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Answerbowl Friday

Answerman: Answerbowl Friday

30 Questions. Let's see if my sanity holds out.

i heard that there is going to be a sequel to ghost in the shell and i was wondering when you think it was coming out

I have no clue when Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine interface is coming out here in the US. There's no Japanese release date yet (at least, not for the animated film).

I'm a big Angel Sanctuary fan and I have been searching the internet reading everything I can about the series but one thing has been escaping me. My Question for you is: I've seen the DVD that they have released for sale but I know that there is more story, are there more episodes and when will the be released?

They only ever made three episodes of Angel Sanctuary. There's a long-running manga series (that I highly recommend) that completes the story. It isn't licensed for US release, but you can get the series nearly any place that sells Japanese-language manga and there are extensive translations available on the web.

I am aware that the first 13 eps of Utena are available on DVD now, but when will the last 13 be out? Also, which do you think is better, the series or the movie?


David Fox

CPM hasn't announced an official release date yet for the rest of Utena, it will be out soon enough. Both the TV series and the film are masterpieces; I'd be hard pressed to choose one over the other.

so you know where i can buy love hina dvds or vcds for less than 50.00???

Nope. Buy the official Bandai DVD release.

Hi AnswerMan,

I can't seem able to find any information regarding Sakura Taisen's TV series or movies. I know AD Vision put out the OAVs (Which I have), but has anyone picked up the rights to the series or the movies? Or is AD Vision sitting on them? I'd appreciate any info you could pass my way. Thanks.

Mike S.

ADV Films bought the rights to both the Sakura Taisen TV series, the second OVA series, and I believe they have the rights to the feature film.

After reading your praise of Hellsing, I decided to view the series myself. Upon viewing the first episode, I was in total agreement with you. However, after viewing the second, third and fourth episodes I was very disappointed. I felt the animation, music and overall writing did not match the original episode. It was like a different group of people had tooken over the series. Do you agree with me or am I total nut case? As well, do you know if any fan subs of IG's new production Kaidomaru are floating around yet?

You're right on the first point. The animation quality did take a dip after the first episode of Hellsing. I don't think the writing quality went down. Gonzo is a studio that's infamous for spending lavish amounts of cash on expensive-looking series; after they made the first episode, it's likely that they cut costs to make the rest of the series more profitable. I'm not sure if there are fansubs of Kaidomaru floating about just yet; if it's aired in Japan, chances are, fansubs are available.

hello answerman,

I have a question about these new acquisitions of ADV's. Do any of you secret sources say how they will be released? will they be 6 eps a DVD or 4 eps a DVD? If they have not decided, do we have an Idea of when they might know this information. Thanks


I think you're jumping the gun a little bit. ADV announces titles all the time without giving explicit release details immediately afterwards; is it that important that you know the per-DVD episode count days after the title has been announced?

I've been looking for a good price on the Perfect collection of Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind manga set. I finnaly found it cheap and new at Amazon.com for 49.95. My actualy question lies in my search however.....While i was searching for it online...i came across a web site called www.outinprint.com, a gay and lesibian books website...why did I find Nausicaa among the lists there? I wasnt aware of any relations as pertaining to the gay and lesbian community. My curiosity has gotten the best of me, please help.

Brandon Katz

The gay community appreciates good literature just as much as the rest of us. I'd imagine they have it there because it's a quality piece of work, not because it fills a specific area of their agenda.

Hey Answerman,
I got some questions (duh):

1. I read somewhere that Lain was based off of a Playstation game. Is that true?
2. If you have heard the soundtracks, which one do you is the best?
3. If you have seen it, did you like it?

okay, that's it. thanx

Lain is an original concept, it isn't based on a video game. There is a short manga series, though. While there is a Lain playstation game, I don't think the anime series was based on it; the anime was in development before the game's release. It's possible that the series is directly based on the game, but I'm not sure. As for your other questions, I hate to say this, but I never really got in to Lain. The series' design was so unappealing to me that it turned me off. Now, I like a good headtrip cyber-thriller as much as the next man, but something about Lain just turned me off.

Is it true that a new series of Dragonball (Dragonball Vertigo) is in producttion in Japan to be released in 2003? thanks

For the love of god, no.

Hello, I was wondering if you could answer this for me, as I've had no luck searching on my own.
According to Soldats, Hellsing is licenced. Which is fine by me, as I intend to buy it whenever it's released, (or at least rent it) but could you tell me who has licenced it?
Any word on a north american release date for Saiyuki yet? It's not a great show, but for some inexplicable reason I have to keep watching it....


