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Giant Robo (OAV)

Have you seen this? want to / seen some / seen all

© Hikari Pro. / Toshiba Ent. / PLEX / Atlantis.

Alternative title:
Giant Robo The Animation: Chikyū ga Seishisuru Hi (Japanese)
Giant Robo: The Animation - The Day the Earth Stood Still
Giant Robot- Il giorno in cui la Terra si fermò (Italian)
Robô Gigante (Portuguese)
ジャイアント・ロボ THE ANIMATION 地球が静止する日 (Japanese)
機械巨神 (Chinese (Taiwan))
鐵甲人 - 地球靜止之日 (Chinese (Hong Kong))
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: 10 years ago Dr. Shizuma and his colleagues invented the Shizuma drive which is a revolutionizing new form of renewable and recyclable energy. Though they had to pay a heavy price for their success in a catastrophic accident that the world only wants to forget about. However, all is not well as the secret organization Big Fire is hell-bent on taking over the world. They have obtained two of three mysterious Shizuma drive samples with an unknown function, which are an integral part of their world domination plans. The third sample has however been stolen by Dr. Shizuma who during his escape is saved by Daisaku, Giant Robo and the Experts of Justice. Then a desperate struggle begins between the Experts of Justice and Big Fire for the control of the last sample as Big Fire unleashes their mightiest weapon, the Eye of Volger, upon the unsuspecting world. Soon everything points towards the hidden truth behind the accident 10 years ago as the starting point of everything.
User Ratings: 399 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 105 votes (sub:78, dub:25, others:2
1 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
 Excellent: 104 votes (sub:65, dub:34, raw:3, others:2
1 Italian dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Very good: 66 votes (sub:33, dub:29, raw:1, others:3
1 Dutch subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Good: 64 votes (sub:35, dub:25, ?:2, others:2
1 Italian dubbed
1 Dutch subtitled
 Decent: 25 votes (sub:14, dub:8, raw:1, ?:1, others:1
1 French subtitled
 So-so: 11 votes (sub:7, dub:3, ?:1)
 Not really good: 11 votes (sub:7, dub:4)
 Weak: 6 votes (dub:4, sub:1, others:1
1 Italian subtitled
 Bad: 4 votes (sub:4)
 Awful: 3 votes (dub:2, sub:1)
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 714 users, rank: #1646 (of 9406)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 8.120 (Very good), std. dev.: 1.872, rank: #443 (of 9514)
Weighted mean: 8.059 (Very good), rank: #466 (of 9514) (seen all: 8.28 / seen some: 7.25 / won't finish: 3.55)
Bayesian estimate: 8.039 (Very good), rank: #340 (of 7150)
Running time: 40 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 7
Episode titles: We have 7
Vintage: 1992-07-22
Release dates: We have 8
Links: We have 2
Trivia: We have 3
Previously released by U.S. Renditions and Manga Entertainment, with dubbing by Animaze. Media Blasters' re-release features an all-new dub by NYAV Post.
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Giant Robo - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) 2019-12-24 (from $69.95)
DVD (Region 1)
    Giant Robo - The Day The Earth Stood Still (DVD 1) 2004-10-26 (from $4.50)
    Giant Robo - The Day The Earth Stood Still + Model (DVD 1) 2004-12-14
    Giant Robo - The Day The Earth Stood Still (DVD 2) 2004-12-28 (from $4.60)
    Giant Robo - The Day The Earth Stood Still (DVD 3) 2005-03-29 (from $26.34)
    Giant Robo - Premium Collector's Set [Eyeball] (DVD 1-4) 2005-12-13
    Giant Robo - Complete DVD Economy Set (DVD 1-4) 2006-07-25 (from $184.69)
    Giant Robo - Perfect Collection (DVD 1-4) 2009-11-10 (from $88.52)
    Giant Robo: The Night The Earth Stood Still - The Black Attaché Case (LD 1) 1994-03-30
    Giant Robo: The Night The Earth Stood Still - The Tragedy of Bashtarlle (LD 2) 1994-08-17
    Giant Robo: The Night The Earth Stood Still - Magnetic Web Strategy (LD 3) 1994-11-23
    Giant Robo: The Night The Earth Stood Still - The Twilight of Superheroes (LD 4) 1995-04-11

