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Ceres, Celestial Legend (TV)

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© Yuu Watase/Shogakukan • Bandai Visual • Studio Pierrot

Alternative title:
Ayashi no Ceres (Japanese)
Ceres: La Leyenda Celestial (Spanish)
Ominous Ceres
سيريس ، الأسطورة السماوية (Arabic)
妖しのセレス (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Ceres was a tennyo (Celestial maiden) who came down from the heavens to bathe in a stream. She hung her hagoromo (robe) on a tree nearby, which was her key to returning to the heavens. But the robe was stolen and the man who had stolen it forced her to become his wife, thus producing a family full of human and tennyo blood mixed. Now, in modern day time, Aya Mikage is a descendent of Ceres, and has quite an ammount tennyo blood. On her 16th birthday, she and her twin brother, Aki, are thrown a party. At the "party", Aya's grandpa plans to kill her, for she has tennyo powers unlike the rest of the family, and can actually become Ceres herself and destroy the Mikage family. Aya, however, can switch back, so this transformation happens quite frequently. With protector Yuuhi by her side, it is up to Aya to control Ceres and keep her from coming back, but her relationship with an ex-worker for her evil grandpa may be a distraction.
User Ratings: 1447 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 123 votes (sub:98, dub:20, ?:2, edit.dub:1, others:2
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
 Excellent: 266 votes (sub:206, dub:51, ?:3, raw:1, others:5
1 French subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
 Very good: 310 votes (sub:251, dub:47, ?:4, raw:2, Eng:1, others:5
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Good: 327 votes (sub:255, dub:54, ?:2, edit.dub:2, raw:1, others:13
4 Portuguese subtitled
3 Spanish subtitled
2 French subtitled
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
 Decent: 185 votes (sub:158, dub:20, raw:3, ?:1, others:3
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 So-so: 101 votes (sub:86, dub:11, ?:2, raw:1, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Not really good: 52 votes (sub:42, dub:8, others:2
1 Russian subtitled
1 Russian edited dub
 Weak: 48 votes (sub:42, dub:6)
 Bad: 17 votes (sub:14, dub:2, ?:1)
 Awful: 13 votes (sub:9, dub:4)
 Worst ever: 5 votes (sub:4, ?:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 3573 users, rank: #279 (of 9599)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 7.192 (Good+), std. dev.: 1.9301, rank: #2950 (of 9726)
Weighted mean: 7.098 (Good), rank: #3138 (of 9726) (seen all: 7.27 / seen some: 6.53 / won't finish: 4.03)
Bayesian estimate: 7.101 (Good), rank: #2928 (of 7375)
Running time: 21 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 24
Episode titles: We have 24
Vintage: 2000-04-20 to 2000-09-28
Release dates: We have 6
Opening Theme:
"Scarlet" by Junko Iwao
Ending Theme:
#1: "One ~ Kono Yo ga Hatete mo Hanarenai" by Day-break (eps 1-15)
#2: "Cross My Heart" by Day-break (eps 16-23)
#3: "Scarlet Ver.II" by Junko Iwao (ep 24)
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DVD (Region 1)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Complete TV Series Collection (DVD) 2015-05-26
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Destiny (DVD 1) 2001-07-31 (from $3.05)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Past Unfound (DVD 2) 2001-08-28 (from $3.48)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - C-Cenome (DVD 3) 2001-09-25 (from $9.99)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Resolve (DVD 4) 2001-11-20 (from $7.94)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - The Progenitor (DVD 5) 2001-12-11 (from $6.38)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Double (DVD 6) 2002-01-22 (from $3.00)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Requiem (DVD 7) 2002-02-26 (from $7.49)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Denouement (DVD 8) 2002-03-26 (from $10.00)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Collector's Edition Volume 1: Reincarnation (DVD 1-2) 2003-09-16 (from $50.00)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Collector's Edition Volume 2: Ascension (DVD 3-4) 2003-11-18 (from $19.99)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Destiny (Dub.VHS 1) 2001-07-31 (from $15.00)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Past Unfound (Dub.VHS 2) 2001-08-28 (from $12.94)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - C-Genome (Dub.VHS 3) 2001-09-25 (from $3.87)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Resolve (Dub.VHS 4) 2001-11-20 (from $23.70)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - The Progenitor (Dub.VHS 5) 2001-12-11 (from $35.71)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Double (Dub.VHS 6) 2002-01-22 (from $15.44)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Requiem (Dub.VHS 7) 2002-02-26 (from $23.70)
    Ceres, Celestial Legend - Denouement (Dub.VHS 8) 2002-03-26 (from $35.35)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Hajime Kamegaki
Series Composition: Yukiyoshi Ōhashi
Sukehiro Tomita (eps 8, 10, 14)
Yukiyoshi Ōhashi (21 episodes
eps 1-7, 9, 11-13, 15-24

