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Cthulhu Made Me Do It!

Answerman: Cthulhu Made Me Do It!

And here we go.

I know that Viz has the rights to the Inuyasha manga and anime right. Is there any timetable for the TV series release in the US, or are they "working" on it?

They're "working" on it. I wouldn't expect any release dates for at least another 6 months.

Konichiwa Answerman,

Recently I've heard rumors that in the Nadesico movie, both Akito and Yurika are killed. Buyt now I'm hearing rumors that they are not dead in the movie. As a major fan of the show, I was just wondering if you could possibly confirm either of these rumors. Also, I was wondering if there might be any upcomming sequels to either Nadesico or Dual: Parrell Truoble Adventure?

Thank You,
Ronin Mecha

Akito and Yurika both survive the Nadesico movie. There were rumors of a Nadesico sequel a while back, but they never substantiated. There were never any plans for a Dual sequel.

Is it true that the Love Hina manga has been licenced? I have recently been to dual translations and they listed Love Hina as being scraped in their projects list because someone licenced it. If this is true, then who licenced it?

thanks to infinite

TokyoPop licensed the Love Hina manga.

Hi Answerman~
I thank you for the last time you answered my question. It was a great help.
Anyway, I recently saw 'Bandai Release Dates' and realised that they are releasing Cowboy Bebop Perfect Collection DVD on 11/20/2001, and have been wondering whether it has any 'extra' stuff. I already own 6 DVDs of Cowboy Bebop series, but I hate to miss any extra features that might be included in the Perfect Collection set. Am I gonna miss anything? If I'm, will there be any other way to get that extra feature? I'd appreciate if you could answer my question.

The only thing extra you get with the CB box set is a copy of the first soundtrack CD and a box. That's it.

Hello Answerman,

I have recently found your website and enjoy it as much as any extreme novice can. I have seen only a little bit of anime as I didn't discover anime until I discovered DVD. But I digress....

The only titles I have seen so far are:

Movies: Akira, Perfect Blue, Vampire Hunter D (the original), Blood: The Last Vampire

Series: Saber Marionette J, Robotech, The Macross Saga (the first generation), and the Cowboy Bebop that has aired on CN so far.

The question at this point becomes what on earth do I look at next? The amount of anime out there is overwhelming. I have read up on many of the series out there, but honestly wouldnt know where to begin looking next. Any suggestions? I can tell you that I thoroughly loved Saber Marionette J, and am enjoying Cowboy Bebop a lot too...I love the humor of SMJ, and am a big fan of the black comedy of CB. I am not big on mecha, as that sort of stuff just isn't my bag.

So, based on all of that, are there recommendations you can make on what I should look at next? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

If you aren't big on Mecha but liked Macross, then you'll probably like Evangelion and Escaflowne. Both of these shows feature mecha but are hardly "about" mecha, in contrast to Gundam, which is "about" mecha. You may also want to try Outlaw Star, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rurouni Kenshin and Tenchi Muyo!.

Dear Answerman:

I am aware that not all of the previous Tenchi OVA was released. According to Pioneer they still have not Dubbed/Subbed/Released a Post OVA episode as far as I have seen called the "Mihoshi Special". While Pioneer has confirmed it's existence and is available with the Ultimate Tenchi DVD R2 Japanese Box Set I can not find any plot information. Could You Help me out? Thanks.

The Mihoshi Special will be made available to US consumers on DVD with the release of the upcoming R1 Pretty Sammy DVD box set. As far as the plot is concerned, it's essentially just an entire episode devoted to Mihoshi.

Is there any anime out there that has been on japanese t.v. as long as The Simpsons have been on american t.v. that have little to no spin-off's/sequels. Just curious.

peace out,


Sure. Doraemon, a children's show about a magical cat, has been on a lot longer than The Simpsons. There have been Doraemon movies but the show spans several hundred episodes. There are a few others, including Kochira Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo and Sazae-san.

hello again,

This Time i have a few questions and they again involve your opinion...i'm only asking becuase it was really hard to find specific reviews for each.

1.there are 2 Patlabor OVA series a tv series and two movies...what patlabor out of these is worth watching?

2.same question for the "You're Under Arrest" anime. I've heard that the OVA in particular was really bad.

Pretty much all of the anime incarnations of Patlabor are well-liked. I'd give them all a try and see what you think. I personally enjoyed the You're Under Arrest OAV series quite a bit, and the TV series that followed it (With the exception of the completely unnecessary "Special" series that ran 10 minutes an episode) were pretty good as well.

I think your column has enough "solve an argument between nerds" stuff in it already, but this is making my lunch hour a living hell.

Lupin Encyclopedia and just about every other Lupin fansite I've been to lists Plot of the Fuma Clan/Fuma Conspiracy as the only Lupin III OAV ever made.

However, a colleague of mine saw on a translated Italian website that Fuma was not only a theatrical film, but Legend of the Gold of Babylon was the OAV (which I know for a fact was the third theatrical film).

Now, the Italians have lots of love for Lupin and the site was pretty thorough, but how many inaccurate American fansites are there for DBZ that seem "thorough"? Please settle this once and for all...I WANT TO EAT MY FOOD IN PEACE!!!

Consider yourself vindicated. As far as the Japanese release is concerned, "officially", Fuma Conspiracy was the only OVA and Gold Babylon was a theatrical film. The Italian release may have been different, but if you're talking about original intent and original release, you're right.


Is there any specific reason why so many anime TV series have exactly 26 episodes?

Many years ago, when the Great Old One Cthulhu roamed the earth crushing all that lay before him, the Japanese people rose up in revolt and expelled him from the planet. One of the weapons they had was an ancient rail cannon that could only shoot exactly 26 bullets before it shattered. Just before breaking down, the 26th bullet finally pierced Cthulhu's substantive form and forced him to reform elsewhere in the galaxy. To memorialize the event, the Japanese people declared that television programs would run exactly 26 episodes, commemorating each bullet.

Seriously, though, it's just standard season length in Japan.

See y'all next time.

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