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Robotech (U.S. TV)

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Alternative title:
Robotech: The Macross Saga
Robotech: The Masters Saga
Robotech: The New Generation
Robotech: The Robotech Masters
Роботех (Russian)
ロボテック (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Made in America from three unrelated anime. The first part tells of humanity's first contact that ends in a war. Rick Hunter is a pilot who gets dragged along with the SDF-1 and joins with them to stop the invaders. Lyn Minmei is a singer who Rick rescues and falls for. Together they try to save the Earth and end the war without fighting, but with love. The second part deals with children of the first, the rebuilding complete; we send the SDF-3 to attack the masters. While it travels out in hyperspace to their worlds, the masters crawl into our solar system. The Earth must fight a devesting second war for a secret prize. Someone else wants the prize, the Invid. The third part gives us a world controlled by the Invid. The SDF-3 sends a probing force that is destroyed upon exiting hyperspace. A single survivor remains, a man taught to fight, with the will to free Earth. He forms a resistance with the goal of destroying the Invid hive at Reflux Point, aka New York.
Running time: half hour per episode
Number of episodes: 85
Episode titles: We have 85
1985 to 1986
1986 (Colombia - Cadena 2)
1987 (México - Canal 5)
1987-05-25 (France Air Date)
1998-01-12 to 1998-04-06 (Cartoon Network's Toonami Air Date)
2004-11-15 to 2005-07-30 (Latin America - Locomotion)
2008-01-08 (Canada - Space)
1. Macross Saga, 36 eps (1985-03-04 to 1985-04-22)
2. Robotech Masters, 24 eps (1985-04-23 to 1985-05-24)
3. New Generation, 25 eps (1985-05-27 to 1985-06-28)
Release dates: We have 7
Opening Theme:
"Robotech Theme" by Ulpio Minucci
"Robotech" by Bernard Minet [French version]
Ending Theme:
"Robotech Theme" by Ulpio Minucci
Links: We have 4
Trivia: We have 5
DVD Easter Eggs: We have 2
Robotech DVD 11 (Mar 27, 2002)
Robotech Masters DVD 7 (Feb 12, 2002)
Robotech DVD 10 (Feb 10, 2002)
Robotech DVD 9 (Feb 5, 2002)
Robotech DVD 8 (Jan 27, 2002)
ROBOTECH Screener (Jan 1, 1970)
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Blu-ray (Region A)
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    Robotech - Part 1: The Macross Saga (Dub.Blu-ray) 2021-09-28 (from $24.99)
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    Robotech - Part 3: The New Generation (Dub.Blu-ray) 2021-12-14 (from $26.99)
DVD (Region 1)
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    Robotech - Macross Saga - The Final Conflict (DVD 6) 2001-09-18 (from $19.99)
    Robotech - Masters - A New Threat (DVD 7) 2001-10-30 (from $10.99)
    Robotech - Masters - Revelations (DVD 8) 2001-10-30 (from $7.49)
    Robotech - Masters - Counterattack (DVD 9) 2001-12-11 (from $9.99)
    Robotech - Masters - Final Solution (DVD 10) 2001-12-11 (from $10.56)
    Robotech - New Generation - New Wave (DVD 11) 2002-02-05 (from $5.99)
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    Robotech - New Generation - Genesis (DVD 13) 2002-03-19 (from $20.01)
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    Robotech Complete Collection - New Generation (DVD 11-14) 2003-01-07 (from $17.91)
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    Robotech Legacy - Macross Saga (DVD box 2) 2001-08-07 (from $28.91)
    Robotech Legacy - Macross Saga (DVD box 3) 2001-09-18 (from $29.99)
    Robotech Legacy - Masters (DVD box 4) 2001-10-30 (from $46.99)
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    Robotech Legacy - New Generation (DVD box 6) 2002-02-05 (from $7.70)
    Robotech Legacy - New Generation (DVD box 7) 2002-03-19 (from $46.89)
    Robotech Remastered - Macross Saga - Boobytrap [AniMini] (DVD 1) 2004-08-17
    Robotech Remastered - Macross Saga - Countdown [AniMini] (DVD 2) 2004-08-17 (from $3.99)
    Robotech Remastered - Macross Saga - Space Fold [AniMini] (DVD 3) 2004-08-17 (from $52.00)
    Robotech Remastered - Macross Saga - The Long Wait [AniMini] (DVD 4) 2004-08-17
    Robotech Remastered - Macross Saga (DVD 1) 2004-01-27 (from $6.80)
    Robotech Remastered - Macross Saga (DVD 2) 2004-03-23 (from $2.97)
    Robotech Remastered - Macross Saga (DVD 3) 2004-05-18 (from $9.98)
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    Robotech: The New Generation - The Third Robotech War (Dub.DVD) 2011-10-18
DVD (Region 4)
    Robotech Protoculture Collection (DVD) 2007-11-07
    Robotech Masters [Dub] (LD 10) 1994-01-26
    Robotech Masters [Dub] (LD 11) 1994-08-24
    Robotech Masters [Dub] (LD 12) 1994-08-24
    Robotech Masters [Dub] (LD 13) 1994-08-24
    Robotech Masters [Dub] (LD 14) 1994-08-24
    Robotech Masters [Dub] (LD 15) 1994-08-24
    Robotech [Dub] (LD 1) 1993-11-03
    Robotech [Dub] (LD 2) 1993-11-03
    Robotech [Dub] (LD 3) 1993-11-03
    Robotech [Dub] (LD 4) 1993-11-03
    Robotech [Dub] (LD 5) 1993-11-03
    Robotech [Dub] (LD 6) 1994-01-26
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    Robotech [Dub] (LD 8) 1994-01-26
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    Robotech - Macross Saga 1 (Dub.VHS 1) 1987-09-17 (from $5.00)
    Robotech - Masters (Dub.VHS 1) 1992-12-07 (from $29.95)
    Robotech - Boobytrap and Countdown (Dub.VHS 1) 1993-08-18 (from $34.75)
    Robotech - Space Fold and Long Wait (Dub.VHS 2) 1993-08-18 (from $3.67)
    Robotech - Transformation and Bltzkrieg (Dub.VHS 3) 1993-08-18 (from $2.79)
    Robotech - Bye-Bye Mars and Sweet Sixteen (Dub.VHS 4) 1993-08-18 (from $15.96)
    Robotech - First Contact and the Big Escape (Dub.VHS 6) 1993-08-18 (from $19.90)
    Robotech (Dub.VHS 7) 1993-08-18 (from $2.50)
    Robotech - Phantasm and Farewell, Big Brother (Dub.VHS 9) 1993-08-18 (from $53.95)
    Robotech - Bursting Point and Paradise Lost (Dub.VHS 10) 1993-08-18 (from $7.96)
    Robotech - Reckless and Showdown (Dub.VHS 12) 1994-01-26 (from $7.99)
    Robotech - Force of Arms and Reconstruction Blues (Dub.VHS 14) 1994-01-26
    Robotech - Rainy Night and Private (Dub.VHS 17) 1994-01-26 (from $13.00)
    Robotech - Season's Greetings and To the Stars (Dub.VHS 18) 1994-01-26 (from $8.99)
    Robotech - Dana's Story and False Start (Dub.VHS 19) 1994-01-26 (from $9.99)
    Robotech - Day Dreamer and Final Nightmare (Dub.VHS 29) 1994-06-22 (from $4.00)

