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Yaoi better than Hentai?

Alright, folks. Nobody answered my questions last time. I'd say it's because the questions were too hard, but I'm not willing to accept that yet, so I'm changing the rules. This time, the first person to answer these questions correctly will win an Answerman Prize Package, including the chance to devise next week's questions and claim the title of "Super Mega Ultimate Trivia Champion".

On to this week's questions:

Hi :)

I live in Canada and I have been looking for Akira on DVD for some time with no avail. Do you know where I can get this? I'd of course prefer if it was in English but even if it was in Japanese with English subtitles I would be happy!


Apparently, the DVD release of Akira will be out on the 3rd of July, 2001, after a theatrical release this spring. It'll be the first DVD release of it, so you'll have to wait until then to get your hands on it. I assume a Canadian release will either swiftly follow a US release, or come out at the same time.


I'm pretty sure there's been no official announcement, and I haven't seen any rumors regarding NieA_7 coming to the US... Do you know anything about this..??

Shawn McGrath

As of this writing, there haven't been any announcements regarding the acquisition of NieA_7. I don't think it'll stay that way for long; after all, Serial Experiments Lain was a huge breakout hit here in the States and I imagine NieA_7, being from the same people, would get snapped up quickly. Keep an eye out.


I'm a fan of neon genesis and just about any other thing gainax/anno have done. Could you tell me if it's at all possible to get a hold of the live action movies Hideaki Anno has done?(love and pop, Ceremonial Day) Both of them look kind of depressing but good at the same time, sort of like the neon genesis movie. I'm quite interested.

-Aaron Kellor

This is a good question. I heard last year sometime that Love & Pop was acquired by Viz - but I can't find anything on the web confirming this. Does anyone else remember hearing that? Regardless, as for now, the only way to get these films are to order the DVDs or LDs from Japan, via one of the many sites on the web that import stuff like that. If anyone out there has any information on the Viz thing, let me know.

I heard a rumour that there is a Flame of Recca 2 airing in japan right is that true ?

Patrick Neil Chan

Nope. Flame of Recca ran 42 episodes, ending in 1998. The manga is still continuing. It wouldn't surprise me if they were planning a new season - but it hasn't been announced and a second series isn't running in Japan as of now.

Dear Answerman
can I ask you a question if you don't mind is Flame of Recca license in the U.S. It would be great if a company like Manga or Bandai dubbed it

Patrick neil chan

Despite its Dragon Ball-ish action, Flame of Recca has not been picked up by anyone yet. It's a good candidate for Cartoon Network, so keep watching the news sites, it could very well get licensed within the next year or so.

I don't know if its alright to send e-mails regarding anime info but here goes nothing. I used to live in South Korea a few years back. My father was doing some overseas work. Anyway while there I was really into the anime that they showed on local television. They are all pretty old now (like KOR), but they really got me going. One of my favourite shows I saw while I was there was Cyberformula. I know there have been numerous OVAs made such as Sin and Zero. My question is will they ever make it to North America? This is a great series and no one seems to be subbing it either. Any ideas?


Future GPX Cyberformula ran in 1991, and was produced by Sunrise Animation and Vap Video. The show hasn't found it's way to American shores yet, and nobody has acquired the rights to this long-running and very popular show. There are fansubs of it floating around here and there; the various OVA series have been fansubbed recently and you can find a few volumes of the TV series. Good luck!

this is realy a short question, but i wanted to know if Fox Kids will ever sell off the rights for Vision of Escaflowne' to toonami or any other network or if they will ever air it again, I am also concerned if the same fate will fall upon slayers, and if fox will keep there gruby hands on the serries till they die just because they only air it one day a week with long periods between new episodes and expect good ratings, instead of daily like it should be!!!(ahh, a rant)
p.s. I wonder if theyre are any plans for a new live action rendition of any anime serries in the near future(like Iria, guyver, or the ill fated Sailor Moon that never came)

Good question. Fox is currently sitting on the rights to the failed series, and they haven't made any announcements about it recently (Other than that it's been canceled). They have a 5-year contract on the show, and only after that can other companies approach Bandai about the show, unless Fox decides to sell the rights. I imagine one day the rights will be snapped up by Cartoon Network, but if Fox waits, it'll be 10 years old by the time it hits the airwaves again. Currently the show runs on Canada's YTV, so it's possible that eventually Fox will let the rights go to another US network. As for live-action anime films, I know an adaptation of Mai the Psychic Girl is in the works, and there are rumors flying around about a live-action version of Battle Angel (Gunm), both presumably being done by the American film industry.

Hi, I have a few questions,
When is the rest of Girl's Revolution Utena going to be released? Also, when will Ayashi no Ceres be released, i don't even know who has the rights. When the card captor sakura movies are shown in America, will there be edited and non edited showings? Will fan subbed shows like Kodomo no Omocha, that have such a strong base in the fansubbing community, ever be released. Its easier that way, you know what you're getting, and as long as funimation doesn't get it, the subtitles can't be that bad, I think. What's your opinion. Thank You!


1. The good folks at CPM have told me that they have no release date for the rest of Utena nailed down yet. Keep an eye on their website.
2. Ayashi no Ceres, both the anime and the manga series, has been acquired by Viz Communications. They've announced that both incarnations of the series will see a release this spring.
3. I seriously doubt they'll release an unedited version of the CardCaptor Sakura movie into theaters this fall, but expect an unedited, subtitled DVD release.
4. Nobody knows what's going on with Kodocha.

What exactly is Tinami (http://www.tinami.com)? I heard it was some kind of Japanese anime search engine. Also, how do you use it?



This is a search engine for Manga artists, and it looks like it focuses mostly on fan artists, and doujinshi creators. As far as I can tell, you need a Japanese word processor to input text into the search engine; it won't take romanized words. If anyone out there takes the time to use this engine with a Japanese word processor and gets results, let me know.
Thanks to Cookie for taking a closer look at the site.

A quick bit of commentary: I recently heard that they're going to have a Yaoi con. This disturbs me. Not because I have issues with the content, but because we don't have a Hentai con. Yaoi fans seem to have this pretense that somehow watching and reading gay porn is better than hentai, or somehow it's more dignified. Yaoi isn't some kind of beautiful statement about love and they aren't telling epic stores; it's gay porn, flat out. Please stop fooling yourselves. If there's a Yaoi con, there should be a Hentai con, because it's the same thing. If you're a Yaoi fan, you're no better than a Hentai fan. Don't get me wrong – there's nothing wrong with being a hentai fan. I'm just sick of this pretense surrounding Yaoi. It's porn. Admit it.

As for the Son of Answerman contest, I'll reprint the questions here:
1. In the Gainax OVA series FLCL, Haruko claims that Naota is dead in a very (blank) manner. What does this expression mean? Name the expression and explain what it means.
2. In the OVA series Otaku no Video, What famous mecha/battleship stands at the entrance to Otakuland, what series is it from, what version of it is present at the entrance, and where was that version used most prominently?
3. In the TV series Revolutionary Girl Utena, bitter rival Saionji is expelled from Ohtori Academy. Why was Saionji expelled, and who did he shack up with afterwards?
4. In Maison Ikkoku, nobody knows what mysterious tenant Yotsuya does for a living. According to the television series, what is Yotsuya's profession?
5. Name Kenshin's final succession technique and what the conditions were to learn it.

Good luck!

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