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Yasuhiro Imagawa
Eiichi Matsuyama (ep 1)
Yasuhiro Imagawa (eps 1-7)
Akihiko Yamashita (eps 1-4, 7)
Kazuyoshi Katayama (eps 1-2, 5-6)
Shinji Higuchi (ep 3)
Toshiyuki Kubooka (eps 1-2)
Yasuhiro Imagawa (eps 1-4, 7)
Original author: Mitsuteru Yokoyama
Original Character Design: Mitsuteru Yokoyama
Art Director:
Hiromasa Ogura (ep 1)
Hiroshi Katō (ep 4)
Ken Arai (ep 4)
Masanori Kikuchi (ep 2)
Masaru Ohta (ep 5)
Toru Koga (ep 6)
Yūsuke Takeda (eps 3, 7)
Chief Animation Director: Akihiko Yamashita (ep 7)
Animation Director:
Akihiko Yamashita (eps 1-6)
Kazuyoshi Katayama (eps 1-3, 5)
Keiichi Satō (ep 6)
Kenji Hayama (ep 3)
Mari Mizuta (ep 4)
Setsuo Takase (ep 6)
Shigeto Makino (ep 4)
Toshiyuki Kubooka (eps 1-2)
Yasunori Urata (ep 7)
Art design: Akihiro Hirasawa (ep 7)
Sound Director:
Kensei Date (ep 7)
Yasunori Honda (eps 1-5)
Yota Tsuruoka (ep 6)
Co-Director: Kobun Shizuno
Director of Photography: Yoshiaki Yasuhara
Assistant Animation Director:
Masami Ozone (ep 7)
Yoshimi Hashimoto (ep 7)
Assistant Director:
Kaoru Suzuki (ep 7)
Kōji Yoshikawa (eps 1-5)
Assistant producer:
Ken Matsumoto (eps 2-5)
Maria Date (ep 5)
Masahito Uchida (eps 2-7)
Background Art:
Akihiro Hirasawa (Studio Biho; eps 4-5)
Chieko Nezaki (Studio Biho; eps 3-7)
Hideto Nakahara (Studio Tulip; ep 1)
Hirofumi Haginiwa (Athena Art Studio; ep 2)
Hirofumi Yabuniwa (Athena Art Studio; ep 2) 
Hiroshi Katō (Studio Biho; eps 3, 5-6)
Hiroshi Sasaki (ep 1)
Hisaharu Iijima (Easter; ep 2)
Hisashi Ikeda (Tessa Production; ep 2)
Jun Okabe (Studio Biho; eps 5-7)
Junichi Higashi (Easter; ep 2)
Kaori Fujii (Easter; ep 2)
Kazuaki Shimazaki (ep 1)
Ken Arai (Studio Biho; eps 5, 7)
Kenichi Harada (ep 2)
Kenichi Muto (Studio Biho; ep 7)
Kenji Sekiguchi (Tessa Production; ep 2)
Kentaro Mishima (Studio Biho; ep 6)
Kiyoko Ishikawa (Studio Biho; eps 3-5)
Kiyoshi Tsuchiya (Studio Biho; ep 7)
Masako Hoshi (Studio Biho; ep 6)
Masanori Kikuchi (ep 1)
Masaru Ohta (Studio Biho; ep 4)
Masaru Satō (Studio Biho; eps 5-7)
Masayasu Yamaguchi (Athena Art Studio; ep 2)
Michiyo Ono (Tessa Production; ep 2)
Mikiko Takahashi (Studio Biho; ep 3)
Momonori Taniguchi (Tessa Production; ep 2)
Norihiro Hiraki (Studio Biho; eps 3-6)
Sadako Minamisawa (Easter; eps 1-2)
Satoru Fujishiro (Studio Biho; eps 4-6)
Seijirou Araki (Studio Tulip; ep 1)
Shigeyuki Higashi (Studio Biho; ep 4)
Shiho Shimada (Studio Biho; ep 6)
Shunichiro Yoshihara (Studio Biho; eps 5-7)
Sohei Koizumi (Studio Biho; ep 7)
Takemi Tsukahara (Studio Biho; ep 4)
Takuji Anai (Studio Biho; eps 6-7)
Tatsuro Iseri (Studio Biho; eps 4-7)
Tatsuya Kushida (Studio Biho; eps 3, 5-6)
Tomoko Takahashi (ep 1)
Tomonori Katō (Studio Biho; ep 7)
Toshiro Nozaki (ep 2)
Tsuyoshi Nagae (Studio Tulip; ep 1)
Yasutaka Kondo (Studio Biho; ep 7)
Yoshinori Hirose (ep 1)
Yūsuke Takeda (Studio Biho; eps 3-7)
Conceptual Design: Makoto Kobayashi
Eyecatch Illustration: Makoto Kobayashi (eps 2-7)
In-Between Animation:
Akiko Funakawa (Studio Pierrot; ep 5)
Akira Naito (Tamasawa Animation; ep 5)
Daisuke Nakayama (OH Production; ep 6)
Eiji Kubo (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Eitaro Abe (Studio Pierrot; ep 5)
Hironori Ishii (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 3-4)
Hitomu Kawano (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; ep 1)
Hitoshi Kawaguchi (ep 6)
Izumi Sekiguchi (Production I.G; ep 6)
Jun Hattori (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Junko Horimoto (Studio Pierrot; ep 5)
Kaori Hasegawa (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; ep 1)
Katsuhisa Yamamoto (Mu Osaka Studio and Studio Hatenko; eps 1-5)
Katsumi Yamazaki (Production I.G; ep 6)
Kazuko Kiriyama (Tamasawa Animation; ep 5)
Kazunori Fujiwara (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Kazunori Shibata (Studio Pierrot; ep 5)
