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Viz Press Release

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Upcoming Viz Manga Titles.

Source: UMJAMS Anime News

June has sent out a list of their June releases. On the manga fronts, the month's most significant release is Ceres: Celestial Legend: The Legend Begin by Yû Watase of Fushigi fame is the first of six monthly issues (given Viz's number scheme is looks like the press releasing is saying that the "The Legend Begins" chapter is six issues). Other manga releases include Dragon Ball Part 3 #13, Dragon Ball Z Part 4 #7, Gundam Wing: Episode Zero #3, Magical Pokémon Journey Part 4 #4, Pokémon Adventures Part 4 #4: Blue Returns, No Need for Tenchi! Part 11, #3, Eagle #17, coming home, Aqua Knight Part 3 #4, El Hazard Part 2 #5, Inu Yasha Part 6 #2, Ranma ½ Part 10 #3, and Silent Möbius, Love and Choas #7.

Graphic novel collections include Eagle: The Making of an Asian American President: The Real Deal , Banana Fish Volume 5, and Steam Detectives volume 4.

Ranma ½, Random Rhapsody: The Way We're Not will be available on VHS and DVD 6/19 (three episodes). Ranma ½ Martial Mayhem volumes "Three Girls, a Guy, and a (Japanese) Pizza Place", and "To the Victor, the Spoils" will be available on subtitled VHS (2 episodes each).

Periodicals being released include Animerica Extra volume 4 #7 (with Fushigi Yugi, Video Girl Ai, Steam Detective, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Marionette Generation, Animerica volume 9 #6, and Pulp volume 5 #7 .

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