Hajime Kamegaki (4 episodes
eps 3, 7, 15, 24

Harume Kosaka (eps 18, 22)
Hiroshi Watanabe (eps 4-5, 10)
Jun Kamiya (ep 7)
Jyoichi Masuda
Saeko Aoki (eps 1, 9)
Sōichi Masui (ep 17)
Susumu Nishizawa (13 episodes
eps 2, 6, 8, 11-14, 16-17, 19-21, 23

Episode Director:
Hajime Kamegaki (7 episodes
eps 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 19, 24

Harume Kosaka (eps 14, 18, 22)
Jōhei Matsuura (ep 9)
Junko Matsushita (ep 8)
Saeko Aoki (eps 4, 11)
Setsuo Takase (4 episodes
eps 7, 13, 17, 21

Susumu Nishizawa (6 episodes
eps 2, 6, 12, 16, 20, 23

Takashi Yamazaki (ep 8) 
Yuki Hayashi (eps 14, 18, 22)
Music: Ryo Sakai
Original Manga: Yuu Watase
Character Design: Hideyuki Motohashi
Art Director: Shigenori Takada
Chief Animation Director: Hideyuki Motohashi
Animation Director:
Hideyuki Motohashi (eps 1-7, 10-24)
Junko Matsushita (ep 8)
Masayuki Hiraoka (ep 9)
Sound Director: Hideo Takahashi
Director of Photography:
Kazuyoshi Ishizuka
Tomoyoshi Ishizuka
Advertising: Junko Somemiya (WOWOW)
Background Art:
Chieko Masuda (Mini Art)
Chihoko Nakajima (Mini Art)
Hideaki Kita (Studio Wyeth)
Hideyuki Ueno (Studio Wyeth)
Hyo Soon Ko (DR Movie)
Junichi Takada (Studio Wyeth)
Junichi Takayama (Studio Wyeth)
Kayoko Kobayashi (Mini Art)
Mariko Nakamura (Studio Wyeth)
Masanori Takahashi (Studio Wyeth)
Michiko Taniguchi (Studio Wyeth)
Midori Sakurauchi (Studio Wyeth)
Mio Isshiki (Studio Wyeth)
Norihiko Yokomatsu (Studio Wyeth; 5 episodes
eps 14, 18-24 even

Noriyoshi Doi (Studio Wyeth)
Oh Hyun Jung (DR Movie)
Rieko Ohiwa (Studio Wyeth; 7 episodes
eps 1, 4, 6, 10, 14, 16, 22