Keitaro Sawa (Mu Osaka Studio; eps 1-3)
Koji Inatomi (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 2-3)
Koji Nishijima (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 2-3)
Koji Tomura (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Mamoru Amano (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 2-3)
Masahiko Arai (OH Production; ep 6)
Masataka Ebina (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 2-3)
Masumi Asatani (Production I.G; ep 6)
Megumi Kadonosono (Mu Osaka Studio; Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 1-3)
Megumi Sakamoto (Studio Pierrot; ep 5)
Michihiko Tsukada (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 2-4)
Mimi Nakai (Production I.G; ep 6)
Mina Kojima (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; ep 4)
Miyuki Yoshida (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Mutsuko Yokota (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; ep 4)
Naoki Murakami (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; ep 1)
Noritaka Kanzaki (Mu Osaka Studio; eps 1-3)
Richard E. Krantz (ep 7)
Ryoji Ikematsu (Studio Pierrot; ep 5)
Satoi Yajima (Production I.G; ep 6)
Sayo Yoshida (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 3-5)
Seiichiro Ito (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Seiji Koyama (Mu Osaka Studio; 1-4)
Shigenori Taniguchi (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 2-4)
Shinichi Yoshida (Mu Osaka Studio; eps 1-2, 4)
Shinya Uchida (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 1, 3)
Shōji Yatomi (Studio Pierrot; ep 5)
Sōji Shinohara (eps 2-4)
Sumiko Matsumoto (Mu Osaka Studio; eps 2-4)
Taeko Watanabe (ep 6)
Taiji Sugimoto (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; ep 1)
Takaharu Moriyama (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 3-4)
Takahiro Makino (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; ep 3)
Takako Tamura (eps 2-6)
Takato Fukuyama (Studio Pierrot; ep 5)
Takenobu Kiya (Mu Osaka Studio; eps 1-2, 4)
Tatsuya Takenogami (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Tetsuya Shikanai (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 2-3)
Tomoaki Chishima (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 2-3)
Toshio Kojima (ep 6)
Toshio Teramoto (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Toshirō Teramoto (ep 4)
Tsuneyuki Hirai (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Tsutomu Miyazawa (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 3-4)
Tsutomu Tomizawa (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; ep 2)
Yasutaka Hirai (Mu Osaka Studio; ep 1)
Yasutaka Yoshida (eps 2-4)
Yoko Sano (Tamasawa Animation; ep 5)
Yoshimi Hashimoto (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; eps 2-4)
Yoshimitsu Negishi (Tamasawa Animation; ep 5)
Yukari Matsuda (Mu Osaka Studio; eps 1-2)
Yukitomo Watanabe (Mu Tokyo Headquarters; ep 2)
Yutaka Takehara (Studio Pierrot; ep 5)
In-Between Check:
Futoshi Higashide (eps 1-5)
Hirotsugu Yamada (eps 1-3)
Keizou Ichikawa (ep 7)
Seiji Miyoshi (eps 1-7)
Takumi Ooshima (ep 5)
Yukie Sakō (ep 7)
Key Animation:
Akihiko Yamashita (eps 1-7)
Akio Mitani (ep 4)
Akira Kano (eps 4-5)
Akira Oguro (ep 6)
Akira Shinoda (ep 3)
Akitoshi Yokoyama (eps 1-2, 7)
Atsushi Takeuchi (eps 1-2)
Chūji Nakajima (ep 6)
Eiichi Kuboyama (ep 7)
Eiji Suganuma (ep 2)
Eiji Yamanaka (ep 6)
Emiko Momose (ep 3)
Fujio Oda (ep 4)
Fumie Muroi (ep 7)
Fuminori Kizaki (ep 5)
Futoshi Higashide (ep 7)
Hajime Kamegaki (ep 2)
Hideaki Anno (special guest; eps 1-4, 6)
Hideaki Yoshio (ep 2)
Hideki Araki (ep 5)
Hideki Hamasu (ep 2)
Hidetoshi Yoshida (ep 1)
Hiroaki Gōda (ep 1)
Hiroko Kazui (ep 7)
Hironori Ishii (ep 7)
Hironori Yamamoto (ep 6)
Hiroshi Kugimiya (eps 3, 5-7)
Hiroshi Okubo (ep 6)
Hirotoshi Sano (special guest; ep 3)
Hirotoshi Takaya (ep 6)
Hiroyuki Okuno (ep 1)