Pioneer will be releasing Hellsing in the United States. ADV licensed Saiyuuki but they don't have a release date just yet.

I am a big fan of Cowboy Bebop and i was wondering IF they are ever going to release "Knocking On Heaven's Door" in the US and do you know if the "Escaflowne" Movie will be opened in thearters all over the nation and not just select Thearters ?

Yes, they will release the Cowboy Bebop movie in the US. There's a trailer for it on Columbia/Tristar's upcoming Metropolis DVD, so that means they have the rights to it. Escaflowne will be seeing only a very, very limited theatrical release.

Ok it seems everyone has there "Burning" anime question. Well here is mine. There was a rumor going around a few months ago that said their was another Trigun season being animated. I was sure I read sometime not too long ago that this was not true. However people are still telling me about a second season. I am not sure how the Trigun manga works but I thought there were was a continuation story in the manga, but not the anime. Are people just getting things mixed up? Can you clear this up for me?

Kevin Dragotta

The Trigun manga does tell a lot more of the story than the anime does. There are no plans for a second season of Trigun currently, but anything could happen.

Hi Answerman,

I just finished watching the Escaflowne Series and it was awesome. I just wanted to know there is anymore to the series. And i would also like to know if you have heard anything about a US Release for the Movie?

Neil Sher

There isn't any more to the Escaflowne TV series, and the movie has been released in selected theaters in the US. Bandai will be releasing a DVD of the film later this year.

I just heard a really disturbing rumor that Bandai is editing the Love Hina eps before releasing them in the US? If this is so (and I hope not) why are they doing it?
P.S. are the planning to expand upon the series, or leave it as/is.
-Dan Shepard

I'm not sure who started this rumor, but the Love Hina episodes that Bandai has released are unedited. Currently there's a new Love Hina OVA being released in Japan, so if that's what you mean by "expanding" it, then yes.

hey there I've got a few q's to ask so I'll just get right to it.
1. is there more to the nadesico series? 'cause the 26 ep. ends with them gettin out of the fight but the movie starts somewhere else. what was inbetween?
2. Have you heard anything about a new Outlaw star oav or something?
3. Oh and does the tenchi muyo oav really end with episode 13? cause its so weird to leave it off like that. with him laughing and all.
4. and one more, sorry someone might have asked this already but what have u heard about love hina?

"Death and Poverty love me so much they brought friends..." -Vash.T.S

There's the 26-episode Nadesico series and the movie, and that's it. There was a series of novels that took place between the movie and the end of the TV series that answers a lot of questions that people had after watching the film. I believe you can find translations of these online; I had a Japanese friend who had read them and told me about them. There is a new Outlaw Star OVA series in production, but last I'd heard, it was languishing somewhat in development. There's also a new Tenchi Muyo OVA series that's set to come out this year. As for Love Hina, I'm not sure what to say, other than it's your typical fan-service-laden shonen romance show.

Yo Answerman,

I'm a huge comic party fan...but the problem is that no company wants to license the anime. There were rumours that Pioneer was going to licensed it but that was over..So is there a chance Comic party will be licensed? And i know the manga was released in Japan recently, So will they also license the Comic party Manga? Please i really need to know because i might be forced to get the imports...


There's a chance, but the audience for that show in the US is so small, I'm not sure it'll ever get licensed. Comic Party is very much about the Japanese doujinshi scene, something I'm not sure a large portion of Americans know about. You might be better off importing the series.

I have one question do u think that they will ever animate the rest of the outlanders books

Probably not. It's really, really old at this point.

Apparently the giant robo english dvds have come out, but how come i cant find them at any store or online store?!?! do u know where i can get em from, and how much they cost?

They actually haven't come out, so just be patient until they do.

Although I'm sure you're sick of this kind of questions (and my apologies if this one has already came up...) - Has anyone licensed "Earth Girl Arjuna" for a US release? And if so - did that company said something about a release date?

-Raz Greenberg

Arjuna has yet to be licensed. I'd imagine the rights are somewhat expensive given the immense amount of CG work in the show.

Sorry if I asked this kind of question, but I hope you'll be accomodating in answering it. You see, what I'm trying to say is, does each of these anime mentioned below has any nudity at all:

Gate Keepers
Virus Buster Serge
Outlaw Star
Angel Links

I hope your answers are mature and polite.


Me? Be anything but mature and polite? Never! Seriously, though, of those that you've mentioned, I believe only Outlaw Star has any real nudity in it. From what I've seen of Noir, Vandread, Serge, GateKeepers, and Angel Links, these series all have excessive fan service and spend a lot of time panning over the female characters' bodies, but at no time is there explicit nudity.