Sawako Takagi (Studio Wyeth)
Sohei Koizumi (Studio Wyeth)
Tae Yong Song (DR Movie)
Takafumi Mizaki (Studio Wyeth)
Takuya Jizomoto (Studio Wyeth)
Tomoyuki Shimizu (Studio Wyeth)
Toshiyuki Hashimoto (Studio Wyeth)
Yong Il Park (DR Movie)
Yūko Kobayashi (Studio Wyeth)
Yuko Nakada (Mini Art)
Yumi Nakai (Studio Wyeth)
Yutaka Itō (Studio Wyeth)
CG Animation: Hiroki Sasagawa
Color Coordination: Mika Iwami
Ending Animation: Hideyuki Motohashi
Executive animation Director: Hideyuki Motohashi
Finish Check: Yoshiko Takiguchi
In-Between Check:
Toshiki Shitsutachi
Yaeko Kodama (13 episodes
eps 1-2, 4, 6, 10-22 even, 23-24

Insert Song Performance: Kenji Nojima (ep 22)
Key Animation:
Asao Takahashi (ep 12)
Atsushi Komori (10 episodes
eps 2, 6-7, 11-12, 19-20, 22-24

Atsushi Ogata (10 episodes
eps 2, 6-7, 11-12, 19-20, 22-24

Daisuke Agata (Angle; ep 8)
Eiichi Kuboyama (ep 11)
Hideki Hashimoto (ep 18)
Hidenori Miyahara (ep 19)
Hideo Nakamura (ep 11)
Hirotaka Kinoshita (eps 19, 22-23)
Hiroyuki Koizumi (ep 18)
Hiroyuki Ogura (eps 11, 21)
Hiroyuki Takahashi (ep 20)
Jun Matsumoto (eps 22, 24)
Jun Watanabe (9 episodes
eps 2, 6-7, 11-12, 19-20, 22-23

Junko Matsushita (ep 8)
Kan Ogawa (eps 22, 24)
Kazuya Saitō (ep 22)
Keiko Tanino (ep 22)
Kenichi Shimizu (eps 17-19)
Kenichi Yamaguchi (ep 24)
Kinuko Izumi (11 episodes
eps 1-3, 7, 11, 14, 18-20, 22, 24

Kōji Kawaguchi (ep 8)
Kumiko Kasuga (eps 9, 22)
Kunihiko Kimura (Anime World Osaka; ep 8)
Masaaki Kitahara (eps 6, 19, 21)
Masae Tanabe (ep 9)
Masafumi Tamura (ep 21)
Masakazu Saitō (ep 13)
Masami Abe (ep 9)
Masashi Nomura (ep 6)
Masashi Wakayama (ep 13)
Minako Shiba (8 episodes
eps 1, 5, 7, 11, 19, 21-22, 24

Miyako Haga (ep 19)
Miyuki Inoue (7 episodes
eps 5, 7, 10, 12-13, 21, 24

Miyuki Ueda (ep 23)
Motoki Yagi (ep 9)
Nanae Morita (10 episodes
eps 1, 3-4, 10, 13, 18, 20, 22-24

Noboru Furuse (eps 17, 21)
Noboru Jitsuhara (eps 22, 24)
Noriyuki Nakajima (ep 18)
Ryōtarō Akao (4 episodes
eps 19, 21-22, 24

Sanae Nakajima (ep 8)
Satomi Matsuo (Studio Wanpack; ep 8)
Shinichiro Takagi (ep 9)
Shinya Kokaji (Anime World Osaka; ep 8)
Shuko Okutani (ep 22)
Susumu Nishizawa (4 episodes
eps 20-21, 23-24

Takahiro Ōmori (eps 7, 11, 14)
Takako Onishi (eps 2, 7)
Takako Shimizu (Studio Wanpack; ep 8)
Takashi Muratani (ep 21)
Tetsuya Yamamoto (eps 22-24)
Tomomi Shimazaki (ep 8)
Tōru Yoshida (ep 8)
Toyohiro Okada (ep 9)
Yoshihiro Taniguchi (eps 13, 21, 23)
Yoshiki Mizuno (ep 21)
Yoshinori Tokiya (eps 1, 3)
Yoshitaka Katō (ep 9)
Yousuke Kabashima (12 episodes
eps 2-4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 19-20, 22-24