English staff
English cast
Supervising Director: Robert Barron
Executive producer: Ahmed Agrama
Producer: Carl Macek

Associate producer: Jehan Agrama
Chief Engineer: Bryan J. Rusenko
Cover Art: Tommy Yune (Remastered DVDs)
Dialogue Editing:
David Estuardo (eps 18-36)
Debbie Alba
Greg Finley (eps 1-17, 37-85)
Gregory Snegoff
Jim Wager (eps 18-36)
Michael Reynolds (eps 1-17, 37-85)
Robert Barron
Steve Kramer
Executive Music Producer: Thomas A. White
Final Re-Recording Engineer: Joel Valentine
Music Arrangement: Arlon Ober
Music Editing: John Mortarotti
Packaging Design: Larry Koteff
Production manager: Kent Hayes
Script Editing: Steve Kramer
Staff Writer:
Ardwight Chamberlain (eps 1-17, 37-85)
Greg Finley
Gregory Snegoff
Jason Klassi (eps 1-17, 37-85)
Jim Wager (eps 18-36)
Michael Reynolds
Robert Barron
Steve Flood (eps 18-36)
Steve Kramer
Tao Will (eps 1-17, 37-85)
Story Editor: Carl Macek
Theme Song Performance:
Michael Bradley (as Yellow Dancer)
Reba West (as Lynn Minmei)
Video Tape Engineer: Guillermo Coelho
Chelsea Victoria as Rook Bartley (The New Generation)
Christopher Frank as Rand (The New Generation)
Craig Schaefer as Pvt. Bowie Grant (The Robotech Masters)
George C. Cole as Zor Prime (The Robotech Masters)
Gregory Snegoff as Scott Bernard (The New Generation)
J. Jay Smith as Narrator (The Macross Saga)
John Jay Smith as The Narrator
Melanie MacQueen as Lisa Hayes
Melissa Newman as Dana Sterling (The Robotech Masters)
Reba West as Lynn Minmei (The Macross Saga)
Tony Oliver as Rick Hunter (The Macross Saga)

