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AX 2002: ADV Panel

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
13 acquisitions! Prétear, Nuku Nuku Dash, RahXephon and much more...

Although left for last, the most important announcements at the ADV Panel were the new aquisitions. As with last year, ADV had a long list of titles to announce, in fact both years they announced 13 titles. ADV representatives Matt Greenfield and David Williams (DLW) jointly announced the following titles: (this list has been confirmed with ADV)

Blue Seed OAVs
Sorcerer Hunters OAVs
Nuku Nuku Dash OAVs
Puni Puni Poemi
King of Bandits Jing (retitled as "Bandit King Jing")
Steam Detectives
Super GALS! (aka "Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran" or "Ko Gals")
Cosplay Complex
Zaion (I ~Wish You Were Here~) (Original Net Animation [originally streamed over the Internet])
ALL of Steel Angel Kurumi (with an option on Kurumi Pure, the Live Action series)
and "Kaleido Star" (a co-production with Studio GONZO)

They also hinted that additional titles will be announced later, perhaps at Otakon.

Prior to announcing the new aquisitions, Matt provided a re-iteration of previously announced but unreleased titles, including Noir, which was announced at last year's AX then retracted shortly after.

Following the re-hash, David Williams quickly ran through the list of new CD acquisitions for the AnimeTrax line:

Slayers: The Motion Picture
Slayers Return
Best of Slayers from TV and Radio
Blue Seed
Giant Robo 1 & 2
Ninja Resurrection
Princess Nine 1 & 2
Steam Detectives
Nuku Nuku
Martian Successor Nadesico movie
Super Atragon
Nadia TV
Nadia the Motion Picture
Doomed Megalopolis
Lost Universe

AnimeTrax is a joint venture with The Right Stuf International.

In addition to all of that, A.D. Vision is also handling the English version of Newtype. ADV stated that the magazine will be an independent operation from the rest of ADV's lines.

Before the panel wrapped up it was mentioned that the second volume of Excel Saga, slated for August 27th will include TONS of easter eggs. Lastly, it was announced that a DVD release of Dragon Half could be expected around "Septemberish".

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