ADV Aquires Southern Cross

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ADV has aquired the rights to Southern Cross, the original Japanese series behind the Robotech Masters segment of Robotech.

ADV has announced by press release that they had aquired the home video rights to Southern Cross from Harmony Gold.

Southern Cross is the original Japanese Anime series that Harmony Gold used to create the 2nd portion of Robotech, Robotech Masters.

ADV will release the 23 episode TV series in it's original Japanese format, with English subtitles, on DVD only.

ADV is already in the process of releasing the English language Robotech series on DVD, and is set to complete the series when volumes 13 and 14 are released on March 19th.

Excerpts from press release:

ADV FILMS is pleased to announce the acquisition of the home video
distribution rights to the classic anime series, Southern Cross, from
Harmony Gold. Southern Cross will be presented in a Japanese-language
version with English subtitles only.

ADV's release of Southern Cross marks the first time all 23-episodes of this
seminal anime series have ever been made available to North America in their
original, uncut form. Southern Cross was originally released in Japan as a
Japanese-language series, and was first seen in North America in an
English-dubbed format as Robotech: Robotech Masters, the second act in the
85-episode Robotech series. The series was modified to fit into Robotech
continuity, with several script and scene changes made to the original
Japanese episodes, including changes to various characters' names and
relationships. Building on the success of Robotech on DVD, ADV FILMS is
currently planning a DVD release of this title.

"Tatsunoko is one of Japan's leading animation studios," Robotech producer
Carl Macek said. "Their ambitious production of Southern Cross in 1984
shows just how much their writers and producers were influenced by Western
pop culture. It is a mature storyline that pulls away from typical anime
conventions to tell a story acceptable for a global market."

"Southern Cross is a major part of anime history," ADV President John
Ledford said. "Bringing it to the States in its Japanese-language version
is a major coup for ADV."

When the human colony world of Gloire is attacked by the Zor - a hostile
alien species - the task of saving humanity from extinction falls on the
shoulders of hot-headed Jeanne Fránçaix and the 15th Squadron of the
Southern Cross army. But to save their world from extinction, they will
have to rely on members of the Zor themselves.

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