Yuichi Endo (ep 23)
Yūji Gotō (ep 8)
Yuji Hosogoe (ep 11)
Yukiko Miyamoto (Angle; ep 8)
Yumi Kusakabe (Studio Wanpack; ep 8)
Yuri Takasaki (ep 20)
Yūya Furuta (eps 6, 19)
Line Producer: Koichi Mikami
Marketing: Hiroko Kuwazono
Music Director: Tomoko Shibuya
Music producer: Shinichi Nakamura
Publicity: Michiko Suzuki (WOWOW)
Series Coordination: Yukiyoshi Ōhashi
Sound Effects: Hidenori Arai (Fizz Sound Creation)
Sound Producer: Nobuhiro Ogawa
Theme Song Lyrics: Yuriko Mori (ED)
Theme Song Performance:
Day-break (ED)
Junko Iwao
Junko Iwao as Ceres
Yumi Kakazu as Aya Mikage

Ayako Kawasumi as Chidori Kurumi
Kentarō Itō as Yuuhi Aogiri
Kujira as Oda Kyuu
Mayumi Asano as Suzumi Aogiri
Shinichirō Miki as Mikagi
Susumu Chiba as Aki Mikage
Tomokazu Seki as Alexander Howell
Tomokazu Sugita as Kagami Mikage

Akiko Kimura as Yuki Urakawa (eps 7-8)
Akiko Yajima as Miori Sahara (eps 15-16)
Akimitsu Takase as
Chidori's Grandfather (ep 10)
Driver (ep 18)
Important Person (ep 22)
Man (4 episodes
eps 1, 3, 12, 23

Member (ep 21)
Punk (eps 4-5)
Subordinate (ep 17)
Tomonori Aogiri
Atsushi Ii as Old Man (4 episodes
eps 16, 18, 23-24
Aya Yamakawa as Female Doctor (ep 7)
Daisuke Hirakawa as
Hirokazu Yoshizuka (ep 11)
male student (ep 1)
Man (eps 2-3, 12, 21)
Member (ep 19)
Punk (eps 4-5)
Student (ep 7)
Subordinate (ep 17)
Daisuke Kirii as Driver (ep 15)
Eiji Yanagisawa as
Butler (ep 2)
Important Person (ep 22)
Man (4 episodes
eps 3, 16, 19, 23

Patient (ep 11)
Emi Shinohara as Miori's mother (ep 16)
Emiko Itou as female student (ep 1)
Hiroko Nishi as Kagami's Mother (eps 18, 20)
Hironori Kobayashi as Man (ep 16)
Hisayoshi Suganuma as Male Student (ep 7)
Jun-ichi Kanemaru as Man (ep 7)
Kae Araki as Shouta
Kazusa Murai as Kumi Akiyama (ep 11)
Keiko Sonoda as
Announcement (ep 19)
Nurse (eps 10-11)
Woman (ep 2)
Keinosuke Watanabe as Man (ep 16)
Kiyoto Ishikawa as Man (ep 9)
Kōichi Sano as Man (ep 12)
Kōichi Tōchika as
Man (eps 9, 14)
Wei Fei Lee
Kumi Sakuma as Celestial Maiden (ep 21)
Kumiko Yokote as
Celestial Maiden (ep 21)
Manager (ep 22)
Kunihiko Yasui as Aya's father
Mami Horikoshi as Celestial Maiden (ep 21)
Mamiko Noto as Celestial Maiden (ep 21)
Masahiko Fukui as
Child (ep 17)
Nurse (ep 18)
Masaru Hachinohe as Man (eps 8-9, 12)
Miki Machii as Woman (ep 22)
Mitsuru Ogata as
Commentator (ep 20)
Grandpa (ep 1)
Important Person (ep 22)
Man (ep 3)
Member (ep 21)
Yuuhi's Father (eps 2, 7-9)
Miwa Yasuda as
Announcement (ep 10)
Child (ep 17)
female student (eps 1, 7)
Nurse (eps 11, 18, 20)
Yuuhi Aogiri (young; ep 8)
Naoko Takayama as
Kyouko Sasamine (ep 10)
Nurse (ep 11)
Rokurō Naya as Grandfather Mikage
Ryoichi Hino as Punk (eps 4-5)
Ryōka Yuzuki as Sister (ep 22)
Shigeru Shibuya as Kazuma Aogiri (ep 9)
Shiho Kawaragi as Woman (ep 20)
Shizuka Sasaki as Shuro Tsukasa (ep 22)
Takako Kodama as
Fortune-teller (ep 1)
Yuuhi's Mother-in-law (ep 9)
Unshō Ishizuka as Kurozuka (eps 17-18, 20)
Wataru Takagi as Hayama (ep 7)
Yasuhiro Sano as Member (ep 19)
Yuko Nagashima as
Girl (ep 1)
Gladys Smithson
Yurika Hino as Aya's Mother (eps 1-4)
Japanese companies
English staff
English cast
ADR Script: Trish Ledoux
Executive producer: Seiji Horibuchi
Akiko Yagi (Collector's Edition Vol. 2)
Andy Nakatani
Koichi Sekizaki
Toshifumi Yoshida

