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Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love, and Q&A

Answerman: Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love, and Q&A

So it looks like we've hit the post-Anime Expo lull. Nothing happens, news wise, between now-ish and Otakon. Heck, even at Otakon, few things are announced. It's a good thing these questions keep rolling in. Coming up this Friday, look for a special column. I plan on posting my top 10 most-asked questions and their corresponding answers. There might even be a special visit from Pete, my magic divination monkey.

Anyway, on to the questions:

Any word on when New Dominion Tank Police will be out on DVD?


New Dominion Tank Police is a Manga catalog title. So far, Manga has proved to be a little scattered when it comes to catalog releases, and since New Dominion Tank Police lacks the popularity of other catalog shows like Giant Robo (Which is already on Manga's upcoming releases list), I wouldn't expect to see it on DVD for a while. Manga hasn't announced a DVD for this title, but it's pretty much a lock that most anime companies will release their entire back catalogs on DVD eventually; just maybe not in the near future.

Two quick questions for you
1. Why is CN only showing the original Gundam series during the toonami block and not the far superior MS 8th, which only airs in the night block
2. How many years seperate these two series, since the artwork differs so significantly

Annoyed CN viewer

Cartoon Network is showing the original Gundam during the Toonami block because it's far more suitable for younger viewers, who will be tuning in at that time. Gundam 08th MS Team is a much more mature show and thus belongs in the midnight slot. The original Gundam aired in 1979, while The 08th MS Team is an OVA series from 1996. So that's what… about 17 years?

Is Vandread coming to the states?


Yep. Pioneer currently owns the US distribution license for Vandread.

I was wondering if there's any chance that Watsuki would continue the Rurouni Kenshin tv series? I have heard rumors that he might make the jinchu arc a part of the tv series or continue with Yahiko as the main character. Is any of this true?

Nope. Those are all rumors. The Kenshin TV series ran a full 95 episodes long; while producing more TV episodes would make sense, shows that run that long don't usually come back. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying that any information you read now, unless it comes straight from the pages of Newtype, Animage, or Watsuki himself, is pure rumor.

Yes Mr Answerman
Would you answer me this do or have you heard of any sequels to the famous Flame of Recca? I have heard that it was in the making but I don't now how reliable the information that I received is valid so I come to you Answerman. If you could help me out I would appreciate it.

Have a Blessed Day.


I'd hardly call Flame of Recca “famous”, but as far as I know, there are no plans for a continuation of the TV series. The show ran for two seasons, and that's it.

Dear Person that is currently reading this letter that's name is unknown to me at this time,

I was just wondering if there really is a Kodomo no Omocha movie coming out right now. Also, how many episodes are in the Kodomo no Omocha OAV? Whats the difference between OVA and OAV and why do they call them different things?


My name is at the top of the column, dude. Regardless, I haven't heard of any plans for a Kodomo no Omocha theatrical movie. There's only one OVA episode, and it's basically a condensed version of the first part of the manga storyline. As for the differences between OVA and OAV, there are none - they both mean “Original Video Animation”. Some people say OAV and some people say OVA. There really isn't a “correct” way.

I heard that there was a problem with The Wings of Honneamise DVD release from Manga Entertainment. My question is if Manga resolved this problem, since I want to buy it soon.


There's a real problem with The Wings of Honneamise DVD; it sucks. Badly. The video transfer is awful. Manga rightfully earned the hatred of a million fanboys the day that DVD was released. So far they haven't done anything about it, except saying that they are “investigating the widespread complaints”. I'd save my money until they do a proper release.

Yo Answerman

when are the new Tatoon Master are coming out.If you can answer my question please tell me when is it going to come out.

Er, as far as I know, ADV released every episode of Tatoon Master ever released. It wasn't exactly a smash hit, so I don't think any more were produced in Japan.

Hey Answerman,

I really like to know what an anime is about before I spend money to see it.(especially after the jubie chan insident, *shutters*)Anyway, can you tell me which site has the most and best synopsies,(or is it synopsisies)I'd be greatfull for any help.

forever trapped in Kansas
Zack H.

Here's a great chance to plug the site I used to work for. About half a year ago the SciFi channel produced a massive review & synopsis database called “Anime Colony”. There you can find reviews and synopses for just about everything under the sun. Check it out at www.scifi.com/anime .

Hey! Is there any possible chance of Dragon Half getting on dvd any time soon? Or ever? I loved this show, even though there were only two episodes, it is honestly the funniest comdey I've ever seen. Is this on ADV's list at all? Or is it a mystery? Also, another hilarious anime I remember is My Dear Marie. Any chance of this one on DVD either?

Thanks for the info.

ADV said at Anime Expo that they had already started working on a Dragon Half DVD, so expect it to be out before too long. They didn't give any dates, and this is ADV we're talking about, so expect to wait at least another 5-6 months. My Dear Marie hasn't been mentioned yet but ADV said that they're trying to have their entire back catalog out on DVD by next year sometime.

That's it for today. Ja.

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