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石浜 真史
Family name (in kanji): 石浜
Given name (in kanji): 真史
Date of birth: 1968-09-01
Web Diary / Blog:
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Opening Ceremonies (Jul 30, 2010)
More AX Guests (Jun 21, 2004)
Anime Expo Updates (May 29, 2002)
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Staff in:
8 Man After (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 1)
A-Channel (TV) : Storyboard (OP), Episode Director (OP)
Apfel Land Story (OAV) : Key Animation
Aquarion (TV) : Key Animation (ep 19)
Attack on Titan (TV) : Storyboard (OP2), Unit Director (OP2), Animation Director (OP2), Key Animation (OP2)
Azumanga Daioh (TV) : Animation Director (ep 4), Key Animation (eps 2, 26)
Beelzebub (TV) : Storyboard (ED 3), Unit Director (ED 3), Animation (ED 3), Background Art (ED 3)
Big Windup! (TV) : Animation Cooperation (ep 5), Key Animation (OP 1)
Bincho-tan (TV) : Episode Director, Animation Director, Key Animation
Bleach (TV) : Storyboard (OP 5, 13), Animation Director (OP 5, 13), Key Animation (all for OP 13), Opening Director (OP 5; OP 13)
Bubblegum Crash (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 2)
Catnapped! The Movie : Key Animation
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 (TV) : Key Animation (ep 1)
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (TV) : Key Animation (OP)
Debutante Detective Corps (OAV) : Key Animation
Den-noh Coil (TV) : Key Animation (4 episodes
eps 11, 17, 23, 26

Devil Hunter Yohko (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 6)
Digimon Adventure: Born of Koromon (movie) : Key Animation
Digimon: Our War Game (movie) : Key Animation
Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug (movie 4) : Key Animation
Dragon Crisis! (TV) : Character Design, Chief Animation Director, Animation Director (OP)
Dragon Slayer (OAV) : Key Animation
Dragonaut - The Resonance (TV) : Key Animation (ep 25)
Eiken (OAV) : Character Design, Animation Director (OP)
El-Hazard: The Magnificent World (OAV) : Key Animation (eps 1, 4, 7)
Ellcia (OAV) : Key Animation (eps 3-4)
Encouragement of Climb Second Season (TV) : Storyboard (OP), Unit Director (OP), Key Animation (OP)
ERASED (TV) : Storyboard (ED), Unit Director (ED), Animation (ED), Background Art (ED)
Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle (special) : Key Animation
FLCL (OAV) : Ending Key Animation, Key Animation (ep 3)
Fortune Quest - Yonimo Shiawase na Bōkensha-tachi (OAV) : Key Animation (eps 1, 3)
From the New World (TV) : Director, Storyboard (ED 2; 6 episodes
eps 1-3, 12, 19, 25
, Unit Director (ED 2), Animation Director (ep 8)
Gall Force: New Era (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 2)
Gamers! (TV) : Eyecatch (eps 2-12)
Garakowa -Restore the World- (movie) : Director, Storyboard, Story Supervision
Gate Keepers (TV) : Key Animation (ep 1)
Giant Robo (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 4)
(The) Girl Who Leapt Through Time (movie) : Animation Director
Granblue Fantasy the Animation (TV) : Storyboard (OP), Unit Director (OP), Animation Director (OP)
Gravion (TV) : Guest Costume Design (ep 7), Key Animation (ep 9)
Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions (TV) : Key Animation (ep 9)
Gunbuster 2: Diebuster (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 2)
Gunbuster vs Diebuster Aim for the Top! The GATTAI!! Movie : Key Animation
Gurren Lagann (TV) : Key Animation (ep 14)
Hand Maid May (TV) : Key Animation (ep 6)
His and Her Circumstances (TV) : Key Animation (ep 2)
Honey and Clover (TV) : Key Animation
Horimiya (TV) : Director, Storyboard (OP; eps 1, 13), Episode Director (eps 1, 12-13), Unit Director (OP), Key Animation (OP)
Horimiya: The Missing Pieces (TV) : Director, Storyboard (OP; eps 1, 7, 13), Episode Director (eps 1, 7, 13), Unit Director (OP,ED2), Key Animation (OP)
Idol Tenshi Yōkoso Yōko (TV) : Key Animation (8 episodes
eps 3, 7, 18, 23, 28, 34, 40, 43

Jin-Roh - The Wolf Brigade (movie) : Key Animation
Jungle no Ouja Taa-chan (TV) : Key Animation (ep 8)
Kamichu! (TV) : Director (OP), Storyboard (OP)
Kaze no Yojimbo (TV) : Key Animation (ep 25), Layout Key Animation (ep 25)
Kiddy Grade (TV) : Episode Director (under penname 右湊具央; ep 2)
Kingyo Chūihō! (TV) : Key Animation (6 episodes
eps 17, 23, 29, 34, 39, 45