Hisashi Nakayama (eps 6-7)
Hisashi Saito (ep 6)
Hitomi Nishida (ep 4)
Ichiro Ogawa (ep 7)
Isao Suzuki (eps 5, 7)
Itsuko Takeda (ep 7)
Jouji Yanase (ep 4)
Jun Shibata (ep 7)
Jun Yokose (ep 7)
Katsushi Sakurabi (ep 7)
Katsutoshi Nakamura (ep 2)
Kazuko Shibata (ep 2)
Kazumi Sato (ep 7)
Kazuya Saitō (ep 7)
Kazuyoshi Katayama (eps 2-3, 5)
Keiichi Ishikura (ep 1)
Keiichi Satō (eps 3-6)
Keiji Gotoh (eps 1-4, 6)
Kenichi Takahashi (ep 1)
Kenichi Yoshida (ep 2)
Kenji Hayama (eps 1-7)
Kimiaki Nagumo (ep 7)
Kiyotoshi Aoi (ep 4)
Kōichi Hashimoto (ep 6)
Koichi Tsuchida (ep 7)
Kumi Horii (eps 2-4)
Kumiko Takahashi (ep 1)
Kuniharu Sasaki (ep 7)
Kunihiko Natsume (ep 6)
Mahiro Maeda (special guest; ep 1)
Maki Fujii
Makoto Yamada (ep 4)
Mamoru Kurosawa (eps 2-3)
Mariko Aoki (ep 7)
Masahiko Ōkura (eps 1-2)
Masahiro Okamura (ep 3)
Masahiro Yamane (ep 6)
Masami Goto (eps 2-4, 6)
Masami Ozone (eps 1-7)
Masanori Kiryû (ep 5)
Masao Ōkubo (ep 4)
Masashi Ishihama (ep 4)
Masashi Kojima (ep 7)
Michio Ito (ep 2)
Miho Shimogasa (ep 1)
Mitsuo Iso (ep 5)
Morifumi Naka (ep 3)
Noboru Koizumi (ep 4)
Nobutoshi Ogura (ep 2)
Osamu Nabeshima (eps 3-4, 6)
Satoru Kiyomaru (ep 7)
Satoshi Ishino (eps 3, 5)
Seiji Fukuyama (ep 7)
Senhou Yoshioka (ep 7)
Shigehito Tsuji (ep 6)
Shigetaka Kiyoyama (ep 3)
Shingo Suzuki (ep 6)
Shinji Satō (eps 4, 7)
Shinya Uchida (eps 5-6)
Shōichi Masuo (special guest; eps 1-4, 6-7)
Soichiro Matsuda (ep 4)
Tadaaki Miyata (ep 4)
Takahiro Kishida (ep 1)
Takamitsu Kondō (ep 4)
Takashi Hashimoto (eps 2-5)
Takashi Yamazaki (ep 1)
Takayuki Gorai (eps 2, 7)
Takehiro Noda (ep 2)
Takeshi Honda (ep 1)
Takeshi Koike (eps 1, 6)
Tatsufumi Tamagawa (ep 6)
Tatsumori Imoto (eps 1-2)
Tetsuhito Saito (ep 7)
Tetsuya Yanagisawa (ep 1)
Tomohiro Hirata (ep 1)
Toru Yoshida (ep 7)
Toshiharu Sato (ep 4)
Toshihiko Takenaka (ep 7)
Toshiyuki Kubooka (eps 1-2)
Toshiyuki Okabayashi (ep 4)
Tsunenaka Nozaki (ep 7)
Tsunenori Saito (eps 6-7)
Tsutomu Miyazawa (eps 5-6)
Yasuchika Nagaoka (eps 2-3)
Yasuhiro Hayashi (ep 7)
Yasuhiro Irie (ep 1)
Yasuhiro Namatame (ep 2)
Yasushi Muraki (ep 2)
Yōichi Ishikawa (ep 7)
Yōichi Ueda (ep 6)
Yoko Kikuchi (eps 3-7)
Yoshihiko Umakoshi (ep 6)
Yoshihiro Kitano (ep 6)
Yoshimi Hashimoto (eps 5-7)
Yoshinobu Aohachi (ep 3)
Yoshio Usuda (ep 6)
Yoshitaka Katō (eps 2, 4, 6-7)
Yoshitaka Kohno (eps 4-5, 7)
Yoshiyuki Ichikawa (eps 3, 5)
Yoshiyuki Ito (eps 6-7)
Yūji Takahashi (eps 1-4, 7)
Yūji Yanase (eps 3-4)
Yutaka Kamogawa (ep 4)
Mecha Research: Takashi Watabe
Music Director:
Yasunori Honda
Yota Tsuruoka (eps 1-5)
Negative Editing:
Masahiro Gotō (eps 2, 5-6)
Takao Saotome (ep 4)
Yoko Tsuru (ep 3)
Yoshihiro Aso (ep 1)
Orchestra Conductor: Masamichi Amano
Original Mecha Design: Mitsuteru Yokoyama
Eiji Masuda (Mu Photography Department; eps 3-4)
Rikiya Matsushita (ep 7)
Satoshi Saito (Mu Photography Department; ep 1)
Takashi Shimamoto (Mu Photography Department; eps 1-2)
Yutaka Saito (Mu Photography Department; eps 3-4, 7)
Production Advancement:
Hideki Yamada (eps 4-6)
Kiyohide Kuroiwa (eps 3-4, 6)
Kiyohide Urami (ep 5)
Kobun Shizuno (ep 7)
Kouji Nakano (eps 1-2)
Makoto Matsuoka (ep 2)
Masae Kawakami (ep 5)
Masahiko Soda (ep 1)
Misa Fujikawa (ep 7)
Naoki Iinuma (ep 1)
Takumi Sakurai (ep 4)
Yasuyuki Fuse (eps 2-3)
Production manager:
Kōichi Murakami (eps 1-2)
Masahiko Omata (ep 7)
Masahiko Soda (ep 5)
Tatsuya Hoshino (eps 3-4, 6)
Publicity Manager:
Atsushi Sugita (eps 2-3)
Hisashi Sakurai (eps 1-2)
Ken Matsumoto (ep 1)
Mami Senoo (2-4)
Mikihiro Iwata (eps 3-4)
Satoshi Kawano (ep 5)
Shiho Miyai (eps 4-6)
Suguru Matsumura (eps 2-6)
Recording: Yukio Abe
Science Fiction Research: Chiaki Kawamata
Sound Effects: Yasuyuki Konno
Special Effects:
Kou Yamamoto (eps 1-6)
Makoto Nishiyama (Visual Workshop; ep 6)
Takashi Yamamoto (ep 7)
Yasuhiko Komori (ep 7)
Kappei Yamaguchi as Daisaku Kusama
Sumi Shimamoto as Ginrei