A. Gregory as The Robotech Masters (The Robotech Masters)
Aline Leslie as
Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth 'Lisa' Hayes (The Macross Saga)
Marlene/Ariel (The New Generation)
Barbara Goodson as
Marie Crystal (The Robotech Masters)
Sera (The New Generation)
Brittany Harlowe as Lt. Cmdr. Claudia Grant (The Macross Saga)
Dan Woren as Roy Fokker
David Millbern as Crp. Louie Nichols (The Robotech Masters)
Drew Thomas as Crp. Angelo Dante (The Robotech Masters)
Eddie Frierson as Lynn Kyle (The Macross Saga)
Gregory Snegoff as Khyron (The Macross Saga)
Guy Garrett as
Cpt. Henry J. Gloval (The Macross Saga)
Supreme Cmdr. Anatole Leonard (The Robotech Masters)
Iona Morris as Claudia Grant
Jeffrey Platt as Gen. Rolf Emerson (The Robotech Masters)
Jimmy Flinders as
Lancer (The New Generation)
Max Sterling (The Macross Saga)
Jonathan Alexander as Jim 'Lunk' Austin (The New Generation)
Kerrigan Mahan as Lt. Sean Phillips (The Robotech Masters)
Lara Cody as Kim Young
Mary Cobb as Annie Labelle (The New Generation)
Penny Sweet as Nova Satori (The Robotech Masters)
Richard Epcar as William "Lunk" Benovitch (The New Generation)
Sandra Snow as The Regis (The New Generation)
Shirley Roberts as Princess Sera (The New Generation)
Wendee Lee as Vanessa Leeds (The Macross Saga)

