclaimed "Lolitologist", and Anti-Pedophile Activist.

All I can do is sit here in utter shock and absolute amazement that this guy is for real.

Let me repeat that: this guy is dead serious about this.

I have no more words.

Even this amazing bunnysnake cannot un-blow my mind right now.

Since this really is Brian's gig now, I'm not going to get all hubris-y (not a word, really) with it and make him sift through the answers to whatever question I post now. This segment will return next week, along with the man himself (provided there's no stereotypical Hollywood agent in the audience at his play who convinces Brian to move to LA where he'll surely land leading roles in blockbuster films, but instead winds up being the guy who has to wrangle the strippers for Comic-con.)

See? Full circle. Later!

Howl's Moving Castle © Nibariki * GNDDDT

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