Akio Ōtsuka as Kaei (Hua Rong; eps 5-7)
Iemasa Kayumi as Chief Shizuo Chūjō
Kazue Komiya as Youshi (Yang Zhi; eps 2-4, 7)
Kazuo Harada as Dr. Shizuma de Montalban III (eps 1-2, 5, 7)
Kōichi Chiba as Dr. Franken Von Vogler
Masashi Ebara as Professor Go Gakujin (Wu Yong)
Norio Wakamoto as Taisou (Dai Zong; eps 1-4, 7)
Rokurō Naya as Koushin Chin Sanzan (Huang Xin; eps 5-7)
Shinji Ogawa as Genya
Shōzō Iizuka as Tetsugyu (Li Kui; eps 1-5, 7)
Tadashi Nakamura as Shokatsuryō Kōmei (Zhuge Liang; eps 6-7)
Takeshi Aono as Issei (Gongsun Sheng)
Tarô Ishida as Hanzui the Evil Messiah (Fan Rui; eps 6-7)
Tomokazu Seki as Kaihō (Xie Bao; eps 5-7)
Yasuyoshi Hara as Ivan (eps 1-3)
Yousuke Akimoto as Shockwave Alberto
Yuji Mikimoto as Inspector Kenji Murasame

Akio Ōtsuka as Professor Shimure (ep 5)
Chikao Ohtsuka as Juujoji the Bell of Life (Zhang Rang; ep 6)
Fuyumi Shiraishi as Sanny the Magican (ep 6)
Hiroyuki Satou as Gen Shōgo (Ruan Xiaowu; ep 7)
Houchu Ohtsuka as Gen Shōji (Ruan Xiao'er; ep 7)
Isshin Chiba as
Expert 1 (eps 1-3)
Gen Shōshichi (Ruan Xiaoqi; ep 7)
Kazue Takahashi as Rudo 
Kazuhiro Nakata as Keppū Ren (ep 7)
Kenichi Ogata as Shuutsuu (Zhou Tong; eps 5-7)
Kouji Nakata as Zangetsu (ep 6)
Masaaki Yajima as Dr. Kusama (eps 5, 7)
Michio Hazama as Cervantes (ep 5)
Michitaka Kobayashi as Radio Announcer (ep 1)
Mitsuaki Hoshino as
Dr. Trumbo (ep 5)
Kaichin (Xie Zhen; eps 5-7)
Mugihito as Kawarazaki (eps 6-7)
Nachi Nozawa as Yūki (ep 6)
Osamu Ichikawa as
Mask the Red (eps 6-7)
Red Mask
Sanshirō Nitta as
Dr. Trumbo (eps 1-2)
Keppū Ren (ep 7)
Shigezou Sasaoka as
Dr. Duncan (eps 1-2, 5)
Ozma (ep 1)
Richū (Li Zhong; eps 5-6)
Tomokazu Seki as Emmanuel Von Vogler (eps 5-7)
Yasuyoshi Hara as The Amazing Fitzkarald (eps 6-7)
Yoshimi Sugiyama as Waitress (ep 1)
Yuji Mikimoto as Narrator