A. Gregory as
Col. Maistroff (The Macross Saga)
Crowd Zentraedi 1 (ep 31)
Fleet Commander (eps 84-85)
Judge (ep 8)
Konda (The Macross Saga)
Lead Angry Patron (ep 16)
Left Wing (ep 31)
Red Snake 1 (ep 66)
Satisfied Mob Member (ep 67)
Shorty's Partner (ep 78)
Smoking Man (ep 35)
Summons Announcement (ep 8)
Taxi Driver (ep 35)
Utema's Friend 2 (ep 29)
Zentraedi A (ep 34)
Ardwight Chamberlain as Eddie (ep 71)
Axel Roberts as
Rico (The Macross Saga)
Soldier (ep 4)
Carl Macek as
Crystal's Aide (ep 40)
Human Mechanic 1 (ep 18)
Catherine Battistone as Summons Announcement (ep 35)
Celena Banas as
Aunt Lena (The Macross Saga)
Contest Announcer (ep 9)
George (ep 82)
Grant's Comrade (ep 33)
Lt. Mitchell (eps 33-34)
MacGruder (ep 74)
Pessimistic Viewer (ep 20)
Phone Operator (ep 24)
Reporter 2 (ep 24)
SDF-1 Bridge Tech (ep 24)
Soldier Files Voice (ep 8)
Unloading Announcement (ep 20)
Zentraedi Tech 1 (ep 36)
Christopher Frank as
15th ATAC Soldier 1 (ep 38)
15th ATAC Soldier 3 (ep 38)
Bobby (ep 28)
Dan (ep 29)
Johnson (ep 38)
Lt. Dennis Brown (The Robotech Masters)
Moon Base (ep 37)
Pvt. Simon (ep 44)
Sparks (ep 38)
Stagehand (ep 29)
Zentraedi A (ep 22)
Zentraedi D (ep 25)
Cyn Branch as
Minmei's Father (ep 15)
Uncle Max (ep 16)
David Povall as
Admiral's Aide (ep 24)
Aftermath Patron 2 (ep 16)
Café Soldier 1 (ep 28)
Cook (ep 19)
Hangar Director (ep 25)
Killed Human 2 (ep 22)
Mayor's Associate (ep 15)
Reporter 1 (ep 19)
UDF HQ Announcements (ep 26)
Zentraedi 1 (ep 21)
Zentraedi 3 (ep 21)
Zentraedi F (ep 25)
Zentraedi Fold Operator (ep 27)
David Thomas as
Area B Control (ep 22)
Ken (ep 62)
Pegro (ep 67)
Thug 1 (ep 63)
Zentraedi B (ep 22)
Zentraedi G (ep 25)
Deanna Morris as
Child (ep 20)
Girl 2 (ep 66)
Girlfriend (ep 35)
Jason (The Macross Saga)
Kim Young (The Macross Saga)
Maria (ep 67)
Don Warner as
Angry Patron 8 (ep 16)
Human Mechanic 3 (ep 18)
Lt. Cmd Fokker (The Macross Saga)
Drew Thomas as
207 (ep 7)
Armor 01 (ep 1)
Barracks Worker (ep 21)
Barrier Tech (ep 19)
Breetai's Subordinate 2 (ep 7)
Cat's Eye Pilot (ep 10)
Councilman 2 (ep 15)
Doctor (ep 18)
Doll Merchant (ep 18)
Expeditionary Force Transmission (ep 78)
Film Crewman (ep 9)
Firefighter (ep 5)
Grel's Subordinate (ep 19)
Human Communication 2 (ep 2)
Human Soldier 2 (ep 5)
Hunter's Subordinate 1 (ep 35)
Kevin (ep 63)
Khyron's Subordinate 2 (ep 8)
Man Near Bathroom (ep 13)
Mayor's Associate (eps 1, 20)
Mechanic (eps 1, 15)
Messenger (ep 1)
Messenger Robot (ep 10)
NAC Ground Control (ep 19)
Newscaster (ep 16)
Reporter 2 (ep 19)
SDF-1 Officer 1 (ep 13)
Shorty (ep 78)
Truck Driver (ep 2)
Uncle Max (The Macross Saga)
Vending Machine Voice (ep 21)
Zentraedi (ep 16)
Zentraedi 2 (ep 21)
Zentraedi 3 (ep 3)
Zentraedi B (eps 2, 10)
Zeril's Aide (ep 6)
Ellyn Stern as Restaurant Owner (ep 16)
Greg Snow as
15th ATAC Soldier 4 (ep 38)
Boyfriend (ep 35)
Breetai's Subordinate 4 (ep 30)
Camera Robot (ep 6)
Col. Alan Fredericks (The Robotech Masters)
Councilman 1 (ep 15)
Cpt. Khyron (The Macross Saga)
Cpt. Kramer (ep 2)
Dr. Emil Lang (The Macross Saga)
Earth HQ Officer (ep 10)
Evacuation Announcement (eps 7, 14)
Fred (ep 28)
Human Communication 3 (ep 2)
Human Soldier 3 (ep 5)
Jason's Father (ep 3)
John (ep 35)
Macross City Mayor (The Macross Saga)
Mechanic 1 (ep 5)
Message to Gloval (ep 26)
Newscaster 1 (ep 35)
Newscaster 2 (ep 35)
PHP-202 (ep 2)
Pilot Lighting Cigarette (ep 32)
Pops (ep 31)
Shuttle Co-Pilot (ep 24)
Soldier Informing Gloval (ep 24)
Vending Machine Voice (ep 8)
Veritech Pilot 1 (ep 34)
Veritech Pilot 2 (ep 34)
Vitals Monitor Voice 2 (ep 17)
Waiter (ep 34)
Wedding Emcee (ep 25)
Yellow Master Elder 2 (ep 37)
Zentraedi 1 (eps 1, 3)
Zentraedi 2 (ep 1)
Zentraedi A (eps 2, 20)
Zentraedi E (ep 20)
Guy Garrett as
Red Master Elder 1 (ep 30)
Red Master Elder 2 (eps 30-31, 37)
Sheriff (ep 78)
Townsman (ep 62)
Yellow Master Elder 1 (eps 29-30)
Jan Rabson as
Bron (The Macross Saga)
Commcercial Voice (ep 8)
Khyron's Subordinate 1 (ep 8)
Taxi Driver (ep 8)
Jason Klassi as
15th ATAC Soldier 7 (ep 38)
Bill Morrison (ep 38)
Breetai's Subordinate 2 (ep 30)
Breetai's Subordinate 5 (ep 30)
Carpenter's Aide (ep 47)
Emcee (ep 13)
Human Soldier 2 (ep 26)
Hunter's Subordinate (ep 26)
Karno (ep 60)
Liberty Tech 2 (ep 37)
Male Zentraedi 4 (ep 12)
Male Zentraedi 7 (ep 12)
Operation Central Tech (ep 38)
SDF-1 Officer 3 (ep 13)
Zentraedi B (ep 14)
Jeffrey Platt as
Angry Patron 2 (ep 16)
Arcade Owner (ep 24)
Cmdr. Reno (ep 30)
Colonel (ep 23)
Fleet Announcements (ep 61)