Editing: Cisco McLaren
Engineering Assistant: Cam Desmond
Re-Recording Mixing:
Jan Deny
Mark M. Pinder
Recording engineer: Brad Belden
Voice Direction: Teri Snelgrove
Wordfit Editor:
Bryan Rennie
Cisco McLaren
Mariette Sluyter as Aya Mikage

Dave Kelly as Kagami Mikage
Jonathan Love as
Alexander O. Howell
Maizun Jayoussi as Suzumi Aogiri
Matthew Erickson as Yuhi Aogiri
Meredith Taylor-Parry as Miori Sahara
Tommy Campbell as Aki Mikage

Carol-Anne Day as Chidori Kuruma
David Pettitt as
Kagami's Subordinate
Doug McKeag as
Kagami's Subordinate
Mrs. Q
Elizabeth Stepkowski as
Kagami's Fiancee
Ms. Akiyama
Shuro Tsukasa
Ethan Cole as
Kagami's Subordinate
Wei Fei Li
Jonathan Love as Tomonori Aogiri
Maureen Jones as
Fortune Teller
Gladys Smithson
Mrs. Sahara
Michelle Armeneau as Mrs. Mikage
Steve Olson as
Dr. Kurotsuka
Kagami's Subordinate
Mr. Mikage
Old Man
English companies
Broadcaster: AXN Asia (SE Asia)
Geneon Entertainment Inc.
Ventura Distribution (Collector's Edition sets)
Licensed by:
Discotek Media (2014)
Viz Media (Expired)
Recording Studio: Blue Water Studios
Subtitle Script: JN Productions
Subtitles: Captions, Inc.
French cast
French staff
Executive producer: Carlo Levy
French companies
Distributor: Dybex (France)
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Antonio Sánchez Torras (Spain dub)
Executive producer: José Luis Puertas (Jonu Media)
Marta Estrada as Aya Mikage (Spain dub)
Oscar Redondo as Tooya (Spain dub)
Susana Damas as Ceres (Spain dub)

Ana María Camps as Chidori Kuruma (Spain dub)
Angel de Gracia as Aki Mikage (Spain dub)
Daniel Albiac as Alexander O. Howell (Spain dub)
Julia Chalmeta as Kyuu Oda (Spain dub)
Nuria Cepero as Suzumi Aogiri (Spain dub)
Ramón Rocabayera as Shiso Mikagi (Spain dub)
Tasio Alonso as Kagami Mikage (Spain dub)
Toni Mora as Yuuhi Aogiri (Spain dub)