Japanese companies
Animation Production:
Jupiter Film (ep 5)
Mu Animation Studio
Phoenix Entertainment (eps 6-7)
Athena Art Studio (ep 2)
Bihou, Inc. (eps 3-7)
Studio Easter (ep 2)
Studio Tulip (ep 1)
Tessa Production (ep 2)
Film Developing: Toei Chemical Industry
Finish Check:
CCR (eps 1-4)
SHAFT (ep 5)
In-Between Animation:
Animatronics (eps 1-2)
Anime R (ep 5)
Anime Torotoro (ep 6)
FAI International (eps 5-6)
Group Donguri (ep 6)
Oh! Production (ep 6)
Pak Production (ep 2)
Phoenix Entertainment (ep 6)
Pierrot (ep 5)
Production I.G (ep 6)
Studio DEEN (eps 5-6)
Studio Egg (ep 6)
Studio Hatenkou (eps 5-6)
Studio Kuma (ep 1)
Studio Live (ep 7)
Studio MOLA (ep 7)
Studio Mu (eps 1-4)
Studio Need (ep 5)
Studio Takuranke (ep 7)
Studio Theta (ep 7)
Tamazawa Dogasha (ep 5)
Key Animation Assistance:
Group Donguri (ep 2)
Oh! Production (ep 2)
Studio Ghibli (ep 2)
Tamazawa Dogasha (ep 2)
Lith Work: Maki Production
Mixing Studio: AVACO Creative Studios (eps 1-6)
Music Production: Victor Entertainment
Original Soundtrack: Toshiba EMI (ep 7)
IMG (ep 2)
Phoenix Entertainment (eps 5-7)
Studio Coral Reef (ep 7)
Viola Co. (ep 7)
Photography Assistance:
Q Production (ep 4)
Studio Coral Reef (eps 4-6)
Studio Wood (ep 2)
Recording Studio:
AVACO Creative Studios (eps 5-7)
Toei Audio Visual Art Center (eps 1-4)
Sound Effects: Swara Pro
Titles: Maki Production
English cast
English staff
Director: Quint Lancaster
ADR Director: Michael Sinterniklaas (NYAV Post Dub)
Art Director: Merideth Mulroney
Executive producer:
John Sirabella (Media Blasters)
Ken Iyadomi
Laurence Guinness
Yutaka Maseba
Additional Effects:
Joe Romersa
Les Claypool III
Additional Sound Design: Georgia Hilton (NYAV Post Dub)
Associate producer: Elaine Morland (Discotek)
Blu-Ray Authoring: Justin Sevakis
Blu-ray Encoding: Justin Sevakis
Les Claypool III (ep 4)
Mary Claypool (ep 4)
Digital Tracking: Joe Romersa
DVD Author: Stephen Poole
Hiroko Rodriguez (NYAV Post Dub)
Justin Kim (NYAV Post Dub)
Naneen Paglieri (NYAV Post Dub)
Liner Notes: Mike Toole (Discotek)
Menu Breakdown: Gary Swarer (Discotek)
Menu Design: Brady Hartel (Discotek)
Packaging: Brady Hartel (Discotek)
Post-Production Manager:
Justin Kim (NYAV Post Dub)
Scott Marchfeld (NYAV Post Dub)
Production Assistant:
Jessica Neva (Discotek)
Marc Levy (Discotek)
Production Coordination: Kei Onishi
Production Services: Brady Hartel (Discotek)
Production Supervision: Sean Molyneaux (NYAV Post Dub)
Recording: Joe Romersa
Recording Facility Engineer: Les Claypool III (USR/Manga Ent. Version)
Script Adaptation:
Dan Green (NYAV Post Dub)
Michael Sinterniklaas (NYAV Post Dub)
Script Timing: Gloria Gines
Special Thanks To:
Daryl Surat (Discotek)
Jose Argumedo (Discotek)
Les Claypool III (Discotek)
Mary Claypool (Discotek)
Merideth Mulroney (Discotek)
Subtitle Editing:
Ian Wright (Discotek)
Logan Rebholz (Discotek)
Subtitle Timing:
Ian Wright (Discotek)
Logan Rebholz (Discotek)
Debra Jean Rogers as Gin Rei/Falmelle
Eva Christensen as Ginrei (NYAV Post dub)
Joshua Seth as Daisaku Kusama (eps 3-5)
Keven Lee as Daisaku Kusama (eps 1-2)
Michelle Newman as Daisaku (NYAV Post dub)
Paul Stephen as Daisaku Kusama (eps 6-7)
Tom Charles as Franken Von Folger
Zachary Alexander as Franken Von Vogler (NYAV Post dub)