Fokker's Comrade 1 (ep 33)
Human Soldier (ep 25)
Lieutenant 1 (ep 32)
Soldier Reporting to Hayes (ep 32)
Jimmy Flinders as Geraro (eps 7, 16)
Jonathan Alexander as
Breetai's Subordinate 1 (ep 7)
CPF3 (ep 3)
Crp. Ben Dixon (The Macross Saga)
Grel (The Macross Saga)
Human Officer (ep 6)
Human Soldier 1 (ep 5)
SDF-1 Officer 2 (ep 13)
Zentraedi (ep 5)
Zentraedi 2 (ep 3)
Zentraedi A (ep 10)
Zentraedi Tech 1 (ep 35)
Kent Hayes as George Sullivan (ep 46)
Kris Noel Pearson as
Girl 1 (ep 66)
Minmei's Mother (ep 15)
Lara Cody as Jason
Leonard Pike as
Minister of Affairs Exedore (The Macross Saga)
M.D. Douglass as
Dr. Samson Beckett (The Robotech Masters)
Prince Corg (The New Generation)
Max Christian as
Breetai's Subordinate 3 (ep 30)
Col. Antoine Rochelle (The Robotech Masters)
Dan (ep 28)
Dolza's Messenger (ep 25)
Donald Maxwell (ep 71)
Dr. Byron (ep 45)
Hose's Associate (ep 67)
Lieutenant 2 (ep 32)
Master Subordinate (ep 29)
Mechanic (ep 61)
Moran (ep 42)
Tech 2 (ep 61)
Tech 3 (ep 61)
Thug 3 (ep 63)
Utema's Friend 3 (ep 29)
Zentraedi 3 (ep 32)
Zentraedi 4 (ep 23)
Zentraedi C (eps 20, 22)
Zentraedi Tech 2 (eps 35-36)
Melora Harte as
Allegra (The Robotech Masters)
Azonia's Subordinate (ep 13)
Barrier Tech with Curly Dark Hair (ep 16)
Drink Server (ep 26)
Female Officer (ep 8)
Landing Instructions (ep 31)
Miriya's Escort (ep 19)
Octavia (The Robotech Masters)
Shuttle Landing Announcement (ep 24)
Straight-Haired Brunette SDF-1 Tech (eps 6, 13)
Merle Pearson as
Adm. Donald Hayes (The Macross Saga)
Airshow Announcement (ep 1)
Confused Militaryman (ep 21)
Cpt. Zeril (ep 6)
Eddie's Father (ep 71)
Emcee (eps 9, 16, 21)
Human Pilot (ep 14)
Jan's Associate (ep 21)
Jesse (ep 78)
Map Vendor (ep 71)
Mayor of New Detroit (ep 31)
Mechanic 2 (ep 5)
Music Teacher (ep 10)
Overanxious Zentraedi (ep 7)
PA Voice (ep 5)
Simon (ep 82)
Zentraedi C (ep 10)
Michael Sorich as
Airfield Captain (ep 34)
Bron (eps 26-35)
Conductor (ep 22)
Group Leader (ep 37)
Lt. Lucas (ep 51)
Max's Friend (ep 24)
Rico's Ally (ep 24)
Shuttle Pilot (ep 24)
Sparks (eps 84-85)
TASC Soldier 2 (ep 38)
Tech 5 (ep 61)
Utema (ep 29)
Utema's Friend 1 (ep 29)
White Knight (ep 37)
Zentraedi 3 (ep 23)
Zentraedi D (ep 22)
Zentraedi I (ep 22)
Paul St. Peter as
Hose (ep 67)
Spider (ep 63)
Penny Sweet as
Cpt. Miriya Parina (The Macross Saga)
Docking Announcement (ep 30)
Nurse (ep 18)
Ray Michaels as
Chief (ep 74)
Cmdr.-in-Chief Dolza (The Macross Saga)
Commander (ep 61)
Jesse's Partner (ep 78)
Lord of the Mist (ep 73)
Mac (ep 63)
Senator Russo (eps 1-2)
Zentraedi C (ep 2)
Richard Epcar as
Ben Dixon
Robin Levenson as
Carla (ep 71)
Jill (ep 52)
Phone Operator (ep 19)
Sammie Porter (The Macross Saga)
Sue Graham (ep 83)
Ryan O'Flannigan as
Breetai's Subordinate 1 (ep 30)
Breetai's Subordinate 6 (ep 30)
Crowd Zentraedi 2 (ep 31)
Diplomatic Flagship Communication (ep 26)
Dusty Ayres (ep 81)
Evacuation Announcer (ep 35)
Good Samaritan (ep 35)
Human Soldier 1 (ep 26)
Hunter's Subordinate 2 (ep 35)
Master Subordinate 1 (eps 27, 31)
Pedestrian (ep 34)
Pessimistic HQ Officer (ep 27)
Reno's Subordinate 3 (ep 30)
Shuttle Pilot (ep 31)
Tech 4 (ep 61)
Thug 2 (ep 63)
UDF HQ Sensors Tech (ep 26)
Sam Fontana as
Announcement 1 (ep 37)
Black Beauty (ep 37)
Bron (The Macross Saga)
Liberty Tech 1 (ep 37)
TASC Soldier 1 (ep 38)
Sandra Snow as
Cmdr. Azonia (The Macross Saga)
Mayor's Wife (ep 20)
Mother (ep 35)
Tech 1 (ep 61)
Shirley Roberts as
Annie's Mother (ep 80)
Announcement (ep 49)
Base Station (ep 32)
Curly-Haired Brunette SDF-1 Tech (eps 6, 13)
Girl 1 (ep 33)
Mary (ep 9)
Rico's Customer (ep 35)
Shopkeeper (ep 6)
Simon Prescott as
15th ATAC Soldier 2 (ep 38)
Announcement 2 (ep 37)
Dr. Miles Cochran (The Robotech Masters)
Green Master Elder 2 (ep 37)
Operation Central Captain (ep 38)
TASC Soldier 3 (ep 38)
V0112 (ep 30)
Warmaker 7 (ep 51)
Stephen Lee as
Aftermath Patron 1 (ep 16)
Flight Director (ep 17)
Gamer 5 (ep 24)
HQ Lieutenant of Radio (ep 27)
Human Pilot (ep 16)
Minmei's Manager (eps 15, 18, 21)
Promoter (ep 29)
Tom Wyner as
Col. Jonathan Wolfe (ep 68)
Emcee (ep 17)
HQ Officer (ep 16)
Mechanic 2 (ep 17)
TV Host (ep 11)
Vitals Monitor Voice 1 (ep 17)
Wayne Anthony as
Cmdr. Breetai (The Macross Saga)
Cpt. Paul Nordoff (ep 50)
Green Master Elder 1 (ep 37)
Red Master Elder 1 (ep 37)
Yellow Master Elder 1 (ep 37)
Wendee Swan as
Curly-Haired Brunette SDF-1 Tech (ep 25)
Earth Headquarters Subordinate (ep 10)
Long Orange-Haired SDF-1 Tech (eps 25, 27)