Kite (OAV) : Key Animation (eps 1-2)
Kite Liberator (OAV) : Key Animation
Legend of Crystania - The Motion Picture : Key Animation
(The) Legend of the Dog Warriors: The Hakkenden (OAV) : Key Animation (eps 8, 11-13)
Magical Warfare (TV) : Storyboard (ED), Unit Director (ED), Key Animation (ED)
Mama wa Shougaku Yonensei (TV) : Key Animation (Oh! Production; eps 15, 21)
(The) Melody of Oblivion (TV) : Key Animation (OP)
Metal Fighter Miku (TV) : Key Animation (ep 13)
Mezzo (TV) : Key Animation (OP; eps 1, 13)
Mezzo Forte (OAV) : Key Animation
Neo Ranga (TV) : Key Animation (OP 2)
New Hurricane Polymar (OAV) : Mechanical design, Key Animation (eps 1-2), Mechanical animation Director (ep 2)
Night Raid 1931 (TV) : Director (OP)
Ninku the Movie : Key Animation
Norimono Man Mobile Land no Car-kun (TV) : Storyboard (eps 3, 27), Episode Director (eps 3-4, 15, 27)
Nyūin Bokki Monogatari Odaiji ni! (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 1)
Occult Academy (TV) : Key Animation (OP)
Occultic;Nine (TV) : Storyboard (OP; ep 6), Episode Director (ep 6), Unit Director (OP), Animation Director (ep 6), Ending Illustrations (ep 6), Key Animation (OP; ep 6)
Orguss 02 (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 1)
Overman King Gainer (TV) : Animation Director Cooperation (ep 1)
PERSONA 5 the Animation (TV) : Director, Storyboard (OP; eps 1, 18, 26), Episode Director (eps 1, 26), Unit Director (ep 1)
PERSONA 5 the Animation: A Magical Valentine's Day (OAV) : Director, Storyboard
PERSONA 5 the Animation: Proof of Justice (OAV) : Director
Platinumhugen Ordian (TV) : Key Animation (OP; eps 1, 13)
Please Teacher! Official Fanbook (resource book) : Illustration
PoPoLoCrois (TV) : Key Animation (ep 6)
Psycho-Pass 2 (TV) : Storyboard (OP), Unit Director (OP), Animation Director (OP), Key Animation (OP)
R.O.D -The TV- : Episode Director (ep 1), Character Design, Chief Animation Director, Animation Director (ep 1), Background Art (ED), Key Animation (eps 2, 6, 26)
Read or Die (OAV) : Character Design, Character Animation Director, Key Animation (eps 1-3)
Saekano the Movie finale : Key Animation
Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat (TV) : Storyboard (OP), Unit Director (OP), Key Animation (OP)
Shrine of the Morning Mist (TV) : Key Animation (ep 5)
Speed Grapher (TV) : Episode Director (ep 1), Unit Director (OP), Character Design, Animation Director (eps 1, 22), Eyecatch, Key Animation (OP; eps 16, 22, 24)
Spy×Family (TV) : Storyboard (OP), Unit Director (OP), Key Animation (OP)
Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko (OAV) : Animation Director (mechanical/effect; eps 1, 3), Key Animation (ep 3)
Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko II (OAV) : Episode Director (ep 3), Animation Director (OP; ep 2), Mechanical design, Assistant Animation Director (eps 1-3)
Sword of the Stranger (movie) : Key Animation
(The) Tatami Galaxy (TV) : Animation Director (eps 5, 10), Key Animation (ep 5)
Tenamonya Voyagers (OAV) : Character Design, Animation Director (eps 1-2, 4), Animation (OP; END eps 1-3)
Tokyo 24th Ward (TV) : Storyboard (OP), Unit Director (OP), Key Animation (OP)
Tokyo Babylon (OAV) : Key Animation
Tokyo Ravens (TV) : Storyboard (OP), Unit Director (OP), Key Animation (OP)
Virus Buster Serge (TV) : Key Animation (OP)
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (OAV) : Key Animation (eps 1, 3)
Voogie's Angel (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 3)
Welcome to the NHK (TV) : Storyboard (OP under PN 右湊具央), Unit Director (OP under PN 右湊具央), Character Design (under PN 右湊具央), Animation Director (OP under PN 右湊具央), Key Animation (OP under PN 右湊具央)
Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW (movie) : Character Design, Animation Director
Your Lie in April (TV) : Storyboard (ep 5), Episode Director (ep 5)
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