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More AKA-KON News

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Aside from Bandai's Gundam announcements, Jerry Chu also made some more general revelations about the future of VHS. Fans of subtitled Anime will pretty much have to get a DVD player if they don't already have one, Bandai does not intend to release many Anime on subtitled VHS, "If you want subs you'll find them on the DVD's only. You'll find VHS, but it'll be only for mainstream titles."

Regarding Escaflowne, there's no word yet on when the Vision of Escaflowne movie may be released on North American home video, but the TV series is doing much better on YTV than it did on Fox. As we previously mentionned, YTV has already taken delivery of the entire series and it would seem that they are commited to airing it all.

Amanda Winn Lee, who directed most of the English Dub of the Neon Genesis Evangelion, will be directing the English dub of the Evangelion movie. It would appear that Manga will be bringing back many of the lead voices from the TV series to do the movie.

ADV producer had some comments on the "Robotech race". ADV has the rights to the three-series English-language Robotech series by Carl Macek, while AnimEigo has the rights to the original Japanese Macross series on which Robotech was based.

Williams said ADV plans to fill a DVD disc with extras from the series - most likely from Carl Macek's restoration work and archives. During the Robotech DVD release, the company also plans to release a box that will eventually hold all of the series' discs.

Viz Video producer, Toshifumi Yoshida, stated that there is no news on the possibility of Viz aquiring the Inu Yasha TV series, however he did say that whatever company did get Inu Yasha might be able to get the series on store shelves before the end of 2001, he speculated.

In the meantime, Viz continues to prepare for the 2001 release of the Ayashi no Ceres anime, based on Yu Watase's manga.

Yoshida also added that there's a chance that Viz may revive Maison Ikoku series with a fresh set of dubs. Defending Viz's prior decision to cancel the dubs Yoshida stated "If the fan support was there, it would have never stopped." This should make some fans very happy, but no word on a DVD release.

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