English companies
French staff
French cast
Theme Song Lyrics: Jean-François Porry
Theme Song Performance: Bernard Minet
Caroline Beaune as Dana Sterling (Southern Cross)
Frédéric Bouraly as Zor Premier (Southern Cross)
Gilles Laurent as Rick Hunter (Macross)
Joelle Guigui as Lynn Minmei (Macross)
Michel Derain as Scott Bernard (Mospeada)

Chris Bénard as Rand (Mospeada)
Gilles Guillot as Lunk (Mospeada)
Gilles Tamiz as
Kyle Lynn (Macross)
Lancer (Mospeada)
Joel Martineau as Roy Fokker (1st voice) (Macross)
Katy Amaizo as Claudia Grant (Macross)
Marie Martine as Vanessa Leads (Macross)
Michèle Lituac as Lisa Hayes (Macross)
Nathalie Régnier as Musica (Southern Cross)
Patrick Laplace as Roy Fokker (2nd voice) (Macross)
Sophie Deschaumes as Marie Crystal (Southern Cross)
William Coryn as
Maximillian Sterling (Macross)
Sean Philips (Southern Cross)

Caroline Jacquin as Marlène/Ariel (Mospeada)
Christian Pelissier as
Ben Duxon (Macross)
Breetai (2nd voice) (Macross)
Rico (Macross)
Christine Aurel as Kim Young (Macross)
Daniel Brémont as Exedore (Macross)
Françoise Fleury as Azonia (Macross)
Gilles Guillot as
Henry J. Gloval (Macross)
Karno (Southern Cross)
Jean-Claude Balard as Narrator
Joel Martineau as Angelo Diaz (Southern Cross)
Katy Amaizo as Queen Invid (Mospeada)
Lionel Henry as
Bron (Macross)
Khyron (Macross)
Louie Nichols (Southern Cross)
Malvina Germain as Nova Satori (Southern Cross)
Nathalie Régnier as
Miryia Parino (Macross)
Sammie Porter (Macross)
Odile Schmitt as Annie "Mint" (Mospeada)
Olivier Korol as Bowie Grant (Southern Cross)
Patrick Laplace as
Corg (Mospeada)
Konda (Macross)
Raoul Delfosse as
Dolza (Macross)
Governor Anatole Leonard (Southern Cross)
Robert Party as Général Emmersson (Southern Cross)
Roger Lumont as Breetai (1st voice) (Macross)
French companies
Distributor: Déclic Images
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director:
Diana Perez (2004 dub)
Gerardo García (2004 dub)
Gloria Rocha (1985 dub)
Xochitl Ugarte (2004 dub)
Executive producer:
Dardo Ferrari (DSX Films)
Marcelo Testa (Plus Video)

Script Translation: Carlos Galindo (2004 dub)
Supervision: Ahmed Agrama (2004 dub)
Alfredo Cernuda as Rick Hunter (Spain dub)
Alicia Sáinz De La Maza as Lynn Minmei (Spain dub)
Ana Lobo as Minmay (2004 dub)
Carlos Illescas as Zor (2004 dub)
Carlos Revilla as Capitan Henry Global (Spain dub)
Edson Matus as Rick Hunter (2004 dub)
Jesus Barrero as
Rick Hunter (Hikaru Ichijo)
Scott Bernard (Stick Bernard)
Luisa Ezquerra as Lisa Hayes (Spain dub)
Monica Manjarrez as
Dana Sterling (Jeanne Francaix)
Lynn Minmei (ultimos capitulos)
Nallely Solis as Lisa Hayes (2004 dub)
Nicolas Frias as Scott Bernard (2004 dub)
Paco Hernández as Comandante Zentradi Zolda (Spain dub)
Patricia Acevedo as
Lisa Hayes (Misa Hayase)
Musica (Musika)
Sylvia Garcel as Lynn Minmei (Minmay)
Xochitl Ugarte as
Dana bebe (2004 dub)
Dana Sterling (2004 dub)