Bill Kestin as Inspector Kenji Murasame
Dan Green as Genya (NYAV Post dub)
Dougary Grant as Doujin Issei
Erica Schroeder as Youshi (NYAV Post dub)
George C. Cole as Inspector Kenji Murasame (ep 7)
John Campbell as Chujo (NYAV Post dub)
Kevin T. Collins as Professor Go (NYAV Post dub)
Lex Woutas as Lord Alberto (NYAV Post dub)
Marc Diraison as Inspector Kenji Murasame (NYAV Post dub)
Marc Thompson as Taiso (NYAV Post dub)
Mike Pollock as Doujin Issei (NYAV Post dub)
Sean Schemmel as Tetsugyu (NYAV Post dub)
Skip Greenpoint as Narrator (NYAV Post dub)
Steven Jay Blum as Tetsugyu
Stevie Beeline as Professor Go Gakujin

Abe Lasser as Hanzui the Evil Messiah
Addie Blaustein as Koshin (NYAV Post dub)
Alfred Thor as Narrator (ep 7)
Anthony Santacrose as Shockwave Alberto
Buck Rhodes as Fabulous Fitzgeraldo
Carol Fein as Youshi Sumenju
Christopher Joyce as
Emergency Alert Announcement
Kenpu Clan
Russian Branch of the Bigfire
Christopher Kromer as Fitzcarrald (NYAV Post dub)
Christopher Nicholas as
BF (NYAV Post dub)
Expert's (NYAV Post dub)
Dan Martin as Prof. Shizuma
David Moo as Kael (NYAV Post dub)
Dougary Grant as
Alaska Base Operator
Q-Boss, Experts Tech
Tiger Man
Ed Paul as
Kalho (NYAV Post dub)
Kusama (NYAV Post dub)
Shutsu (NYAV Post dub)
Eric Stuart as Hanzui (NYAV Post dub)
Gary Michaels as Ivan the Terrible
George C. Cole as Professor Kusama
Hal Cleaveland as Narrator
Hank Wilspank as Tiger Man
Jack Emmet as
Point J Coordinator
Yuuki the Twilight
James Clay as Shoriko no Kaei
Jimmy Theodore as Warrior
John Santacrose as Shockwave Alberto
Julie Kliewer as Sanny the Magician
Justin Shyder as
Mobile Base Operations from England
Zangetsu the Mid-day
Lee West as Silent Chuujou the Human Bomb
Lex Lang as Bermuda Triangle Base
Marc Thompson as Duncan (NYAV Post dub)
Melissa Williamson as Youshi Sumenju
Mike Pollock as
Jyujyouji (NYAV Post dub)
Prof. Shizuma (NYAV Post dub)
Richard Hayworth as Red Mask
Richard Springle as Kawarazaki (NYAV Post dub)
Robert Gorman as Yuuki (NYAV Post dub)
Robert St. Denis as Cho-Katsu Komei (eps 6-7)
Robert D. Papenbrook as Juujoji the Bell of Life
Rudy Luzion as Rescue Team Communicator
Sam Strong as Koushin Chin Sanzan
Sean Barker as Shoji Gen
Sean Elias-Reyes as
BF (NYAV Post dub)
Expert's (NYAV Post dub)
Simon Isaacson as Concussion Kawarazaki
Sparky Thornton as Silent Chuujou the Human Bomb (ep 7)
Steve Areno as
Radio Voice
Steven Jay Blum as
Gin Rei's Disguise
Vic Mignogna as Zangetsu (NYAV Post dub)
Wayne Grayson as
Ivan (NYAV Post dub)
Juan (NYAV Post dub)
Zen Mansley as
Q Boss (NYAV Post dub)
Simule (NYAV Post dub)