Dear Answerman:
Are there any plans for a sequel to Iria: Zeriam the Animation? This is my favorite anime, and I'd really like to see more than jsut the live-action movies.


As far as I know, there are no plans for more Iria animation.

Man of answers,
hello I just recently purchased the cowboy bebop perfect collection dvd set and seeing as i just recently finished it I was wondering if you could give me some new dvd anime titles that I might like to check out. Something like bebop would be perfect though i doubt that there is anything like bebop, but aside from that any anime dvd with violence, a decent plot, a good runtime, and great animation would be fine by me. I already own perfect blue, wicked city, record of the loddoss war (tv), ninja scroll, princess mononoke, and a few others. I'm not into that sailor moon or pokemon stuff though. Seeing as to you are the almighty wise one, I hope that you can continue my anime viewing without interuption.

Thanks dude,

Try Ghost in the Shell, X 1999, Vampire Princess Miyu, the Record of Lodoss War OVA series, Slayers Try, Rurouni Kenshin OVA (Samurai X), and Rurouni Kenshin TV. Those should keep you busy for a while.

Hi Answerman!
Any word on when louie the rune soldier will be released in the US? Looks good.


ADV licensed this series but, as per usual, there's no release date yet.

I've been searching in vain for any indication of an Outlaw Star 2, and then I was told about 'Gungrave', a new series by the creator of 'Trigun'. I heard this teaser, 'Harry MacDougal is not the man he used to be.'. Does this indicate that Harry from OLS is going to be in Gungrave? Or is it a different Harry MacDougal? Am I crazy for thinking there's some kind of connection here?.. Also, I'm unnable to find ANY info on Gungrave other than that, and I can't tell anything from the clip on gungrave.com. Please help me out! ^^;;;;;;..

I'm pretty sure it's not the same Harry MacDougal, given that Outlaw Star and Trigun have absolutely nothing to do with eachother.

Dear Answerman:

I recently purchased Op. 1-4 DVD's for Gundam Wing, and am rather concerned. When I watched the series on CN I distinctly remember certain lines that were very siginfigant that seemed to be deleted, and noticed a voice change for one of the charachters in the dvd's, when it wasn't there . I've even read some online scripts, and they match up with my memory. Naturally, this has me upset - so far I've noticed some parts missing in the dvd's that were shown on the series, and I'm wondering if maybe the series that was shown was a revised version, and why if so why wasn't it included on the dvd's? Anyway, thanks for answering my questions!

-The Infamous ShiroKitsune

You aren't noticing anything missing, you're noticing changes. What was aired on Cartoon Network was essentially an edited, reworded version of the "uncensored" episodes that are on the DVDs. You purchased the most complete, accurate version; what you saw on TV wasn't either of these things.

Hola Answerman,

this is a really stupid question, but it's just one of those things I get into. I'm basically an Anime Novice, I started collecting the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, now I know there are 26 episodes. I have 2 questions:
1. What exactly does End of Evangelion take the place of, in the series?
2. Does ADV have the rights to it and/or is this End of Evangelion out in the US yet?

Thnx for your time.

End of Evangelion takes place right after episode 24 ends. Manga currently holds the rights to End of Evangelion, and they're continuously pushing back the release date.

Hey Answerman,

Do you think we'll ever see the series Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne state-side? Also, what are the odds that Pioneer will release the uncut version of Sailormoon Sailorstars?


We might see Jeanne in the states before too long, but it hasn't been licensed yet. I'm not answering that godforsaken Sailor Stars question again just on principle.

ohaio! i would like to ask ya about :

1- is there new parts for 3x3 eyes execpt the five parts that we know?

2- how many part there is for boys be?

and arigato, sayoonara !!!!!

There isn't any more 3x3 Eyes than the OVAs that were released. There are 13 episodes of Boys Be.

Heya answerman,

Got a three part question for ya here. I think I remember hearing a while back that Viz HAS bought the rights to Inuyasha for a US release. Do we have any idea when this release might be? How about the movie that's out in Japan now?
And, while we're at it, has there been any hinting of a US release date for the new Rurouni Kenshin OAVs?

Elena ~ Wolfchild

Viz has been tight-lipped about a possible release date for Inu-Yasha. While they haven't said anything specific regarding the film yet, I'd imagine that they have an option on it. ADV financed the production of the new Kenshin OVA series, so while it will see a release stateside in the future, I don't think it'll be happening anytime really soon.

And that's all. See you next time!
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