Adriana Casas as Marie (2004 dub)
Adrina Romero as Kim (2004 dub)
Aldo Lugo as Bowie (2004 dub)
Allan Strempler as Rand (2004 dub)
Alvaro Tarcicio as
Henry Gloval (Bruno J. Global)
William "Lunk" Benovitch (Jim Austin)
Ana Lobo as Annie (2004 dub)
Angel Egido as Max Sterling (Spain dub)
Carlos Galindo as Roy Fokker (2004 dub)
Claudia Jimenez as
Nova (2004 dub)
Sammie (2004 dub)
Cristina Victoria as Claudia Grant (Spain dub)
Diana Perez as Miriya (2004 dub)
Eduardo Borja as Breetai (Vrlitwhai Kridanik)
Eduardo Fonseca as Doltza (2004 dub)
Erika Rendón as
Claudia (2004 dub)
Musica (2004 dub)
Ernesto Lezama as Exedore (2004 dub)
Gabriel Ortiz as Lyn Kyle (2004 dub)
Gabriela Gomez as Azonia (2004 dub)
Gerardo García as Brown (2004 dub)
Gustavo López as
Kyron (2004 dub)
Lancer (2004 dub)
Jesus Barrero as
Lynn Kyle (resto de la serie)
Sean Phillips (Charkes de Touard)
Jorge García as Max Sterling (2004 dub)
Jorge Ornelas as Lunk (2004 dub)
Jorge Roig as Exedore (Exsedol Folmo)
Leonardo Damian as Breetai (2004 dub)
Liliana Barba as Marlene (2004 dub)
Luis Alfonso Padilla as Angelo (2004 dub)
Marta García as Kim Young (Spain dub)
Martin Soto as
Lancer/Yellow Dancer (Yellow Belmont)
Moises Palacios as
Khyron (Quamzin Kravashera)
Roy Fokker (Roy Focker)
Monica Manjarrez as
Kim Young (últimos capítulos)
Rook Bartley (Houquet Erose)
Nallely Solis as Regis (2004 dub)
Patricia Acevedo as
Annie Labelle (Mint Rubble)
Nova Satori (Lana Isavia)
Sammie Potters (Shammy Milliome)
Sue Graham (Reflex Point)
Raul Aldana as Maximilian "Max" Sterling (Jenius)
Roberto Martín as Roy Fokker (Spain dub)
Rocio Garcel as
Azonia (Moruk Laplamiz)
Lynn Minmei (dos capitulos)
Vanessa Leeds (Vanessa Laird)
Rocio Prado as Vanessa Leeds (algunos capitulos)
Rolando de Castro as Gloval (2004 dub)
Rosa María Belda as Vanessa Leeds (Spain dub)
Sylvia Garcel as
Kim Young (Kim Kabirov)
Xochitl Ugarte as Vanessa (2004 dub)
Yamil Atala as
Bowie Grant (Bowie Emerson)
Lynn Kyle (primeros capitulos)
Rand (Ray)

Aldo Lugo as Kevin (2004 dub)
Antonio Medina as
Goldai (Spain dub)
Macross Mayor (Spain dub)
Carlos Aguila as Maestro de la Robotecnia 2 (2004 dub)
Carlos Aguilar as Maestro de la Robotecnia 3 (2004 dub)
Cecilia Airol as Jason (2004 dub)
Dagmar Ruiz as Hermana musica 1 (2004 dub)
Eduardo Menez as Rico (2004 dub)
Enrique Cazorla as Senator Russo (Spain dub)
Fernando De Luis as Exedore (Spain dub)
Gabriela Gomez as Rook (2004 dub)
Gerardo García as Konda (2004 dub)
Gustavo Carrillo as Tio Minmay (2004 dub)
Ivettte Velazquez as Hermana Musica 2 (2004 dub)
Jesús Cortés as Emerson (2004 dub)
Jorge Santos as Maestro de la Robotecnia 1 (2004 dub)
José Padilla as Ben Dixon (Spain dub)
Juan Antonio Castro as Khyron (Spain dub)
Juan Juse Duarte as Grell (2004 dub)
Leonardo Damian as Narrador (2004 dub)
Mari Luz Olier as
Aunt Lena (Spain dub)
Azonia (Spain dub)
Miguel Ayones as Professor Lang (Spain dub)
Oscar Gomez as Alcalde (2004 dub)
Pablo Jiménez as Uncle (Spain dub)
Ricardo Bautista as Ken (2004 dub)
Ruben Leon as Ben (2004 dub)
Teresa Aviña as Tia Minmay (2004 dub)
Spanish companies
BIG Channel (Argentina)
Cadena 2 (Colombia)
Canal 13 UC TV (Chile)
Canal A (Colombia)
CineClick Channel (Latin America)
ETC...TV (Chile)
Imagen Televisión (original dub)
Magic Kids (Latin America)
Retro Latin America
Telecinco (from August 1990)
Televisa Canal 5
Argentina Video Home (VHS; 2000; DVD)
Divisa home video (Spain; DVD)
Edisur (Chile; 2011)
Intersound Mexico (2004 dub)
Telespeciales, Mexico (1985 dub)
Dubbing Studio: Tecnison (Spain dub)
DVD Distribution:
On Screen Films (Latin America)
Quality Films (Chile)
Internet Streaming:
Claro Video (Latin America)
Código Animé (original dub)
Filmin (Spain)
FUNimation Entertainment (Latin America)
Netflix (Latin America; subtitled)
Qubit.tv (2004 dub; expired)
Licensed by:
DSX Films (Argentina; 2011; Chile)
FUNimation Entertainment (2019, Latin America and Spain)
Lider Video Home (Argentina; expired)
Planeta DeAgostini Comics (Argentina; 2000; expired)
Plus Video (Argentina; pilot film)
Quality Films (Chile; pilot film)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director:
Enrico Carabelli (The Macross Saga, The Robotech Masters, The New Generation)
Gabriella Rasero (The Macross Saga DVD Edition)