Chris Kimball (NYAV Post dub)
Fred Chagan (NYAV Post dub)
Joe Chagan (NYAV Post dub)
Matt Holz (NYAV Post dub)
Nick Loscalzo (NYAV Post dub)
English companies
ADR Production:
Animaze (USR/Manga Ent. Version)
NYAV Post (AnimeWorks Version)
Blu-Ray Authoring: MediaOCD (Discotek release)
Blu-ray Encoding: MediaOCD (Discotek release)
Broadcaster: Anime Selects
Madman Entertainment (Australia)
Manga Entertainment (Australia)
DVD Menu Design: TwistyGadget (Discotek release)
Licensed by:
Discotek Media (2018)
L.A. Hero, Inc. (Expired)
Manga Entertainment (Expired)
Media Blasters (Expired)
U.S. Renditions (Expired)
Packaging: TwistyGadget (Discotek release)
Production Services: TwistyGadget (Discotek release)
Recording Facility: Magnitude 8 Post
Soundtrack: AnimeTrax
French staff
French cast
Adaptation: Gilles Coiffard
Céline Mauge as GinRei
Jacques Albaret as Dr Von Vogler
Nathalie Bienaime as Daisaku Kusama

Frederic Popovic as
Kenji Murasame
Koushin (1ère voix)
Jacques Albaret as
Lionel Tavera as
Dr. Shizuma
Ivan le Terrible
Michel Blin as
Chef Chuyo
Koushin (2ème voix)
Olivier Angèle as
Patrick Bethune as
Professeur Go
Shocking Alberto
Paule Pascal as Youshi
Tony Joudrier as Q Boss
French companies
Spanish staff
Spanish companies
Internet Streaming:
AnimeOnegai (Latin America)
Código Animé (English subbed; eps 1-3)
Spanish cast
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Fabrizio Mazzotta
Translation: Irene Cantoni
Executive producer: Francesco Di Sanzo

Assistant Director of Dubbing: Andrea Moresco
Dialogues: Cinzia De Carolis (eps 4-7)
Dubbing Assistant: Maurizio Picchio (eps 4-7)
Dubbing Sound:
Alessio Campana (ep 7)
Enzo Mandara (eps 1-3)
Paolo Nagy (eps 4-6)
Andrea Moresco
Enzo Mandara (eps 1-3)
Stefano Morandi (eps 4-7)
Mixing Assistant: Giorgio Bassanelli Bisbal (eps 4-7)
Script Supervision:
Anna Marani
Francesco Di Sanzo
Vincenzo Martella (eps 4-7)
Andrea Moresco (eps 1-3)
Laura Rubin (eps 4-7)
Barbara De Bortoli as Gin Rei
Massimiliano Alto as Daisaku Kuruma
Monica Ward as Gin Rei

Enzo Consoli as Tetsugyu
Francesco Prando as Genya
Massimo Rossi as Professor Go
Mauro Bosco as Vogler

Alberto Càneva as Shutsu
Alessio Ward as Daisaku da bambino
Andrea Ward as Mask The Red
Angelo Maggi as Kenji Murasame
Dario De Grassi as Professor Sisma
Davide Chevalier as Professor Go da ragazzo
Davide Marzi as Kaichin
Diego Reggente as Cervantes
Ennio Coltorti as Dott. Kusama
Fabrizio Picconi as Professor Shimure
Fabrizio Vidale as Shoshichi
Federica De Bortoli as Gin Rei da bambina
Francesco Bulckaen as Genya da ragazzo
Franco Mannella as Professor Trambaud
Germano Basile as Kaiho
Germano Longo as Fitzcarraldo
Giuliano Santi as Issei
Letizia Ciampa as Sunny
Marco Baroni as Shogo
Marco Vivio as Shoji
Mario Bombardieri as Koshin
Massimo Gentile as Ivan
Maurizio Reti as Professor Duncan
Michele Kalamera as
Paolo Buglioni as Hanzui
Raffaele Uzzi as Yuki
Roberto Pedicini as Komei
Roberto Stocchi as Jujoji
Romano Malaspina as Lord Albert
Sergio Tedesco as Kawarazaki
Stefano Mondini as Voce narrante
Vittorio Guerrieri as Zangetsu
Italian companies
Granata Press
Shin Vision (2006 ed. - waiting for new dub)
Cooperativa Eddy Cortese (eps 4-7)
SD Cinematografica (eps 1-3)
Publisher: Dynamic Italia
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Distributor: Manga DVD
Dutch cast
Russian staff
Russian companies
Distributor: MC Entertainment
Russian cast
Portuguese staff
Portuguese companies
Distributor: Flashstar (Brazil; cancelled)
Dubbing Studio: Dublavídeo
Portuguese cast
Marcelo Campos as Daisaku Kusama
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast
Chinese (Hong Kong) staff
Chinese (Hong Kong) companies
Licensed by: Asia Video
Chinese (Hong Kong) cast

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