Ana María Camps as
Aya's Mother (Spain dub)
Gladys Smithson (Spain dub)
Miori Sahara (Spain dub)
Shuro Tsukasa (Spain dub)
Yuki Arakawa (Spain dub)
Daniel Albiac as Tomonori Aogiri (Spain dub)
Francesc Rocamora as
Aya's Grandfather (Spain dub)
Hayama (Spain dub)
Kazuma Aogiri (Spain dub)
Wei Fei Lee (Spain dub)
Julia Chalmeta as Shota Kuruma (Spain dub)
Nuria Cepero as Kumi Akiyama (Spain dub)
Ramón Rocabayera as
Aya's Father (Spain dub)
Kurotsuka (Spain dub)
Yuuhi's Father (Spain dub)

Ana María Camps (Spain dub)
Daniel Albiac (Spain dub)
Francesc Rocamora (Spain dub)
Julia Chalmeta (Spain dub)
Nuria Cepero (Spain dub)
Ramón Rocabayera (Spain dub)
Tasio Alonso (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Broadcaster: Buzz Channel (Spain)
Distributor: Jonu Media (Spain)
Dubbing Studio: S.I.C., S.A. (Spain dub)
Licensed by: Jonu Media (Spain)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Umberto Bortolani
Art Director: Andrea Sergio
Translation: Motoko Iwasaki

Coordination: Mandy Mometti
Dubbing Assistant: Paolo Cottignola
Dubbing Sound: Jacopo Bonora
Editorial Coordination: Maria Menna
Editorial Director: Anna Marani
Executive Director: Carlo Cavazzoni
Graphic Design: Paolo Torchetti
Licensing: Mandy Mometti
Marketing Assistant: Alice Quaglino
Marketing Director: Giorgio Pulini (italian edition)
Partners Coordination: Gianluca Aicardi (Ad Libitum)
Product Manager: Simona Stanzani
Synchronization: Alessandro Zucchelli
Pinella Dragani as Ceres
Valeria Vidali as Aya Mikage

Leonardo Graziano as Aki Mikage

Davide Garbolino as Alexander O.Howell
Felice Invernici as Mr. Mikage
Franco Mannella as Kagami Mikage
Giò Giò Rapattoni as Suzumi Aogiri
Jolanda Granato as Shouta Kurama
Loretta Di Pisa as Yuki Urakawa
Michele Gammino as Nonno Mikage
Paolo De Santis as Tomonori Aogiri
Patrizio Prata as Yuhi Aogiri
Raffaello Lombardi as Wei Fei Li
Renata Bertolas as Chidori Kuruma
Riccardo Rovatti as Sig. Aogiri
Simona Biasetti as Gladys Smithson
Italian companies
Cultoon (from May 2009)
Ka-Boom (from 1 January 2014)
Distributor: Dynit
Dubbing: Florian Cinetivu' (Bologna)
Internet Streaming:
PopCorn TV
Post Production: Vegas Multimedia S.r.l.
German staff
German companies
Distributor: ACOG
German cast
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Dubbing Director: Pinky Rebucas

Writer/Translator: Ray Pacursa
Christian Velarde as Aki Mikage
Eric Galvez as Toya
Hazel Hernan as Aya Mikage

Ely Martin as Kagami Mikage
Nelieza Magauay as Suzumi Aogiri
Ryan Bondoc as Yuhi Aogiri

Celeste Dela Cruz as
Ceres type B
Miori Sahara
Charvie Abeletes as
Christian Velarde as Wei Fei Li
Danny Mandia as Grandfather Aogiri
Ely Martin as Tomonori
Eric Galvez as Alec Howell
Kim Pomeda as
Chidori Kuruma
Gladys Smithson
Shota Kuruma
Yuki Urakawa
Nelieza Magauay as
Shuro Tsukasa
Pinky Rebucas as Pallas
Ryan Bondoc as
Grandfather Mikage
Shiso Mikagi
Tagalog companies
Broadcaster: HERO TV

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