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Live-Action Answering

Answerman: Live-Action Answering

Let's get right to the questions today, shall we?

Hiya Answerman!!! I was wondering if you could tell me if VIZ might be releasing DVD collector's box of Ceres, Celestial Legend like they did with Fuushigi Yuugi?

Brian D.

As far as I know, Viz hasn't said anything about a Ceres box set, although I wouldn't count it as an impossibility. I'd wait until a few months after the final disc is released.

I'm sorry if this winds up in the wrong inbox... But, I have recently taken a liking to all things Dragon Ball. I was ecstatic at getting the entire Android saga and the cell saga. My friends however Tell me that it is much improved in uncut form, but this Is all I can watch for now, and I'm happy.

To the point- they are airing the Boo saga now In which Gohan dies etc. they reached the episode where Vegeta gives his life "final sacrifice" I think.

Now today, all of the sudden, we're back to goku in the Underworld with King Kai etc.
They seem to have just looped back to the beginning without finishing.

Will they eventually finish the saga or will CN just piss me off?



Editor Tempest handled this one himself:
You can be relatively certain that CN will complete the story arc, then complete DBZ then go on to DBGT, but you can also be quite certain that they will once in a while run re-runs to allow the dubbing studio (Ocean Studios in Vancouver BC I believe) a chance to dub some more episodes.

Thanks Tempest!

has there been, or will there ever be a continuation of the Bastard!! anime series??

There's never been a continuation of the anime but there's a long-running manga series you can get your hands on; it's in Japanese only but there are translations available.. There may eventually be another anime series but I hear Bastard!! Eventually turns so H it's practically hentai.

When can we expect to see the Nadesico movie in the U.S.

ADV has been talking about releasing the Nadesico movie next year sometime; no dates yet, though.

I am curious. I just finished watching Card Captor Sakura, Will there be anymore anime to it after the movie? Also does the manga follow the same story? Do you know any differences? Sorry for all the questions....
Thanks in advance!!!

There are no plans for more Card Captor Sakura anime. There are new video games being made (and FMVs for those video games that have been mistaken as evidence for new anime..) but as far as I know, there isn't any more anime being made. There are lots of little differences between the manga and the TV series; the manga is available now in the states, as well as the subtitled TV series. May as well check 'em both out; they're both pretty good. A lot of people I know prefer the manga storyline. In general, it's a bit darker and has more of an edge to it.

RE: Kare Kano
Well, I know that it's been licencsed, and I know that Right Stuf owns it now, but when will it be released?

Right Stuf is saying next Spring.

Good day. I'm sure you've heard this question a million times before, and will possibly hear it a million times again; however, I can't seem to find the info that I'm looking for, and you appear to be, well, the man with the answers.

Will there ever be a DVD release of the Giant Robo anime series? Life would be good for me if that were to happen.

Thanks in advance.

Pete M.

Yep. Manga Video's website says that the first volume is due out eventually; it's on their 'upcoming releases' list.

Hello Answerman-sama!
I adore the GALS! manga by Mihona Fujii and the Super GALS Kotobuki Ran anime series. Even though this isn't really the most thought-provoking series (actually, my Japanese friend says it's just stupid), I love it because it isn't serious. I know that the kogal style is fading in Japan, but do you think that GALS! would ever make it's way to the US? I know it has been translated into Italian, so do you think any US company will license it?
Thank you very much,

It's possible, as a cultural artifact. GALS! Is one of those "lesson about Japanese culture" manga titles that might get imported because it's just as much a culture lesson as it is an entertaining anime. So while there hasn't been any word on a US release, it might show up here some day.

Dear Answerman.

I just got finished browsing all of your answers for the last month. Dang, you are full of information. Do you have a life outside of being Answerman? ;-)

Now slightly more seriously, regarding Legend of the Galactic Heroes. 1) Do any US companies have rights to the series? 2) There are rumors (just rumors) of a DVD release of this lengthy series. Have you heard anything more substantial? 3) I heard at a fan convention that someone had actually dubbed a LOGH episode and showed it, but it's a fandub. What's the real story?

Best regards,


Yes, I do have a life outside of Answerman. Do you have a life outside of reading my old columns?

Nobody's licensed LOGH yet. It's been heavily shopped around but nobody's biting. It's a long, involved space drama, and it's animated. Maybe the Sci Fi Channel will pick it up or something, that's all speculation, though. The Japanese company that produced LOGH actually dubbed an episode they could shop around to help sell the series. It wasn't a fandub.

i heard a rumor that disney bought the rights to Sailor Moon and are making a live action movie? is it true? and if it is when will it begin pre-production?

It's a dead rumor, basically. SOS (Save our Sailors) has said that the proposed live action feature is being postponed due to Kodansha's contract wrangling. In fact, it seems to have died two years ago. Is that rumor really still going around?

See y'all next week!

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