Dialogues: Irene Cantoni (The Macross Saga DVD Edition)
Dubbing Assistant: Marisol Mingarelli (The Macross Saga DVD Edition)
Dania Cericola as Lynn Minmei (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Lisa Mazzotti as Lisa Hayes (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Paola Bonomi as Donna Sterling (Robotech Masters)
TONY SEVERO as Rick Hunter (The Macross Saga TV Edition)

Gianfranco Gamba as Kyle Minei (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Marinella Armagni as Claudia Grant (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Maurizio Scattorin as Bruno J. Gloval (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Paolo Torrisi as Jason Minmei (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Raffaele Farina as
Roy Focker (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Scott Bernard (The New Generation)
Rosalba Bongiovanni as Jane Morris (The Macross Saga TV Edition)

Adriana Libretti as Amiche di Rock (The New Generation)
Aldo Stella as
Bowie (Robotech Masters)
Roger (The New Generation)
Andrea De Nisco as
Corg (The New Generation)
Sean (Robotech Masters)
Antonello Governale as Louie (Robotech Masters)
Antonio Paiola as
Andromeda (Robotech Masters)
Pedro (The New Generation)
Caterina Rochira as Nova (Robotech Masters)
Cinzia Mantegazza as Sammie (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Dania Cericola as Annie La Belle (The New Generation)
Diego Sabre as
George Sullivan (Robotech Masters)
Teppista (The New Generation)
Donatella Fanfani as Sue Garman (The New Generation)
Elisabetta Cesone as
Sera (The New Generation)
Ten. Marie Crystal (Robotech Masters)
Elisabetta Cucci as
Amiche di Rock (The New Generation)
Ariel / Marlene (The New Generation)
Enrico Carabelli as
Antonio Diaz (Robotech Masters)
Deputy Commander of Zentradi (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Franco Ferri as Anziani di Robotech (Robotech Masters)
Gabriele Calindri as Pilota Invid (The New Generation)
Gianfranco Gamba as
Bill Morrison (Robotech Masters)
Lancer / Yellow Dancer (The New Generation)
Ivo De Palma as Zoro (Robotech Masters)
Lisa Mazzotti as Lili (The New Generation)
Luigi Rosa as Rand (The New Generation)
Marcella Silvestri as
Musica (Robotech Masters)
Pilota (The New Generation)
Vanessa (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Marco Balzarotti as Col. Rocher (Robotech Masters)
Mario Scarabelli as Lunk (The New Generation)
Paolo Torrisi as Max Sterling (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Patrizia Salmoiraghi as Rook (The New Generation)
Pietro Ubaldi as
Anziani Di Robotech (Robotech Masters)
Senator (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Sante Calogero as Anziani Di Robotech (Robotech Masters)
Sergio Romano' as Simon (The New Generation)
Umberto Aprea as
Narrator (Robotech Masters)
Narrator (The Macross Saga TV Edition)
Valeria Falcinelli as
Invid Regis (The New Generation)
Myria Sterling (Robotech Masters)
Italian companies
Cultoon (from March 2009)
Rete 4
Super 3
You & Me (from November 2011)
D.P.T. (The Macross Saga DVD Edition)
Studio PV
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Translation: Ednaldo Esteves
Marisa Leal as Lynn Minmei
Nizo Neto as Rick Hunter

Darcy Pedrosa as Capitão
Guilene Conte as Claudia Grant
Juraciara Diacovo as Lisa Hayes

Ayrton Cardoso as Pai da Lynn Minmei
Dolores Machado as Jeanne Morris (2nd voice)
Eduardo Borgerth as Lynn Kyle
Garcia Júnior as Roy Focker
Hamilton Ricardo as Prefeito
Hélio Ribeiro as Konda
Iara Riça as
Jeanne Morris (1st voice)
Miriya Parina-Sterling
Jomery Pozolli as Grel
Júlio Chaves as Bron
Márcio Seixas as Narrador
Mario Jorge Andrade as Ben Dixon
Nádia Carvalho as Kim Young
Nelly Amaral as Mãe da Lynn Minmei
Newton Martins as Exedore
Oberdan Junior as Maximillian Sterling (1st voice)
Orlando Drummond as Donald Hayes
Portuguese companies
Broadcaster: Rede Globo (Brazil)
Dubbing Studio: Herbert Richers
Internet Streaming:
Claro Video (Brazil; Expired)
FUNimation Entertainment (Brazil)
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (2019, Brazil and Portugal)

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